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An attempt to build an index to information concerning recordings made and songs written by XTC.  Herein you may find lyrics and annotations, charts and tablature, recording information, personnel, anecdotes, and more.  A work in progress.

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White Music
January 1978 (pics)
Go 2
October 1978 (pics) (cd booklet)
Drums and Wires
August 1979 (pics)
Black Sea
September 1980 (pics)
English Settlement
February 1982 (pics)
August 1983 (pics)
The Big Express
October 1984 (pics)
October 1986 (pics) (interview)
Oranges & Lemons
February 1989 (pics) (interview)
April 1992 (pics)
Apple Venus Volume 1
February 1999 (pics) (cd booklet) (interview)
Wasp Star
(Apple Venus Volume 2)
May 2000 (pics)

Collections and Other Releases

October 1978 (pics)
November 1982 (pics)
November 1982 (pics)
The Compact XTC
(Singles 1978-85)
1987 (pics)
Explode Together
(Dub Experiments 78-80)
August 1990 (pics)
Rag & Bone Buffet
(Rare Cuts & Leftovers)
September 1990 (pics) (cd booklet)
Window Box
September 1991
Drums and Wireless
(BBC Radio Sessions 77-89)
October 1994
Fossil Fuel
(XTC Singles 1977-92)
September 1996 (cd booklet)
Upsy Daisy Assortment
(The Sweetest Hits)
June 1997
The Greatest
March 1998
Transistor Blast
(Best of the BBC Sessions)
November 1998 (pics)
(Apple Venus Home Demos)
September 1999 (pics)
(Wasp Star Home Demos)
March 2001 (pics)
October 2002 (pics)
October 2002 (pics)
Apple Box
(Apple Venus + Wasp Star + extras)
October 2005 (pics)
Apple Vinyls
(Apple Venus + Wasp Star + extras)
December 2006

The Dukes of Stratosphear

25 O'Clock
April 1985 (pics)
Psonic Psunspot
August 1987 (pics)
Chips From The Chocolate Fireball
(An Anthology)
September 1987

Other Extracurricular and Solo Activity

Take Away / The Lure of Salvage
Mr. Partridge
February 1980
Jules Verne's Sketchbook
Andy Partridge
November 1987
The Bull with the Golden Guts
Andy Partridge
March 1992
A Hello Selection
Andy Partridge
November 1994 (pics)
Fuzzy Warbles
Andy Partridge
8+ Volumes
2002-2006 (pics) (cd booklet)
A.J. Partridge
July 2010 (interview)
Great Aspirations
October 2017
Apples & Oranges / Humanoid Boogie
Andy Partridge
June 2018
Naked Flames
Live at Swindon Arts Centre
August 2019
The Hardest Battle
Colin Moulding
July 2021 (chords)
My Failed Songwriting Career
Andy Partridge
2 Volumes
The 3 Clubmen
2 Volumes
June 2023

Collaborations with Other Artists

Through The Hill
Andy Partridge / Harold Budd
June 1994
Orpheus - The Lowdown
Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge
November 2003
April 2007
Wing Beat Fantastic
Mike Keneally
Songs written by Mike Keneally & Andy Partridge
July 2012
Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge
October 2012
Wing Beat Elastic
Mike Keneally
Remixes, Demos & Unheard Music
April 2013
Planet England
Sorry Luv... We're Closed
Robyn Hitchcock / Andy Partridge
September 2019


Many thanks to those who put in many hours of effort on this project, especially Mick Casey, André de Koning, Mitch Friedman, Derek Miner, R. Stevie Moore, Lazlo Nibble, Neil Oliver, J. Ross MacKay, Jon Rosenberger, Daniel R. Smith, Ian C. Stewart, Will Vigar, and Bradley Wood. A big Thank You also to Marcus Deininger, whose XTCyclopædia provided some of the impetus for this project.

Thank you also to these additional contributors: Ben Abbate, Frank Agnello, Per Aronsson, Ed Aubry, Tim Augustyn, Doug Bailey, Jody Barnes, Greg Beecher, Dave Blackburn, Andy Boswell, Kevin Brunkhorst, Randy C., Justin Campbell, Brian Caughell, Steve Cobham, Ian Dahlberg, Ned Davis, James Dignan, James Dupuy, Jeff Eby, Jeffrey Fariello, Michael Faulkner, Paul Ferguson, Pat Flaherty, Rich Frers, Martin Fuchs, Keith Gabryelski, Bill Gallagher, Dave Gershman, Mr. Gil, Mark Glickman, Neil Goldstein, Ben Gott, Steven Graff, Mark Gregory, Patty Haley, Joshua Hall-Bachner, Fred Hamilton, Keith Hanlon, Tim Harris, John H. Hedges, Toby Howard, Ned Hurley, Paul Hutchinson, Naoyuki Isogai, Dan Jennings, Joseph T Kays, Duncan Kimball, Jamie Kowalski, Eric T. Lewis, Ira Lieman, Christer Liljegren, Tony Lovell, Doug Mashkow, David McCarthy, Brookes McKenzie, Masato Mihara, Andy Miller, Ted Mills, Martin Monkman, Jared Morris, Andrew Russell Mutchler, Tim Nevaker, John Aage Nilsen, Dave O'Connell, Troy Peters, Dan Pinder, Randy Posynick, James Poulakos, Kees Pouw, Kevin Rice, Glyn Rudd, Gerhard Satke, Annie Sattler, Steve Schiavo, Dan Schmidt, Mark J. Schnitzius, Erich Sellheim, Glenn Siegel, Lin Sprague, Patrick Swanson, John Tenney, Timothy Tobin, Joe Turner, Chris Vreeland, Michael Wiencek, Bill Wikstrom, Kim Williams, Ava Wilson, Howard Wright, Jim Zittel. Thank you, too, to the few of you who neglected to or were unwilling to give me your name.

If you would like to contribute transcriptions of lyrics, or if you have feedback on any of the lyrics included herein, please let me know.

If you have chord charts or tablature to contribute, or if you have feedback on any of the charts and tablature you find here, please let me know. We're also looking for bass tab, drums charts, and the like.

Any mistakes in chords, charts and tablature are the responsibility of the original contributor. Standard disclaimer applies.

For more charts and tablature also see The XTC Vade-Mecum, devoted to sheet music for XTC, by Ian Dahlberg.

Quotes concerning the songs and albums have been lifted (“fair use”) from numerous sources, including but not restricted to the following:

Andy Partridge: Hinges liner notes posting, Idea Records Forum, 2007, collected by Gerhard Satke.
XTCfans, various blog interviews, 2006-2010, edited by Todd Bernhardt.
Didn't Hurt A Bit”, Optimism's Flames, 2003.
Fuzzy Warbles (volumes 1-8), Ape House Records UK, 2002-2006, Andy Partridge.
Coat of Many Cupboards, Virgin/Idea Records UK, 2002.
Homegrown — The Wasp Star Home Demos, Pony Canyon Records Japan, 2001.
The Little Express (various volumes), the journal of the North American XTC Fan Club, June and Peter Dix, 1983-2000.
Homespun — The Apple Venus Volume One Home Demos, Pony Canyon Records Japan, 1999.
Fossil Fuel”, Making Music, Issue 131, February 1997, UK, Andy Basire.
A Conversation in Two Acts”, The Big Takeover, Issue No. 33, 1993.
BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert, Windsong International UK, 1992.
Nonsuch Press Release, Geffen Records USA, April 1992.
Jim Price speaks to Andy Partridge”, WFMU-FM, Uppsala College, East Orange, New Jersey, USA, 29 June 1991.
Rag & Bone Buffet Press Release, Geffen Records USA, 1990.
Eartime”, included with some copies of Nonsuch, Geffen Records USA, 1989.
Oranges and Lemons Press Release, Geffen Records USA, 1989.
Psuccinct Psonic Psunspot Pstudy”, by Gary Pig Gold, circa 1989.
The Dukes of Stratosphear Songbook”, Strange Things Are Happening, 1988.
Recording The Big Express”, One Two Testing, Issue 16, November 1984
Aware Paints XTC — X-Plaining XTC (Part 2)”, Aware — A Rock Music Research Journal, No. 9, Spring 1983, Steve Kolanjian and David Dasch.
Aware Paints XTC — X-Plaining XTC (Part 1)”, Aware — A Rock Music Research Journal, No. 8, Winter 1982, Steve Kolanjian and David Dasch.
Andy Partridge Comments Take Away”, Limelight, Issue 2, Autumn 1982.
XTC: Eleven Different Animals — Words and Music to the Singles, Virgin Music, London, 1981.

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