Chalkhills: Mercantile

Updated: 21 April 2019

Official Merch


The XTC album catalogue
Where should you start? Which album should you buy next? Andy Partridge can help you spend your hard-earned cash. Give him some eartime and then peruse this buyer's guide.
Ape House Records
Andy Partridge's record label, releasing the XTC Classic Vinyl Releases, the The Surround Sound Series, and the nine-volume Fuzzy Warbles by Andy Partridge.


What Do You Call That Noise? An XTC Discovery Book (new)
A musical exploration of one of the most essential pop groups of the 20th century. In this compelling 228-page book, some of the world's leading musicians and keenest fans come together to discuss what makes XTC so very special. Written by Mark Fisher, editor of Limelight.
The XTC Bumper Book of Fun for Boys and Girls
A 256-page edition of the classic 1980s official U.K. XTC fanzine Limelight, featuring the original copies published between 1982 and 1992 plus new material for 2017, including interviews with Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory and Terry Chambers. Written by Mark Fisher, editor of Limelight.
Can't Stand Up For Falling Down: Rock'n'Roll War Stories (new)
XTC have an entire chapter devoted to them in this book by Allan Jones. Jones apparently accompanied them on their very first U.S. tour (December 1978/January 1979). A very interesting time in the band's career.
Complicated Game: Inside the Songs of XTC
A deep dive into the depths of the man himself, co-written by Andy Partridge and Todd Bernhardt (a regular Chalkhills contributor).
XTC Chronology 1966-1999
Wonderland presents the new book edited by Shigemasa Fujimoto who brought you Wonderland, the XTC Discography, 1991-1997. With contributions from Dave Gregory, Colin Moulding, Andy Partridge, The Little Express, and many others. Limited edition available soon by mail order only from EphemeraFile Canada.
XTC — Art sonique et vielles querelles
Première biographie du groupe en français, est le fruit de six ans de rencontres régulières entre XTC et l'auteur Philippe Bihan.
XTC — Song Stories
The Exclusive Authorized Story behind the Music. Get the inside skinny from Neville Farmer and XTC.
XTC — Chalkhills and Children
The definitive biography of XTC, written by Chris Twomey, published in 1992.
The Little Express (sold out)
The official North American XTC Fan Club produced a newsletter which was how most people kept in touch with the progress of XTC before the Internet became popular. They also produced a few limited edition XTC cassettes and other items. In February 2000, for many reasons, they decided to fold. The last issue of The Little Express has been mailed. The end of an era. Join me in saying “Thank You” for all June and Peter Dix did for XTC and the fans through the years.
The Tenacity of the Cockroach: Conversations With Entertainment's Most Enduring Outsiders
A collection of interviews, edited by Stephen Thompson and the staff of The Onion A.V. Club.
Mouthing Off — A Book Of Rock & Roll Quotes
Photos and quotes from all sorts of rock, punk and indie artists. Andy Partridge is featured and offers a back cover endorsement by claiming, “I'm not cool enough to be in this book”. Compiled by Rolling Stone/Billboard contributor John D. Luerssen.
Behind The Muse: Pop and Rock's Greatest Songwriters Talk About Their Work and Inspiration
Interviews with over 40 successful and respected songwriters, including Andy Partridge (interviewed in 1999), Brian Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Todd Rundgren, Nick Lowe, Neil Finn, and others.
Mind's Eye — An Eye of the Beholder collection
Peter Kuper's comic strip, introduction by Andy Partridge.
Punk Diary: 1970-1979 / Post Punk Diary: 1980-1982
Two books that document the Punk Era in excruciating day by day detail. Author George Gimarc includes many factoids about XTC (and Helium Kidz, Star Park, and Stiff Beach).
XTC Colouring Book — Earn Enough For Us — XTC supplementing their income 1993-1998
An excellent tiny colouring book depicting our heroes bringing home the bacon during their strike against Virgin Records.

Other XTC-related Merch


Atmosphear to Ocean: The XTC Fans' Tribute Collection
The trilogy of fan tributes from Bizarre Depiction.
Chalkhills Originals '98: Awaken You Dreamers
A compilation of original songs by Chalkhills subscribers, Mark Cuevas is the executive producer.
King For A Day — An MP3 Tribute to the Music of XTC
The MP3 collection of XTC tribute tracks pulled together by Richard Pedretti-Allen (includes all of the tracks from the Chalkhills' Children series!).
Chalkhills' Children '98: Modern-Time Neros (sold out)
A collection of XTC songs lovingly adultered by Chalkheads, masterminded by our reluctant hero Richard Pedretti-Allen.
Chalkhills' Children '97: don't ring us — a tribute to xtc (sold out)
Compiled and executive produced by Richard Pedretti-Allen.
Chalkhills' Children '96 XTC Tribute Tape (sold out)
Compiled and executive produced by Richard Pedretti-Allen, garnered rave reviews.
The XTC Acoustic Radio Tour Tape (sold out)
Songs and interview from the 1989 acoustic radio tour, compiled by John Relph.

Everything Else

Fano Guitars
Dennis Fano created the Limited Edition XTC Oranges & Lemons Tonestar (autographed by Andy, Colin and Dave) and the Sphears line of guitars, including the “Psonicsphear” and the “Stratosphear”, but has since started a new company called Novo Guitars.
XTC White Horse Bumperstickers
Jamie Lowe offers these unofficial stickers inspired by the cover of XTC's English Settlement album (PayPal accepted).
JH3's software resource for XTC fans this world over, including an Apple Venus Volume 1 lyrics CD jewel-box insert that you can print yourself.
Fossil Fuel CD booklet
Compiled and designed by John Relph, includes recording facts and XTC's own comments on the songs; print it yourself on your double-sided printer, instructions included.
Go 2 CD booklet
Lyrics insert compiled and designed by André de Koning; print it yourself on your double-sided printer, instructions included. Compiled and designed by Austria's greatest living XTC fan Gerhard Satke in Fuzzy Warbles style, includes Andy's original liner notes on the tracks, lyrics of the demo versions featured on the CD, recording information, credits, front and rear page artwork, a portrait photo of Andy and Fuzzy Warbles artwork created by him; background information and instructions are available.
Rag & Bone Buffet CD booklet
Compiled and designed by John Relph, includes lyrics and recording facts about the songs; print it yourself on your double-sided printer, instructions included.
White Music lyrics sheet
Lyrics sheet compiled and designed by Paul Ferguson, the font was adapted from the handwriting on the back cover of the LP; print a copy for your LP.
XTC Guarana Power Drink
Not related to XTC, the band, but it has the same name!