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Updated: 14 March 2020

TC&I: Naked Flames

Live at Swindon Arts Centre

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Lyrics, Charts and More

  1. Say It (pics) (lyrics)
  2. Ten Feet Tall (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  3. Scatter Me (lyrics)
  4. Wonderland (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  5. Grass (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  6. The Meeting Place (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  7. Bungalow (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  8. Big Day (lyrics) (chords)
  9. Standing In For Joe (lyrics) (chords)
  10. Generals and Majors (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  11. Making Plans for Nigel (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  12. Statue of Liberty (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  13. Life Begins at the Hop (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)

Recording Information

Performed by TC&I.
Recorded live at Swindon Arts Centre, October and November of 2018.
Recorded by Stuart Rowe and Paul Bullimore. Assisted by Evan Costello.
Mixed by Stuart Rowe. Assisted by Terry Chambers.
Bass guitar and lead vocals: Colin Moulding.
Drums: Terry Chambers.
Keyboards, guitar and vocals: Gary Bamford.
Lead guitar and vocals: Steve Tilling.
Percussion and vocals: Lee Moulding.
Soprano voice on Scatter Me: Susannah Bevington.
Released on 9 August 2019 in the U.K.



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