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Andy Partridge  

Andy Partridge is the disobedient child of the music industry. He smiled during the punk movement. He won't tour. He rarely grants interviews. He cries over chord progressions. He hates stardom and the limelight, and spits them out like warm beer.
Though he finds his home town of Swindon, England, a continual affront to his sensibilities — he swears he's a prisoner there — it's where he leads his fairly normal life. From this steady post, he's been cranking out 20 years' worth of sparkling pop.
-- Rifff, June 1997

Andy Partridge's suggestions for a BETTER WORLD

(July 25, 2013)

  1. No religion
  2. All money out of politics
  3. Leave other peoples countries alone
  4. Teach children to question everything
  5. Stop all religious/class segregated schools
  6. Bring back manners
  7. One car per family
  8. Two children limit policy
  9. Organic only produce
  10. No death penalty
  11. Politicians are selected at random like jury service for one year only
  12. No private gun ownership
  13. Legalise ALL drugs
  14. All restricted to two flights per year
  15. Banks cannot gamble
  16. Nationalise all rail energy, water, healthcare
  17. All armed forces for defence only
  18. All architecture adhere to GOLDEN MEAN
  19. All prisoners will work for community
  20. Everything you ingest will list ALL ingredients
  21. Wave/solar power made success
  22. A garden is compulsory
  23. The votes of all are counted{on paper}no fudging representation
  24. ALL pay taxes
  25. Speed limit 30
  26. Western food consumption halved
  27. All kids read and write before school
  28. Peoples court for every 100 houses
  29. Food will not travel farther than 50 miles
  30. Gay marriage is good, why not
  31. ALL business profit transparent to all
  32. Criminals{or families} will pay for all damage
  33. Graffitists will have same image sprayed in their house
  34. Sexes pay equal
  35. No boss will earn more than 10 times as much as lowest paid employee
  36. Royalty must be self funding and powerless

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