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The Greatest
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Limited edition hits and rarities collection released on 28 March 1998 in Japan.
The live tracks are not otherwise to be found on CD. "This is Pop?" and "Are You Receiving Me?" originally appeared on the Making Plans for Nigel 7" singles in Australia and Japan; "Living Through Another Cuba" and "Generals and Majors" originally appeared on the Sgt. Rock (is Going to Help Me) 7" single in the U.K.

Lyrics, Charts and More

  1. Science Friction (pics) (lyrics) (interview)
  2. Statue of Liberty (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  3. This is Pop? (Live) (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  4. Are You Receiving Me? (Live) (pics) (lyrics) (interview)
  5. Life Begins at the Hop (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  6. Making Plans for Nigel (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  7. Towers of London (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  8. Living Through Another Cuba (Live) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  9. Generals and Majors (Live) (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  10. Respectable Street (Single Version) (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  11. Senses Working Overtime (Extended Version) (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  12. Ball and Chain (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  13. Wonderland (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  14. All You Pretty Girls (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  15. Grass (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  16. Dear God (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  17. The Mayor of Simpleton (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  18. The Disappointed (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)


front cover of #\#i#/#The Greatest#\#/i#/#, Japanese compilation

front cover of The Greatest, Japanese compilation


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