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Recorded live on 22 December 1980 at the Hammersmith Palais, London.
Produced by Pete Dauncey.
Engineered by Paul Nixon.
Released in November 1992 in the U.K.
Also released on Transistor Blast on 16 November 1998 in the U.K.
Terry Chambers - acoustic and electric drum kit
Andy Partridge - vocals and guitars
Colin Moulding - vocals and bass guitar
Dave ‘Gregsy’ Gregory - guitars and keyboards

Andy: “It was a few days before Christmas and I was laden with a cold/flu virus that made me feel like death warmed over (with chestnut stuffing!). One of Santa's jolly little helpers in the shape of photographer Herbie Yamaguchi instructed me to take my shoes and socks off, and preceded, in the midst of the gladatorial gloom that was our pre-gig dressing room, to give me an unbelievable foot massage.

“In ten minutes I went from that four day old glass of cider and cigarette ash sensation to feeling on top of the world (North Pole up my arse and all!). There were thousands of baying punters out there, and we were the band who were going to cure them of leprosy tonight!

“It's an interesting cocktail, that mixture of fear, defiance, Casanova cockiness and decibels that washes over you up there on stage. Guitar/Gun/Penis in hand, you simultaneously struggle to kiss and kill everyone in that room. Not an easy task . . .”

Portions of this concert were previously released for radio airplay on BBC Rock Hour #212, and BBC College Concert #9, and, in pirated form, on the unauthorized albums BBC Concert, Black Sea Tour '81, This is Live!, and XTC U.S.A. 1980.

Lyrics, Charts and More

  1. Life Begins At The Hop (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  2. Burning With Optimism's Flame (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  3. Love At First Sight (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  4. Respectable Street (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  5. No Language In Our Lungs (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  6. This Is Pop (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  7. Scissor Man (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  8. Towers Of London (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  9. Battery Brides (lyrics) (interview)
  10. Living Through Another Cuba (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  11. Generals and Majors (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  12. Making Plans For Nigel (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  13. Are You Receiving Me? (pics) (lyrics) (interview)


USA #\#i#/#BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert#\#/i#/# cover art

USA BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert cover art

#\#i#/#BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert#\#/i#/# cassette cover

BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert cassette cover

autographed cover of the UK #\#i#/#BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert#\#/i#/# CD

autographed cover of the UK BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert CD

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