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The following MP3, WMA, cellphone ringtone and MIDI control files are available for listening and/or download:

Atmosphear to Ocean - The XTC Fans' Tribute Collection
Three volume collection of XTC fan tributes, including their own versions of the entire XTC album Skylarking, masterminded by Ian C Stewart of Bizarre Depiction.
Anonymous and prolific cover artist has recorded more than 30 different XTC and solo Andy Partridge songs.
DJ Lunch Boy: “Adam Ant vs. XTC”
A mashup of bits from Adam Ant's “Apollo 9”, XTC's “Love at First Sight” and They Might Be Giants's “XTC vs. Adam Ant”.
(1 MB, mp3)
Lighterthief: “All Done Things” and “The Hoodoo”
A Swindon based music collective formed in the late 1990s by musician/producer Stuart Rowe. Operating somewhere between a band, a record label and a production company, it is an output for the work of a continually evolving group of musicians, singers and producers, including Andy Partridge.
“Amazon Wire: Podcast: November 3, 2006”
“An original, free podcast about books, music, movies, and those who create them.” Featuring an interview with Andy Partridge by Ben Lukoff.
Andy Partridge speaks to you
so. . .
(3 KB, mp3)
Shadowself: “Another Satellite”
A cover by Shadowself with Neil H. on (real) drums.
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: “Another Satellite”
“We chose Another Satellite because we couldn't pull of the Squeeze song. And the "Mayor of Simpleton" bass line was too hard to figure out. Didn't know this song in the 80's, but I can imagine my dad listening to it if he liked cool music.”
“Another Satellite”
MIDI sequenced by Brian Matthews.
(28 KB, mid)
Ape House Blog/Podcast
The podcast/blog section on the Ape site has audio and video podcasts and a blog section to entertain you. Currently available: “Jen Olive Tells It Gently - Warm Robot” and much more. . .
APE Radio
It's here, 24 hour APE Radio, streaming you songs, music and articles by all the wonderful APE artists. Newer artists will be added as they join and may even hear some exclusive content.
Andy Partridge says “Arf Arf”
(2 KB, mp3)
Greg Galluccio & Michael Versaci: “Ball and Chain”
“Attempted remake of ‘Ball and Chain’ by XTC (2000).”
Dane Petersen: “Ballet for a Rainy Day”
Covered by Dane Petersen for the King for a Day tribute.  A hi-fi remix is available on the CD More Than a Day's Work.
The Submarine Band: “Ballet For A Rainy Day”
“I covered ‘Ballet For A Rainy Day’ ... you can hear the results on SoundCloud
Wankwinkel: “Ballet For A Solo Piano”
Lorenzo D'Anconia, from Bellagio, Italy, performs this lovely instrumental version of “Ballet for a Rainy Day”.
The Florida Recounts: “Beating of Hearts”
“A cover and tribute to my hero Andy Partridge. Not my best really, but it did spur me on to co-found X-sTatiC, the XTC tribute in 2001. It took four years to get it in the set, but when we did in Swindon in 2005, I started crying at the end!”
Ben Gott — Loquacious Music
Ben Gott covers “Battery Brides”, “Making Plans for Nigel” (for the King for a Day tribute) and “Everything” (for himself).
Christo Mange-Bleu: “Brainiac's Daughter”
“This was fun. We covered this song by the Dukes of Stratosphear for the Theme Music group on Facebook. The theme was ‘Cast of Characters’. We had a week to record the song and make the video. Enjoy!”
“Burning With Optimism's Flames”
MIDI sequenced by Brian Matthews.
(62 KB, mid)
“Bushman President”
MIDI sequenced by John Hedges.
(39 KB, mid)
Anthony Setola: “Chalkhills And Children”
Bassist Anthony Setola performs “Chalkhills And Children” in a jazz funk style, featuring Mike Keneally playing the vocal line on guitar. Anthony also played bass (and how) on the cover of “Holly Up On Poppy” that The Deuterium Kidz recorded for the King For a Day project.
“Chalkhills and Children”
MIDI sequenced by Steve Clarke for the 1997 XTC Convention in Basingstoke, UK. As he says, “I used it in conjunction with a Roland SC88 Sound Canvas to perform the song. That's why there is no melody on the file. It was intended as a backing track.”
(29 KB, mid)
Steve Somerset & Andy Partridge: “Chonk”
“A Fuzzy Warble Orphan - Steve Somerset & Andy Partridge (London, England)”, improvised and recorded in the Shed in the early 1990s.
Anonymous Bosch: “Coming Up Butterflies”
“Coming Up Butterflies” mixes Dolly Parton's “Love is Like a Butterfly” and XTC's “Greenman”, among other songs.
(7 MB, mp3)
Ian Flomer: “Complicated Game”
XTC cover by Iam Flomer on guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, and melodica.
Molarmill: “Complicated Game”
Molarmill: DSP-electro-pop.
Suture: “Dear God (early dark version)”
Release Date: 9/1/2003
From the Artist: “In 2001 SUTURE was invited to participate in the XTC tribute King for a Day. This MP3 collection features over 130 songs and was released in 2003. Only Sparks was available to work on the track before the deadline. . .”

(9 MB, mp3)
88 Magic: “Dear God”
From the album Geré Played Piano.  Order your copy today!
Independent Saint: “Dear God”
“This song originally written by XTC was rearranged and recorded by Independent Saint for The Way Out Project with Alma Ovcina.”
Komatose: “Dear God”
Komatose: “Dear God”
Músico Ateu: “Dear God”
An instrumental cover.
Onslo Jones: “Dear God”
Onslo Jones: “Dear God”
Wankwinkel: “Dear God”
Lorenzo D'Anconia, from Bellagio, Italy, performs this interesting interpretation.
The Dukes of Simpleton
Chris Vreeland's XTC tribute band.
The Dukes: An XTC Tribute Band
“This is a Tribute to the most underrated band of all time: XTC. Musicians band together to apply their moxie at recreating the criminally underrated rock/pop band XTC's catalog via recording and live performance.
Brandon Rios: “Earn Enough for Us”
On his downtime at work, Brandon Rios covered this song using a program called Ableton Live.
Erich Sellheim
Prolific cover artist has recorded more than 30 different XTC songs, all in German.
Ralph Tonge: “Frivolous Tonight”
“XTC cover”
“Frost Circus”
MIDI sequenced by John Hedges.
(9 KB, mid)
Abominominous: “Generals & Majors”
Recorded for SongFight's The Gift of Music 2004.
Boojiboy Jnr: “Get Ur Freak In Motion”
Missy Elliot vs. XTC. “Ok..ok..I know the acapella's been used a gazillion times before and that Missy's been mashed to death but give me a break. This was the first mash up I ever completed, it's got sentimental value y'know. Anyway, it's ‘Get Ur Freak On’ spliced with of XTC's ‘Radios in Motion’ and some more extra drums and synths.”
(6 MB, mp3)
Go Home Productions
Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions is a fan of XTC and a masher. That is, a mashup/bootleg artist. Not a cad. That is, he was. An artist, not a cad, that is. Any gate, he has closed the door on that phase of his career by releasing GHP Complete, 16 CDs of bootlegs, official and unofficial remixes, including many tracks which sample or remix XTC. Some of those tracks include “I Can't Freak Her”, mixing XTC's “I Can't Own Her” with Adina Howard's “Freak Like Me”, “You Make Me Feel XTC”, which pits XTC's “Generals and Majors” vs. Sylvester's “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”, “Message of Love”, a mashup of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's “The Message” and XTC's “Love At First Sight” “Franz Buffalo”, mashing Malcolm McLaren's “Buffalo Girls”, XTC's “I Am The Audience” and Franz Ferdinand's “Take Me Out”. But by far his best is “Making Plans For Vinyl”, which mixes Tweet's “Oops Oh My” with XTC's “Making Plans for Nigel”.
Stark Effect: “Gonna Make You Stupid”
A mashup of XTC's “Stupidly Happy” vs. C&C Music Factory's “Gonna Make You Sweat”.
Bat Lenny: “Grass”
“This song was recorded in 1992 at a cabin in Webster, Wisconsin on 4 track cassette. It was originally released on a cassette with the "Dopey" issue of Pop Cult 'zine. Unfortunately it was shipped with a refrigerator magnet, resulting in less than desirable audio quality. So here it is, 22 years later, beautified.”
Jacky Lurton: “Grass”
Jacky Lurton plays all instruments on this cover.  Anyone in Paris who plays bass or drums (or sings) who wants to play pop music (Zombies, Beach Boys, Paul Bevoir, XTC, Martin Newell), please contact Jacky by email (jacky (dot) lurton (at) tiscali (dot) fr).
(3 MB, mp3)
Mike Livingston: “Grass”
“Music and lyrics by Colin Moulding (XTC). Recorded for an XTC tribute album circa 2000. I'm very proud of this recording. I believe I capture the intent of the original, while adding to its sonic depth. Performed, produced, and mastered by Mike Livingston.”
Wankwinkel: “Grass”
Lorenzo D'Anconia, from Bellagio, Italy, performs a lovely version.
The Great Constantini
“One of the very few cover songs I've ever recorded”
Greetings from Andy Partridge
Greetings from Andy Partridge (courtesy of MSN).
(28 KB, mp3)
Peter Mack: “Hang On to the Night (September Mix)”
A cover.
(4 MB, mp3)
“Happy Families”
29, August 1997
composed by: Andy Partridge
Steve Johnson writes, “Okay, this MIDI file is an older one that I've had lying around since before there was General MIDI, so I quickly made a few alterations to it to make it a GM file. This sequence was done by me on an Atari ST using Dr. T's KCS and Omega II. It was quickly thrown together in a couple of hours, so it's kind of minimalistic, plus some of the pieces of this song were not totally figured out (since there's no XTC sheet music out there...YET!). Anyway, please excuse their exclusion/modification (mainly the intro and ending piano chords and bits of the bass part). I believe the drums were remapped correctly to fit the GM standard, but I could be wrong on one or two of the drum instruments. Anyway, I'm a big XTC fan and hope other fans (as well as XTC newbies) enjoy this -- well, as much as a MIDI file CAN be enjoyed.”

(8 KB, mid)
The Optimysticals: “Here Comes President Kill Again”
“Cover of the XTC song from the album Oranges and Lemons. Thanks to Greg for adding the bass and mixing.” An entry in the OurStage Cover Bands channel.
Frost Circus: “I Defy You Gravity”
“One of my favorite Fuzzy Warble songs. I recorded this and then Robert Wegmann added stuff, mixed and produced it. He can magically turn anything into a work of art. Please follow him on Soundcloud he is topper most of the popper most. robertwegmann and Buy his latest cd. It is awesome!”
Monstrance: “I Lovely Cosmonaut”
“XTC's Andy Partridge's latest project sees him team up with the original XTC keyboard player Barry Andrews and drummer Martyn Barker. . . a disparate floating exploration of a piece which finds our three musical explorers high above the earth.”
Roymond: “It's Nearly Africa”
Roymond and his SongFight crew cover this song for you.
Kadavir: “Dear God (XTC Cover Ft. SHRM4)
A hip-hop cover.
(2 MB, mp3)
Alvaro Ortega: “Libros Arden (Books Are Burning)”
“The XTC classic in spanish! Some midi sounds are really ugly, but getting an analogic brass section is still hard for me. From the Powerhome project.”
Go Home Productions: “Londinium Loves”
Go Home Productions mashes up Blur / XTC / The Kinks / The Beatles / Bon Jovi / The Bee Gees.
Mashup of the track “London Loves” from Blur's Parklife, taken from the GYBO Parkspliced project.  Donate and download.  (Thanks to Adrian Ransome.)

(7 MB, mp3)
Sucrepop: “The Loving”
The French pop band's cover of the pop song they love.
The Bank Robber: “Making Plans for Nigel”
The Rob the Wave e.p. is all new wave cover songs, and the cover of the e.p. is an homage to Drums and Wires.
Bright Nights: “Making Plans for Nigel”
Nicholas Nealer
Adam Jeanguenat
Eric Ackerman
Jon Pavelek
Josh LaFalce

Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering
Artwork by Nicholas Moore
Dark Cover Find Me: “Making Plans For Nigel”
“work work work”
Den-Mate: “Making Plans For Nigel”
Den-Mate: “Making Plans For Nigel”
80's Division: “Making plans for Nigel”
80's Division est là pour vous faire revivre ces soirées folles où la musique envahissait l'atmosphère pour vous ramener l'espace d'un instant en 1980.
Eric Chesek: “Making Plans For Nigel”
“Mix 1”
Hinterlandt: “Making Plans for Nigel”
Dark experimental slow dub electronica cover of Colin Moulding's song, from the 2004 New Belief System album.
Household Names: “Making Plans for Nigel”
Jason Garcia leads a band called Household Names, who released this cover on their 2010 album Stories, No Names. Jason Garcia also recorded a cover of “Easter Theatre“ on the King for a Day tribute).
Pitchshifter: “Making Plans For Nigel”
A cover.
(2 MB, mp3)
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
A podcast of an interview with Andy Partridge by Patrick Schabe, published in PopMatters, October 27, 2006.
The OneNeeders: “Mayor of Simpleton”
Garage band from Illinois.
“Mayor of Simpleton” ringtones
Ringtones for Ericsson T28/T29/T39, sequenced by Johan Ekdahl.
(1 KB, txt)
“Melt the Guns”
MIDI sequenced by Brian Matthews.
(86 KB, mid)
Mitch Friedman
Mitch Friedman covers various XTC songs and sings his own, too.  Not to mention the fact that Andy Partridge helps him out a bit here and there. . .
The Dunaways: “Mrs. McCartney's Porch”
The Dunaways have released an homage to XTC called “Mrs McCartney's Porch” on their album Great Western Tears. (Thanks to Mark Narkowicz of The Dunaways, Melbourne, Australia.)
S.R Woodward: “My Bird Performs”
This is a total re-envision of the song written by Colin Moulding.
ToToM: “NYC In, NYC Out: An Open Letter to XTC”
A mashup of Beastie Boys's “An Open Letter to NYC” vs. XTC's “Day In, Day Out”.
(6 MB, mp3)
Shibboleth: “One of the Millions”
A cover for the King for a Day tribute. - XTC cover songs
XTC cover songs performed by The Twelve Flavours Of Hercules, Franco Turra and Miranda Benetti, provided by
Other The Cat
Other The Cat covers “I Don't Want To Be Here” and “My Train is Coming” (also available on the King for a Day tribute).
Rob DeChaine: “Pearl”
“Recently, going through a batch of old home demos I made during the early 1990s, I came across a CD containing an 8-track work-up of Andy's unreleased ‘Pearl.’ Apparently, I'd proposed it to my then-band for an elaborated recording, and (alas) they must've nixed the idea. I recorded, mixed, and played all instruments, so no copyright issues. You'll see that I took liberties in ‘finishing’ the piece, imagining what Andy might have done with it on a shoestring budget.”
(3 MB, mp3)
Wankwinkel: “Playground”
Lorenzo D'Anconia, from Bellagio, Italy, performs this instrumental version.
“Podcast #1 Entretien Avec Andy Partridge (XTC)”
Interview with Andy Partridge by composer François Ribac from his blog Le Socio[b]log de François Ribac, published on July 17, 2007
Tunetribe “Podcast 96: XTC”, January 15, 2017
“Originally released in 1986, Skylarking is seen by many as XTC's finest hour. But let's face it, even if we were talking about one of the band's lesser works this podcast would be a must because XTC main man Andy Partridge graced us with a good couple of hours of his time. He spills the beans on everything from Todd Rundgren, stagefright, Colin Moulding and looking like Napoleon Dynamite at school. He even performs an inpromptu song for us! If you're an XTC fan, this is the motherload!”
Podcast: Interview with Andy Partridge of XTC
Jeff Barringer speaks with Andy Partridge from his studio in the U.K. in late summer 2006.
“PRESS RELEASE: Dukes of Stratosphear demos discovered!”, Cobweb Theatre, 3 August 2003
“For over 30 years the demos of their earliest songs on a collection of tapes have lain in a forgotten rusted locker at Waterloo train station, the key to which has been long lost. . .”
The Q! > Downloads > Interviews: XTC - Andy Partridge - Lead Singer
Talks about the album title Apple Venus Wasp Star; the song “The Man Who Murdered Love”; the origin of the band name XTC; favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon; personal heroes and villains.
Cavedoll: “River of Orchids” “Cavedoll is prolific, almost to the point of absurdity. The neo-new wave group has released 13 albums in the past year. At the root of it all is the hyper-active imagination of frontman, Camden Chamberlain.”
Joseph Wiseman: “River Of Orchids”
Joseph Wiseman: “River Of Orchids”
Mark Glickman: “Rocket From a Bottle”
A cover.
(35 KB, mid)
“Scissor Man” ringtones
Intro riff ringtones for Nokia cellphone, sequenced by Wayne Grimsrud.
(2 KB, txt)
“Scissor Man”
MIDI sequenced by Ed Daranciang and submitted to Chalkhills long ago.
(39 KB, mid)
“Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her”
MIDI arrangement by J. M. Rosen.
(69 KB, mid)
The Former Yugoslavia: “Senses Working Overtime”
Dictionaraoke.  “What is Dictionaraoke?” you ask.  Funny you should ask.
Frédéric Quentin: “Senses Working Overtime”
“My name is Frédéric QUENTIN
Sound is quite good but the song doesn't seem to be finished, and it isn't.
I never succeeded to mix a song.
Melody and lyrics are the same but chords are changed.”

(9 MB, mp3)
“Senses Working Overtime” ringtones
Chorus ringtones for Nokia cellphone, sequenced by Wayne Grimsrud.
(3 KB, txt)
“Senses Working Overtime”
MIDI sequenced by Mike Woodbury.
(66 KB, mid)
Sgt. Rock
“En 1979 escuche por primera vez a XTC. Sobra decir que algo paso. Y el hecho es que con el tiempo, he podido descifrar muchisimas de estas canciones. Y no he tratado de reproducirlas, de copiarlas, de ‘hacer covers’... Estas son algunas versiones libres, hechas como simple ejercicio. Y estan hechas con todo el respeto posible, a Andy, Colin, Barry, Dave, Terry y a todos los que nos sigue pasando algo cada vez que escuchamos a XTC. Y mientras no me quiten el my space por no tener el copyright, apareceran todas ellas, alrededor de 30, como un simple homenaje, como un recorrido personal por la discografia oficial y no oficial de XTC. Siempre es como la primera vez. Atte. Sgt. Rock.”
Robert Wegmann: “Sgt. Rock”
“For all my XTC friends here on Facebook, here is my attempt at re-producing the classic Sgt. Rock”
Kim Simpson: “Snowman”
Kim Simpson: voice and guitar. Recorded 2/07 by Bill Doughty at the Bread Machine, Austin, TX.
Andy Partridge: “Song for Wes Long”
It's not everybody who has a song written for her or him.
Steve Dockery
Steve Dockery covers “Wake Up” and “Earn Enough for Us”.
Wankwinkel: “Summer's Cauldron”
Lorenzo D'Anconia, from Bellagio, Italy, performs a lovely version.
Asa Butterfield: “Teenage Dirtbag vs Making Plans For Nigel”
The Xfm Rock School writes, “One of, if not the, youngest entry we've had for the Rock School, Asa Butterfield (7) from Thornhill Primary School, London would definitely get the stamp of approval from Xfm's resident remixer Eddy Temple-Morris with a bootleg, mash-up of XTC and Wheatus.” We wonder if this could be true. . .
EXOHXO: “Thanks for Christmas”
From EXOHXMAS II (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holidays)
Glue Birl and Jeddie Ningo: “Thanks For Christmas”
A version of a novelty single XTC released in 1983 under the pseudonym The Three Wise Men and the Good Lord.
Pugwash: “Thanks for Christmas”
“A really cool Pugwash christmas present to you . . . the ultra rare cover version of ‘Thanks For Christmas’ . . . that the lads did as a track for the Irish charity album It's All Bells. Enjoy a stoned sung - recorded - engineered and mixed fun-fest of frivolity that, if released, would have no bearing on anything BUT IT WOULD ‘STILL’ BE BETTER THAN THE FUCKING DARKNESS!!!!!”
(4 MB, mp3)
Joseph Wiseman: “Then She Appeared”
Joseph Wiseman: “Then She Appeared”
The Morningwood Brother's Auxilliary: “Then She Appeared”
Originally recorded for the King for a Day tribute, presented here in both an “a capella version” and the “full version”. Jeffrey Fariello's recording of “Omnibus” can be found here, too.
“Then She Appeared”
MIDI.  (Thanks to Cicci Serra.)
(43 KB, mid)
“This is Pop?”
MIDI sequenced by Brian Matthews.
(31 KB, mid)
School For The Dead: “Thug”
“Thug” is “not an XTC song but it is a song based on many XTC lyrics and styles . . . littered with references to the band and to the songs”.
Todd Bernhardt
Todd Bernhardt has recorded a number of XTC covers (also available on the King for a Day tribute).
Blushift: “Travels in Nihilon” / “Knights in Shining Karma”
XTC covers by David Lake, originally contributed to Modern Time Neros: Chalkhills' Children '98 and King For a Day.
Un échantillon de la voix d'Andy Partridge.
Fahrenheit 440, May 1999
(110 KB, mp3)
The Voice of Dog
Andy Partridge hears the voice of Dog.
(8 KB, mp3)
The Poor Richards: “When Andy Partridge Called”
Apparently, Andy himself is a fan. And apparently, according to the lyrics of the song . . . a call from Andy Partridge is more exciting than a call from Paul McCartney.
Once the definitive XTC tribute band in England (disbanded in October 2005). Hear them on their website, including their cover of “Dear God” recorded for the King for a Day tribute.
Easterling and Gildersleeve: “XTC”
A nod to XTC, sung in the style of XTC: “I grew up with XTC and they are still my favorite band in the whole dang universe! Andy, please forgive me for using my Partridge voice. You're the man!”
SchizoBrainiac: “XTC - This Is Pop?”
“Like they say in the marketing world, MAKE IT POP! Reworking of an early song by XTC, one of the most criminally overlooked 80s bands.”
XTC tribute - remembering Drums & Wires
Fabio Zampa's underground bands in Rome play XTC songs.
XTC, Live · Paradiso · 1980, recorded by Ab Stammeshaus
“In 1980 the album «Black Sea» came out and XTC was touring . . . They came to Amsterdam for a concert in the Paradiso concert hall. I was there and took some photos from the audience with my camera loaded with slides-film. . . I also found a cassette tape with the Dutch radio broadcast of the concert in 1980 in Paradiso. I [ripped] the cassette tape . . . and filtered out the tape-hiss.” [We believe this concert was recorded 15 December 1979.]
Numerous interesting audio and video tidbits, mostly in lossless SHN and/or FLAC formats. Free the boots!
Charlie Crane: “Young Cleopatra”
Charlie says, “I figured that, since Miss Cleo is 14 years old in the song, it was best to record the song now when I'm 17 than record it next year and be hunted down by the CSOM. Granted, it's still a bit creepy, but at least it's not illegal. I wonder how Mr. Partridge got away with writing it at the age of 30?”
Your Atom Bomb
That odd noise from the end of “Mole From The Ministry”.  Slowed down and reversed for your listening pleasure by J.D. Mack.  (Thanks also to Steve Perley.)
(48 KB, mp3)
The Dukes of Silverlake: “Your Gold Dress”
IPO performance at Spaceland in Silverlake, California, July 27, 2004.  Jason Falkner, Matt Mahaffey & various members of The 88 performed the Dukes of Stratosphear's 25 O'Clock EP in its entirety.
Wankwinkel: “Your Gold Dress”
Lorenzo D'Anconia, from Aix en Provence, France, covers The Dukes Of Stratosphear.

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