Chalkhills: This World Over

Updated: 25 May 2020

Being a collection of links to other sites on the web.

Optimism's Flames
Wes Long's astounding XTC site.
XTC · Ten Feet Tall
An Italian XTC site created by Paolo Di Modica.
Chain of Command
Die Chronologie aller XTC-Studioaufnahmen und Konzerte.
JH3's software resource for XTC fans this world over.
The Uncyclopedia: XTC
The content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Harvest Festival
An excellent feature, in Japanese.
The Nonsvch Colouring Book
Excellent examples of what can be done with a bit of imagination and paint (digital or otherwise). Try it yourself! Created by Dave Franson.
The XTC Vade-Mecum
A site devoted to sheet music for XTC, by Ian Dahlberg.
Spleens a Go Go
XTC Interviews from Spleens a Go-Go and Perdix, collected by Natalie Jacobs.

XTC Tribute Bands

Peter Pumpkinhead
Peter Pumpkinhead is a tribute to one of the most creative, melodic and precise bands ever: XTC. Their mission is to bring the music of this little known yet very appreciated group of musical geniuses back. They lovingly recreate the sound and the energy to a T, and are based in the NYC/Philly area.
Fossil Fools
Rising out of the ashes of X-sTatiC and the Fuzzy Warblers, temporarily defunct, but now back in action; officially endorsed by Dave Gregory.
The Scarecrow People
In the words of Andy Partridge, a “bloody marvelous” little combo playing the music of XTC in the Sydney, Australia area.
Nigels with Attitude
An XTC tribute band based in the American South.
The Dukes
An XTC tribute band, applying their moxie at recreating the criminally underrated rock/ pop band XTC's catalog via recording and live performance.
Tin Spirits
Featuring Dave Gregory, this prog rock cover band also performs a number of XTC songs.
The Dukes of Simpleton
An XTC tribute band based in Austin, Texas, featuring long time Chalkhills member Chris Vreeland.
Thee Bowlermen
Perhaps the world's only Dukes Of Stratosphear tribute band, based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Other Places to Visit

Irregular Miniatures
Toy soldiers and other unpainted cast metal figures, some designed by Andy Partridge.
Erica Wexler
Andy Partridge is executive producer of Erica's vanity album Sunlit Night.
Photo Sites
Various and sundry sites featuring photographs of XTC.
Flip Flop Flyin'
The home of XTC Minipops.
Dave Gregory's web presence.
The Shriekback Pages
Including a detailed discography. Created by Phil Hetherington. XTC founding member Barry Andrews is a founding member of Shriekback in case you haven't made the connection.
SwindonWeb and SwindonLink
Take a virtual visit to XTC's home town.
The White Horse of Uffington
Artwork for everyone to share, courtesy Mark Irons.
Anima Vitae
Computer rendered artwork by Jeffrey Wall M.D., including a piece inspired by “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”.

The Losers's Lounge Tribute to XTC
(illustration by Cliff Mott)