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Recorded at the BBC for radio broadcast.
Originally released on 5 October 1994 in the U.K.
Also released on Transistor Blast on 16 November 1998 in the U.K.

Andy: “We would trundle down to the BBC Studios in London with our little amplifiers and, in a day, recreate more-or-less-live versions of four songs. You would play the track, get maybe one overdub and then sing it, so they were basically shoot-from-the-hip versions.”

Lyrics, Charts and More

  1. Opening Speech (lyrics)
  2. No Thugs In Our House (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  3. Runaways (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  4. You're The Wish (You Are) I Had (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  5. Poor Skeleton Steps Out (lyrics) (chords)
  6. Crosswires (pics) (lyrics)
  7. Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  8. Real By Reel (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  9. Into The Atom Age (pics) (lyrics) (interview)
  10. Meccanik Dancing (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  11. Ten Feet Tall (pics) (lyrics) (chords)
  12. Scarecrow People (pics) (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  13. I'm Bugged (pics) (lyrics)
  14. Dance Band (pics) (lyrics)
  15. Jason And The Argonauts (lyrics) (chords) (interview)
  16. One Of The Millions (lyrics) (chords)
  17. Roads Girdle The Globe (lyrics) (chords) (interview)


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