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Last update: 24 March 2015
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March 19, 2015: The Vagabond Saints' Society brings together some of Winston-Salem's finest musicians and singers to perform the music of XTC. The concert will showcase one of XTC's most ornate and beloved albums, Skylarking from 1986. The upcoming show will feature a stellar mix of talent including Doug Davis, Jerry Chapman, Susan Snow, Michael Slawter, Patrick Ferguson, Clay Howard, Lee Terry, and Tony Dagnall, and none other than Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter will join VSS to sing a song or two. March 27 at 9 p.m., The Garage, 110 W. 7th St., Winston-Salem, North Carolina, $10 (free with DashPop festival wristband). [thanks to Francisco Javier Tenas]
February 7, 2015: Revolution In The Shed: Inside the Songs of XTC, by Andy Partridge and Todd Bernhardt, “…offers a unique insight into the work of one of Britain's most original and influential songwriters. It is also an unprecedentedly revealing and instructive guide to how songs and records are made. Developed from a series of interviews conducted …” by Chalkhills mainstay Todd Bernhardt and originally published on MySpace, the book explores “… the construction of melodies and arrangements, the process of recording, and the workings of the music industry. But it is also filled with anecdotes about Partridge, his XTC bandmates, and their adventures around the world, all told with the songwriter's legendary humor.” Available 1 September 2015 at better booksellers near you.

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Ape House News

October 27, 2014: XTC - DRUMS AND WIRES NOW MIXED IN 5.1
October 7, 2013: XTC NONSUCH REMIXED IN 5.1
August 21, 2012: SACRED OBJECTS - A film by Stu Rowe and Andy Partridge

Other News

March 24
Roberto Jesús Serrano Bazán points us to “Pure XTC” in The Footy Almanac.
March 19
Gordon Fleming let us know about Dave Bidini's “40 Things I Love About XTC”.
March 11
Visit Claudecat's Place for a review of The Dukes of Stratosphear - 25 O'Clock.
February 4
Thanks to “We're all Light” for the generous donation!
January 27
Ben Gott was having trouble reading Classic Pop's “Godfathers of Pop: Andy Partridge”.
January 17
Michael Ricci would like you to know that his publication All About Jazz has published this review of Drums and Wires.
January 10
Jeff Truzzi got Andy Partridge to transcribe the chords to “Roads Girdle the Globe”.

Recent Site Updates

March 22, 2015: Press - “Tribute to XTC brings out heavy hitters VSS concert’, Winston-Salem Relish, March 18, 2015
March 21, 2015: Press - "Aware Paints XTC - X-plaining XTC (Part 2)", Aware, 1983
March 19, 2015: Press - “40 Things I Love About XTC”, One 45 Every Day, March 18, 2015
March 11, 2015: Press - Reviews of The Dukes of Stratosphear's 25 O'Clock (1985)
February 3, 2015: Discography - XTC: Science Friction
January 21, 2015: Discography - The Prog Collective: Epilogue
January 9, 2015: Discography - Mr. Partridge: Take Away / The Lure of Salvage

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Chalkhills was created by me, John Relph, and is infrequently updated (I am often busy with other things) so check back often. Chalkhills was the longest extant XTC mailing list, created in April 1989 as an offshoot of the venerable Love-Hounds list and killed off (in a bizarre kitchen accident, of course) in August 2014. Chalkhills is the longest extant XTC web site, first hacked together in May 1994, although FTP archives were first made available in April 1991.
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