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Updated: 27 February 2021

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Apple Venus Volume 1 5.1
January 23, 2021: Ape House writes, "Restoration of multi track tapes is underway for the XTC album APPLE VENUS (vol 1). As soon as the cleaning & rebuild finishes, the man with the expert touch, Steven Wilson, will be making a 5.1 & new stereo mix. Another great quality APE release to look forward to". Peckham roses all 'round.
Garden of Earthly Delights
March 15, 2020: Futureman Records released Garden of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration on March 6, 2020. All proceeds from the project will benefit The Wild Honey Foundation. The 2 CD set includes 32 tracks, the digital download includes an additional 17 tracks! Performers include Pop 4, The Corner Laughers, Paul Myers, The Anderson Council, Corin Ashley and Cliff Hillis, and many others. "Thanks to everyone involved, we think you're going to enjoy!"
Psychedelic Pswindon: Pso Much to Anpswer For
September 2, 2019: Psurroundabout Ride gathers all of The Dukes of Stratosphear's material on a CD/Blu-Ray pset, with both of the band's albums plus 2 extra tracks, remixed in pstereo and 5.1 psurround by Steven Wilson (approved by Andy Partridge). Originally produced by John Leckie (Swami Anand Nagara) and The Dukes, the set includes a CD with all tracks in stereo, plus a Blu-Ray containing all 19 songs in their original mixes in hi-res stereo, new mixes of 18 songs in hi-res stereo and 5.1 surround plus a final song up-mixed to surround using the Penteo audio system, and complete demos from both albums & instrumental versions of album songs in hi-res stereo. Pre-order now, the set will be released on 18 October 2019 (delayed due to manufacturing issues with the 200g vinyl).
They Came From Planet England
August 3, 2019: Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge sat down for “tea and a chat, followed by some — typically for both — fine pop song writing, recording, mixing, a celebratory glass of wine and a trip to a restaurant for a curry and a pint of beer. . . all traditions as English in their longevity as the day they arrived on these shores from somewhere else.” The result of this meeting of the mynahs is Planet England, a four-song EP, which will be available from Burning Shed in September. “. . . a unique coupling on dazzling form.”
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Ape House News

September 29, 2017: BLACK SEA now in 5.1
March 8, 2017: POWERS RETURNED
December 3, 2016: XTC SHIRTS AU GO GO
October 17, 2016: SKYLARKING NOW IN 5.1

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Other News

February 27
Austin Emerson Lucas transcribed guitar chords for “Runaways”.
February 14
Ali Sueoka transcribed the guitar solo for “I'm Playing My Fano”. ¶ You might be interested in the Without the Beatles compilation featuring Colin's Hermits covering “I Am The Walrus”.
January 23
Ian Roberts reviewed Chips From The Chocolate Fireball and Apple Venus Volume 1.
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