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Updated: 21 April 2019

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A BandHouse Gigs Tribute to XTC: April 6, 2019
September 28, 2018: BandHouse Gigs is a DC area not for profit music collective founded by Ron Newmyer and Chuck Sullivan in 2004 and now involving a dozen other regular volunteers. They enlist some of the area's finest musicians to perform the songs of various bands live. On Saturday, April 6, 2019, The Barns at Wolf Trap will host A BandHouse Gigs Tribute to XTC. "For those new to XTC, this is the chance to hear an incredible pop band's music that reminds one of The Beatles, yet is far more underappreciated."
Petition: XTC: This is Pop on Blu-ray
September 30, 2018: Leslie Gooch writes, "Do you love XTC? [XTC: This is Pop] is a documentary every fan should see, and one you'll want to show to non fans as well. Only available by streaming via subscription channels, and an occasional television airing, this petition is an attempt to prove enough interest to get a Blu-ray or DVD made and available for purchase. Please add your name if you would be interested in a copy of this fantastic documentary."
Andy Partridge will attend The Monkees Christmas Party!
September 23, 2018: Andy Partridge, a life-long fan of The Monkees, has written the opening track for their forthcoming holiday album, Christmas Party. The song is “Unwrap You At Christmas”. The album is available for pre-order, to be released on October 12, 2018.
Andy Partridge: Apples & Oranges / Humanoid Boogie
May 24, 2018: Andy Partridge made recordings in his newly upgraded shed of Syd Barrett's “Apples & Oranges” and Neil Innes' “Humanoid Boogie”. Mr. Partridge has released these recordings on a four track (both songs in stereo and mono) double-A side 10" vinyl EP in a picture sleeve. The EP is a limited edition of 1,396 copies, available exclusively at Burning Shed. Pre-order now for a June 28, 2018, release.

Ape House News

September 29, 2017: BLACK SEA now in 5.1
March 8, 2017: POWERS RETURNED
December 3, 2016: XTC SHIRTS AU GO GO
October 17, 2016: SKYLARKING NOW IN 5.1

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Chalkhills is a web resource dedicated to XTC (the now defunct band). Peruse Chalkhills to find a wealth of information about XTC, their music and recordings, and much more.

Chalkhills was created by me, John Relph, and is infrequently updated (I try to have a life) so check back often. Chalkhills was the longest extant XTC mailing list, created in April 1989 as an offshoot of the venerable Love-Hounds list and killed off (in a bizarre kitchen accident, of course) in August 2014. Chalkhills is the longest extant XTC web site, first hacked together in May 1994, although FTP archives were first made available in April 1991.
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Other News

March 24
Lee Neuman sent in chord charts for “Summer's Cauldron”.
March 22
Peter Pumpkinhead is a “tribute to one of the most creative, melodic and precise bands ever: XTC. [Their] mission is to bring the music of this little known yet very appreciated group of musical geniuses back. [They] lovingly recreate the sound and the energy to a T. Welcome!”
January 21
Erich Sellheim has recorded more than 35 cover versions of XTC songs, all in German. Most recently, he released videos for “Spielzeug” (Toys) and “Wüsteninsel” (Desert Island).
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March 19, 2019: Discography - 12” SinglesPromotional Album Instore Play - Not For Sale

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