Andy Partridge Comments Take Away

Issue 2, Autumn 1982

Andy adds the following comments about Take Away:

"‘Commerciality (Signal Ad.)’ was based on an unfinished and unreleased track from White Music called ‘Refrigeration Blues’. The lyrics are a poem called ‘Signal Ad. (Saleable futurity)’.

"The first part of ‘Work Away Tokyo Day’ is original and that's joined to all of the sax parts of ‘Red’ played at once and then ‘Day In Day Out’ sped up very fast and with a new bass Iine.

"Mr. Ditko is an American cartoonist who produced some extremely moral comic books called ‘Mr. A.’ According to Steve Ditko there is only right and wrong, no grey areas. Mr. A. was the uncorruptable central figure of these books.

"My favourite track from the album is possibly ‘Rotary’ which is improvised singing / yelling over stripped down ‘Helicopter’."

This then is our key to The Lure of Salvage, although Mr. Partridge will doubtless have something more to add.....

Commerciality (Signal Ad.) - Refrigeration Blues.
The Day They Pulled The North Pole Down - Heatwave.
The Forgotten Language of Light - Millions.
Steam First Futurist - Real by Reel.
Shore Leave Ornithology (Another 1950) - Pulsing, Pulsing.
Cairo - Homo Safari.
The Rotary - Helicopter.
Madhattan - That Is The Way.
I Sit In The Snow - Roads Girdle the Globe.
Work Away Tokyo Day - Red/Day In, Day Out.
New Broom - Making Plans For Nigel.

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[Transcribed by Marcus Deininger, thanks to Mark Fisher]