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Updated: 14 March 2020

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April 23, 2023:
The 3 Clubmen is Andy Partridge, Jen Olive, and Stu Rowe. The new single Aviatrix drops on June 30, 2023! Streaming everywhere... Antics abound!
September 4, 2022:
Mr. Partridge returns with another volume in his continuing demo series. This volume is entitled My Failed Christmas Career - Volume 1, and is now available for pre-order. The EP will be released on 21 October 2022 on CD and 12-inch vinyl. One of the songs was recorded by The Monkees, but this EP includes the original demo version with lead vocals by Holly Partridge.
February 27, 2022:
Volume 2 of My Failed Songwriting Career is now available for pre-order, and will be released on 8 April 2022. These songs were written by Mr. Partridge for other artists, but were not used, and so he has recorded them and released them himself.
May 23, 2021:
Burning Shed announces Colin Moulding: The Hardest Battle, his first ever solo release (if you disregard the single by "The Colonel", that is). The EP contains two songs and an "exploratory demo". It is characterized as a tantalising glimpse into the creative process of one of the UK's finest songwriters. The EP will be released on 2 July 2021, pre-order now.
March 6, 2021:
In Episode 28 of The ProgCast, Andy Partridge said he will be releasing 16 "or so" EPs over an unspecified period, containing demos of songs written for other artists, which he's calling My Failed Songwriting Career. Most of the artists requested songs in a certain style (for example, "McCartney", classic rock, folk, Christmas, etc.). Andy would write several songs for them to choose from, and they would pick one, often not the one he thought was the best, leaving him with an enormous backlog of worthy songs. The songs are not about himself, but written to order or, as he says, it's him "in fancy dress." Most of these demos were recorded very quickly, sometimes with the artist present, so he's spending time now "tarting them up" for release, but only the best (in his opinion) of the many demos that were recorded. Volume 1 will be released on 23 July. [Thanks to Tom Demi]