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Last update: 26 March 2017
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XTC Convention 2017
March 26, 2017: Gaz Barrett writes, "A venue has been booked in Swindon for the XTC Convention 2017 for Saturday, 16th September 2017, from 11.00 to 23.59. The venue can accommodate 150. If enough interest for the Todd book tour of XTC sites or Uffington Horse we could hire a coach or two for the Sunday. If enough can arrive on the Friday we will look into booking a venue. Now a date and venue has been sorted we will start to look at what things we can arrange for the Convention. Hopefully a Q&A session, open mic, fans showing off rare XTC memorabilia. We would also like an XTC tribute band to play the venue on the Saturday night. We will be looking for deposits to be paid for tickets before the end of February so that the venue and other costs can be covered. Thanks."
A.J. Partridge regains his Powers
March 26, 2017:

A long time ago, in a library far far away (well, Swindon, actually), a shy schoolboy who loved books, but was a slow reader, borrowed three science fiction books per week. He didn't read them. Instead, mesmerised by the covers, he imagined his own stories to match the cover paintings which he stared at intently for hours. His response was to record a sort of soundtrack to the paintings which had been so inspirational to him. The resulting album conjures, via 12 enigmatic pieces akin to a virtual Musique concrete (with the computer/editing process replacing the more cumbersome scissors/tape method), a musical accompaniment to the variety of alien landscapes which Richard M. Powers illustrated so profusely.

Now a much sought after album, A.J Partridge's album Powers has been reissued as a mid-price jewel cased CD with 12 pages of sleeve notes and illustrations by long-time Ape House sleeve artist Andrew Swainson.

Other News

March 12
Fassine are offering a free download of their cover of XTC's “That Wave” for a very short time.
February 19
Roberto Serrano Bazán shared a link: “The Dukes of Stratosphear – XTC's bizarre side project”.
January 31
Matt Henderson shared a link: “My Favorite Album #185 - Mark Hart (Crowded House) on XTC ‘Drums and Wires’ (1979)”.
January 29
Toshiyuki from Japan made a Bass tab for “That's Really Super, Supergirl”.
January 21
Roberto Serrano Bazán leads us to ‘LOOK LOOK,’ The XTC Home Video Companion in Dangerous Minds, but he can't make us think.
January 16
Boing Boing features a review of Complicated Game: Inside the Songs of XTC. ¶ Tunetribe features “Podcast 96: XTC”, an interview with Andy Partridge.
December 17
Marshall Gooch reviews Complicated Game: Inside the Songs of XTC.
December 11
Melanie Bouchard is happy to contribute “Light! Camera! XTCion!” from Trouser Press, January 1981.

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