King for a Day

(An MP3 Tribute to the Music of XTC)

A not-for-profit collection of 134 covers of XTC songs.
Curated by Richard Pedretti-Allen.

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24 Sep 2003

The XTC tribute, "King For A Day" is available. It really is! Honest!

Call me all the names you care to. I finished it.

134 covers of XTC songs (54 of which you have heard if you bought the Chalkhills' Children series). Still... way cheap for 80 new covers!

The individual artists own the rights to their cover songs but I own the rights to the collection so don't you anarchists and "Free The Music!" preachers get some wise idea about posting them all on some website or I'll slaughter your cattle and burn your crops. I promise. I've spent so much time with lawyers on this project that I'm now friends with a few. Yeah, I know... I'll pay for that in hell.

Thanks to all that contributed! There is some great stuff there - and some not so great - but it is all for the love of XTC.

Thanks to Mitch Friedman and Andy Partridge

Order now! I plan to ship within two days of ordering provided PayPal is used and payment is made in US Dollars. You can contact me for arrangements to send a check, I will wait until it clears the bank before I send the package. I am doing this project AT COST so I can't afford any bounced checks.

Lastly, some of you know that I was trying to configure this tribute as a fundraiser for cancer research. Regretfully, it won't happen like that. The price would have been considerably higher. My lawyers said that I would need written clearance from every artist (a HUGE job) to donate their "royalties" (of which there are none but with the higher price, would have been) and there were some already known unwilling parties.

I won't talk about specifics except to say that there was nothing negative from the land of the red brick dream.

So, there it is. Here it is. And soon I hope to say, "There it goes!"

Be the first on your block!


11 Nov 2003

Thanks to all who have purchased in the past six weeks. For those of you who are procrastinating, two thirds of the planned production is sold. Avoid the Christmas rush! Makes a great gift! Operators are standing by! Your mileage my vary!


Let me clarify... (17 Nov 2003)

"They" weren't angry but surprised and a little disappointed so, for those who don't know...

King For A Day is a tribute to XTC to comes on one CD. There are 134 tracks on the CD encoded in MP3.

MP3 files can be played on your computer and on some DVD players.

As a regular audio CD, it takes up over 5 GB of memory. This would amount to about seven audio CDs. While I would love to be able to offer seven CDs packed with music, in jewel cases, with artwork and postage all for $6.00 (using the domestic example), it simply can't work.

I'm not trying to insult but a few people have ordered the "whole set" and then ask me why I only sent one or ordered "all three" and then complained that they are all the same. There is only one.

Hopefully, that clears up any misconceptions that are lingering about. As always, if you have questions, ask them.

Andy, Colin, Dave and Terry have their copies. Andy called to say that he had received the package but was neck deep in Milk And Honey and wouldn't get to them very soon. BTW, he says The Milk And Honey Band CD will be an enduring classic.


Track Listing

xmms Playlists

Here are the playlists for King For A Day converted for use with xmms, the cross-platform media player. These playlists should work with WinAmp on Windows, but if you're on Linux or Mac OS X, you'll need to convert the files: download the archive, unzip it, then run "make".

Download (23 October 2003)

MP3 Player Skins

Some copies of King For A Day were shipped without the WinAmp/xmms/MacAmp MP3 player skins. If you need these skins, please let us know.


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