Chalkhills' Children '96

Chalkhills' Children '96: the Chalkhills subscribers' XTC tribute tape.

Compiled and produced by Richard Pedretti-Allen


NOTE: These songs are now available on the King For A Day XTC tribute MP3 CD!

This is the actual song list (in the correct order) of Chalkhills' Children '96:

"XTSea" Mitch Friedman
Battery Brides Ben Gott
Making Plans For Nigel Peter Fitzpatrick
Day In, Day Out Randy Posynick
The Somnambulist Richard Pedretti-Allen
All Of Sudden (It's Too Late) Christopher Burgess
It's Nearly Africa Eric Day
My Love Explodes Steve Perley
The Meeting Place Tom Slack
Umbrellas John Christenson
Dear God Chris Spillios
Sacrificial Bonfire Randy Christopher
Collideascope Philip McEachern
Disque Bleu John Hedges
Chalkhills And Children Tim Kendrick
Goosey Goosey Naoyuki Isogai
Living In a Haunted Heart Harrison Sherwood
Books Are Burning Robin Myrick

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8 July 1999 / Richard Pedretti-Allen