Atmosphear to Ocean: The XTC Fans' Tribute Collection

OBSCENE COLLECTION (1991) is the first Bizarre Depiction cassette compilation.

Matt Kojder: Making Plans For Nigel
Ed Drake: Gangway For Electric Guitar
Kristi Sundberg: Desert Island
Terry Burke: Too Many Cats In The Kitchen
Peter Murray: Ladybird
Kristi Sundberg: Always Winter, Never Christmas
Matt Kojder: Set Myself On Fire
Kristi Sundberg: Little Lighthouse
Steve Schermerhorn: Knuckle Down
Paul Myers: Bushman President
John Neil: Red Brick Dream
Ian C Stewart: I Sit In The Snow
Franco Turra: Officer Blue
Michael Million: Terrorism
Peter Dix: Procession Through Learning Land With Albert Brown

BEASTS I'VE SEEN (1995) is the second Bizarre Depiction cassette compilation.

Dr. Gunni: Radios In Motion
Richard Bone: Dear Madam Barnum
John Neil: Snowman
Scott Nuckles: Love On A Farmboy's Dancefloor
The Canaries: Yacht Dance
Dave Gershman: The Troubles
Chris Dodge and Lydia Paweski: Respectable Street
John Neil: Life Is Good In The Greenhouse
Michael Million: Mermaid Smiled
Franco Turra: No Thugs In Our House
Ian C Stewart: Hang On To The Night
Scott Nuckles: Frosted Circus Flakes
The Canaries: Do You Know The Way To Nihilon

THE BEST XTC homage ever.
--John Pinto

the best track, IMHO, is our very own John Relph's "Another Aerostar" which must be heard to be believed. this man can PLAY the mandolin!
dave stafford - studio seventeen productions

SKYLACKING (1996) is the third XTC fan tribute tape from Bizarre Depiction.

Insane versions of every song on the album (and a few B-sides as well) performed by XTC fans:

Summer's Cauldron: John Neil of Bacchus Jihad.
Grass: Franco Turra's version, sung in Italian (making it "Erba").
The Meeting Place: Chris Dodge of legendary SF bands Spazz and Bjorn Again.
That's Really Super, Supergirl: The Pop-Up Book (Brian Marchese's old band)
Ballet For A Rainy Day: Dave Stafford
1000 Umbrellas: Nortons Orchestraville (Keith Hanlon's band)
Season Cycle: Top 40 (Jason Garcia)
Terrorism: Useless
Let's Make A Den + Find The Fox: Star*Pillow
The Troubles: Dave Gershman
Earn Enough For Us: sung in German by Martin Fuchs
Big Day: John Neil's Burning Futon
Another Satellite: John Relph
Mermaid Smiled: Samarkand
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul: Daniel Prendiville
Dear God: Chris Spillios
Dying: Daniel Prendiville
Sacrificial Bonfire: Samarkand

Bonus track:
Grass: Big City Orchestra

News Bulletin, July 2013: Ian C Stewart has made Skylacking, Beasts I've Seen, and Obscene Collection available for download in MP3 format.

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