I'm Bugged


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White Music

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  1. Album version, 3'59.
    Released on White Music.
    Odd keyboard sounds by two roadies who couldn't play.

  2. Live version.
    Produced and engineered by John Leckie.
    Recorded by RAK Mobile.
    Recorded live at the Hope & Anchor, Islington, between 22 November and 15 December 1977.
    Released in September 1978 on the Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival live compilation album in the U.K.

  3. BBC version (Peel Session), 3'34.
    Recorded 21 September 1977 at BBC Studio Maida Vale 4.
    Produced by Malcolm Brown. Engineered by Dave Dade.
    First broadcast 26 September 1977 on the John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1.
    Released on 5 October 1994 on Drums and Wireless in the U.K.
    Also available on Transistor Blast.
    Andy Partridge - vocals and guitar
    Colin Moulding - vocals and bass guitar
    Barry Andrews - keyboards
    Terry Chambers - drums

    Andy: “A ludicrous song; the lyrics don't particularly mean anything. I just loved the phrase ‘I'm Bugged’. This is a very scratchy sounding version, like the amps were being abused.”


#\#a href="http://mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com/2009/08/xtc-peel-sessions.html" target="churl"#/#artwork for XTC: #\#i#/#Peel Sessions#\#/i#/# from #\#i#/#Mondo de Muebles#\#/i#/##\#/a#/#

artwork for XTC: Peel Sessions from Mondo de Muebles



I'm bugged you all look like insects
In your brand new sunspecs
I'm bugged I'm bugged
I drop a little note through my sympathetics door
I think I'm going ga ga  I just can't take anymore
At first I see 'em swarming from a dark and midnight nest
And when I see 'em fiddling well I think you've guessed the rest!

I'm bugged  you all look like insects
In your brand new sunspecs
I'm bugged  I'm bugged
I wake up in a cold sweat and I run into the street
And just like in my nightmare they are jiggling at my feet
I take a dead man's lighter and I burn them to the floor
But where there was a dozen there are now a hundred more
I'm bugged

© 1978 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

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