Set Myself on Fire


flipside of the #\#i#/#Towers of London#\#/i#/# 7" vinyl

flipside of the Towers of London 7" vinyl

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This song is also known as "I'll Set Myself On Fire".

  1. Album version, 3'00.
    Released on White Music.

  2. Live version, 4'34.
    Recorded live 17 September 1979 at The Rainbow by The Manor Mobile.
    Sound Balance: Steve Warren.
    Engineered by Pete Greenslade & Dave Chapman.
    Remix Engineer: Steve Prestage.
    Released on 10 October 1980 as the B-side to the Towers of London 7" single in the U.K.

  3. Live version.
    Recorded live 9 March 1978 at The Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, for Sight & Sound in Concert.
    Produced by Jeff Griffin for the BBC.
    Released on 16 November 1998 on Transistor Blast in the U.K.




Ha Ha Ha
Ho Ho Ho
Now you see it
Now you don't
Has no bones
To hurt your throat
Good and sweet
Nice to eat
If you like it
Just repeat

I'll set myself on fire
I'll set myself on fire
I'll set myself on fire
Oh strike my head
On a stone Joan
God knows this is yuk
Do it all in unison
Ha Ha Ha
Ho Ho Ho

We have the pool
Ah - No that's cruel
Why do you take me for
A fool?
Try the rails
It's just not me
No No No
No - Siree

© 1978 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

Chords and Tablature


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