I Remember the Sun


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The Big Express

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  1. Album version, 3'10.
    Released on The Big Express.
    Peter Phipps - Drums




Hot as golden sand in fields
We whiled away the hours
I'm thinking of the days we had
Enormous super powers
Yes I'm sleeping, my mind's on the blink
I thought a page, like it's written in ink
When I remember distant days
I remember many things, but
Most of all, I remember the sun
Squinting at the sun through eyes
Screwed up by a fireball
Tarmac on the road is soft
Chaff burns in a smokewall
Yes, I weeping, a teardrop attack
I give emotion at the drop of a hat
When I remember days at school
I remember many things, but
Most of all, I remember the sun
Sun that worked on overtime
Fuelled our bodies, kindled fire in our minds
Burning scars soon disappear
Like heat that hangs like water on the road
But most of all, I remember the sun.

© 1984 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

Chords and Tablature

Date: Sun, 21 May 2017 15:10:51 +0100
From: Paul Ferguson <paul (at) tigerlight430 dot co dot uk>
Subject: I Remember the Sun - bass tab
Message-Id: <54F0FD3C-412B-42FF-BCF3-6DA3B81C1E0B (at) tigerlight430 dot co dot uk>

I'd like to present bass tab for I Remember the Sun. It's in 4/4 with a swing beat so if it looks messy that's because it's all tied up in triplets!

Lots of slides and bends - I think Colin played it on a fretless originally, or even a double bass. An earthy, woody tone to this one.


Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 17:20:11 EST
From: DontPoll (at) aol dot com
Subject: Chord contribution for Chalkhills
Message-ID: <a1.5550bb5e.2f09cd9b (at) aol dot com>

This is a bare bones contribution for "I Remember the Sun"..I haven't figured
out the bridge yet. But the rest is here for the most part.

This is also my first shot at transcribing a song by ear, so cut my some
slack if it sounds like shiite  :-)

"I Remember the Sun" (C. Moulding)


Hot as golden sand..


F#      E
Yes I'm sleeping..
F#      E
I thought a page..
F#      E
When I remember distant days..
F#      Bm/G
I remember many things, but..


Bm   F#m/A     E     A
Most of all, I remember the sun..

The bridge has some sort of descending bass line..like C, Ab, G...
But not sure about the chords.

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