I Drew a Lemon




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  1. Album version, 3'36.
    Co-written by Terry Hall and Andy Partridge.
    Performed by Terry Hall.
    Released in 1994 on the Terry Hall album Home in the U.K.




I drew a lemon
I thought we'd last forever
But you drew the curtains
And pulled yourself together
Me I was certain
We'd wed and save our pennies
You went for a Burton
Said 'sod the consequences'

A couple of friends called by and asked me to go out
Well maybe on Friday night
I'll iron a shirt, choose a tie
And drink until that well is dry


I drew a lemon
Those girls just laughed and wafted by
I sat there waiting
Waiting for snow in mid-July
They threw a party
But all three guests were boring
I turned on the TV to drown the sound of snoring

A couple of cops drop by
Cos Mr Singh complained
The level of my hi-fi is driving him to drink, I think
I'll turn it down til you turn up again

A couple of years roll by
And me I'm doing fine
I work for the FBI
They promised me a Christmas bonus
Just think
One day this will all be mine

But I drew a lemon
I punched that gift horse in the mouth
I won't get to heaven
If heaven's North then I'll choose South

A couple of friends crawl by
And beg me to go out
Well maybe the time is right to iron that shirt, choose a tie,
Watch you and your friends go sailing by.

[transcribed by Andy Miller]

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