Humble Daisy


“Humble Daisy” vignette from #\#i#/#Nonsvch#\#/i#/# Recordings
Chords and Tablature
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  1. Album version, 3'36.
    Released on Nonsvch.
    Andy Partridge - Lead & backing vocals, electric guitar & percussion
    Dave Gregory - Synthesizers, electric guitar & backing vocals
    Dave Mattacks - Drums
    Colin Moulding - Bass guitar & backing vocals
    Andy: “A paean to the person and the weed. There's a wonderful field where I walk my dog and overnight these big daisies came up. So the song's in praise of that glorious weed. As for some of the words, I have no idea what they mean - but they're pictorially gorgeous.”
  2. Demo version, 3'22.
    Recorded at home by Andy Partridge in early 1990.
    Released on 27 April 1992 on the Gribouillage CD-5.
    Also released on the Blu-ray reissue of Nonsuch on 4 November 2013 in the U.K.

    Andy: “Tramping everyday around ‘The Lawns’, a park in Swindon, my dog and I noticed continually how beautiful (and under-praised) the daisies were. We both ran home where he barked me the lyric of this ditty to petalled perfection. I'm joshing of course, he preferred the smell of other dogs arses to poetry*. Eight track cassette recording from early 1990.

    *Hmmm, maybe he was on to something?”

  3. Acoustic rehearsal video version.
    Recorded live at The Shed in 1990, during band rehearsals for Nonsuch.
    Screened at XTC fan conventions.
    Not released.
    Andy - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
    Colin - acoustic guitar
    Dave - acoustic guitar
  4. 2013 stereo mix.
    Mixed and produced by Steven Wilson from the original multi-track tapes.
    Released on the DVD and Blu-ray reissue of Nonsuch on 4 November 2013 in the U.K.
  5. 2013 5.1 mix.
    Mixed and produced by Steven Wilson from the original multi-track tapes.
    Released on the DVD and Blu-ray reissue of Nonsuch on 4 November 2013 in the U.K.
  6. 2013 instrumental mix.
    Mixed and produced by Steven Wilson from the original multi-track tapes.
    Released on the Blu-ray reissue of Nonsuch on 4 November 2013 in the U.K.

[Thanks to Gerhard Satke]


“Humble Daisy” vignette from #\#i#/#Nonsvch#\#/i#/#

“Humble Daisy” vignette from Nonsvch

#\#a href="" target="churl"#/#“Humble Daisy” live acoustic in the shed#\#/a#/#

“Humble Daisy” live acoustic in the shed

Andy Thompson, 03/11/99

Andy Thompson, 03/11/99

Jen, 062398

Jen, 062398

Mary Ann Paul, 01/03/96

Mary Ann Paul, 01/03/96



Humble Daisy
Form a chain to hold all battleships in check
Humble Daisy
Knit a ladder down to nature's sunken wreck
Ragged rug unbound
Tangle trip the lovers
Royal barge aground
Brighter than all of the others on the window sill
I'll sing about you if nobody else will
Humble Daisy
Cast the milk and coins of morning's cash about
Humble Daisy
I fell down to heaven as you picked me out
We'll look up together
Browsing through some old sky
Sipping in the weather
You've got me dizzy, the fly that climbed the sugar hill
I'll lay upon you 'till somebody else will
Humble Daisy
We'll look up together

© 1992 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

Chords and Tablature

Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 10:31:37 +0200
From: Florian Decros <flodecros (at) gmail dot com>
Subject: Bass tabs of "Nonsuch"
Message-ID: <CAPtZtiNCnBEY3t2uv4mX+_0AGZQiYBqXqP8Wj==KH8CA=YhwFw (at) mail dot gmail dot com>

Great !
Now, after "Skylarking", here's the 17 songs of "Nonsuch" (well 16, because there's no bass in "Rook") tabbed !
It was harder, because it was longer, and also because sometimes the bass was mixed pretty low, so maybe tabs like "Humble Daisy" or "Wrapped In Grey" are inaccurate.

Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 14:11:48 -0700
From: Jeff Truzzi <jefftruzzi (at) gmail dot com>
Subject: Humble Daisy chart revision
Message-ID: <CAEeM0R23yJ7wOckdEwsbskwkacatB=tsU2YLXu-C0iyeO=6ecA (at) mail dot gmail dot com>

HUMBLE DAISY by Andy Partridge
Copyright 1992 Virgin Music Ltd.
Transcribed for the XTC forum by Jeff Truzzi





Verse (play 2X):


Ebo (E-flat diminished)

G (classic Andy voicing)

B+ (B augmented, Colin playing a B bass)

C (though Andy plays a G on the low E string)


D7 (and repeat)




E/A (though Colin plays a B on bass)





repeat back to intro
TAG (repeat & fade):



Date: 3:38 am on Feb. 14, 2005
From: steve
Subject: Humble Daisy

Q - Hey Andy, the last two chords of 'Humble Daisy' are B-flat and
 ... ? Jeff Truzzi

A - Jeff Mc Jeff O Rootie Vouto Reeni Mo. I can't remember, I'd
better dig the album out and play that track..... Well, since writing
that bit I've been to bed and woken up with more of a sense of
personal pride, namely, I shall try to remember without the disc. If
the first one is a B-flat then the next one, I think, is, with notes
in ascending order, dont play bottom E, A, F, B flat, E, A. That's
feels right, cheers Jeff. A.P

Date: Tue, 12 May 92 17:31:08 -0400
From: dschmidt (at) athena dot mit dot edu
Subject: Nonsvch chords, Vol I

Okay, first some disclaimers.  In many places I did not try to figure
out Exactly what was going on - I listened to the music and tried to
figure out what chords I would play if I were to accompanying on on
the piano.  So probably many of the guitar chords are simpler than
I've made them out to be.  Also, in some places where I've indicated
how to voice chords, it is just how I find it convenient, and not
necessarily what they are doing on the record.  I also left out lots
of bass stuff, only including it where I thought it was important.
But everything should be pretty close.  Comments and corrections are

Voicings are notated with low E on the left, high E on the right.

                             HUMBLE DAISY

Intro: Em      Fmaj7b5  Em7      E7
Verse: Bb      Am7      F#dim7            |
       G       B7       C        Dsus4 D  | 2x
Chorus: E      Emaj7    Esus4    B13*
       E       Emaj7    G11**    Asus4**
       Em9     Fmaj7b5  Em7      E7
Bb    Bbmaj7b5/E  repeat and fade

Fmaj7b5: xx3200
Dsus4:   xx0233
Bbmaj7b5:  xx8755.  very unsure about this...
* just playing a B7 or B9 sounds fine
** Actually, I just play 333533 and 555555 for these, and it sounds okay...

 - Dan

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