Hang On To The Night


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  1. Single version, 2'06.
    Released on 6 January 1978 as the B-side to the Statue of Liberty 7" single in the U.K.
    Also available as a bonus track on compact disc releases of White Music.

  2. Promotional video (uses single version).
    Produced by Keefco Film Company.
    Directed by Keith "Keef" MacMillan.
    Filmed at ITN Studios, London, on 9 January 1978.

  3. "Atom Medley" live version.
    Medley with "Into The Atom Age" and "Neon Shuffle".
    Recorded live 20 July 1979 at the Marconi Club, Sydney, for JJJ radio, Australia.
    Engineered by Keith Walker.
    Released on 25 March 2002 on Coat of Many Cupboards in the U.K.
    Andy Partridge - Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals
    Colin Moulding - Bass and Vocals
    Dave Gregory - Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals
    Terry Chambers - Drums




When We're laying in bed
And We're laying in love
You and the blackness
Fit me like a velvet glove
That's why I go crazy
When you flick on your lamp
I'm dreaming

Hang on to the night
Hang on to the night
Hang on to the night
I don't want to see
That dawn light
Burn your window

When we're feeling drunk
In a city park
Put away that torch
I'm changed in the dark

Chords and Tablature


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