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Psonic Psunspot

XTCfans interview with Andy Partridge
Chords and Tablature
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  1. Album version, 3'21.
    Recorded as The Dukes of Stratosphear.
    Released on Psonic Psunspot.
    Voices - Jimmy Jewel and Hilda Baker from Nearest and Dearest.

    Andy: “ ‘Collideascope’ is Lennon — except that the chords were picked because they sound like The Move's ‘Blackberry Way’ — it's The Move stealing from The Beatles. I had the lyrics for it in 1978 but didn't use them because I thought they were too psychedelic. The sound effects are from the film Nearest And Dearest with Jimmy Jewell and Hilda Baker . . . and there's a scream from the BBC sound effects library.”
    Gary Pig Gold: “More Lennon (‘Walrus’) / Rutles especially chord progression and voice overs on intro.”
  2. Demo version.
    Released on 7 July 2003 on Fuzzy Warbles Volume Three in the U.K.
    Also released on 9 April 2009 on Psonic Psunspot in the U.K.

    Andy: “Lazy git that I am, there's no attempt to put anything like drums at all on this lo-fi feast. Merely me stamping on the floorboards. Written for The Dukes Of Stratosphear's second outing, which in my head at that time was potentially titled Songs From The Knobstick Knebula, this is my attempt to do a bit of a Lennon. See track 14 [‘Strawberry Fields Forever’] for an earlier tryout.”




Careful, don't look down the wrong end
You will see ships that fall out of the sky
Who put that nail in your eye
You make me want to cry with your...

Everything looks smashed and broken
You will see fishes that drown in the sea
If you don't alter your mind
I'd hate you to go blind why don't you

Wakey Wakey Wakey
Little Sleeper
If you doze much longer
Then life turns to dreaming
Wakey Wakey Wakey
Little Sleeper
If you doze much longer
Then dreams turn to nightmares

Everything looks topsy turvy
You will see one young girl split into two
One half who's false one half true
You better get your glue ready

Wakey Wakey Wakey
Little Sleeper

Careful don't look down the wrong end
All the world's colours will crash into one
Monochrome living's no fun
You're staring down a gun with your

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Chords and Tablature

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 17:29:08 +0100
From: Florian Decros <flodecros (at) gmail dot com>
Subject: Bass tabs for Black Sea
Message-ID: <CAPtZtiMEot5AHL_+cxMcr+04FpjkfeJhrP8+8hK7B15ycOk_KA (at) mail dot gmail dot com>

Hi !
Here's the bass tablatures for the 11 (great) songs from the classic "Black Sea". A lot of repetitive bass lines, but also some tricky parts. Sorry if there's any mistakes, and I hope you'll enjoy those basslines as much as I do.

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 13:12:07 -0600 (CST)
From: hotspur (at) mcs dot com (Michael Faulkner)
Subject: Chalkhills archives

This is my first post to the charts section, and I'm
a shitty guitarist (I play piano well, but all I *own*
at the moment is a guitar, so...), but here are the
chords to "Collideascope" on the Dukes' second album.

opening notes: ( + denotes higher octave)

    +e b g e g b +e b g b(flat) a g

The verse chords are all played in a similar way.  There
are two ways to notate them, and I'll opt for the easier
(ie, C/E to donate a C chord with a root of E rather than
Em aug 5).  They are played with a regular E minor pattern,
but one walks up the b string by half steps (frets).

Here they are:

Em   C/E   C#dim/E   Em7 (no 5)
(The pattern is the same for both of the next chords)
F#m   D/F#   D#dim/F#   F#m7 (no 5)
Bm              G/B   G#dim/B   Bm7 (no 5)
F#sus4   F#(major now!-That kooky Andy!)
Asus4           A

D   G   D   G   D   G   A   A#dim (2X)

Hope you can figure them out from this...don't know my
guitarspeak that well.  Anyway, I'll post some more
when I find the time....suggestions/comments to
Michael Faulkner, hotspur (at) mcs dot com

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