This is another WEB PAGE. This writing is the DESIGN on the web page. This design is not like that on the PREVIOUS WEB PAGE. Its aim is to impart information about the web page and the COLOURING BOOK linked to it rather than trying to sell it by being impactful or clever or any of those things. We have kept it in the same style so that the two pages have a sense of IDENTITY whichever way you see them. The colouring book was assembled by Dave Franson. It is his second web page. We won't attempt to describe the XTC Nonsvch Colouring Book because all you have to do is click here and you can describe it for yourself. Dave Franson is a devoted XTC fan who should probably spend his time more wisely. We have shown photos of him on his home page because this is regarded as sensible and helpful in creating his image. And if you're curious at all you might find it interesting to see what he actually looks like. And there are more pictures and words on Dave's home page which you can only see if you go back in time.

Many people think it helpful and useful to know some details about the images on the colouring book, so here they are. 0. Nonsvch 1. The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead. 2. My Bird Performs 3. Dear Madam Barnum 4. Humble Daisy 5. The Smartest Monkeys 6. The Disappointed 7. Holly Up On Poppy 8. Crocodile 9. Rook 10. Omnibus 11. That Wave 12. Then She Appeared 13. War Dance 14. Wrapped In Grey 15. The Ugly Underneath 16. Bungalow 17. Books Are Burning. You may also be interested to know that the colouring book was produced and engineered by Dave Franson with the assistance of the Nonsvch longbox art and a Hewlett-Packard Scanjet Plus scanner, also, Deluxe Paint III for the Amiga and Graphics Workshop for Windows and that the colouring book page was originally authored using Microsoft's Internet Assistant for Word and then manually tweaked. We have to repeat the URL of this page for bureaucratic reasons and here it is

Lastly we would like to make it clear that this is a product of Dave Franson, partly because they wanted us to and partly because it is a legal necessity. Dave Franson's head office is located in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53172 and is © 1996 Dave Franson. This web page was written by Dave Franson who stole shamelessly from Hipgnosis' original sleeve design for XTC's Go 2 record. Distributed by Chalkhills. Mounted in U.S.A.

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