Born: In a forces hospital, Malta, Nov. 11.
Instruments played: Rhythm guitar and harmonica.
Joan Miro. The New York Dolls.
Can. Long hair. Short Hair.
Uniform. William Burroughs.
My wife. Rupie Edwards.
Charlie Parker. Fuzz boxes.
Dali. Our Man Flint. Glitter.
Privacy. Documentaries.
The Helium Kids. Cassettes.
Engravings. Simple food.
Jack Kirby. Da Da.
Japanese culture. Steve Warren.
Games. Encyclopædias.
Musique Concrete. Top of the
Pops. Drinking. Not drinking.
Phillip Glass. Spud Taylor.
Tyrannosaurus Rex.
50's `Atomic' look.
David Essex `Rock On'.
Taste (Iris group).
Love (not the group).
Grateful Dead. Hokusai.
Terry Riley. Looking at
people. Trivia. Novelty
singles. Quiet music.
No music. The Equals. Books.
Andi Violence. Pen and
paper. The desire
for immortality.

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