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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 9, Number 51

                Wednesday, 22 October 2003


     How Not to Get Sued By the RIAA for File-Sharing
                       XTC Fanlist
                 Edie Brickell + XTC = ?
                  OF's XTCover art chats
                     Elvis Coxtcello
            King For A Day and Loser's Lounge
           Invitation to join the atomica group
    The Wish List Featuring The Dukes Of Stratosphear
          New & Improved KING FOR A DAY website


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I'm under a flourescent light.


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 08:23:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: How Not to Get Sued By the RIAA for File-Sharing
Message-ID: <>

(And Other Ideas to Avoid Being Treated Like a Criminal)

Figured I'd share. Apologies to those who've already seen it...


There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.
-- Alfred Hitchcock, director (1899-1980)


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:56:16 -0400
From: "Purrsia Kat" <>
Subject: XTC Fanlist
Message-ID: <>

Maybe some of you know what a fanlist or clique is, maybe some of you don't.
At any rate, I explain the why's and what-for's on the fanlist site, so the
curious need only go here:

Don't get too's not like a lot goes on here. But if you're
interested in being 'officially' counted as an XTC fan and having a neat pic
banner to show your pride, come on over. Suggestions, criticisms, etc on the
site and design of it can be emailed to me. I'm always happy to have the
feedback, so long as it's constructive in tone.

Thanks and hope to see the membership grow a bit ;)


Wondering why I live online? Visit my ever-growing behemoth of a homepage
dedicated to ThunderCats


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 13:05:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "jude hayden" <>
Subject: huh?
Message-ID: <>

Last time around, Dom Lawson wrote:

> Hey Judes,

Hang on now- how many of us are there on this list?


P.S. To make this even more relevant to the list (as if
that were possible), I too must wholeheartedly
encourage everyone to buy the King For A Day mp3
tribute. It's all good, yo. Especially the bees'
version of "All Of A Sudden (it's '78)".

[Ahem. End of shameless plug.]


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 17:34:15 -0400
From: Benjamin Gott <>
Subject: Edie Brickell + XTC = ?
Message-ID: <>


I was just reading a Rolling Stone piece on the new Edie Brickell
album, and Edie says this about her early influences: "I was influenced
by English bands like XTC and I pulled away from my Texas roots for so
long because I wanted to be more of my generation, but I've slowly come
around to realize I love the sunshine in that music."

There's no sunshine in XTC?  What gives, Edie?



Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 17:19:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: OF's XTCover art chats
Message-ID: <>

Have had several folks recently ask me for direct
links to the in-depth chats Andy Partridge and I did
on the history of XTC cover art.

Here they are - they were made to be viewed in
1024x768 screen res, though they will work in higher
res, they just won't look as dandy. (so take the time
to adjust your res, please) Links open outside the site, so you should all be
able to check 'em out.

All official XTC albums, most singles and some
compilation covers:

History of the Dukes' album covers:

All have images - so allow for a bit of load time,
good things come to those who wait. There are many
test pressings and such that were supplied by Mr. P.
The Dukes page has an image of the 25 O'Clock album
cover & vinyl, click on it and snag a damn nice (IMO)
Dukes image for your wallpaper.

I've been playing phone tag with Andy lately - but
when we connect, I plan on setting up some dates for
more mega-in-depth chats of this sort. Andy ideas for
avenues you'd care to see us trot down? Drop me a line

Thank you, and good night.



Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 18:21:20 -0700
From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
Subject: Elvis Coxtcello
Message-ID: <>

Finally picked up the Trust reissue by Elvis Costello and The Attractions.
Was hesitant only because, well, the bonus tracks aren't quite as numerous
as on Get Happy! or one of my less favorite albums Punch The Clock. Why am I
bringing this up? Well in the booklet notes EC notes that White Knuckles was
an attempt to copy some of the songs he had heard from a couple of XTC
albums. Knowing that AP probably knows EC (if only casually), I was
wondering if he would be flattered or insulted (more than likely the former
as there are few who can hold a candle to AP's songwriting skills and EC
would be one of them at least from his contemporaries).

EC also admits to borrowing the feeling of a number of Chrissie Hynde songs
as well as trying to emulate Glenn Tilbrook's melodic style of songwriting
on Pretty Words. All together a class job on this reissue makes one wonder
what could have occurred with the XTC catalog if Virgin didn't own it and
screw the band. A pity we'll never know...

I can tell that everyone on this list must have gone out to pick up the
Rooney debut (I had no replies to my query as to how good the album was,
etc.). So I picked it up myself. I'm happy to report that the
singer/songwriter of the band (his name escapes me at the moment) manages to
borrow liberally from power popsters The Raspberries, Big Star and Badfinger
in terms of the overall sound while also channeling ELO, Cheap Trick and The
Cars (on one tune in particularly which I could easily imagine the late Ben
Orr singing for Candy O or the band's debut).

It's actually pretty good musically. Lyrically it's a mess as the lyrics
sound like they were stolen from the worst imaginable Monkees (I have to
admit to being a fan of The Monkees. They meaning both "the group" and the
men and women behind the group created some great pop records as well as
some pretty insipid ones as well), The Banana Splits or Archies record.

Still, it's catchy power pop although the guy got his haircut all wrong; he
looks like he's a former member of The Music Machine or The Byrds.

Also enjoying the latest by Fountains of Wayne although I felt it went on a
bit too long (it would have been a perfect CD with just 11 songs a lot of
the rest was subpar but still fun. I suppose I should be thankful I didn't
have to put out money for a CD-Single to get these).

Speaking of EC, any impressions of North? I actually like it quite a bit.
It's a bit of a surprise as it's about as candid as he's ever been.
Wait...this is the Elvis Costello list, right?


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 19:18:33 -0700
From: "Craig Vreeken" <>
Subject: King For A Day and Loser's Lounge
Message-ID: <000001c39779$a3fe12c0$02c8a8c0@CRAIG2>

Let me add my voice to the chorus of those recommending the King For A
Day tribute CD.  It is a must for any XTC fan, and I'm not saying this
just because of my attempt at  "I Don't Want To Be Here" is included
(which pales in comparison to Chris Vreeland's version, and no, we're
not the same person).  No, it's because of all the other great and
loving versions of XTC's finest, and there are some gems here.  You
haven't really gotten inside this stuff until you hear the samba version
of Are You Receiving Me, the mid to late era "All Of A Sudden" and
"Boarded Up" done up like something off of Drums and Wires, or the
bluegrass version of Crocodile.  There are way more good things here
than bad, and even the bad have their charms.  Listening to it is fun,
and you can make your own CDs of your favorites.  Thanks to Richard
Pendretti-Allen and all the contributors.  It's truly a labor of love.
Get yours today!

Another thanks to whomever posted about the Loser's Lounge tribute show
in New York City.  My wife and I were there last week and caught their
George Harrison tribute at the Fez Under Time Cafe.  Although I would
have loved to see them do XTC, the George Harrison show was just
fantastic.  They did Beatles songs by George as well as his solo stuff.
It was a quintessential New York experience for these two Sacramentans.
I'm glad we were able to see it.  If you go to New York City, something
everyone must do at least once in their life, try to see these folks.
They are a collective of NYC musicians from various bands who
periodically get together and pay tribute to artists we all know and
love, like Todd Rundgren, The Monkees, XTC, and their next show is The
Zombies.  Each song is sung by a different singer, who put their own
spin on the song they sing.  The Harrison show's highlights were Taxman,
Wah Wah, Don't Bother Me, What Is Life, My Sweet Lord, Beware of
Darkness, Blue Jay Way, and a rousing It's All Too Much/Flying to close
the show.  Moby was there and played guitar (but no guitar solo) on
While My Guitar Gently Weeps.  Check them out at

Finally, although it contains no XTC cover songs this time, my newest
CD, "Insignia",  is nearly complete.  It contains 9 originals and 4
covers.  We are having a CD release party here in Sacramento on December
6.  Any Chalkhillians who happen to be in Sacramento, California, are
welcome to come.  I will also send copies out by request for a small
shipping charge.  Just email me privately.

Craig Vreeken


Date: 22 Oct 2003 14:03:14 -0000
From: atomica moderator <>
Subject: Invitation to join the atomica group
Message-ID: <>

Hi You're invited to join the ATOMICA email list, there is no pressure
to remain a member feel free to come and go at any time.

Rock On!!!

Atomica are Sheriden Nelson vocals, Dave Leslie guitars/vocals, Rob
Taylor keys/guitars/vocals and Kai Chambers drums.



Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 18:44:08 +0100
From: stevesomerset <>
Subject: The Wish List Featuring The Dukes Of Stratosphear
Message-ID: <>


XTC's Andy Partridge says  "This album is so good that even if I wasn't on
it, I'd have to buy it."

`The Wish List', Steve Somerset's ten track charity album for the MS Society
is now available. Featuring Stephen Duffy and Lilac Time, Justin Hayward,
Peter Blegvad, Phil Thornalley, Harold Budd, Steve Hogarth and the H-Band,
Martin Newell, Steve's own band The Shadow Kabinet and of course  the
welcome return of The Dukes Of Stratosphear.

"It was a bit of coup to get all the Dukes back together for this,"
explains Steve.

"I'd called Andy at the beginning of the year and he agreed to contribute
something to the project but as to what, he wasn't sure. We kicked around a
few ideas but nothing seemed to gel. Some weeks later I bumped into actor,
and fellow Camden resident,  Stephen Mackintosh (Lock Stock and Two Smoking
Barrels and a host of other stuff), we were talking about what we were up to
and I mentioned the charity album and Andy's involvement. Stephen then
proceeded to tell me how he had got into XTC via the Dukes. I relayed this
story back to Andy who immediately said "Let's do a Dukes track". Earlier
that week I'd been speaking to Dave Gregory and he told me about a Coral
Sitar Guitar he'd just added to his armoury. The timing was perfect;  Lord
Cornelius Plum and Electric Sitar! We just needed a yes from Colin and Ian
which followed swiftly and before you say `Where the tin opener?" a can of
human beans was being cooked up for your delight and a very good cause.
Steve says, `Forget all the speculation about who didn't record with who,
The Dukes Of Stratosphear are back and you're in for a treat!"

`Open A Can (Of Human Beans) kicks off the album which features some great
songs, eight of which are totally exclusive to this album. Dave Gregory
should also be mentioned in despatches for appearing on three tracks. He's
playing electric sitar and mellotron with The Dukes, guitar with the The
H-band and arranging and playing on `It's Alright' by the Shadow Kabinet.
This is going to be a limited release so don't hang around!

The Wish List is available from The MS Society at 10 pounds Sterling
inc. p&p MS National Centre, 372 Edgware Road, Staples Corner, London
NW2 6ND Please make cheques or postal order payable to MS Trading.

For more information visit


Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 16:36:54 -0500
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: New & Improved KING FOR A DAY website
Message-ID: <041f01c398e4$9cc7a180$>

Please update your links to  (The old
site will continue to exist and simply provides a link to the new site).

Check my website out for the weekly download and let me know if you
encounter any problems (I'm new at this HTML hacking stuff).  I will change
the current musical offering about a week after this issue of Chalkhills.

Sales of King For A Day are going well.  Andy has the band's copies and
promises to make comments (Duck!)

The new webspace is compliments of Chalkhills lurker, Julian Cook, who has
buckets-o-bandwidth and graciously offered it up.  He even registered the
domain name "xtcfans."

Julian and his company WebTicker Media ( are offering XTC fans
their own space for xtc-related sites.  Contact him directly at



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