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                Saturday, 6 September 2003


                 We need some new stuff!
                      Come On People
               Re: The Fuzzy Warbles Issue
                 Re: The Harrison Debate
                    new XTC Yahoogroup
                      Buzzy Warbles
                   Mummer, Gang of Four
                     Top Ten for 2003
     No, Actually You're *Not* Entitled to an Opinion
               ! I LOVE MY FUZZY WARBLES !


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Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 19:59:01 -0500
From: "Dale Briere" <>
Subject: We need some new stuff!
Message-ID: <>

I've been a fan since 1980.   I saw XTC live in Chicago.  I was lucky,
I guess.I have every American release on vinyl and several on CD.
Additionally, I have several of the reissued Japanese CDs (the ones
that are mini LPs and that replicate the original cover and inserts,

That said, I have nothing against Andy.  He has the right to market
what he wants to the way he wants to.    But, alas, I am sooooo tired
of outtakes, demos, etc. from everybody.  Andy isn't the only one
doing this.  I bought "Homegrown" and that was enough for me.  I am
just not a purist I guess.

Andy, please go back to the shed and find that OTHER riff that Keith
never found.  I'm dying for some new stuff!

Pierre the Somnambulist


Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:35:05 -0400
From: "Molly, The New Wave Queen 2003" <>
Subject: Come On People
Message-ID: <>

Can we lay off with that attacking of Harrison?  He has a point.  May I
remind people in here that Andy's a human being who has feelings, and some
of the criticisms I've read in here can get a little cruel.  I'm not saying
that we should not say anything negative and gush about how Andy is such a
great musician, but maybe some of the criticisms could be less critical?
I've had experiences in the past with the Whose Line Is It Anyway? group
I'm part of.  Wayne Brady used to post there once in a while, and a few of
the members were bitching about how he was in almost all the games and how
they should change the games around so he wasn't in the games that
much.  Well, he read those posts and got a little upset.  I mean some of
these posts that people wrote got a bit personal.  Wayne from what I've
read has pretty thick skin, but when people got personal he lost it.
I don't know Andy personally (I'd love to though), but he's a human who has
feelings, and I think we should watch how we say things in here.
This is just my opinion though, and I know many in here will disagree with
it, that's fine.  :)
Changing the subject a bit, but I've gotten into Midge Ure and Ultravox.  I
find both Midge's solo stuff that I've heard and Ultravox's music great,
and hopefully I will see Midge if he ever comes back over to the States
again.  I'm also hoping to interview him for another group I'm part of.  I
hope he e-mails me back.  :)

XTC Song of the Moment:  "Love on a Farmer's Wadges"
Non-XTC Song of the Moment:  "Love's Great Adventure" - Ultravox


Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 22:18:09 EDT
Subject: Re: The Fuzzy Warbles Issue
Message-ID: <>

Hello all,

I will de-lurk to say my peace about this Fuzzy Warbles "Issue."  Yes,
everyone has a right to their own opinion.  You can choose to purchase
these CD's or not.  And you have the right to express your opinion if
you wish.  That everyone feels the need to express these negative
opinions repeatedly bothers me.

The above statements are truisms.  Let me add some more to the stack.
If you want to buy them, buy them. If you don't want to, don't.  But
this is supposed to be a community of fans.  By overwhelming
Chalkhills with these petty, negative postings, you are alienating
members of this "community."  Have you noticed the emails are shorter
and fewer?  You are turning fans away from the list.  I know I am less
excited to receive a Chalkhills email every week.  More of the same
negative crap again and again.  They are too expensive.  The material
is stretched too thin.  The running order is bad.  The cases are
cheap.  The customer service from Ape is bad.  The CD's made you break
out.  Enough already!

You know the saying, if you can't say something nice...

For the sake of the List, get over it.  Andy put out a product for
those who want it.  If you don't want it, DON'T BUY IT.  And just shut
up.  I am sick of all of your negativity.  And just to prove I am
right about all the negativity, I bet someone is ready to tell me to
stop reading Chalkhills.  I may follow many others and do just that.
Why does this list exist anyway?


Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 20:00:05 +0100
From: "David Valentine" <>
Subject: Re: The Harrison Debate
Message-ID: <002201c36d96$9c98fde0$6ff74d51@ddd>

> On that note, Todd B.: I don't agree that Partridge's
> choice for marketing is the smartest... I think he has
> flooded his fans with stuff they (perhaps illegally)
> already have. I have not bought any of the fuzzies,
> nor do I own a Partridge Cupboard. I doubt I am the
> only fan who is still hoping for some new material.

...Whilst agreeing with most of what's been said on the Harrison thing, I'd
certainly take exception to the above. Owning Bootlegs is fine and dandy and
we are all fanboys/girls. But, I've always made a point of buying the
product if it is released because the artist gets paid. So the fact that
we've already got a lot of this stuff shouldn't affect our position. If
we've enjoyed it as a boot, buy it and support the artist.

We'd all love a new album though.



Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:02:34 -0400
From: "Ian C Stewart" <>
Subject: new XTC Yahoogroup
Message-ID: <00f301c36e25$6f244880$>

'Allo lads

I was saddened to hear about the removal of the XTCenglandsglory Yahoogroup
as a fun, general, XTC group. So I set up a new one for general XTC
discussion... Join now and tell all yer peeps about it!

See y'all over there!

Ian C Stewart
Maker of all Yahoogroups


Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:39:43 -0700
From: "Steven Young" <>
Subject: Buzzy Warbles
Message-ID: <>

I recently picked up FW 3 & 4 from a Tower Records in London - no sightings
in the states, yet.  The big Virgin Megastore in Paris also has them.  There
are some real gems there... I actually prefer some of the demos to the Real
McCoy, but in turn I always prefer the different material to the demos.  As
I suspect many of you do also.  Of course FW 4 is my favorite as it seems to
contains less demo material, but man, I *am* a completist, and I've seen my
hard-earned money fly off to lesser acts.  It just doesn't strike me as
unfair for some reason.  I can't work myself into a lather.  I love 'em and
don't mind paying through my arse or anywhere else.

But man, those puns in the liner notes!  I'm fine with all the demos, the
Alan Burstyn spots, I'm fine with the price point, with the breakable
plastic (yes, the hinges were broken on one of my sets) but dude ... !
Andy!  The puns!  They're killing me!

Happy is I, said the flyder to the spy.



Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 20:05:54 -0500
From: Chris Vreeland <>
Subject: Mummer, Gang of Four
Message-ID: <a06001a00bb75a1687555@[]>

	20 years, eh? Mummer was indeed the first XTC album that I
had the pleasure of anticipating, as I had really discovered them
after English Settlement was already out, and I can still very
clearly recall the giddiness of bringing the album home, and digging
in. It was a pretty serious departure, and I recall being
disappointed about the literal departure of Mr. Chambers, who at the
time was just about my favorite drummer, but XTC opened so many new
horizons on that album that I'd gotten over myself pretty completely
by the middle of Deliver us From the Elements, a song I still
treasure exactly FOR the swirling sonic feast that swells up towards
the end. It's amazing how many different ways there are to appreciate
XTC isn't it? I could see why they'd dropped the Bob Sergeant portion
of the proceedings, and moved on to Steve Nye, though I still like
Great Fire and the b-side produced by him. (Gold, I believe)
	Mummer was indeed a "transitional" album, but I don't use
that word as a pejorative-- it's merely the truth. This was the point
in Andy Partridge's career where he finally realized how exactly he
wanted to craft his works of art, and began to realize the potential
of the recording studio as a medium, and not merely  a means of
taking a snapshot of a performance. We've all reaped the benefits of
this flowering in the intervening 20 years over and over again, as
he's truly honed his craft.

	A couple folks have lately (incorrectly) lamented the absence
of a CD pressing of Gang of Four's Songs of the Free. I happen to
have definitive proof to the contrary. To see what I mean, look here:

And while you're there, observe the link to three long-lost Thomas
Dolby songs, recovered from the vinyl original of The Golden Age of
Wireless. It's worth noting here that one of them, Urges, credits
Andy Partridge with Percussion-- he twists a cabasa perhaps thrice.
(Hey, that counts as "content.")

Chris "yes, we ARE still rehearsing" Vreeland


Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 18:16:10 -0700
From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
Subject: Top Ten for 2003
Message-ID: <>

Well it appears to be that time again--time to start picking the top ten
albums of 2003. It's early you say, well nonsense. 8 months of the year have
flown by and, with a few exceptions, most of my top spots are taken. I'll be
accepting bribes for those interested in displacing one or two albums from
my list. The dance card is still open and I'm running out of entries
(perhaps due to the poor quality of music released this year. More than
likely it's just that I'm getting old).

So far (in no particular order)

1. Chris Difford - I Didn't Get Where I Am
Very different from what Difford accomplished in Squeeze. At times oddly
effecting and just plain odd, I Didn't Get Where I Am. I did find it oddly
uncomfortable that the most catchy song on the album is the gay love song
Cowboys are My Weakness. Why? Well because I had to sing along with it in
the car. Got some strange looks from some folks. Or maybe they weren't
strange looks. Anyhow, it generated looks from a number of cars at stop
2. Warren Zevon - Wind
There's still a sense of irony at work but here most of what Warren writes
about comes straight from the heart.
3. AP -Fuzzy Warbles Volume 3
Volume 4 might have made the list but I haven't bought it yet. A lot of
filler but the great songs are truly great songs.
4. Roxy Music - Live
The best live album these guys have made (yes, it's better than Viva! which
was overproduced and overdubbed wayyy to much).
5. Jools Holland - More Friends
Actually a better album than his previously release (which was pretty darn
Holland collaborates with a stable of great singer/songwriters. Love the Ray
Davies tune. It might be my fav on the album. Also boasts a great remake of
Round In Circles by Paul Weller. It just about matches Billy Preston's

6. Richard Thompson - Old Kit Bag
Not Thompson's best but a number of gems that compare favorable to his best
work. It's also nice to have him work someone other than Mitchell Froom (I
liked Froom's work on his albums but they could be a bit busy and have too
many production gimmicks for my taste).
7. Linda Thompson - Fashionably Late
Didn't even know that she had an album out for some time.
Lucinda Williams - World Without Tears
8. I thought that Essence was a bit disappointing. This is a fine return to
9. John Hiatt -Beneath This Gruff Exterior
I have to admit that the opening track had me worried. I thought this would
be a return to Little Head territory (or Little Village). Not his best album
but it's growing on me.
10. Martin Newell - Radio Autumn Attic
Approaches the quality of his best album but falls a bit short. Still,
better than 3/4 of what's out there.

Adrian Belew - Lone Rhino & Twang Bar King
I have a soft spot for both these fine albums. While his influences are on
his sleeve, his distinctive singing and songwriting begin to appear.

Fanny -First Time In A Long Time
An underrated gem of a band, Fanny produced at least two terrific albums
during their brief run at pop stardom in the 70's. This collection features
all their recordings with Warner plus bonus tracks. Again, there's some
filler (particularly on their first two albums) but the gems really stand

I've left plenty of room for other additions. I must say I really like the
Rooney material I've heard. Anybody buy their album and, if so, is it any

Still working to fill those last 10 spots...


Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 12:09:55 EDT
Subject: No, Actually You're *Not* Entitled to an Opinion
Message-ID: <>

> From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
> Subject: re Harrison S
> Sorry - I forgot that Harrison was the only person that's allowed to have
> an opinion around these parts.
> Incidentally, have you ever visited Gloucester? It's a shit-hole

Funny, that looks like an opinion. Please retract it at once.

> (I was born there, worked there and still have family there before you ask
> what right I have to comment) and if Andy ever wanted to open a grocer's
> he would be better off staying in Swindon.

I am desolated that my alliterative allusion failed to entertain the
lumpenly literal among us. Rather than a grocery in Gloucester, then, allow
me to suggest the following alternatives, all of them preferable to that
sewer on the Severn. Pick one that tickles your tomatoes, and I'll ask
Mr. Relph to send out an erratum sheet, addressed to the Person from

Abattoir in Abu Dhabi
Butcher's in Banff
Cathouse in Cacahuamilpa
Daycare in Dartmouth
Eatery in Elba
Fudge-shop in Formosa
Gallery in Galveston
Hardware Store in Helsinki
Irredentistry in Irkutsk
Joke-shop in Jallalabad
Kennel in Kiev
Lamasery in Lapland
Moneylender in Montreux
Nunnery in Nanking
Orangery in Oviedo
Psychoanalyst's in Pskov
Quince-orchard in Quemoy
Rookery in Reno
Sex shop in the Shatt al-Arab (good luck!)
Tobacconist's in Tehran
Undertaker in Uppsala
Vivisectionist in Voronezh
Weekend of Wild Mermaids in Weeki-Watchie
Xerography repair in Xanthus
Yeshiva in Yellowstone
Zithery in Zurich

> From: Nicole Ross <>
> Subject: Re: What Andy Partridge Thinks of You
> I don't think you can claim to "know"
> what he thinks, as well... therefore, I think it more
> accurate to state in your heading "What *I* think Andy
> Partridge should think of you", unless you have
> something from which to quote Andy Partridge...

Well, you can start by reading between the lines at, although I note now
that he's edited the endearment "you bastards" from the original post.

> From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
> Subject: Bitching a Bit
> If you think this is bad Harrison you should check out Elephant Talk the
> King Crimson version of Chalkhills.

I did. Once.

> From:
> Subject: Deflation and the Power of 2 Cents
> Hey Harrison,
> RELAX!!!!!!!
> So some people aren't fond of the Warbles. Everyone's entitled to
> their opinion.

So this "Everyone" person keeps telling me. I think it's an undesirable
innovation. If we let everyone harbor an opinion, next thing you know
they'll be wanting to choose their own outfits and stay up past ten
o'clock. And where will we be then, eh? Clashing plaids and grumpy

Much better we go back to the old system where we didn't have to bother our
heads about such things, and received our artistic judgments from Peter
Travers and Rex Reed. You know: The intellectuals.

Harrison "Harrumph!" Sherwood


Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 15:54:31 EDT
Message-ID: <>

Rushed to the post office yesterday with my package receipt in hand!
Finally my 3 & 4th installments of the Fuzzy Warbles CD's were in!  Have
only listened to them 3 times thru...  (car stereo, boom box, 10 year old
stereo, low end Walkman and close & play) and am Xstatic!  Unfortunately I
was unable to hear the click's, pop's, whir's, splinters, scratches, flaws
etc........ that those of you whom subscribe to Audiophile monthly & Spin
their product exclusively on their Bang & Olufsen systems have been so lucky
to have picked up on.  I am 38 and have been listening faithfully (by
choice) since 1978. To date no one (not even Andy) has physically threatened
myself, dog, cats, rats, fish, or even my Mother in order to guarantee my
purchase of any XTC (or related) products.  And yes I still get just as
Xcited tearing open a package/shrinkwrap to get at some
new/used/repackaged/remodeld/reorganized XTC (or related) product!  I have
always been a firm believer in the "if you don't like the radio station
twist the dial" theory.  Why waste one's energy on bitching?  If you've
caught on to Andy's contrived plan to weasel an extra $18.99 (American) per
autographed CD out of his fan's pockets good for you(s)!!!!!  DON'T BUY
have been a reader/fan of the chakhills forum for well as long as its been
around and I always looked forward & to it as a fan forum to share,
communicate & celebrate our favorite (or one of your favorite) artists!
Instead it has hatched into a critique/bitch forum (for some).  Maybe we
should fire up a "negative criticism/complaint" site as well for those whom
do not care to share, communicate, celebrate the art, music, work of XTC? I
mean a few "I don't care for that song", "it has not grown on me yet", "not
my favorite of their/his releases" etc. ...  are fine & dandy.  But as a
main course it gets old.  Imagine the rare/new XTC fan's whom have never had
the opportunity to trade, beg, bargain or steal (most frequently) any of
Andy's demo's, rarities, mistakes, ideas, click's, pop's, whir's, splinters,
scratches, flaws!  And for the first time get to purchase & hear it all in
what are my opinion gorgeously packaged fairly priced CD's.  Hopefully they
are Xcited as all of us were our first time sneaking a listen on a poorly
dubbed tape/CDR.

But please don't listen to me

I've already been poisoned by this industry


PS I also shelled out & received the 2 instrumental CD's yesterday as
well....  $80 for 4 CD's!  Yipppeeee!


End of Chalkhills Digest #9-44

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