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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 9, Number 37

                 Wednesday, 16 July 2003


Gloppy sentiment and other astounding fawcets of the human condition
               Falkner, Fandom and Fuzzies
                     We Wanna Be Free
                       new No Wave
                   For completists only
           Embarrasing records goes scientific
                        Re: Rooney
              Live recording help (post #1)
             Fuzzy woohoo and more! (post #2)


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We are all mesmorized.


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 20:23:58 -0700
From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
Subject: Gloppy sentiment and other astounding fawcets of the human
Message-ID: <>

Kevin commented:

>>Thomas Dolby, someone else who hadn't recorded for a while but who had a
kind of computer graphics project that he was doing on the side to keep his
creative juices flowing.  "Wow" exclaimed I, "how perfect is that!!!"  My
head would be reeling with so much good musical food.  While it seemed to
me that both these artists didn't come from the same musical backgrounds,
it isn't out of the realm of possibility that they might hook up and start
coming up with a slightly daffy bit of skylarking on their own while Andy
comes up with whatever else he was trying at that time.<<

That would, indeed, be an interesting collaboration. My understanding is
that Thomas Dolby's side project of creating music for games, etc. is
actually his profession now. He makes quite a bit more $$ now.

Darryl you're absolutely right--don't know what I was thinking. Warren
Zevon's Stand in the Fire appeared on vinyl and cassette but never did debut
on CD (what was I smoking?). It's too bad as it is a great live album
catching Warren in his prime.

As for FW 3 &4 after reading the track listings (and the import price), I've
elected to wait on purchasing them. With the economy being what it is it
isn't as essential as it might have been 5 years ago (when I had two less
children to support). I'm sure I'll get them eventually.  For $28.00 a piece
(at amazon or ape), it's a bit steep for me.

Unfortunately, Lone Rhino and Twang Bar King are currently wayyyy too
expensive in my book. I understand they're limited editions in replica
gatefold sleeves, etc. but there isn't enough value added to many of these
items. Additionally, I've found that, once I've bought them, they show up
domestically in one form or another.  I went through this with the XTC back
catalog as well. I had mixed feelings about them because of 1) cost 2) no
additional bonus tracks. The fact that they showed up domestically at a
lower price later also jaded me on these things. I'm sure both Rhino and
King sound great but there's too little time in the world and not enough
money to go round. I've coming to the realization that I'd like to spend
both on other things much of the time. Disposable income ain't what it used
to be and buying stuff I've bought before is just getting old.

Damn, I must be getting old.


Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 05:57:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Falkner, Fandom and Fuzzies
Message-ID: <>


Wayne Klein asked:
> Anybody know if Jason's two CD Japanese import of 4 Track is worth picking
> up? If the remakes aren't faithful, I'd be interested. All too often a
> remake of another artist's song is little more than wallpaper drivel. It's
> rare to find an interesting and truly original take on somebody else's work.

Yeah, the two-disc set -- called "Everyone Says It's On" -- is absolutely
worth it. The covers disc is full of great versions of a wide range of
songs, a few faithful, but most "interpreted" by the great man
hisself. Highly recommended by this rabid Falknerd.

> If there wasn't such a hardcore devoted fan base for XTC (and the strong
> sales for Apple Venus Volume 1), I'd bet that Virgin probably wouldn't have
> reissued /remastered  their back catalog as well.

Yes, that's true, but it also doesn't hurt that it costs them very little in
initial costs to create "new" products. They're mining the XTC lode, and
guess who's getting shafted? (Yes, the band still has its "crap deal" with
the label -- 13 percent, minus producer points, discounts by the label,
etc., which often brings the band's take into the 5- to 6-percent [or less]
range -- and are still fighting to renegotiate the terms of it.)

Speaking of rip-offs, I'll post in riposte to Darryl and others who may feel
as if the FW 3&4 dance (first publicized as available only via the APE Web
site, now available through various retail outlets) is the result of some
underhanded plan by AP to rip them off: It's not.

Apparently, the original plan *was* to only offer FW 3&4 (and succeeding
volumes) only through the site, but recently the *retailers* approached APE
and requested that they be allowed to sell it as well. What would you do in
Andy and Steve's situation? Of course you would offer it through as many
outlets as you could, to reach as many people as you could, and sell as many
copies as you could.

As for the cost differential, there are several reasons: APE bears the full
cost of creating the Warbles -- mixing and mastering, packaging (design and
production), distribution, and any other intermediary stages in the
product's life cycle. Andy also "adds value" by autographing the FWs sold
through the APE site, which also holds enough copies of the discs in
inventory that it will not run out of them (barring some unforseen peak in
demand), even after the retailers do. So, people who buy the discs through
the site (such as me) pay a premium.

The retail outlets bear none of the initial costs to create the discs; they
get the discs at a lower per-unit cost (because they buy them in bulk); and
they're able to spread out their staffing and other fixed costs over a much
larger base of sales. Their costs are lower, so they're able to offer the
discs at a discount.

Obviously, the ideal situation would have involved APE publicizing the fact
that the discs would be available via a variety of outlets, but as I said
above, the retailers' desire to sell the Warbles was a fairly recent
development -- one that I hope will continue. We should probably all assume
that future FW releases will be available through a variety of outlets, and
plan our purchases accordingly.


The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.
-Oscar Wilde, writer (1854-1900)


Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 06:22:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: We Wanna Be Free
Message-ID: <>


>As I've said before, copy protection and attempts to foil P2P file
>sharing will always fail because of the ingenuity of people and the
>inherent desire by those on the fringes to stick it to The Man.

To which I say. YEAH, F*$(*$&$(*&#*&$#*&$(*&CK the Man!
RIAA sucks, thanks for the link Todd.



Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 12:10:05 +0000
From: "don device" <>
Subject: new No Wave
Message-ID: <>

chalkers all,

a bit back tyler hewitt said:

"No New York-
The infamous Brian Eno-produced lp documenting the 'no
wave' scene of late '70's New York. A great album, the
Contortions tracks capture them at their
speaker-shredding best. Essential listening. This
supposedly had a very brief cd relese on John Zorn's
Japanese label Avant, but I've never seen it.

For those of you interested in the no-wave scene, Rhys Chatham has
released stunning 3 CD career retrospective called 'an angel moves
to fast to see'. If you are unaware of this amazing
guitarist/composer, you should check it out. One CD includes
compositions for 100 guitars...

Wes, read the Coling interview. Nice job, it was about time someone
got him to stick his head out of his cave.
don device

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, its
too dark to read." -Groucho Marx


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:33:14 +0100
From: "Nicholson, Gary" <>
Subject: For completists only
Message-ID: <>

A new (7th July 2003) collection, Rough Trade: Post Punk Vol.1 includes
'This is Pop'? - The Langeified version rather than the Leckiefied
version. It also includes 43 other songs, mainly from around 1977-1985, but
with a few from the last couple of years. Featured Artists include Scritti
Politti, Blurt, Wire, The Flying Lizards, Swell Maps, Essential Logic and
the great Crispy Ambulance. My wife is absolutely delighted I've got it.....

....Actually she isn't.

Yours for GBP11.99 from

Gary Nicholson


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 13:38:01 -0400
From: "Kevin Hiscock" <>
Subject: Embarrasing records goes scientific
Message-ID: <>

don't know if y'all seen this one yet:

|An Australian article about research on the correlation
|between personality and musical taste:
|And the (dense, technical) paper it's based on:
|                jpsp03musicdimensions.pdf


kevin a. hiscock | yahoo IM-khiscock |
home of The Monster and radio hidebound

currently spinning:
Call - Flesh And Steel


Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:17:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: Ebay-n-Boots
Message-ID: <>

Kidz -

If you've punched XTC into the search engine at Ebay,
you've probably found a butt-load of bootlegs often
going for fairly lumpy sums.

I recently emailed the fellow who has been selling the
Andy Partridge from A to Z boots - and threatened to
turn him in to Ebay. He responded quickly and promised
to remove the auctions.

If you search Ebay and run across similar crap -
please do the same... contact the seller and give him
a chance to remove the auction. If he does not, file a
grievance against him with Ebay.




Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 02:12:09 -0400
From: "Miranda Phifer" <>
Subject: Re: Rooney
Message-ID: <005d01c349ce$dd5917c0$6b3b8d41@0021434253>

<Would that be the same Jason Schwartzman that's the drummer in Phantom

sure is.  i actually met him over a year ago when Phantom Planet played in
Tampa, FL.  nice guy, pretty good band.
i like Rooney as well... should prob go out and get their album.

g'night chalkers,


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 22:30:51 -0700
From: "Thomas Vest" <>
Subject: Live recording help (post #1)
Message-ID: <>

Hello fellow friends.

A co-worker of mine recently got an XTC bootleg for me from a trading list
group that he belongs to.  He did not give me the date and I was wondering
if anyone might be able to tell me when this show might have taken place.  I
suspect early 1980 from the set let.  I think it might the  01/16/80 at
Hurrah's in NYC put out as the Rhythm.  I've not hear this so I cannot be
sure and the cd I have been given has an extra track at the end (Science
Friction as an encore).

Checking out and also optimisms flames websites confirms that I
might be right on the date though the track list matches mine but
says the show might be from 01/14/80 at My Father's Place on Long Island.

Here is the track list and I have included the between song banter and
intros to the next one song in case that may help

1) Reel by Reel   (the 2nd ? is why weren't you here last night?)
2) When You're Near me I have difficulty  (I would like you to move to this
song because it would please me to see you move)
3) Life Begins at the Hop (Ok this is the Rhythm)
4) The Rhythm (Thanks very the way, we have 3 albums
available...don't be fooled, there are two others.... The new one is
Drums and Wires, spend your cents wisely)
5) Roads Girdle the Globe (this next song is going to be a single in
America, our first single in America, its called Ten Feet Tall...)
6) Ten Feet Tall
7) Helicopter (People say what's it like to be in a group?  Is it difficult
to play an instrument?  And all I say is No! its very, very easy... you can
all be famous... This Is Pop...
8) This Is Pop (feedback... noise leading into...)
9) Battery Brides (Thanks very much, thank you...unintelligible... this is
Instant Tunes)
10) Instant Tunes
11) Crowded Room
12) Complicated Game
13) Making Plans For Nigel (This is an oldie from moldie from the first
album, you're being recorded for radio if you want to make some noise on the
14) Radios in Motion (This is gonna be the last one this evening.  Are you
receiving me?  Wake up NY, are you receiving me?... one, two three four!
15) Are You Receiving me? (Good night, thanks for having us, good night,
we'll see you again tomorrow night, thank you again)

Break up in the live recording continuity here

Sorry to keep you waiting... you're being recorded on the radio tonight, so if
you ever had the inclination to say something rude on the air- (you know
bum, tit, willy and all that sort of thing --- someone other than Andy said
this), you can do it right now.
If you really want some more, well lets put it straight. Do you want some
16) Science Friction (good night, thank you again, thanks for having us,
good night)

Any ideas if this is the "The Rhythm Bootleg" from 01/16/03 or something

Please email me off list at

Thanks very much.



Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 23:18:46 -0700
From: "Thomas Vest" <>
Subject: Fuzzy woohoo and more! (post #2)
Message-ID: <>


got my #'s 3 & 4 in the mail yesterday morning.  thank you, thank you
Andy!!!  very happy here and they have not left my computer at work nor my
stereo at home; each have gotten four or five spins... recording them
tonight on MD for the daily commute as well.

anyone else love the wonderful quirky beats of "You Like Me?"... more

how about the melody in "Goodbye Humanosauras" and how it sounds like the
same in "Then She Appeared" (about 36 seconds in the song for the former and
42 second in the latter)... shiverssssss!

"Train Running Low on Soul Coal"  makes me want to listen to Big Express a
whole lot more... still not one of my favorites... but its growing on me.

Love the liner bits on Holly Up On Poppy.... very sweet

I don't think I will ever think of James and the Giant Peach in the same
light after hearing "All I dream of is a Friend"

"Mechnanical Planet" has a cool ass grove!

i noticed on these two cd's that the spines are not backwards like the first
two cd's are.  Makes me wonder if the first two were printed incorrectly
(try turning the back cd insert around and you'll see that it is possible,
but i know cd's in the UK and the rest of the world are frequently printed
the "wrong" way?

i saw volume three at our local used cd shop / former bowling alley in sf on
Sunday.  they were asking $21 for it.

everyone has been saying what a great record the new fountains of wayne is.
could not agree more.  excellent.  "Supercollider" sounds like so many great
90's britpop anthems that others tried and failed to make.

also really dig the new annie lennox disc "Bare"... yeah, i know its slow
and a bit melancholy... but she still sings sweet.

other recommendations:  Visqueen's "Head Music" & Tosca "Dehli9"


Wolfeddy Fox


fuzzy warbles / 3 & 4
ac/dc  / dirty deed done dirt cheap
gary numan / pleasure principle
fountains of wayne / "welcome interstate managers"

PS>  Phil, thanks for the super hat!


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