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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 9, Number 36

                  Wednesday, 9 July 2003


                        Swain Song
                   Nada Surf - I second
                     to phil corless
                         FW 3 & 4
         Michael Cerveris Andy Partridge's Twin?
            Panning for little nuggets of gold
                      Fuzzy rip off
                   RE: CD issues, . . .
                     Colin Occupants
                  In These Titanic Days
                    RE: Let's Activate
                       Tone Orange
                        Re: Rooney
                 Who? Pete T, that's who!
                  People Have the Power!
           Yet another reason to hate the RIAA


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Shiney grey black snake of bikes.


Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:25:32 -0400
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: Swain Song
Message-ID: <>


Can I just tell you how excited I am that designer extraordinaire
Andrew Swainson is a member of our little ol' list?  Aside from
designing the last few XTC albums, his name keeps turning up.
According to the AMG, he's also designed albums for Cinerama, Pulp,
Frank Black, Cracker, Echo & the Bunnymen... How very cool, don't you

Apparently, my "Fuzzy Warbles" will be shipping this week.  Aw, yeah!



Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 13:20:07 -0400
Subject: Nada Surf - I second
Message-ID: <>

Lee said:

> But a CD definitely worth checking out is Nada Surf's
> "Let Go" - forget what you knew or thought about them
> before and get this CD.

Hear, hear...and hear it you should if you haven't already. I've been
enjoying it all year, and it's neck & neck with Ani's "Evolve" for
album of the year thus far. My 16-year-old son loves it too, and it's
great to roadtrip to. I even enjoy the song in French although I have
no clue what they're saying.

Sidenote to Ben Brand: Got the XTC cd, thanks a mil.


NP: Sonic Youth, "Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style"


Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 13:23:11 -0400
From: "Danny Phipps" <>
Subject: to phil corless
Message-ID: <001d01c344ac$71d11f60$998c04d8@phipps>

i just wanted to send out a big fat juicy "THANK YOU!!"
to phil corless (xtc fan extraordinaire!) for the free xtc hat
that i received from you in the mail last week!!

i will indeed wear it with pride.  :-)

gosh, xtc fans (like phil) are the greatest!!!!!!

(north carolina xtc fan)


Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:26:51 +0100
From: Jason Witcher <>
Subject: FW 3 & 4
Message-ID: <>

Chalkhills wrote:

>I also understand that some of you folks are also pre-ordering FUZZY
>WARBLES 3 and 4?  Oooh, cool; I'll get right on it, but I'll still await
>word as to the actual dates of release of these two gems in the crown!  I'm
>in this for the long run, and no amount of what would be considered bad and
>wasteful instrumentals will turn me away!

No pre about the ordering - they were released today! They're #9.99 each
on Amazon(


Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 16:57:29 -0400
From: "Molly, The New Wave Queen 2003" <>
Subject: Michael Cerveris Andy Partridge's Twin?
Message-ID: <>

I was surfing the web one day, when I stopped at Michael Cerveri's official
site.  At the bottom on the site there's a picture of him at The Fez XTC
concert.  There's also a link to a video of the show, and IMHO he does a
great version of the song.  :)  Here's the URL to his



Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 15:30:47 -0700
From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
Subject: Panning for little nuggets of gold
Message-ID: <>

>From Harrison--The Electric Prunes' "I Had Too Much to Dream
Last Night" is worth the effort alone: Hearing it reinforces just how
magnificent a forgery "25 O'Clock" is. Also been listening to the
Nuggets II collection; surprisingly, P. says he hadn't heard quite a
few of the cuts in that set.

I'm sure Harrison already has this--but if you liked the Instant Garage CD,
you'll probably love the Nuggets boxed set from Rhino. It has that and a
whole lot more including a number of Music Machine classics beyond Talk Talk
and an early track by a band called The Golliwogs who later became CCR. It's
kind of fun to peak into somebody's closet (as long as your not caught) and
discovering some of these gems.

I don't know that all the Instant Garage songs belong on that particular CD
(seems Garage has become a much looser term than it was when it first
appeared) but all the songs are interesting if not essential.

Kevin mentioned:

Yet, even though Todd is not finished yet, there is always Jason Falkner
who reminds me of a hint of the "Heavy Metal Kid" in his prime.  I'd heard
that Mr. Falkner is working on a new album!  Yes!!!  That is all the good
news I need to hear!!!  Fee Waybill, please wake up before it is too

Anybody know if Jason's two CD Japanese import of 4 Track is worth picking
up? If the remakes aren't faithful, I'd be interested. All too often a
remake of another artist's song is little more than wallpaper drivel. It's
rare to find an interesting and truly original take on somebody else's work.

>From Lee--
As for new CDs, the new Liz Phair does suck.  The best
tracks (and that's a stretch) are produced by Michael
Penn.  However, the "free internet ep" that comes with
the CD took me forever to get a copy of, after
downloading .asf files (encoded at a lousy 96 kbps)

I've had similar problems with the Wilco EP lately as well. Don't know if
it's just me or the site (or both). Anybody here have any clues?

If there are CDs you want and can't find, contact Collector's Choice, Rhino
Handmade and a couple of the other independents and see if you can (through
lots of email messages) convince them to go to the trouble of releasing some
of this stuff. It worked with some of the Godley & Creme albums (although
based on the poor sales, it's unlikely that any of their other stuff will be
reissued by the same company in the US. Evidently, they took a bath on L and

Personally, I'd love to shame A&M (or whatever company purchased them) into
re-releasing all the Squeeze stuff (particularly the second canceled boxed
set). As the companies get largely, they show (not surprisingly) less and
less interest in releasing any interesting stuff. It's all down to profit
and loss. A pity as at one time these big companies would buy the smaller
ones and leave the founders in charge. Now they've become nothing more than
a back catalog revenue source. Even that is spotty as they keep reissuing
the same stuff over and over again while other album masters slowly
disintegrate in their cases.

If there wasn't such a hardcore devoted fan base for XTC (and the strong
sales for Apple Venus Volume 1), I'd bet that Virgin probably wouldn't have
reissued /remastered  their back catalog as well.



Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 00:23:31 +0100
From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
Subject: Fuzzy rip off
Message-ID: <003001c344de$c83c7660$a6b27ad5@ElBosco>

Thought that those of you who have not already heard about this would
appreciate the following:

Date:07/07/2003 14:55:02 GMT Daylight Time,,

I was cock-a-hoop when my copies of FW 3&4 arrived in the mail this morning.

Until I strolled in to town and discoverd - YET AGAIN - the discs on sale
for only #10.79! That's almost exactly #3 per disc less than the price after
postage from Weatherbox/Idea/Ape - my bill for the two discs came to #27.51.

I am so pissed off! After this happened with Warbles 1 & 2 last October I
received an e-mail from Idea promising that this would not happen again, and
that the next instalments would only be available from the website. If there
is one thing I cannot stand it is being lied to.

I've supported this band for well over two decades. Many of the people in
these forums know me and know that I would be underestimating it to say that
I have spent thousands of pounds on XTC over the years. WELL NOT ANY MORE!

I am bloody furious. I don't care that the Ape/Idea copies are autographed -
Christ, I've got Andy's autograph enough times already. I probably would
have bought them from the website anyway - but its the lack of choice again.
They lied. Its that simple.

Unless something radical happens I will not make any further purchases from
Weatherbox/Idea/Ape. I hate being ripped off, and that's exactly what's
happening here.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 9:27 PM

hi Drol

i am very sorry you feel the way you do.

unfortunately Andy changed his mind and decided to make 3 and 4 available
through retail like 1 and 2.

i remember emailing you and at that time what i stated was correct, we were
not going to do vol 3 and 4 through retail only the web site, but obviously
things have changed and it was decided to do them through retail.

the last thing we would do is intentionally mislead you, you are the hand
that feeds us.

so if you are that unhappy i will refund you the cost of the cd's if you
want to return them.

the retail recommended price is #11.99 and the wholesale to stores reflects
this, if they wish to make less money then that is their decision.

ape has to pay all the origination costs, mastering, artwork and design and
we obviously have to recoup these, so we set a considerably less than full
price wholesale price so that the discs did not retail for #14.00. we wanted
to give value for money.

many thanks

site admin


I appreciate your reply, and its not you I have a beef with.

I also understand totally that it is down to the store and/or the company
that owns said store what they chose to charge for their products. I myself
worked for many years in the record trade and know how it works.

I also am not upset with the discs themselves. I would have bought them no
matter who had put them out no matter how the company that produced them
chose to market them.

But I am seriously pissed off with Andy. As you stated this was his
decision, but would it have hurt to have told us when the discs were first
advertised a couple of weeks ago that we would have the option to buy them
locally - and, incidentally, add weight to any potential chart placing by
chosing to do so - rather than suggest that the only place we could purchase
these recodings officially would be through Ape/Idea?

I also appreciate your offer of a refund. I will be posting this
correspondence at a couple of other XTC fan sites. I trust that Ape/Idea
will honour that offer for anybody else who feels as strongly as I do about

I guess a lot of people will think I'm just a whining arse with nothing
better to do.Ah well, c'est la guerre.



Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 17:06:45 -0700
From: "da9ve stovall" <>
Subject: RE: CD issues, . . .
Message-ID: <>

>From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
>The real criminal gap in the Zevon catalog is the stonking live
>_Stand in the Fire_.

>One of my favs by Warren. If I'm not mistaken it did have a brief CD
>release in the United States around the time that Bad Luck appeared
>on CD.I'm pretty sure it had a release in Japan as well (but
>everything gets released there.)

Hrmmmmmmm.  I can't way you're wrong, but I've never seen any
CD issue anywhere, and I've done some hard looking, . . .

Consulting  (www5?) doesn't uncover any
CD issues, and if they don't have it - fuhgeddaboudit.

>From: Tyler Hewitt <>
>No New York-
>The infamous Brian Eno-produced lp documenting the 'no
>wave' scene of late '70's New York. A great album, the
>Contortions tracks capture them at their
>speaker-shredding best. Essential listening. This
>supposedly had a very brief cd relese on John Zorn's
>Japanese label Avant, but I've never seen it.

!!!  True dat.  There's a Japanese CD issue of a *similar* various
artists album on eBay:

...but I can't actually figure out if it's No New York (not remember
exactly what artists were on it), though the review quoted in
the description refers to that title.  And, duh, why didn't the
seller include a picture of the FRONT of the CD, fercryinoutloud?

GEMM DOES come up with 6 (used) CD copies of this - all over
36 bucks.



Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 00:08:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: Colin Occupants
Message-ID: <>


Thanks for sharing the very enjoyable interview with
Colin on Optimism's Flames. Nice job!



Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 08:54:46 +0100
Subject: In These Titanic Days
Message-ID: <>


In #9-33 Eric Draves suggested:

> Let's start a new topic. Anyone hate the Beatles? :) <

Hate is too strong a word, but I certainly don't hold them in any sort of
affection (which I realise places me in the minority here).

John Relph wrote (of A Different Kind Of Tension by The Buzzcocks):

> I've got this on CD.  I got it as part of a box set of Buzzcocks CDs <

Hmmm, I've not seen anything of that nature, either. It appears, after a
little digging around on the net, that the album has been re-released on
CD in the States, but not here in their homeland. Strange

and Jim Smart wrote:

> Titanic Days by Kirsty Macoll was widely available on CD when it was new
and "I can't stop killing you" was all over the radio. Is it really hard
to find? <

It might have been more readily available at the time of its original
release, but nowadays it is definitely as rare as rocking horse droppings,
at least on this side of the pond (England). I have to admit that despite
numerous hearings of her version of New England (a familiar tune to me
anyway as a Billy Bragg fan) and being impressed by Kirsty's appearances
on French & Saunders, I didn't start buying her stuff until I heard a
couple of tracks from Tropical Brainstorm (one of them - Treachery - on an
Uncut cover CD that I picked up because it had Stupidly Happy on it).
Since then I've been trying to back-fill her previous releases, but
Titanic Days has eluded me

I was also surprised to see two of Squeeze's early albums - Argy Bargy (my
personal fave) and Sweets From A Stranger - on people's lists. I bought
the Six Of The Best box set when it first came out (1997?), but I still
see the individual CDs regularly in record shops, often in the sale

Cheers, Steve


Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 15:09:29 -0400
From: "Lippitt, Andy" <>
Subject: RE: Let's Activate
Message-ID: <>


One MJC asked about the Let's Active reissues:

>You sure?  I just visited and couldn't find anything by Let's
Active.  I'd love to have new CDs of those albums.

Yes M, I'm sure they were re-issued.  What I'm apparently not sure about is
the web address.  Here's the correct one for ya. <>

 Sorry 'bout the typo.

Another guy named Andy


Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 02:31:52 +0000
From: "Paul Culnane" <>
Subject: Tone Orange
Message-ID: <>

Had to chuckle when I checked this link out (see below).  You see, Al Grazby
happens to be the personal assistant/webmaster for the band Tone Orange,
which includes TERRY CHAMBERS' son Kai on drums.  I imagine that's why Al
thought you Chalkers may be interested.  The new CDEP, "Heavy Handed" is due
for release in August, and includes that song, two others, along with the
vid for the title track and a multimedia component designed by the band
themselves.  Availability?  Keep tracking for info.

I second Al's recommendation that you have a listen, and while you're there,
check out the monumentally verbose twaddle in the accompanying "bio".  Ahem,
what must I have been on when I wrote that?  I'd forgotten all about it.

And, by the time you read this, I will no doubt be in recovery mode, nursing
sore ears (from hearing the band in full live flight) and a sore rear (from
the violent curry that the guys have demanded I arrange for them).

Their impending visit here this weekend should be a blast; I'm so looking
forward to it.  I intend to corner Terry for a relaxed "interview", while we
listen to some Cupboards and Warbles (hope to capture some of TC's
reminiscences on various things), no doubt some Zep and Crimson and stuff
like that, fuelled by copious consumption of Terry's favourite brew
(Toohey's New, for the trainspotters among you).    ...alliteration and
rhyme, lemon and lime...

I know many of you retain an affection for Terry and his contribution to XTC
during the "touring years", so if I manage to get some good wordage out of
him, I'll transcribe the results and in due course make it available - most
likely through wesLONG's website, Optimism's Flames (thanks for the Colin
thing Wes - magnificent!).

Meanwhile, if you haven't done so already, check out the below link and
prepare to be rocked asunder!

p@ul-of-oz wrote:
>Al thought you would like the sound that "TONE ORANGE" makes! So
>come and listen.


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 00:00:48 -0500
From: steve <>
Subject: Re: Rooney
Message-ID: <>

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 09:57  AM, Chalkhills wrote:

> The lead singer is actor Jason Schwartzman's brother
> (Jason was Max in the film "Rushmore"), but
> that's not a strike against them.  Really.

Would that be the same Jason Schwartzman that's the drummer in Phantom

- Steve


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 10:31:35 +0100
From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
Subject: Who? Pete T, that's who!
Message-ID: <006101c345fd$d3508da0$82488751@ElBosco>

In the latest Chalkhills digest, Kyla May wrote:

""The Who (even if, now that Pete is on the Child Protection register
we might have to avoid 'Im A Boy')" - I believe my Pete has been
cleared on this, though I realize his name will always be
besmirched. I knew he was in for it when he (silly ass!) wrote in his
blog he had been researching child porn on-line. But lay off him
anyway, 'kay?"

in response to a probably bad-taste comment of mine from a few weeks ago.

Sorry Kyla, it was supposed to be a joke - I love the Who and most of PT's
solo stuff too - but its my understanding that he IS now officially on the
register and will remain there for at least five years. The news reported
here in the UK after the whole affair was that he had been charged and would
appear on the register (a legal necessity here, I'm afraid) and I think I'm
right in saying that no further action would be taken - i.e no court case.

According to Reuters news agency July 7 :Police found Townshend had visited
a Web Site containing child abuse images in 1999 and the guitarist was
placed on a register of sex offenders after being formally cautioned.

Anyone in this country who is charged with a sex offence involving a minor,
or with looking at or possessing 'kiddieporn' goes on the register. I did
not, in my origianl comment, mention Pete being charged or cleared, merely
that he was on the register.

Sad, I know. But then he should not have been so irresponsible.

Darryl W. Bullock


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 10:07:24 -0400
Subject: People Have the Power!
Message-ID: <>

To those waiting for the last balloon:

My friend and I had been to yet another of New York's many summertime free
concert events last night, this time down at the World Financial Center and
my first time seeing Patti Smith in any venue.  I don't really know what I
expected from this show.  First off, it was free, so I didn't expect her to
do anything more than perhaps do some poetry readings or strum an acoustic
guitar; but she broght along her band which, as she said, was going to
accompany her to Japan for a few shows the next morning.  She is probably
on her way as I write this.

Wow!  What a show.  She was in top form, save for having to wear spectacles
to read her poem which preceeded the song "1959" (which I think is from her
GUNG HO album).  She did all the well-known tunes and pleased the audience
no end.  My only disappointment was that she didn't introduce the band; so
I never knew who was playing that blistering guitar, loud as hell and as
wild as I'd always heard her shows were!

Among the songs--"Dancing Barefoot", "Free Money", "Gloria", "Don't Take My
Hope Away From Me" and "On the 25th Floor".  She admitted that performing
"Gloria" with all the frenzy that we've always heard it performed actually
wore her out, but, hey, it was bake oven hot yesterday.  I was sitting
perfectly still, save for the adrenolin it took to applause and emit rock
'n' roll audience noises that I haven't made in years as reaction to this
great free music, and I was drenched in sweat at all pores; so I can only
imagine what the performer must have been going through, no matter how
possessed by the music going on around her!  How can ya blame her?  This is
yet another of those free shows that I would have gladly paid for, and I do
hope I get the chance to attend a paid show in which Patti can really pull
some surprises out of the catalogue or rock's rich pageant.  For example, I
half-heartedly expected her to cover someone like Tom Verlain or someone
like that, but no mention of Television or beyond.  She did pay tribute to
Smokey Robinson by rockin' out with "Mickey's Monkey" and surprised even me
with her version of the Crickets' classic, "Not Fade Away", more
appropriate for the Grateful Dead, but, hey, I'll not deny Patti a chance
to show her fondness for any piece of pop history.

Oh, and since listening to an audio tape of a recent Vin Scelsa radio show
(found at, I can say that a good reason for all
Elvis Costello fans to buy the new reissues on Rhino is indeed the
extensive liner notes.  A passage was read on the air from the ARMED FORCES
album about the song "Green Shirt", or more accurately, about Costello's
mind set at the time of writing the album's lyrics.  He had said that a lot
of song titles at that time came from street signs and ideas to expand on
same.  "Quizzling Clinic" was just such a line--and, oh yes, in my
ignorance, I never knew who Quizzling was, and this helped in understanding
why LOONEY TOONS characters sometimes snydely referred to each other as
"Quizzling" when betrayed.  See?  Ya gotta have some sense of history even
when it comes to animated cartoons.  Sure wish *THAT* was emphasized when
it came to high school history classes.  Naw, they had to stress over and
over to me that cartoons were nothing more than mind rot!  At any rate, now
I feel left out when it comes to these Rhino reissues since Mr. MacMannis
is oh so generous with his autobiographical accounts of each album's
creation.  Fantastic!  And those of you who are opting for burned copies of
this stuff are missing out on this individual viewpoint of rock and where
it took him.  Yeah, I know that some of you don't care, but this is a
reason, blind or sighted, why I couldn't sink, too, into just burning
copies of CD's that other people have and why I will opt to *BUY* all my
reissues, thank you.

And that also goes for the FUZZY WARBLES collections from Andy Partridge
and, perhaps, the forthcoming DVD set compiled by Colin Moulding.  That
sense of history from the musician's perspective is something that you
don't often read in the rock rags and, today more than ever, you have
artists who realize such memory ramblings are important and make sure to be
obsessive about saving almost every bit and piece they can.  Good show!

And to the record companies I say that *THIS* is the reason why you should
pay the artist, when it comes to anthologies and such, because only that
artist can give the proper perspective...oops, I take that back; there are
always hard core fans like our own Harrison Sherwood or Wes Long who can
lend a sense of joy about the music inside that multiple disk set and prove
that it was worth the effort to restore the music in question to as good as
can be expected.

And, Wes, thank you for that interview.  Yeah, I had to admit that I
cringed at some of the shock jock questions about farting and all that, but
Colin took it all good-naturedly.  If I had some sort of prying question or
suggestion to make of Colin it would be, if he's reading this, to make the
rumor I've heard come true and record an album with Thomas Dolby.  I'd
heard that, during the amount of time that XTC were without a contract and
it didn't seem as if the duo of Partridge and Moulding was going to
survive, Colin was either writing songs or thinking of writing songs with
Thomas Dolby, someone else who hadn't recorded for a while but who had a
kind of computer graphics project that he was doing on the side to keep his
creative juices flowing.  "Wow" exclaimed I, "how perfect is that!!!"  My
head would be reeling with so much good musical food.  While it seemed to
me that both these artists didn't come from the same musical backgrounds,
it isn't out of the realm of possibility that they might hook up and start
coming up with a slightly daffy bit of skylarking on their own while Andy
comes up with whatever else he was trying at that time.  Dolby does also
have a fascination for U.K. and U.S. rock history since a grand list of
names have shown up on his last two albums--God, I miss his presence, and
who better to work with than Colin Moulding, even if they do things in
electronic pieces without actually traveling to one or the other's home.

Upon reading a piece in THE ONION, a free paper here in New York, which was
an interview with Todd Rundgren, I was rather shocked to find out that the
Wizard and True Star admitted that he really didn't like the chore of
producing!  "Huh?" I exclaimed, "his earliest works of genius were indeed
his own tireless productions, and you can tell that the Utopia material
that stands out the most include indeed those instances when Todd decides
to throw out all the excess, unless it is his own, and take over the
studio."  I've been fascinated with these productions and, more and more,
oddly enough, some of Andy's productions in the studio have kind of
reminded me of Todd's work, especially when it comes to the sound of the
snare drum.  Listen to the Martin Newel album, THE GREATEST LIVING
ENGLISHMAN, and see if you don't agree.  At any rate, if one doesn't like
the obsessiveness of taking over entire production chores, there will
always be those that do, like Jason Falkner or, yes, Colin Moulding and
whatever young talent he decides to handle.  But don't give up on the
"geezers", either.  Perhaps, he might have a terrific slant on how to
produce a voice that no one has ever heard clearly before.  Some artists'
albums have never sounded good, and that is merely because no one has
actually taken the time to creatively produce that talent, and that is
where creative ears like Todd's or Andy's or Adrian Belew's or Jason
Falkner's come in and I hope they remain around forever!  Music may change,
but the changes result in more to work with when looking for terrific
musical combinations to come, thus creating some new flavors of the month
that taste so good that the fans want more and more as the years go on.
Change is good and, if ya can follow along, the ride is never boring!



Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 07:36:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Yet another reason to hate the RIAA
Message-ID: <>


As I've said before, copy protection and attempts to foil P2P file
sharing will always fail because of the ingenuity of people and the
inherent desire by those on the fringes to stick it to The Man.

The Anonymity Doomsday Factor
By John Dvorak,4149,1185025,00.asp


An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)


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