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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 9, Number 22

                   Sunday, 11 May 2003


     XTC Tribute by Loser's Lounge in New York City!
                    Re: Do I have to?
                       Phil CD-less
                     RE: Do I have to
                  Attention cynics!!!!!
                  chalkhill's relay team
         A Foray to the Chalkhills (general area)
              Re: The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T
                    The Da Vinci Code
    Cheshire Cousin - L.A. based Xtc cover band debut!
             Glass - Half-full or half-empty?
                    Mandy Moore again
                   Re: The Victor Wheel
         Recent Purchases...(slight XTC content)
                     Guilty pleasures
         old responses- long over due because...


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Daydream of denting her rear.


Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 09:03:29 -0400
From: "Kehoe, Brendan" <>
Subject: XTC Tribute by Loser's Lounge in New York City!
Message-ID: <>

I just found out that the Loser's Lounge band is going to do a tribute to
XTC June 6, 7, 11, 13, 14 at Fez under the Time Cafe in New York City.  For
more information you can go to  It may not be XsTatiC
(or however they spell it) but it's something for us Yanks...

Brendan Kehoe


Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 10:06:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Do I have to?
Message-ID: <>

On Sun, 04 May 2003 12:26:47 -0600, Phil Corless <> wrote:
>Speaking of embarassing CDs.....  Here's a question for you all:
>Supposed you are hosting a Chalkhills party.  Everyone on this list will be
>coming to your house.  Even Harrison Sherwood.  Now you know that the first
>thing we all will do is head straight for your CD collection to "figure you
>out".... We're going to pore over your discs like anthropologists studying
>some lost pygmy tribe.

Hey, I think that party is happening soon.  June 7th to be exact.

>The question is, which of your CDs are you going to remove from your
>collection and hide under the couch simply because you are ashamed to let
>fellow XTC fans know you own and enjoy these discs?

Are you kidding?  Those CDs that are "guilty pleasures" and "too
stupid to be believed" are exactly the CDs I'd have on prominent
display.  (Then again, I wouldn't let a Celine Dion CD in the house in
the first place.)  I'm having a hard time even thinking of a CD which
I wouldn't want anybody to know I like.  I'd me more likely to pull
those CDs out and force everybody to listen to them.  Everybody just
has to love "Dance Yourself Dizzy" by Liquid Gold!  Or perhaps
"Four-Sider" by Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66.  What a great record!  Or
the three different versions of Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted" single
(I'm still looking for the perhaps-unauthorized remix I heard once on
the radio which was edited to 7/4 time.)  Perhaps Alex DeGrassi's
"Southern Exposure"?  Well, I wouldn't hide it, but I wouldn't force
anybody to sit through it.  I had a great love for Windham Hill's new
age crapola in the mid-80s.  And who couldn't love Killer Pussy's
"Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage"?  Classic tongue-in-cheek (as it
were) 80's new wave.

Now if I merely wanted to drive people away, I'd probably pull out Big
Black, Foetus, or perhaps Conlon Nancarrow.  Hell, Frank Zappa makes
some people run out of the room screaming (my wife, for one).

And there are some things in my collection that I wouldn't want to
torture anybody with.  Things so bad they're not even funny anymore.
But if you ask, I'll gladly let you judge for yourself.

Your mileage may vary.

	-- John


Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 15:37:19 +0100
From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
Subject: Phil CD-less
Message-ID: <001f01c3156f$5a19cfa0$86037ad5@ElBosco>

Re Phil Corless' list of CD's that he would hide from XTC fans (or at least

I would be happy for The Mole, Mr Relph, Wes or nay of my friends here to
thumb through my collection. I'm not embarrased by owning almost every
Shonen Knife album, everything by The Who (even if, now that Pete is on the
Child Protection register we might have to avoid 'Im A Boy') or every warble
that Yoko Ono has ever uttered.

Vive la difference!

I'm not ashamed by anything. Not my Carmen Miranda best of, William
Shatner's The Transformed Man or even my prized Tiny Tim collection. I'd be
slightly more embarrassed by the admission that I only own 8 copies of
Oranges and Lemons. Now that's something to be embarrassed about! I'm sure
that The Mole has at least 12!!



Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 12:04:34 -0400
From: "" <>
Subject: RE: Do I have to
Message-ID: <>

>>Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 12:26:47 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Do I have to?

Supposed you are hosting a Chalkhills party.  Everyone on this list will be
coming to your house.  Even Harrison Sherwood. >>

I know that was meant in friendly jest, but I've been to a few Chalkhills
parties attended by Mr. Sherwood, and I have to say that he's no Jack
Kennedy.  Wait, I mean he's got great stories to tell, appreciates a good
microbrew, and can dial up a fairly convincing DG tone on his guitar rig.
Don't knock him till you've tried him - ummmm, that didn't come out right.

Now, Todd Bernhardt on the other hand...  Let's just say you don't want to
bring any cans of soup to the party!

J. D.


Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 12:35:19 -0400
From: "James Campbell" <>
Subject: Attention cynics!!!!!
Message-ID: <>

Back off Mandy......its a fine gesture, the 30-second clip sounds nice,
and no one can anticipate with certainity whether this song will even
be released as a single, much less fade into obllivion.......

At any rate, its sounds 10X better than the Spacehog cover, and I really
like the different chord they use (7th?) at "between a lemon and lime". 8^D


-- james


Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:44:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Laura Hamons <>
Subject: chalkhill's relay team
Message-ID: <>

Hi all. Best wishes.

De-lurking to see if any Baltimore area Chalkers may
be interested in forming a relay team for the
Baltimore Marathon in October. If we go all-girl we
can be The Humble Daisys? Male and female and we can
call our team The Fruit Nuts? These are just ideas,
not etched in stone.

E-mail me at the addy above if you're interested.


Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 17:58:30 EDT
Subject: A Foray to the Chalkhills (general area)
Message-ID: <>

I am very excited presently because this summer I will be taking my very
first trip to XTC's motherland. Staying at Oxford, I was wondering what
XTC-like landmarks I might visit whilst Shakespearing it up. Any spots of
particular interest? I want to make the most of my stay, and I believe that
that would entail some XTC Xcitment!



Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 23:14:31 +0100
From: "Richard Hall" <>
Subject: Re: The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T
Message-ID: <003e01c315af$330e9680$0f3623d9@Den>

>make up with Dave, rope in a few other buddies like Prairie Prince
>(maybe even, god forbid, Terry and/or Barry for a couple of numbers?),
>ensconce themselves in a suitably-equipped TV studio somewhere and sit
>down and record some kind of live something ... perhaps in the vein of
>Steely Dan's plush TV jazz-rock party in stereo, the "Two Against
>Nature" special).

Or Elvis Costello's Later thing, quick someone phone Jools Holland....



Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 16:10:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: The Da Vinci Code
Message-ID: <>

Come gather round the bonfire and let Uncle Jim tell
you about a book he's been reading that you might

The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown

For some reason this book made me think of XTC more
than anything else. On the surface it's just a
thriller mystery that touches on the Louvre, Leonardo
Da Vinci, The holy Grail, and sir Isaac Newton as it
makes its case against the folks who brought you the
Catholic Church and the last 2000 years of male-based
Christianity. It's a good novel for those of us who
like to 'unravel riddles, problems, and puns'.

The XTC bit is in the symbols and references to the
pagan world that was mowed down by the Bible. It made
me think about how so many of XTC's songs celebrate
the lost virtues of paganism and feminism. Just taking
album covers, English Settlement, Skylarking, and
especially Apple Venus seem to fit right in with what
this novel is getting at.

There's a thread that runs through Maypole, Greenman,
Sacrificial Bonfire and Harvest Festival (and many
other songs, I'm sure), an exploration of the ancient
traditions and symbols that is somehow right at home
with this novel. It's a bit hard to put my finger on
it exactly. that's why I need some of you to read it,
so I can have an intelligent conversation about it.

One warning: you will need to have a book with some of
the works of Da Vinci handy while your read; many of
the clues, puzzles, and mysteries make you want to
take a close look at the Mona Lisa, The Madonna on the
Rocks, and The Last Supper.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that Apple
Venus is the author's favorite album (and certainly
album cover), and Church of Women his favorite song.
If he hasn't heard this stuff, I'll send him a CD

Storytime over,



Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 23:24:12 -0700
From: Ian Dahlberg <>
Subject: Cheshire Cousin - L.A. based Xtc cover band debut!
Message-ID: <>

Hi ho chalkfolk!

You are cordially invited to attend the debut performance of LA's only
(?) XTC cover band Cheshire Cousin. We'll be playing about 45 minutes
of tunes from Black Sea and English Settlement. Bring yerself and all
yer friends. Hope to see you there!

$5 cover
Friday, May 30th, 10pm
Highland Grounds
742 N. Highland Ave. (just north of Melrose)
Los Angeles

Band website coming soon! Email me with any questions.


Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 11:18:37 -0000
From: Clockwork <>
Subject: Glass - Half-full or half-empty?
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkies

De-lurking for a few minutes to relate a story and ask advice....

Last weekend whilst doing our usual Saturday trawl for second-hand books and
records in the charity shops and junk shops of Wigan (between Manchester and
Liverpool, UK, newly promoted to Division One of the football league - are
you all located now? Too much detail?)  we decided to visit a junk shop we
hadn't visited properly before. After suffering through racks of
long-forgotten 80s CDs, three familiar letters jumped in my face. Not only
was it the boys, it was a bootleg! "Fab Foursome live in Philly" with all
its packaging, proper printed CD label..... inconspicuously motioning to the
wife (who, as usual, had that all-too-familiar "I'm pleased for you"
nonplussed expression) and trying not to seem too enthusiastic in case he
quickly hiked the price, I asked the shopkeeper how much. "Two pounds" say

I paid him sharpish and exited the shop. "Try not to jump up & down until we
get round the corner" said the wife.

Later that day.. take disc out of case to play it and... OH NO.. there's a
big chunk out of the edge of the disc. In my excitement in the shop I hadn't
checked the disc, although I would have still bought it just to own it,
obviously. The upshot is, the disc plays fine up to track 14 (Nigel) "Here's
a bit of jungle music for you folks..." then skips for the last 3 tracks.

So what I wondered was.. I've seen disc-repair kits and compounds available
on the web for reasonable money and would certainly invest in one that would
fix the disc. Has anybody on the list used them and can recommend a
particular type? I would be very grateful for advice on this, the damage
extends about 5mm from the outer edge of the CD and is star-shaped, I don't
know if it's just the plastic carrier that's affected, or the
substrate/layers/whatever they're called!

Any ideas? and did I do good? And is the disc's previous owner on the list?
;-) Looking forward to FW3&4.........

Take care all

Pete Cunliffe


Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 16:35:41 +0100
From: "Jeremy Warmsley" <>
Subject: Mandy Moore again
Message-ID: <016701c31640$a6428080$>

Anyone know whether or not she does the spoken word bit in the bridge - you
know, 'England's glory' - 'a striking beauty!' ? I somehow find it



Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 11:49:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: pancho artecona <>
Subject: Re: The Victor Wheel
Message-ID: <>

I'm sure this is only a bit of it but the row between
Bruce Thomas and Elvis Costello (Dianna Krall's
fiancee!!??) started after Bruce wrote a book called
'The Big Wheel' which was a very thinly veiled work of
fiction about touring with EC and The Attractions.
(It's out of print but I found it via

EC is portrayed as paranoid, megalomaniacal and
controlling.....Pete was the drunken drummer and Steve
sort of a schizoid eccentric.  EC was reportedly less
than pleased.

His feelings on the matter can be found in his
scathing song 'How to be Dumb' from the 'Mighty Like a
Rose' album.

During his acceptance speech at the R&R Hall of Fame,
Costello mentioned their past difficulties and stated
something to the effect that this was not the time for
old wounds. Bruce just said thanks for the memories.
Bruce, however, did not play with the band that night
although he did play with the band for their reunion
in a couple of albums (Brutal Youth and All This
Useless Beauty, I believe) a few years ago.

I am still wiping away the tears of laughter from
reading Harrison's transcript.



Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 12:37:49 +0530
From: "Sughosh Varadarajan" <>
Subject: Recent Purchases...(slight XTC content)
Message-ID: <000b01c316c2$e19af040$>

Hiya all!

Recently bagged a pretty good haul of brand-new CDs at the unbeatable price
of abt $2.50 per disc, so kinda felt like telling the world about it! (:-)

Picked up David Bowie's Lodger (my personal fave from the Berlin era),
Crowded House's Temple of low men (what a masterpiece!), The Verve's Urban
Hymns, Van Morrison's Back on top and Blur's Leisure..but these are two most
interesting picks:

Madness - The Business: Definitive 3-CD set containing all the A's and B's
was simply too good to resist at this price. Comes with a fantastic 52-page
booklet. Haven't found time to listen to it yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll
love it!

Heartbeat: The Best of Original Mirrors : Anyone know more about this band?
I picked up this CD purely because of an XTC mention in the booklet (says
the keyboardist used to be with XTC before they got a record deal)...skimmed
through the disc once...seems like fairly decent 80s new-wave stuff..but man
they have an impressive list of connections, from XTC to Siouxsie & The
Banshees and Frankie Goes to Hollywood! As the booklet put it "Here's a band
who had connections with practically every other British band of their
time". Couldn't find much info about the disc online it out of
print or something?

Cheers all


Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 19:02:19 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Guilty pleasures
Message-ID: <>

on 5/8/03 7:45 AM, our fear-less interviewer asked:

> The question is, which of your CDs are you going to remove from your
> collection and hide under the couch simply because you are ashamed to let
> fellow XTC fans know you own and enjoy these discs?

  In my case I would have to take great pains to point out that the CDs in
the rack to the left of the stereo are my wife's(the one with the Air
Supply, Carly Simon, and Duran Duran CDs) and the ones to the right(the
black IKEA towers) are mine. Other than that I have little to apologise for
that I can think of, aside from maybe the five or so Queen CDs that are
actually fairly recent acquisitions, I decided to finally give up feeling
guilty about being a fan of theirs since I was thirteen, though I had given
up on them for most of the 80's. I found a couple of their 80's albums in a
bargain bin, though, and found that they weren't as bad as I thought. So
that's my main guilty pleasure, there are others but I mostly hide them in
my wife's collection.(not Air Supply, though- I have learned to merely
tolerate them- barely)


Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 08:58:13 -0700
From: "Thomas Vest" <>
Subject: old responses- long over due because...
Message-ID: <>

i am lazy!

hello fellow chalkheads

just popped my head out of the shell to comment on some previous posts.
here goes:

Simon Deane/Gina Chong said in 9.13:

...2. I've been wondering for a while how XTC fans "came" to the group i.e.
musical antecedents before being converted, if that's the right

I was introduced to the lads in 1987 or 1988.  there was this girl named
sherrie that i had liked for a long time at school.  after high school, our
parents-in weirdly independent movements- both moved their families 900
miles south to the same area in florida.  we reconnected for a little while.
  she worked in a record store in daytona beach.  i went in to see her- buck
up some courage to ask her out and meanwhile she is just ignoring all of
that heartpounding stuff to do her job.  so, i walk out without a date but
lighter in the wallet.  she sold me Ministry's "Land of Rape and Honey" and
XTC's :Skylarking".  She told me i should like both of them a lot.... well,
i did not like either of them at all!  i was in to classic rock and hair
metal (see more of the post towards the end for more on this).  about a year
later, i was working in a record store myself and "Oranges and Lemons" had
come out.  We played it inbetween other crap that i will not name here.  I
liked what i was hearing and remembered the long forgotten tape that i
thought i got duped into buying.  my conversion started the moment i played
that tape again.  Sherrie, we did not go out, but thanks for getting rid of
me by selling me tapes i did not like!  oh, i am a ministry fan as well.

Some asked earlier in a post about the worst concert you ever attended:

I have two.  A Split Second in Daytona Beach (around 1990 or so) and Book of
Love in Orlando (1990-91).  A Split Second had a Milli Vanilli incident
where the song kept skipping in the same place.  Book of Love stopped the
show in the middle and switched disks on stage for more "pre-recorded" fluff
(we did not smell roses at that show- but what could you expect from a
synth-pop band at the time?)

Steve Sims  in 9.19  Subject: kids say the darndest things


and finally,  Phil Corless in 9.21 asked about embarassing CDs:

...The question is, which of your CDs are you going to remove from your
collection and hide under the couch simply because you are ashamed to let
fellow XTC fans know you own and enjoy these discs?...

well, as you might have read in the upper part of this post, i liked hair
metal and classic rock in the late 80's.   probably that White Lion (Pride?)
disc that has the song "when the children cry" was the most embarassing.  i
have ditched all of thos cd's pdq in the 90's and i can freely admit that of
the 2000+ cd's i have lined down the hallway, i am not embarassed about any
of them anymore.  But i still throw on Def Leppard's Pyromania on occasion-
that still rocks!

Thanks for reading.

Playing in this morning as a labored through this post:

front 242... Back Catalogue
Tom Waits...  Mule Variations
Espn Sportscenter

Happy Mothers day.



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