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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 9, Number 15

                  Tuesday, 25 March 2003


                   Re:Eno paints Brian
                       Re: sidents
                Re: Brian Eno's statement
                       Re: Squeeze
 How I lost my XTC virginity and other amazing stories...
                  An X-sTatiC thank you
                    PLEASE ME 40 TIMES
                 Chalkhorses and X-sTatiC


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Soon the whole world will lay down swords and shield for singing!


Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 23:11:23 EST
Subject: Re:Eno paints Brian
Message-ID: <>

   Thank you for posting the Brian Eno piece; it was referenced in Salon.Com
in one of Joe Conasen's columns, but the link wasn't working.

   For those of you elsewhere in the world, please know that contrary to
polling results there is sizable number of Americans who are horrified at
what is happening to our country. A friend of mine the other night compared
our current sociopolitical climate to Berlin in 1936.

   This is not the place for detailed discussions, but I frequently comment
on the Bush administration's downward spiral into banana republic mentality
on my live journal. Anyone can view it at You are invited, as it is a public

   For some reason I keep catching myself singing either "President Kill" or
"This World Over" these days.

Warren in Sacramento


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 09:32:28 -0000
From: "Richard Hall" <>
Subject: Re: sidents
Message-ID: <00a201c2ed31$4ae6df20$26a727d9@Den>

"I am a HUGE residents fan as well if
anyone has questions regarding Andy's work with them!"

I only know of one track..even the name of that escapes me.... what else is


Lapsed Residents fan


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 12:55:44 -0800
From: Stephen <>
Subject: Re: Brian Eno's statement
Message-ID: <>

Moore Steven Robt sent:

>For me, the question has become:
> "How can a country that has produced so much cultural and economic
> wealth act so dumb?"

It doesn't help that too many Americans choose to get their news from
the President. (He's a bit biased; chumming up with our VP Haliburton
CEO and all.)

I've been listening to Big Express lately. "This World Over" is on there.
My other current fave is White Music. "Statue of Liberty" is on that one.

"Impaled on your hair
what do you doo doo doo to me."

Youthful lyrics indeed.
France gave America its most used Symbol of Liberty.
Freedom fries??? For those of you who might not have heard...
the Bush Adminstration has suggested we rename "french" fries. The
administration needs to aim at people who will consume it.

In my small city area Eureka CA (pop 26,000)  there were several
hundred gathered for a peace demonstration Sunday 3/15. A few blocks
away there were 30 or so rallying Pro-Bush. One even carried a sign
"Bomb France." I asked the high school kid if he was serious. He
replied,"someone handed it to me." His friend chimed in, "France does
not support freedom." Ugh...

I'm reminded of the lyrics from "Living Through Another Cuba;"
lyrics now unfortunately appropriate for the Iraqi people:

"just on your knees and pray, and while you're
          down there, kiss your arse goodbye..."

...only its certainly not a war between Russia and America anymore.

Well... there is a strata of Americans who are a little smarter, but
are afraid of thought police. "Daddy Bush was head of the CIA," we
squeak in our dreams.

Thankfully, peace rallys continue and are increasing throughout the world.

Sorry... I'm ranting. Its hard not to right now.

Another Steve
"Louder than tanks on the highway
Louder than bombers in flight
Louder than noises of hatred
Dancing us from darkest night
is the rhythm of Love
Powered on by the beating of hearts..." AP


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 20:58:05 EST
Subject: Re: Squeeze
Message-ID: <>

Just watching the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductions on VH1 and Elvis
Costello notes Difford & Tilbrook as one of his influences right after Lennon
and McCartney.  Funny, having seen Squeeze like 8 times, I went from Madison
Square Garden to last year seeing Glenn Tilbrook solo with 200 peaople in the
crowd.  Sad that the Limp Bizkits and Linkin Parks of the world are mass
superstars and Squeeze (and XTC) went years without an American label.  Good
music will rise again...someday!


Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 15:13:21 -0800
From: "WAYNE KLEIN" <>
Subject: How I lost my XTC virginity and other amazing stories...
Message-ID: <>

I discovered the band through radio in both the Bay Area (there used to be a
"no format" station called KTIM that would play just about anything
interesting). I really liked what I heard on the radio (since I was working
on the set of the movie The Right Stuff up in Marin County late at night
anything at that time was better than spooky silence).  I wasn't inspired to
buy anything (well, I did pick up Peter Gabriel's Melt album after hearing
Games Without Frontiers). I seem to recall hearing either Making Plans or
Complicated Game from Drums & Wires (possibly both since it was a whole
summer of long nights).

In Los Angeles the following year I saw the video for Senses Working
Overtime (one of the few times I was grateful for the existence of MTV). I
was captivated by the simple performance video and the song. Finally the
connections clicked and I picked up Black Sea by accident really really
liked it then picked up the right album (the single album version of English
Settlement on Epic Records). I loved English Settlement and then found out
there was a 2 album set available as an import and picked that up as well
(although until recently I did keep the Epic version).

I wasn't on board from the beginning but that's just as well as I probably
wouldn't have liked the first or second album upon hearing them at the time.
Now I appreciate them but wouldn't have had much interest then.

Speaking of "cult" bands my latest rediscovery is the band Fanny. Rhino just
released their first four albums (along with outtakes and live cuts)as a
limited edition boxed set. That along with Linda Thompson's first album
(also a limited edition release with bonus tracks) has made my week.

I've already got my top two nominations for reissues in 2003 with these
great albums. I was also happy to get the Peter Gabriel back catalog at the
beginning of this year but very disappointed that there were no bonus tracks
or alternate versions included. My guess is that they're saving those tracks
(such as the b-sides to singles, one off tracks like Gabriel's Strawberry
Fields remake) for a boxed set similar to the Genesis set from last year.

Just curious about the info in the reissue of Chalkhills & Children does
include a lot of new material or is it just primarily fluff? I really liked
the original version of the book but am hesitant to purchase it again if
there isn't all that much new stuff in it.

When can we expect the next set of Fuzzy Warbles? I'm sure someone in the
know has shared that info but I must have missed it when I switched internet

Any Talking Heads fans that can also clue us in as to when the band will
have their back catalog revamped?



Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 13:33:50 -0000
From: "Edward Percival" <>
Subject: An X-sTatiC thank you
Message-ID: <>

An enormous thank you from the guys for the great response to the gig last
night in Swindon. A full account will be available shortly on

Highlights too many to mention, but a few...

Colin's Wife & son were there and said nice things

Andy's daughter, Holly, was there and said nice things

Andy's Mum and Dad phoned to wish us well.

Colin sent us some CDs and a nice note, wishing us well.

Steve Warren, said we did it well, and he's seen more XTC gigs than anyone.

And the audience was absolutely brilliant.

The set list can now be revealed for all who didn't see us.

Radios in Motion
Life Begins at the Hop
Meccanik Dancing
This is Pop
Earn Enough for Us
Ball and Chain
Burning with Optimisms Flame
Into the Atom Age
Complicated Game
No Language In Our Lungs
Dance Band

2nd Set
President Kill
Seagulls Screaming
Yacht Dance
Mayor of Simpleton
No Thugs in Our House
Towers of London
Respectable Street
Generals and Majors (Melt the guns)
Sgt Rock
Senses (again)

We can now reveal our next Gig will be on Saturday 21st June at the Dublin
Castle in Camden.
More details to follow.




Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 11:59:35 -0500
From: "R. Stevie Moore" <>
Message-ID: <>

From: Me
To: You
Date: March 22, 2003

Happy 40th Anniversary of the release of Beatles' first album, 'PLEASE

I love the cover photo, those four fresh-faced lads ranging in age from
borderline-20 to 22, smiling innocently and cheerfully, as if to say...

"Why hello there! We're a young pop group from Liverpool called The
Beatles. How do you do? You don't know it yet, since so far we've only
had two singles, only one of which was a high-charter, but over the next
few years the four of us are going to completely revolutionize the world
of music and culture beyond recognition. Yes, folks, we're pretty much
going to sign the ownership papers of this decade. That's right, pretty
much until the end of time, anytime anyone looks back at this decade,
we're gonna be among the very first things they think about. So you
better learn our names...they're on the back cover...and you'd better
like us, because you will NEVER be able to escape us. We're gonna be the
biggest musical phenomenon of all time. In fact, we're still gonna have
outstanding sales decades after we call it quits. Trust us, to borrow a
phrase from a book someone'll write about us years from now, we're gonna
change the face of pop music forever.

In the meantime, enjoy our versions of "Chains" and "Boys" and other
pleasant delights. Hey, we don't wanna hit you with too much at once,
right? Besides, we only had 12 hours, and two of us were sick. But no
matter, we're gonna be huge...we're gonna be icons...we're
gonna....Huh?....Oh, sorry Angus....CHEESE!!!!!!!" (snap)

by Michael Lynch


Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 15:20:04 +0000
Subject: Chalkhorses and X-sTatiC
Message-ID: <>

Greetings all,

Arrived back in Chicago last Saturday after a 13 day exodus to England,
Wales and Ireland.  Had a wonderful time seeing relatives, seeing sights,
and celebrating St.Patrick's Day in Galway.  Throughout that time, I used
just about every mode of transport I could think of (Planes, trains, autos,
buses, ferries and even a bicycle).

Nothing had prepared me for my final days of the trip, however.  Last
Thursday, I had planned to visit the 'Mecca' as it were.  I drove my rental
car over to the Uffington Horse and spent some time perusing the landscape
and soaking in the spiritual vibes (then I went for a pint).

Friday night had to be the pinnacle of what was a fantastic holiday already.
Purely by coincidence after planning my air flights, I had happened upon the
website for Riff's Bar outside of Swindon while looking for some music to
see while around town.  Imagine my delight when I saw that the XTC tribute
band "X-sTatiC" was playing there on my last night in Britain.  Getting a
recommendation from fellow chalker Bill Sherlock for a B&B to stay proved to
be extremely fruitful as well (Molly says hello to you Bill).  The B&B ended
up being less than a half mile down the road from the bar!  Talk about fate
dealing a good hand...

The night of the show, I arrived at the bar about an hour or so before the
gig was to start.  I had the honor of meeting some other fans: Craig, Glyn
and Peter (did you make it home alright?).  I'm sure that more fans from
this website were there, but I apologise for not getting the chance to meet
you as well.  I also introduced myself to some members of the band (me being
described by Ed as unfeasibly tall?) and I was asked if I knew who was
there.  No less than Carol Moulding along with son Lee and daughter Joanne.
I had a bit of a chance to say hello and to please pass along thanks to
Colin.  Then, I was introduced to Steve Warren, another important member of
the XTC experience.  This night was great and the band hadn't even started
yet.  The start of the band's second set produced a great version of
'Playground'.  Immediately after, I learned that Holly Partridge was also in
the crowd and I also had the brief chance to meet her as well.  Needless to
say the entire night was a fantastic experience for this XTC fan.

But then what about the show you say?....

X-sTatiC mini-review:

Adrian, Ed, Mick and Dan ripped the roof off of Riff's Bar, nailed it back
on, then proceeded to rip it off again in two sets of twenty-some XTC songs
that kept the entire crowd jumping, swaying, singing and pumping for two
hours of pure Swindon pleasure.  A very good mixture of both Andy and
Colin's songs kept the mood solid with no downtime.  'Senses' proved to be
such a favorite that it was requested by bar management again as the last
encore!  I can't pick out any specific favorites as I thoroughly enjoyed it
from start to finish.  I can say that the songs that you would expect to
rock, ROCKED!  After the quiet beginning, 'Complicated Game' seemed to come
from somewhere down in the earth's core and turn the band into some seismic
phenomenon.  My only regret is that I don't live near the area to see them
again soon.

Yours in Chicago,
David "Yao Ming" Lake


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