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               Warbles Rock Ben's Socks Off
                     Re: Nickel Creek
       Re: Frizzy Wartbles (and 100 disc changers)
           Holding fuzzy things in my hands....
            When We Get to [Buy From] England
                   Horray for Todd!!!!
                 Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair
        Totally OT: Konvergence of Keneally Kfans
        I'm The Man Who Murdered Bert... and more!
              Bad Ideas and Lil Beethoven's
                     Re: Nickel Creek
                   Band recommendation
                     I got my warbles
                   xtc and 'smile', too
                   A Partridge on a TV
          Reconnecting with your inner pop nerd
           Magic band link (still no Q or XTC)


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It isn't even winter and I'm freezing, freezing.


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:53:31 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Warbles Rock Ben's Socks Off
Message-ID: <>


If you are stupid enough to let a price -- any price -- keep you from buying
"Fuzzy Warbles," then you don't belong on planet Earth.  Andy Partridge is
the greatest fucking songwriter in the history of songwriters.  Move over
Lennon and McCartney, Wilson, don't even hold a candle to this
guy.  Having all of these tunes on two convenient discs is unbelievable good
fortune (dame fortune?) for all of us.  And the tunes that I've never heard
before (check out the guitar solo in "Born Out of Your Mouth") are equally

I've got dozens of CDs and tapes of bootlegged XTC material.  This outshines
any of them.  It's the best album I've heard this year.  Don't be an idiot.


P.S.  Nickel Creek are great.  I saw them open for Lyle Lovett and heard a
few of their (many) collaborations with Glen Phillips, lead singer of the
newly-reformed Toad the Wet Sprocket.  Pick up any and everything that you
can by them.  You won't be disappointed.


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 23:22:16 +0000
From: "Calvin Goodale" <>
Subject: Re: Nickel Creek
Message-ID: <>

Hey Wes Long,

NickelCreek is definitely a band to look into.  They have been one of my
favorite groups for quite a bit now.  I wouldn't exactly characterize their
music as country's sort of bluegrass with a folk and rock feel
to it.  They all have incredible voices and the mandolin player is supposed
to be one of the best here in the US.  Both of their albums are incredible.
Good luck,


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 16:31:23 -0800
From: "Fred Hamilton" <>
Subject: Re: Frizzy Wartbles (and 100 disc changers)
Message-ID: <>

Ben Gott <> asked the question:

>Last weekend, I bought a 100 CD changer.  It's the best damn thing
>I've ever bought.  Where else can you go from Marley to Guided by
>Voices to Shawn Colvin to R.E.M. to Michael Franti & Spearhead in
>one fell swoop?

A computer and/or an iPod.  I feel youre elation, though - I put all
800 CDs I own (about 50Gbytes) on my hard drive and I have the most
wonderful shuffle plays!  It really opens up your entire collection
all over again.  It's like listening to your own personal ideal radio

My only challenge now is choosing what albums to fit on my 20G iPod
for when I'm away.  But I'm not complaining!



Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:04:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: Holding fuzzy things in my hands....
Message-ID: <>

Bet you were all thinking something dirty with that
subject line!

My Fuzzy Warbles discs were waiting with the mail
today. They're wonderful, folks! Yeah, maybe a little
expensive to us in the U.S, but they sound and look
great. Buy them, you won't be disappointed.


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 20:33:06 -0600
From: "eriC draveS" <>
Subject: When We Get to [Buy From] England
Message-ID: <000a01c2a0bd$a5e58220$b642f843@XLZOOM>

Well! After rejected my credit card, I had to GO2 Several things:

1. Fuzzy Warbles is 8.50 pounds each there now. However, you can buy copies
from their affiliated music sellers for over 11. Hmmm... usually the
affiliated go lower so as to sell it! Must be too much time spent in "Pubs
and clubs and..."
2. It's credited to "Various Artists". If ever there was an epitome of a
various artist, I'd have to say it was AP.
3. It's too bad and can't combine forces somehow and
make everything available on one site. I'd just placed an order a couple
days before for a bunch of books; if Fuzzy Wuzzy was on .com I wouldn't have
saved on shipping, but at least it would've streamlined the whole operation.
4. The recommendations page was very amusing, with the Incredible String
Band, Harry Nilsson and quite a few others I seem to heard about somewhere
before... hmmm....? (Notice on .com I get that Elvis thing shoved in my
5. This sentence no verb.

I guess that's it. We now return you to your regularly scheduled hills of

eriC draveS

"I'm playing my Fano... Fano guitar..."


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 21:44:20 -0500
From: "Molly, the New Wave Queen" <>
Subject: Horray for Todd!!!!
Message-ID: <000401c2a0bf$371de920$3b01590c@vogmudet>
Organization: AT&T Worldnet

I just read Todd's brilliant response to Bert in Chalkhils 8-66, and I'm so
glad you're letting that troll have it.  Bert doesn't seem to be a geniune
XTC fan, because he wouldn't say what he's saying if he was a total fan of
XTC.  He seems like he really doesn't care about what Andy feels about
bootlegging.  I wish someone would tell Bert that he should put a sock in it
once in awhile and stop acting like a total know-it-all when he doesn't know
that much about the music industry.  Todd knows more about it than you,
Bert, but of course you don't believe he does.
Todd's one of the coolest members in this group, and I love reading his
posts.  He seems like a very intelligent person who really knows his stuff.
I don't know what this group would be without his musings.  :)  I hope you
never leave, Todd.
Getting off the subject, but I can't remember the Christmas song that "The
Three Wisemen" sing?  I've been looking for it for a long time, but I have
no idea what's the title of the song.  If anybody knows, please let me know
either by e-mail or here.  My e-mail is .



Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:13:26 EST
Subject: Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair
Message-ID: <>

All of this complaining about Fuzzy Warbles is kind of strange. I remember
when folks on this site were willing to purchase bootlegs of similar material
for twice the amount. Now, granted, Fuzzy is a bit more expensive than your
average CD in the US It's also less expensive than some imports (depending on
where it was purchased).

I purchased mine for $19.98 a piece and I did hesitate buying it only because
I had many of these tracks from previous trades (something I've been kind of
shying away from lately because I just don't have the time to do it or forget
to finish them in a timely fashion). The sound quality is pristine (even on
some of the older stuff). More importantly, some of this hasn't been
available before. AP's comments in the booklet (mirroring the approach for
Coat) are quite funny and enlightening.

It's also nice to have the lyrics for some of the newer stuff since on the
trades I couldn't always quite make out what Herr Partridge was always saying
(particularly on Goosey, Goosey).  My only complaint is that Colin chose not
to participate. I understand why but it's a pity given that many of his
previously unreleased songs are pretty darn terrific as well. Kudos to the
guys for not putting stuff on here that has been released officially in some
other form (either CD singles or vinyl) for the mass market.

Andy only signed 2,000? Well, if I had known I would have ordered them from
the website. I just couldn't resist purchasing them when they were in front
of me. So far Volume 1 is my fav although I can't help feeling that Andy
should have arranged these by songs/instrumentals/previously released demos
vs. the mix that is here. On the other hand, I never made that suggestion at
the website so I can only blame myself (and burn them to a handy CDR for the
car in said format).

Someone asked about MFS versions of Skylarking and Oranges and Lemons
compared to the remasters. Both sound great although the MFS versions aren't
quite as loud (perhaps less compression was used during the mastering phase).
The amount of detail is similar although I'd favor Ian Cooper's marvelous
remastering job on the new stuff. Personally, I'd pick up Skylarking even if
you have it only because it has the original vinyl (and CD) running order
finally restored with Dear God as a bonus track. The MFS version is the more
popular one with Dear God occupying a spot on the album and not as a bonus
track. It's nice to have both versions.

Favorite tracks so far are Born Out of Your Mouth and Everything (volume 1)
(plus a soft spot for That Wag particularly Andy's hilarious and vicious
parody of The Cure's Robert Smith).  Volume 2 favs I Don't Want To Be Here
and Young Marrieds. Obscene Procession also occupies a special bizarre place
in my heart.

I would have loved to see the radio bit Howlin' Burston expanded to a full
length blues parody. If Andy ever gives up on his fans, he has a second
career just waiting for him in the pop parody market. I just wish that the
Bubble Gum tracks would have shown up here. Ah, well, that's the next batch I
suppose. I definitely will have to order those from the website.

On a Beatles related note--George Harrison's new CD is marvelous. Jeff Lynne
shows a bit more restraint in the production department and, with the
exception of one or two tracks, every song is terrific. Any Road is the hit
single although clearly Capitol feels differently.

Macca's live album is good as well although I wish he would have kept the
intros to the songs particularly on the tributes to John and George. The DVD
is flawed. We pick up Hey Jude in the middle of the song and see way too much
of the audience.  Still, the song selection is strong. This is the best band
he's had -- they had considerable punch to some of the older material
particularly Wings era stuff. I'm hoping that he'll release a live set with
the new numbers that he added as well (She's Leaving Home was quite

John's Mind Games reissue sounds stunning as well. I'm normally against
remixing stuff but, well, Yoko did a good thing here. There's stunning detail
not captured on both the previous vinyl version and CD version. Although it's
not John's best album, it has at least 4 classic songs on it.  I've always
loved Meat City--John at his most humorous.

So what if Fuzzy has no hair--Fuzzy sounds better that way.


Date: 10 Dec 2002 19:31:05 -0800
From: "da9ve stovall" <>
Subject: Totally OT: Konvergence of Keneally Kfans
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Kerry Chicoine" <>
>Although I find the concept of feminity beguiling, and your
>kind words of agreement are most welcomed, I am, >genitally-speaking,
a man. Sorry if I led you to believe >otherwise.
>What is a Manwich, anyway? [A bad idea? - ed]
>kErrY kOMpOsT

Thus bringing to at least 3 the number of Mike Keneally fanboys
on this list.  Hi Kerry!



Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 21:11:19 -0800 (PST)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: I'm The Man Who Murdered Bert... and more!
Message-ID: <>

C'mon Bert - you're just being pissy now. I've pretty
much lost my taste for this argument because your
defense of the *wrong* side is as porous as Brian
Adam's face.

Still - you set the trap and I enter... and rip your
damn trap to shreds.

Me: Andy Partridge created the music -

Bert: What, ALL music?

Uh, yeah Bert - Andy Partridge created all music. He
also invented the automobile, he doesn't drive one
because he has no confidence in his creations. I
thought we were talking about XTC boots here - weren't
we? I thought Andy Partridge was a creator of XTC's
music, right? I'm using Andy, and Andy's music as an
*example* here, mainly because he's the only credible
musician I know - and can quote - oh yeah, and because
this is a freakin' XTC list and we're talking about
*his* music.

Me: he's flattered that *anyone* would want all the
crap quality boots floating around, and doesn't mind
folks trading them. Interestingly - he doesn't like
folks selling them. You can play all the games you
want with the word *trade* - To Andy there is a
distinction between trading for money and trading for
other audio.

Bert: Care to elaborate?

Jeez Bert - do I really *need* to? Andy enjoys the
notion of a "family" of fans so interested in his art
that they share, yes - share, boots with each other.
He does not enjoy the notion of a person making copies
of a bootleg and selling these copies, again - and
again - and again. It's not that the seller is
stealing money that Andy could be making - it's that
he's fleecing the "family" of fans he suggests he's a
part of. Smacks a bit of con-man, don't it?

Me: For me at least - that's the end of this

Bert: Come on, surely you are capable of formulating
your own opinion?

I *have* formulated my own opinion and thought that
I'd already expressed it - using Andy Partridge's
thoughts as an *example* of my own. I agree with Andy.
I don't always - but I fail to see how this could be
viewed any differently.

Bert: We all know that you have masses of the stuff
Wes (boots) - you post macking big lists of it on the
web. What I object to is "traders" smugly claiming
some sort of moral superiority over "sellers", even
when the seller in question is only covering his own

Okay Bert - here's the smoking gun...

The seller in question here - the chap who started
this whole shebang - is *not* attempting to "only
cover his own costs." I've an email from the seller,
quoting his prices - I won't run the email in full,
but I will break down a few of the items he mentions.
See if anything jumps out 'atcha:

There are 3 different sets of boots available. It
takes him about 8 hours to make a set... 45 - 60
minutes per disc. Asking price - $40 US per set.
(direct quote alert) "That includes purchase of blank
disc, about $8-12 shipping, and "time" spent."

My thoughts? Thanks for asking B-man...

I recently paid $4.99 for a spindle of 50 blank cdr's.
I recently sent a package that was weighed in *pounds*
across the ocean for less than the low-end of his
estimated shipping costs. So the majority of the money
he's asking for a "set" falls under the catagory of -
his words here - "time" spent. Now, just to head you
off Bert - if it does take him 8 hours to make a set -
then he's certainly not getting rich here... but
c'mon, 8 hours is an average work day. What the hell
is taking him 8 hours to make a set of these things?
Is it *really* taking him 45 - 60 minutes per disc?
Now - I've got a really fast burner and can dupe a CD
in about 3 minutes... is it possible to have a burner
that takes an hour to make a copy of a disc? I
honestly don't know. If this massive amount of time is
spent not on the actual burning, but on the
packaging/design created by the bootlegger - well,
then this *really* flies in the face of "sharing the
wealth" - wouldn't you say? This is a person selling
me something - further, he'd be selling me something
that I didn't necessarily want... his art means
nothing to me, I'd just be after the audio. Perhaps
there should be a second choice here - say, a set
w/out all the unwanted hours of back-breaking labor,
for - say - the actual cost of shipping plus a buck or
two for extra time and expense. *That* would be
"sharing the wealth.

Look - he aint gonna get rich off this scheme, that's
for sure. He's not the devil - or even one of his
pointy-toothed helpers. He's simply not doing what he
claims to be doing - and shouldn't be attempting to do
it in this alter-like XTC forum.

How wrong is it? Hell - I don't know. But it's just
*not* right.


To -B (don't call me Buster) Rhymes:

Andy was *very* aware of the Oranges & Lemons nursery
rhyme - here's a quote from a conversation we had on
the cover art of that album:

"Being in LA, it's like everything looks sort of
bright and citrusy. And just the idea of Oranges &
Lemons itself being a nursery rhyme - I thought,
"yeah, so we still keep the nursery rhyme connotation
but Oranges & Lemons kind of suits the slightly
acidic, slightly tart taste. But it's very zesty and
it's very up. It's the perfect title."

All of this chat - as well as Andy's history of each
of the proper XTC albums - can be read in full at


J.D. asked if there were any differences in the
quality of the MFSL and the remastered versions of
"Skylarking" and "Oranges & Lemons" - the answer is
YES! The remastered versions are *much* better. In
fact, if you love "Skylarking" then I advise you to
rush out and get a copy of the remaster right now. It
blows the doors off the MFSL version. Seriously, you
will hear things you've not heard before - it's


eddie st.martin refers says:

"somewhere,early on, when we first heard about the
possibility of 'fuzzy',maybe in one of those "I just
got off the phone with Andy" posts, Andy himselph,I do
believe, stated theyApparentlyat a low price,them
being demoes,and all."

Well, I may have posted this originally - as I did
talk with Andy about it. And, Andy *did* tell me that
they would be sold at a bargain price. Apparantly they
can be had for a bargain price, but not through the
Idea site. Todd Bernhardt will most likely have a say
on this, as he's chatted Andy up on CD sales trends
many a time...



Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 11:32:52 +0000
From: "Tim Brooks" <>
Subject: Bad Ideas and Lil Beethoven's
Message-ID: <>

Darryl wrote :

>Am I being petty?

No I don't think you are

>Or am I justified in feeling a little pissed off with Idea/Weatherbox at
>the minute?

Yep - I feel the same way

I was also highly peeved "to find the self same discs for sale in every
local record shop for up to #3 per disc less that I paid.".

I had not realised these would appear in shops at all - but I do resent
paying extra when buying direct from the "band". For MVC/Jungles of the
world  to be selling at #9.99 then they are buying them up at circa #6. Thus
Andy is marking up too much on the website.

I know some will say we are being churlish, yeah I wanted these discs as
much as everyone else here, I appreciate Andy going ahead with the project
solo and I want to buy direct to put more money in his cofffers and hell the
autographs are nice, but....

this should not be on sale at over 20% of other retailers, this is not right
and with 8+ more warbles to come, plus other APE releases the difference
will add up.

Can someone with access to Andy's ears please make him aware of this as I
also don't wanna part with my hard earned cash to MVC when more could go
direct, but will do this with future APE releases if this isn't sorted!!!

Think my and certainly Daryl's names are known well enough here to know we
are not generally moaners and normally supportive of all things Swindonian.

>And by the way, what the hell is happening with the UK release of the
>instrumental albums, or should I get the Japanese versions instead?

I've asked Idea this Q twice but they studiously avoid giving me an answer,
they'd make good politicians.

To end on a positive note undisputed Album of the year (in Brooks household
at least) came out last month in UK, most will know band but not release -
Sparks Lil Beethoven is just stunning. Bros Mael have followed up a very
lacklustre Balls with an album that is truly original, no mean feat for a
band who have been around 30+ years. Give it a go - amazing vocals - layer
upon layer, brilliant orchestrals, great hooks - maybe not to everyone's
taste but it really sounds like nothing else!!!

TMB over and out


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 09:12:19 -0500
From: William Loring <bloring@TIRERACK.COM>
Subject: Re: Nickel Creek
Message-ID: <>

Wes and Chalkhillians,

Nickel Creek are actually a bluegrass band, not specifically "country". I
know of them because my sister (who is also a bluegrass musician) knows
these kids, and has watched them grow up. She gave their self-titled 2000
disc to my daughter for her birthday. They are all fabulous musicians, most
notably Chris Thile who was a child prodigy mandolin player, and is
absolutely stunning to listen to.

The band has actually been playing together for over a decade, even though
they're all in their early-mid 20's.

I am one who has been quite slow to warm up to bluegrass music, but Nickel
Creek's expert musicianship, songwriting talent and knack for a good hook
have certainly caught my attention. Give them a listen, you'll be impressed.

...william loring

on 12/9/02 8:00 PM, Wes Long at wrote:

> I accidentally/luckily caught the tail-end of a video
> on the country music video chanel CMT tonight. It was
> by a band called Nickel Creek - and I'll be damned if
> the song wasn't nifty... you can check out a snippet
> of it here: the
> song is called "This Side" and it's quite XTC-ish.
> Clever pop with some nifty pickin'... haven't heard
> the entire song yet, but I'm going to look into it and
> the band. Interestingly - I usually hurl over country
> music, and this song was ranked #4 in the CMT top 20
> video countdown. (yeah, I already know too much about
> this station) But it's odd to find that the country
> music fans are into something that *I'm* into... I
> must be at the nexus of the universe.


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 15:17:54 -0000
From: "Paul" <>
Subject: Band recommendation
Message-ID: <000d01c2a143$57b8ba00$a900073e@pc>


The Melody Unit have a great album out called "Choose Your Own Adventure"
which is full of hypnotic melodies and harmonies. It's available for free
and legal download from Well worth a try.




Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 14:59:14 -0700
From: "Steven R. Paul" <>
Subject: I got my warbles
Message-ID: <003701c2a229$b5c6f8f0$0701890a@STEVEN>

Just a note to say that my warbles, uno y dos, arrived in today's mail.
Signed in gold by Sr. Partridge.  To justify the expense (about $42.95) I'm
giving the originals to my daughter as a Christmas present.

Should it be a "Santa" gift, or from dear old dad?

Also, since we're talking lately about boot-legs and pirating, is it a
violation of law or ethics to make a CDR copy of W1 and W2 for my own use at
the office/in the car?

Steven "as a lawyer I should know this stuff" Paul
S.L.C., Utah


Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:30:14 -0500
From: "pawnee q ribber" <>
Subject: xtc and 'smile', too
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Lycos Mail (

XTC cover band name of all names:  Lets Make A Din

Cant wait to hear Fuzzy Yarbles!!

By the bye, I recently got a hold of a really thorough Beach Boys
Smile CD Rom, chock full of mp3s, a few movie files of brian ive never
seen, as well as articles, reviews, photos, etc.  Would be willing to
swap it for similarly cool stuff w/ you fellow chalkhillians....
(chalkhillites?)  i can be reached at .

As far as the whole trade/sell thing,there's so many factors, and the
bottom line really is that even trading deprives the artist of
potential income.  So to be technical, there really is no difference
in either.  I only trade stuff, these days, telling myself the karma
is less.

Been reading the archives from the very beginning.....  quite a bit of
data compiled.  Thanks, Mr Relph, for the bandwidth and caring.



Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:54:18 -0000
From: "David Smith" <>
Subject: A Partridge on a TV
Message-ID: <002801c2a231$67678550$a9d2c050@oemcomputer>

Hey there, seasons greetings to youse all, I'm back with aching fingers
but a glad heart. "Why?" I hear you ask (c'mon, somebody . . .), well,
as mentioned by someone on the Idea forum, an interview with Andy was
broadcast on the UK Channel 4 TV stations "Teletext" service.

I don't know if you non-Brits have an equivalent - it's the pages of
news ticker-type stuff that are broadcast "behind" your regular TV
station's output. That's the best explanaition I can give you.

So I gave up watching the footie (that's soccer to you Yanks), it was
rubbish anyway, and moseyed on over to the page (is it scientifically
possible to "mosey" to a TV channel using a remote?) and found the

"Blimey," thought I, "not bad. I reckon my Chalkmates would like to see
this." So - and don't say I never give you anything (it IS nearly
Christmas after all) - muggins here sat down with his oh-so-chewed
pencil and a scrap of paper and proceeded to write it all down - and
further more, I then typed it all out!

And here it is!

No need to thank me. No payment necessary. Although Bert, if you're so
convinced that buying is no different from trading, I'll take a tenner
for my efforts, or you can dontae your Bay City Rollers vinyl
collection, cheers mate ;-)

Only joshing . . . enjoy one and all - that's an order. Don't know if
there's copyright issues on this - don't care really!


Transcript of Andy Partridge interview broadcast on UK Channel 4
Teletext system, Dec 12, 2002

"What do people think of XTC now?" asks Andy Partridge, a tad
rhetorically. "I imagine they think we're that bunch of crazy old gnomes
from Swindon." Which would be a somewhat harsh verdict on one of the
most engagingly maverick Brit psychedelic pop bands of the last 20
years, but . . . well, there you go.

With XTC on the back burner, Partridge has issued a pair of CDs of
oddities by the name of Fuzzy Warbles. The CDs form dispatches from XTC
and Partridge's archives, released under Partridge's own name as fellow
XTC-er Colin Moulding opted out.

Both albums contain demos, re-workings of classic tracks and curios such
as Wiltshire Radio jingles and answerphone messages in the style of Bob
Marley. "They're a junk sculpture of rejected songs and embryonic
tracks," Partridge admits. "Colin is more cautious than me and didn't
fancy getting involved."

Recent years have seen XTC work in splendid isolation with little
interaction with the mainstream music industry: "Virgin tried to make us
pop stars," he chuckles. "They'd want bright clothes, hit singles,
Saturday morning kids' TV! And we'd say `oh no!'"

"We always wanted to be an album-based entity, like Captain Beefheart or
Led Zeppelin and Virgin laboured under the misapprehension that we were
The Monkees."

Partridge accepts that XTC drifted out to music's peripheries largely
due to their entrenched hostility towards going out on lengthy tours.
"We toured for five years solid, but by the end it began to seem like
some kind of mobile prison terms," he says. "I found it totally
unnatural. The only people you see all day are the rest of the band,
then suddenly you're in front of thousands of people. It made me ill -
and we haven't toured for twenty years."

After a quarter of a century in music, Partridge is resigned to being
regarded as a musical cult figure approaching national treasure status.
"Mojo interviewed me the other day for a series on great British
eccentrics," he says. "I must admit my first thought was that it's an
offensive phrase."

"I'm not a wacky nutcase who goes around with a cardboard box on his
head making giraffe noises. I'm a songwriter. It's a craft. Like being a
chair maker."

The clinically amiable Partridge gets up a rare head of steam as he sets
about explaining why he's immutably out of step with contemporary music.
"It's a shame, but fun and levity have vanished from music in the last
twenty years," he says. "Everybody is just so desperate to be cool."

"There is no Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, no Mothers Of Invention nowadays.
Music should be allowed to express humour and joy as much as any other
art form."

Partridge gestures vaguely towards another XTC album - "maybe next year,
maybe not" - but is happily involved in a plethora of side projects.
"I'm releasing an album I've recorded with Peter Blegvad early next year
and I'm doing a record with Robert Schneider of Apples In Stereo," he

"I've also got enough archive material for 10 Fuzzy Warbles CDs and I'll
go on making music anonymously." Why? As ever, the question is, why not?


Wasn't that fun? Now off to bed with you, or Santa will never come . . .

Pip pip


My warbles are fuzzy darling, my warbles are fuzzy . . .


Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 05:04:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Jay Gillespie <>
Subject: Reconnecting with your inner pop nerd
Message-ID: <>

I found a review of Fuzzy Warbles on the web-log of
one of my favorite pop artists. Go here:

and then select the Dec 11 post to read the review,
where he pontificates, in part, "The intrigue of a
misguided trip down an artistic back-alley. The
unshiny birth-state of something that becomes a
masterpiece. Snapshots of a great artist in the
process of doing, revealing not the artistry but the

Also, for a slight jab at Andy, check out the Oct. 10

LMP, along with the moniker, share some similarities
with XTC. To hear some LMP, check out the log entries
for Nov 02, Nov 11, Nov 20, and Dec 06, or go here:



Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:28:51 -0500
From: Michael Bonner <>
Subject: Magic band link (still no Q or XTC)
Message-ID: <>

Sorry, I should have included the link for the upcoming Magic Band
reunion. There's a press release and ticket info at:


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