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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #8-61

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 61

                Saturday, 16 November 2002


          Anyone in Swindon care to help a Yank?
         dom-dom-dom-dom... dom-dom-dom-dom-DOM!
              Ben is now as cool as you are
          You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard,
          Our obligation to the next generation
                  XTC on Howard Stern???
                    re: Selling Boots
                  Thug back in the house
                     Ah, Now I Get It
                         Driver 8
                       Bargain Coat
                    The Milking Stool
          Surfacing, off-topic but Apple-happy!
                        True fan?
       Getting Better (but not for the second time)
                  And Another Thing.....
                  Wonderland's Wonderful
                      Talking Heads?
           I'm writing Eric Draves into my will
         Martin Newell-Station Hotel Masterpiece


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Found a house that won't repair itself.


Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 18:09:42 -0800 (PST)
From: John Andrews <>
Subject: Anyone in Swindon care to help a Yank?
Message-ID: <>

Seeking an XTC-loving resident of Swindon willing to
do a little local research for a project concerning
our lads.  I can't afford to travel to England at the
moment and my attempts at e-mail and phone contact has
yielded little, so I need an inquisitive local to do
the footwork for me.  Nothing intrusive or illegal.
Will share results, of course.  Interested?  E-mail me
at "" for more info.

- john


Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 19:47:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: dom-dom-dom-dom... dom-dom-dom-dom-DOM!
Message-ID: <>

How dare you Dom? It's one thing to spat out evil
things like, dare I even type it?... the word (deep
breath, shudder) cum. Wait, no - Todd did that.. well,
that's expected of Todd. Hell, he *is* a drummer. But
how dare you speak of my own personal Lord in that
manner? I just happen to *love* Jesus! C'mon man, the
dude died for my sins. Feel free to chat smack about
the other religions at will - they're all bearing
false witness and will forever flame-on (for all you
Human Torch fans) in the ever-hungry heat of eternal
damnation. Like them, because of *you* Dom, this list
has gone to hell.

Oh - on a serious note... what's wrong with
Wonderland? Uh... hey, where's everybody going? Hello?



Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 22:50:30 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Ben is now as cool as you are
Message-ID: <>


Well, I'm pleased that I survived that one!  At least you didn't run me off
the list as some folk have been run off in the past.  For those of you who
care, I'm already three Beatles albums in the hole (thanks, Annamarie, for
providing a brand-new copy of "Sgt. Pepper's").  For those of you who were
sarcastic biznatches, I hope you get trapped in a room with the song "Put It
In My Mouth" (which is *not* by the Beatles) playing on "Repeat" forever and
ever until your head explodes.

Speaking of things exploding, isn't "My Love Explodes" a fantastic song?


P.S.  So what's up with no new Beatles remasters?  Or should I even open up
that particular Pandora's box?


Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 20:30:50 -0800
From: Kyla <>
Subject: You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard,
Message-ID: <>

I'm doing the best that I can. Me and Ben, that is. Let's don't dance
on the young man's head too hard. Thinking about this astonishing lack
of info has reminded me how surprised I was when I realized that all
the songs my Dad sung to me growing up weren't things he'd made up,
but actual rock-n-roll songs.

As I recall, it was the soundtrack of 'American Grafitti' that finally
set me straight. But I still feel like 'Itty-Bitty Pretty One' and
'Chantilly Lace' were written just for me...

Wot a surprise for me that the first day I post in *ages* is Mr. P's
birfday!  Happy Birthday, Young Master Andy!
(Thank Goddess you're at least a bit older than me...)



Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 07:35:38 +0100
From: Holger Loschner <>
Subject: InstruVenus
Message-ID: <>

Hi there
November 11th - everyone here beneath the world famous Loreley only
think of the beginning of the carnival - the so called 5th season!
Must be something strange to all those who know that this date means
something else. Congrats to the Man. Got my Japanese InstruVenus one
week ago in a well sorted shop and I'm not sure yet what to think
about it! Is it worth the money? Is it a must? Well - it's for
Karaoke! Okay! But I think it's not a must - even for the
hardcore-owner-of-everything. I.m.p.o. it shows one thing very
clearly: there are only two tracks that can stay for themselves as a
musical piece without words - the two Batt-arranged tracks Greenman
and I can't own her. But the rest? There's always something missing
without the words.



Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 06:20:13 EST
Subject: Our obligation to the next generation
Message-ID: <>

I've been shaken to the core by poor Ben, deprived by his parents of any
exposure to the Beatles. His story has caused me to take a good look at
myself and what I'm playing for my own three sons, and it's not pretty.

Outside of some kiddie-friendly B52s, I've ventured as far as Skylarking with
them, and last week we sampled David Bowie's Heathen (the four-year-old hated
it..."Mom, can't we just watch TV?"...and the 5-month-old twins were
oblivious) and some Elvis Costello. But now I'm kicking it into high gear.

My new plan of attack is to start with the basics (Beatles, Who, Led Zepplin)
that are now found on advertisements and work out from there. My initial
concern is to ensure they know enough of those to avoid embarassment in later
years. Once we're done there, we can branch out into more Bowie, XTC, and my
'70s/'80s alternative collection. Good Lord, they have yet to even hear
Talking Heads or the Clash. I feel so inadequate!

I encourage all you parents to do the same for your kids. Save the next
generation! And I congratulate those of you already endeavoring to raise your
kids right.

You've done a great service, Ben. I thank you. My offspring thank you.



Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 06:39:42 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Becki/Todd
Message-ID: <>

>> I know that one of the female vocalists who have inspired her over
>> the years has been Grace Slick in her prime, and I hear shades of
>> Grace, Wendy Waldman and Sandy Denny in her vocal phrasing, and it
>> works with the arrangements.
> Yeah I caught that myself, only I thought Linda Thompson rather than
> Sandy...ahh but they're both so divine, aren't they?

  I just ordered both albums from CDBaby and listened to each once, I hear
Linda Thompson more than anybody else. The resemblance is a bit spooky

>> And, oh, I must congratulate her for her brilliant cover of the
>> Nazz classic "Open My Eyes"!  Becky, I'll have to give you a
>> sampling of Todd Rundgren's best solo work since you were not as
>> conscious of what he'd done since leaving Nazz.
> Oohhhh...really?? I 've been hearing that song on the Nuggets disc
> for ages without realising it was Todd! I must admit I haven't heard
> anything of his except "Something/anything" but I just can't get
> enough of that!

  Except Todd doesn't sing the lead vocal on that one; though he wrote most
of the material for The Nazz, Stewky, the keyboardist, sings lead on just
about everything. Rather odd considering Todd has a much stronger and more
expressive voice. (though he may have lacked the confidence in his voice at
that young age to do anything more than sing backup)

> Well, Cheers all
> Sughosh

-- Satan: "Saddam, you're dead. I killed you."
   Saddam: "Yeah, well, where was I gonna go- Detroit?"

Chris Coolidge

visit my church at


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 08:52:54 -0500
From: "Kehoe, Brendan" <>
Subject: XTC on Howard Stern???
Message-ID: <>

A little teaser in the subject...  Sorry.  Just wanted to pass on that I was
listening to the Howard Stern show on the drive into work (please don't take
it to be an indicator of my intelligence) and they were playing a game
called "Stump the Booee" where they play a song and the contestant and
Bob-a-booee have to guess the name of the song and the band.

Song #2?  Making Plans for Nigel!  The contestant got it right away.
Bob-a-booee had to wait until the first lyrics (which is the name of the
song, of course).  So - XTC has finally made the big time!



Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 06:56:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: re: Selling Boots
Message-ID: <>


Re: bootlegging for fun and profit, Chuck Bisson said:
> Todd, you should be ashamed yourself for making such a comment.  I do
> believe *you* sold me a copy (tape) of Explode Together prior to its
> release in the US.

Believe it or not, you're wrong. I've *never* sold any music (save my own)
to anyone ... trades only, and I believe plenty of people on Chalkhills can
attest to that fact. Besides, having bought Take Away/The Lure of Salvage
and Go+ on LP/EP when they came out, it wasn't until only recently -- well
after the release of Explode Together in the U.S. -- that I picked up the
compilation CD.

>   "Joe Funk":  Let's take a review of nearly all the
> LE classifieds that were put in by June or Peter D. and see how many
> people have been selling bootlegs since around '86 or so.  Will you be
> ignoring those issues?

What I remember from my many years as a LE subscriber was people mostly
offering music for trade. There was some selling of merchandise going on,
and certainly of music as well, but what's your point? The fact that they
did it, or that Pete and June allowed such classifieds to appear, doesn't
make the practice of selling bootlegs ethical.

> Let us not forget Mr Relph's own offering of the
> XTC Acoustic Radio Tour tape which, I believe, *sold out* in a matter of
> days.

I don't know about anyone else, but I got my copy from John as the result of
a trade.

>  Tape or CD, the ramifications are equal.

Your point being...?

>  The only one of you to
> make a comment that was actually valid was our own dear Becki regarding
> Remoulds, although her point came to [sic] late to be effective prior to a
> reprimand towards me of this fact, which has been fixed.

Why do you respect Dave's wishes re:his CD, and not Andy's?

>  How about all
> the Chalkhills Children's offerings?  Have each and every one of you
> earning credit for the songs contacted the rightful copyright holders
> for permission?  I hope, though doubt, that this is the case.

I'm sure Richard will be happy to respond on this point, but given that each
CC was a money-loser, with tapes/CDs priced only to recoup the cost of
manufacturing and mailing them, this is a moot point. It's also a red
herring, given that we're talking about two separate things -- fan tributes
being sold at cost are not the same thing as bootlegged performances by the
original artists being sold for profit by someone unaffiliated with the

Besides, I know for a fact -- as do you, I'd wager! -- that the "rightful
copyright holders" have no problem with the CC series.

> Regardless, as I have always, always stated: Collecting XTC is a hobby,
> not a business, of mine.

You're an avid collector, Chuck, but never once, in all your posts to
Chalkhills, have you "always, always stated" that it's a hobby rather than a
business. Back in May 2001, however, you did offer a bunch of CD-R's that
you'd made for someone else (whom you'd lost contact with) to whomever was
willing to pay "a small fee for myself plus shipping."

>  When I use the word "sale", the cost I give to
> a 'buyer' is what it cost me to make, ship, and materials for the discs.
>  That's about it.  There is no fancy pressing machine.  There are no
> fancy labels.  The only "pretty" to the disc is the big "Memorex" or
> "Maxell" on the label side.

I have no problem with the quality of your packaging (and don't really see
what that has to do with the issue at hand), or with you recouping the costs
of shipping or materials, for that matter. It's the "what it cost me to
make/small fee for myself" part that bothers me. That's what turns this into
commerce and, for me, turns the ethical corner into shaky territory.

>  Not much different than what we all did in
> the age of cassettes.

Not if you sold bootleg cassettes, I suppose! Again, what difference does
the media make? That's not the issue here...

>  If there is any one of you out there who has
> never, ever dubbed a cassette for a friend or family member, copied a
> video tape of a movie, photocopied a page in a book, driven slightly
> over the speed limit, looked in the coin slot of a vending machine for
> change, or any of the hundreds of other violations of the Internation
> Copyright Act or any other international law, I apologize only to you.

I'll ignore the various red herrings in the sentence above, and only point
out -- again -- that making copies of others' materials for someone else
(for whatever reason ... for me, it's usually to promote the artist to the
person with whom I'm sharing their material, hoping that the person will buy
more material from the artist) is one thing; *selling* copies of others'
materials is another thing altogether.

Say, that "Getting Better" song is a catchy tune, eh? Wonder who wrote


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 07:30:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Kzincat <>
Subject: Thug back in the house
Message-ID: <>

Hi folks,

I just returned to this digest after being gone...oh,
like 5 years. I was on this list back in the day when
Nonsuch was a new album and The Little Express was
still available. When people first decided to list
what songs influenced EACH AND EVERY Duke's tune. When
cassettes of the albums where still available and
Oranges and Lemons was at my record store as a RECORD.

Old am I? Yeah, crawling towards 40, but I still rawk,
my friends... LOL

I also want to make an offer to those most interested:

I have a cassette of Bull with the Golden Guts
Open and played a few times, original artwork too.

I was going to put it up on Ebay, but will entertain
offers for it on this list first. I am a fan too, you

Price? hmmmmm... I don't want to be considered a
bootlegger or something. I think if I get no interest
here I would put a reserve of US$50 on ebay just to
dip my toe in the water. I saw it go for over $100 a
few years ago, go figure.

I am thick-skinned, this is up for discussion, since
thats what the list is for, is it not? Fire away.

Email me privately, of course, if you have a nice




Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:00:32 -0500
Subject: Ah, Now I Get It
Message-ID: <>

to "Ben Gott" <>
Naw, you're not a dork.  If you were never introduced to the Beatles'
music, how would you know that the cover of a well-known Beatles tune by a
newer band, Gomez, was not a new song?  By the way, your parents' taste in
music was quite broad and interesting.  Sure wish *MY* house was that full
of musical taste at all!  I had to discover great music on my own!  And,
I'll tell ya, radio was a big help in leading me in the proper directions.
Once top 40 radio on the AM dial stopped providing me with the diversity I
craved, I discovered FM and progressive playlists that were produced each
morning when the DJ hit the mikes.  Now, the only place that a mainstream
audience could even hear a rather interesting piece of music is at the
closing credits of a blockbuster movie...if they sit there through the

I grew up on the Beatles' music, hearing it on Top 40 radio and later on
progressive radio, right around the time SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB
BAND was released and in the young mainstream, both for what it was and for
what we imagined the music was saying to our generation.  Of course I would
be familiar with the group because they were such a *HUGE* part of my
listening habits.

In the age of CD's, the Fab Four's musical output was reissued once and
only once on that format, and nothing more was done with their catalogue as
the format's digitization of older music has improved.  There were those
three double-disk ANTHOLOGY collections, but if you know the state of radio
today, it isn't as if the stuff was being played constantly or as widely as
it would have been premiered at, say, the time that the SGT. PEPPER'S
LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND album was released.  Of course you could find
stations still playing their music, but, again, if you were never really
introduced enthusiastically to the music, you wouldn't be inclined to seek
it out.  The three rareties and outtakes collections sold via word of mouth
and mostly to those who recalled the impact of the Beatles at the time they
were a household word to be reckoned with.  If you were *NOT* in that line
of conversation, you probably would not even care, especially when
musicians like Michael Stipe of REM was declaring the Beatles' music is as
uninteresting as elevator music!  With comments like that and your lack of
awareness of the full output of this band from the beginning, how could
anyone expect you to know or care whether or not the Gomez song was actualy
penned by Paul McCartney and his former, now long since dead bandmate, John

This is partially the fault of the industry, once again.  Look at the state
of the Rolling Stones' catalogue.  I'll bet you know who the Rolling Stones
are, right? That is because (1) they are still active and touring each year
and (2) there have been reissues and upgrades of their catalogue, even with
mini-LP sleeve editions here in the U.S.  If Capitol even cared one bit
about what the Fab Four have done, their entire catalogue would have been
given royal treatment beyond what the Stones are now seeing.  Of course,
I'm not denying that there were expensive bits of Beatles audio and visual
memorabelia out there, like two large sets devoted to Beatles singles and
U.K. e.p.'s, but the fans were waiting for the full and complete albums,
with original cover art and the whole nine yards of attention that we've
seen given much lesser (but still as interesting)bands!  Hey, the '70's
group, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA or Chicago) are treated better than
the Beatles!  Could you imagine how wonderful the stuff would be if it was
reissued from the absolute *ORIGINAL* master tapes?  It almost seems as if
a member of this band has to *DIE* before any upgrades on their catalogue
becomes more than a blip on the industry's radar!  George Harrison recently
passed away, so *NOW* we just *MIGHT* get his entire back catalogue
reissued properly!  Thanks, guys.

If material from those ANTHOLOGY albums was ever played on goofy morning
radio, it was usually fodder to attack the remaining members for waiting so
long to release all those golden moments that were being swopped by
collectors for years!  The Beatles have almost become nothing more than a
closet industry, and this is sad!

I have a copy of a 10-CD set of some of the better rareties and outtakes
that never even made it to the ANTHOLOGY collection, including a rather
worn recording of "It's All Too Much" with that missing lyric.  It is said
that this expensive bootleg set actually shamed Capitol into piecing
together the ANTHOLOGY sets.  What the hell is taking Capitol so goddamn
long?  Do they expect the gold on that group name to last?  With modern
musicians thumbing their noses at the importance of this band, perhaps it
is time for those failed shoe salesmen (as Frank Zappa once dubbed record
company execs in general) who are in the top office at Capitol to take
charge and treat the Beatles' albums like the gold they really are!!!



Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 10:03:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Driver 8
Message-ID: <>

A few thoughts from the Ministry....

1) I am swamped with finishing my basement before Christmas so I
apologize to all of you to whom I should have been writing emails, you
all know whom you are, but particularly you my good Culnane. I hope you
are well and I will try to get a missive off to you soon.

2) Becki RAWKS! I love the new LP, but then again I loved the old LP.
Buy em both NOW! How this stuff isn't blasting from every Radio in the
Northern Semisphere is a total mystery to me. Not really given the
corruption of the radio industry but still, this stuff is so good.
Every time I listen to one I normally wake up the next day, humming it
and not even realizing it. And my whites are whiter too!

3) Yeah I still call em Lps, I'm old, I'm Pre-8 Track actually. So Sue

4) RPA, say oh say what the hey with King For A Day? Are you a taking
pre-orders for Christmas?

5)Bisson, your message in no way conveyed that you were offering
not-for-profit copies of XTC material. Sounded to me like you were
selling CDs and profiting from it. ANYONE that sells REMOULDS in ANY
form is a total scumbag and had better not ever get within 50" of me
cause I will beat the #$%^ out of em. I don't have issues with boots
per se , I buy em, quite a few actually. But I personally refuse to
profit from the sale of others material and I'd like to think that
other Chalkers are as honorable\ethical. Chalk Children releases never
made a profit I'd reckon, they were done for fun and the fact that you
used them as an example proves that you don't know the difference.
Shame on you.

6)The only XTC release that has ever been issued on 8-Track is Drums
and Wires. Go-2 is listed in the Chalkhills Discog but I know of no-
one thas has it or has seen it and that includes most of the serious
XTC collectors in the world, of which I might be the biggest but only
by girth (Quality self-deprecating fat joke there, I'm working on it
really cause I miss my shoes badump bump - 2 shoes nightly, remember to
tip the waitresses)

7) DOM! I missed ya, god did I miss ya- welcome home!

8) Wonderland you say "Hell Yeah" (Little Ani refernce for ya Deb)I can
justify that.
Do you have any idea how many self-anguished, alterna-poetress, english
majoring, introspective chics Colin pulled with that song? Talk about
tapping into a gold-mine! They were lined up backstage with tomes of
Browning and Keats in hand planning on just begging to touch the hem of
his robe and then... Oh Colin YOU da MAN!

Oh wait, they had stopped touring by then...Hmmmmm, Yeah OK beats me
then. I still like it better than Gold though. It ain't their worst
song, least not on my list.

9)Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben, Man I wish I could have been a virus in your
'puter to watch the avalanche of response that must have hit ya. I
refrained myself. Least you know why it sounded familar now.

10) And I will quote from young Ben here as well.

"The answer is simple: I just haven't
gotten there yet.  The music of my formative years was XTC; I seem to
have started in the 1990s and am working backward.  As I look at my CDs
from across my living room, I see tons of bands that sound *like* XTC
or have been influenced by them, but very few bands who have influenced
the sound of our boys from Swindon."

This brings to mind something that troubles me from time to time both
here on Chalk and with my friends and family as well. And I am not
trying to pick on you here Ben this is just a perfect point to start a
thread that has been on my mind for a long time.

Why do people listen to bands "Like" XTC. Or "Like" Gorelord for that
matter. ( Is this really even a Band or is my chain on perma-yank? I am
SOOOO out of touch with metal)

To me anyway XTC is pretty much the epitome of what intelligent
brilliant POP music can be. Do you really need anyone else? For me the
answer most times is No. Eels, Wallflowers, Lilac Time, Blur, and a
host of others that I have heard reccomended here as being in the XTC
family, or XTCesque if you will. I have heard em, the stuff is good I
agree, but it isn't AS good as XTC, so why bother. Why spend your hard
earned on something so similar yet inferior to XTC.

And here is my point. Go listen to something else. Listen to Acid-Jazz,
Metal, Prog, Opera, Country (And Western), Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae,
Blues, Punk, Hardcore, Classical, R&B and any other thing you can
possibly find, personally I enjoy both Australian Aborijine music via
Dijerodoo (SP I know) as well as bagpipe music by Royal Scottish
Marching Bands. Get out there and try new stuff. Stopping eating from
the Apples, Oranges and Lemons and go try some guava and mango try
kiwi, hell try dirt. But try new stuff cause some of it is great. Some
of it sucks of course, at least to you, but some of it will curl your
toes and ALL of it will expand your mind musically and will make you
appreciate XTC more. Or Gorelord or whatever your personal fave is,
deviate from the course, stray from the flock and take the disc less
traveled. When you look back your travels will be richer and your
reward will be greater. Sorry for my diatribe, I will now get off the
soap box. I hope this made some of you think about your purchases, Oh
and a great way to find new music is via the turntable, they made those
big vinyl things for a lot longer than any other medium and you can get
them SOOOOO cheap used. Garage sales, the net, your local INDEPENDANT
record store. Go buy something you know nothing about and see what
happens. If anone who in my vernacular "Eats incessantly from the same
tree" would like to resond I would love to read your thoughts cause I
really don't get it and I'd like to at least understand that mindset.

11) The three front guys from the original XTC, you know Barry, Colin
and Andy? I am skipping Terry cause it screws up my theory. So did you
ever notice their initials? Yep A. B. C.  so they took a CAB and B.
left and then came D.  And they beat up a CAD And then D left and it
was just C and A which doesn't even spell nuthin' How sad is that? Or
how sad is it that I actually spent time thinking bout it? Still I
think it is weird that of the 5 members four of their names start with
the first four letters of the Alphabet. Now that is Quirky!

12) Bert, WHATEVER!

I hope that this renewed surge in Chalks will continue as it does
really provide a nice break from my normal life.

Best Wishes all,



PS: Sushiman where are ya?


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:24:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Ken Clinger <>
Subject: Bargain Coat
Message-ID: <>

For those who for some unbelievable reason don't have Coat of Many
Cupboards yet, or want to give it as a nifty Xmas gift, has it for $35.98.

They have free shipping if you buy two items (any two items), tho this
probably only applies to the US.


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:49:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: The Milking Stool
Message-ID: <>

Jamie spake thusly:

"Lastly has anyone heard of the 2 instrumental
versions of Apple Venus and Wasp Star which apparently
are Japan-only releases (but available from CDnow
for a mere 35 dollars each)?  Is it just me or do I
feel a milking stool being brought out?"

Here's the dealio - Andy and I talked at length about
this one. He knows that there will be *very* limited
interest in these discs. When Andy was a younger man
he often dissected the music of his idols... twiddling
the knobs, trying to hear what was going on behind the
vocals of his favorite songs. He always wished that
bands would release the backing tracks, sans vocals of
course, so he could hear what was happenin'. This is
far from milking us fans... he will most likely *not*
make money on these discs. And it's understandable
that Colin doesn't want to participate in ventures
gaurenteedlmost gaurenteed to lose money. Whether or
not you are interested in these discs... I applaud
Andy for putting them out and am very excited about
his new label... which will allow him to release a
wide variety of things that would have been left on
the shelf otherwise.

If you are interested... wait and buy them through the
Idea site. Talked with Andy this morning and he was in
the mid of his second full day of autographing copies
of Fuzzy Warbles - did 800 on the first day and only
had 1200 to go. These, of course, will be sold through
the Idea site.




Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:21:16 +0100
From: Johan Ekdahl <>
Subject: Surfacing, off-topic but Apple-happy!
Message-ID: <>

Just a few words to share a happy moment:

Yesterday The Apples In Stereo played in that remote part of
the world that i call home (Lund in southern Sweden, Europe).

Having semi-discovered The AIS through this list and the 'hills-site,
and downloaded a few tracks off their site but not gotten around
to buying any of their CDs, I went to the concert just around the
block from me.

Dirt cheap (about 10 USD) it was more than worth it though the
set was only about 40 minutes including _one_ extra.

Should anyone from the band be on this list I hereby apologize
for the 90-or-so percent of the audience that looked either
bored or just baffeled. I myself and some ten or twenty others
had a great smiling time along with the band though.

I also got to buy the three CDs: "Sound Effects 92-00", "The
Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone" and "Velocity Of Sound".
After having listened to the fist two of these I can do nothing
else but highly recommend them! Alas "Her Wallpaper Reverie" was
missing from the merchandise-table...

Fellow swedish, norwegian and dutch 'hillers: Keep Your eyes open
for a Apples In Stereo appearence in Your vincinity! Check their
website: .

As always greetings to You all, but especially to Mr Relph for
the site and the list and Mr Boudreau, Mr Strijbos, Mr Bartlett
and Mr Corless for past transactions.

Dive-dive-dive! (Submerging to periscope depth)

  --Johan Ekdahl, Sweden


Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 07:36:07 -0800
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: True fan?
Message-ID: <00e101c28bf3$8cc798c0$>

Andy called me today (13nov02) and I thought it perfect timing to ask a few
questions about his music, his performances and his recordings and his
rights therein.

Bisson states:
> How about all
> the Chalkhills Children's offerings?  Have each and every one of you
> earning credit for the songs contacted the rightful copyright holders
> for permission?  I hope, though doubt, that this is the case.

While I'm not quite sure what it is you mean by "earning credit"  I can
answer for everyone involved.  No.  There were no performance rights secured
for those releases.  Having said that, Andy and Colin love the fact that
"amateurs" are doing "tributes" songs and putting them together.  Andy says
that (I'm paraphrasing but I'm very close to his exact words), though some
are not very accomplished or refined in their presentation, he is very
touched by the passion that people have for his music.

Of the CC series, there were 800 units produced over the three year run and
they were done on a break-even scheme so I didn't make my money back until
all units were sold.

Legally, it would fall under the classification of a "fan club" release and
EMI would waste a lawyer's phone call on trying to collect the royalties.
My tributes were mentioned in Song Stories so it's not like there was no way
for EMI to find out.

Now... as for the recordings you are offering, Andy has this to say (and the
tone he used on this was not very friendly and was prefaced with ,"I waited
20 years to get a paycheck."  When someone else is copying and distributing
his music, he gets very unhappy.):

> English Settlement Live Tour 1982
This is an illegal bootleg.  Plain and simple.

> Set 2)  Acoustical O&L Radio Tour 1989
These "recordings" are actually controlled by the individual radio stations
and if they are produced and sold, royalties are due.  Plain and simple.

> Set 3) Some miscellaneous stuff that more than likely won't be on upcoming
official releases:
    Jules Verne Sketchbook
    The Bull With The Golden Guts
    Star Park (copy of the Italian bootleg disc)
    DG- Remoulds

"More than likely"?  You are misinformed.  Portions of "The Jules Verne
Sketchbook" and "The Bull With The Golden Guts" will be included on Fuzzy
Warbles (which Andy says will be available via the XTC website but Japan
will have it's own release because few Japanese patronize the website and
Japan is their second biggest market).

While Andy didn't say the name "Star Park," he says that there is some VERY
old material on there.  He was going to read off the song list to see if
there were any that I hadn't heard before but I was in a hurry so I saidI'd
wait for the surprise.

As far as Remoulds goes, Dave made these for his friends (without securing
permission to cover the songs! - Ah, the irony!).  Did you receive the copy
first hand?  If so, you are not a good friend and Dave's sending you a copy
was an oversight.  If not, this falls into the category of "selfish
completist."  A psychological category that has had insufficient research
but numerous examples of collectors who have to have absolutely EVERYTHING
associated with the subject of their collection. regardless of legality or

> When I use the word "sale", the cost I give to
> a 'buyer' is what it cost me to make, ship, and materials for the discs.

So, hey can I get a copy of the remastered Black Sea or the Mobile Fidelity
copy of Skylarking at "your cost"?  No?  But what's the difference?  You're
taking money AWAY from the people you love to support (and remember; If you
don't support them, they will not be able to continue to do what you want
them to do).  Conversely, I realize that there is no mechanism in place to
pay royalties to XTC for dubbing bootlegs.

In any event, I understand your dillema.  You would like to share what you
have with others who may not have these recordings.  Doing so with local
friends would go unnoticed and nobody gets their knickers in a knot.  You
offer them up on Chalkhills at cost and a fire fight ensues.  A bunch of
ingrates, perhaps?  Nah, that's not it.  You have probably received a bunch
of orders.  I simply think you could have been clearer in your initial email
and that has been rectified.

I'm not trying to judge you or imply that I live by a higher standard than
you.  I'm passing along the opinion and perspective of the person who
rightfully SHOULD be making money from these recordings and isn't.



Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:13:16 -0000
From: "Crawford" <>
Subject: Getting Better (but not for the second time)
Message-ID: <000501c28c8f$9dcd88e0$1100000a@studio1>

Just a quick *delurk* to say that are we sure
that the 'Getting Better' tune on the Phillips
commercial isn't that vastly inferior Gomez cover
Hello to Dom,
Regards everyone,

p.s. Wonderland is a load of poncey shite, always
        has been always will be, now Ladybird on the
       other hand, *that's* a song!


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:39:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: And Another Thing.....
Message-ID: <>

Just picked up the latest release from the finest band in Canada "The
Tragically Hip". Their New Lp is called "In Violet Light" All of which
is moot and irrelevant here.

What I thought I'd relate is that the producer\engineer and mixer for
this Hip project is none other than our old friend Hugh Padgham and The
Big DRUM sound is still alive and well and apparently KICKING in

Way to use the force Hugh!



Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 19:06:21 +0000
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: Wonderland's Wonderful
Message-ID: <>

Dear Affiliated Members,

Been a long time since I posted. The Wonderland challenge was the last
straw. OK. I love that song. Hell, I love the album it's on. I used to
defend Mummer back in 1997 when I first discovered Chalkhills, but I don't
want to waste my time anymore. Mummer used to be my favorite XTC album and
it's still in the top three. Why is Wonderland so bad? The melody? The
words? Ahhh, must be the musical arrangements! You folks crack me up.

And another thing... Ya ever heard of sarcasm? Well, you should assume that
when someone who obviously knows a famous song (by the Beatles) and pretends
they don't - assume they do and take it for what it is. A joke. Sheesh.

PS: I just Loooovvvveeeee COMC. That live stuff has really impressed my
non-XTC fan friends. Perhaps it will finally dawn on them what they have
been missing all these years.
Bring on the fuzzy warbles!


Ralph (Want more live XTC) DeMarco


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:43:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Talking Heads?
Message-ID: <>

>From a fellow critter-mourner, my condolences to Kyla
on the death of her bird, Cordwainer. Is that a
reference to the science fiction writer, or is she a
student of the art and science of shoemaking?

(Do I have anything longer than a short story by
Cordwainer Smith in my Entire Wall of Speculative
Fiction? Curiously, no; all the Smiths I've got are
George O. and Edward E.)

Kyla wrote in Digest #8-60:

"[A]fter long perusals, I finally spot a question I
can answer from Ben Gott:

"'1) You know the song used in the Philips
commercials? "You've got to admit it's getting better
/ Getting better all the time"? Is that an actual
song? It's catchier than Harrison Sherwood with a big

"Please, PLEASE, P*L*E*A*S*E* tell me you're joking,
Ben. Anyway, you have a quarter of your answer in Mr.
Sherwood's first name."

Omigod! "Getting Better All the Time" is by the

Ryan Anthony
An independent Internet content provider


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 21:07:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: I'm writing Eric Draves into my will
Message-ID: <>

Painfully off-topic, I know, but short, at least ...

Ben Gott writes:

"*Law & Order* rocks."

Eric Draves replies, in Digest #8-60:

"I only liked it when it crossed over with

Bravo, Eric! I'm writing you into my will. I've got
these three items I found at yard sales, and you can
have your pick. Would you prefer this funny old
postage stamp with an upside-down biplane, or Micky
Mantle's rookie card, or *Action* Comics No. 1?

Ryan Anthony
An independent Internet content provider

P.S.: The accused "Beltway Snipers" visited Tucson
this past spring, and now a previously-unsolved murder
of a golfer, picked off from long range while out by
himself on a local course, is being linked to them.
Talk about taking your act on the road before you open
in the big city!


Date: 16 Nov 2002 10:13:40 EST
From: John.J.Pinto@Hitchcock.ORG (John J. Pinto)
Subject: Martin Newell-Station Hotel Masterpiece
Message-ID: <38557849@mailbox2.Hitchcock.ORG>

One of the things that I have loved most about XTC are the "side
trips" that I have been exposed to along the way. The first would be
Peter Blegvad. The other is someone I first read about in The Little
Express; a gardener who was coming out of musical retirement to gig
about England with his trusty side kick. The trick was that they were
travelling on bicycles and carrying all their own equipment. It's been
many years and many albums later but Martin Newell continues to amaze

His latest effort,   "SONGS FROM THE STATION HOTEL" arrives with very
little fanfare from Joachim Reinbold's JARMUSIC lable (LC 02914
JAR-048) and it is without question one of the best things that Martin
has done since the better songs on "The Off White Album".

This EP is a brilliant five song  meditation as Martin says
".... inspired in some way by thoughts I've had while drinking in The
Station Hotel, Wivenhoe, which is a great pub". The first two songs
return to musical ground that will be familar to those who have heard
"The Greatest Living Englishman". Newell uses certain chords and
progressions when he writes about society and habitat. I consider him
a peer of Ray Davies as a social observer although Martin paints from
a more provincial palette. The disc in many ways is constructed like a
Pop Tune  ( Two in,  Middle Eight,  Two Out). It's the next three
songs that have completely captured my ears. "Return To Tuscany Row"
is the middle bridge section, echoing the previous song and is a Beach
Boys Homage that must be heard to believe how great it is. THEN two of
the FINEST songs that Martin has ever written. They are reflective,
mature songs that have a musical self awareness similar to "Rubber
Soul" era Beatles and the lyrics ! of a great Poet. If you can't
immediately hear yourself in these songs then perhaps you have never
Loved and Lost.

Chalkhills Webpage will get you there.....


End of Chalkhills Digest #8-61

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