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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 59

                 Monday, 11 November 2002


                      Re: Becki etc.
                 The Actual Content Post
               What Color Is Your Colophon?
                     Boots For Sale??
                      dumb dumb dumb
                  Both sides of the coin
             Re: Swindon Link XTC References
                   late night ramblings
                         OT: BDB
                  You've got to admit...


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Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 08:55:04 +0530
From: "Sughosh Varadarajan" <>
Subject: Re: Becki etc.
Message-ID: <000a01c28156$7442ca60$0438c5cb@SughoshVaradarajan>

>I know that one of the female vocalists who have
> inspired her over the years has been Grace Slick in her prime, and I hear
> shades of Grace, Wendy Waldman and Sandy Denny in her vocal phrasing, and
> it works with the arrangements.

Yeah I caught that myself, only I thought Linda Thompson rather than
Sandy...ahh but they're both so divine, aren't they?

>And, oh, I must congratulate her for her
> brilliant cover of the Nazz classic "Open My Eyes"!  Becky, I'll have to
> give you a sampling of Todd Rundgren's best solo work since you were not
> conscious of what he'd done since leaving Nazz.

Oohhhh...really?? I 've been hearing that song on the Nuggets disc for ages
without realising it was Todd! I must admit I haven't heard anything of his
except "Something/anything" but I just can't get enough of that!

>*NOTHING* beat the possibilities
> for artistic experiment on a vinyl album cover.  Hey, we still can't
> duplicate the beauty of that original cover of the Rolling Stones' album,
> III, right?

Oh yeah, that's for sure! Don't forget Sticky fingers and the Velvets' debut
disc either. Oh, and if anyone on this list happens to own a vinyl copy of
Steeleye Span's "Ten man mop, or Mr. Reservoir Butler rides again", I'd sure
like to know what the cover's like...recently got the CD and it says that
was probably one of the most expensive record sleeves ever made!

Some XTC content...recently got "Chips from the chocolate fireball", thanks
to the overwhelming kindness of a certain Gray Packham from Australia, and I
am SO totally in love with this disc! It's amazing how perfectly they do the
psychedelic stuff..."Bike ride to the moon", in particular, is straight out
of Syd! Other faves are "You're a good man,Albert Brown", and the enchanting
"Pale and precious"

Well, Cheers all

"What you've chewed on is the truth,
 and that's the hardest thing to wash down with a glass of lemonade."
                            - Andy Partridge


From: Chris Vreeland <>
Subject: The Actual Content Post

Yesterday, Monday the 14th of October, marks a peculiar moment in
Austin music history, that may be of interest to you, the XTC
enthusiast. It is with decided relish that I report the first
rehearsal of a new XTC tribute band, tentatively called Scarecrow
People, provided no one comes up with a better name between now and
next spring, when we'll most likely have this beast wrestled to the

The original lineup of "Other the Cat," which formed temporarily for
the sake of recording two songs for the King For a Day tribute
project still forms the core of the group. Fortunately, we've
enlisted an actual singer, so as to not needlessly inflict anyone
else with my "vocals," unlike the tribute.

Monday, we managed to play three songs all the way through: Peter
Pumpkinhead, Respectable Street and Mayor of Simpleton. We've
successfully enlisted a harmonica player willing to do the one part
of Peter Pumpkinhead then hang around and drink beer thereafter, and
two or three possible keyboard players/multi-instrumentalists have
expressed interest. This will probably be a pretty large band, with
however many people it takes to get it right appearing on stage, and
changing from song to song, depending upon the individual song's
needs. Russ, the trumpet player has reminded us that "There are
several XTC songs with trumpet in them," and plans are being laid for
a string of trumpeting numbers at some point in the set.

Here's the rest of the "homework list" of songs we plan on working up
in the short-term, which will be added to greatly once we enlist a
keyboard player:

I'd Like That                   Apple Venus
Burning With Optimism's Flames  Black Sea
No Language in our Lungs        Black Sea
Respectable Street              Black Sea
Rocket From a Bottle            Black Sea
Towers of London                Black Sea
All of a Sudden                 English Settlement
Yacht Dance                     English Settlement
Love on a Farmboy's Wages       Mummer
Books Are Burning               Nonsuch
Crocodile                       Nonsuch
Peter Pumpkinhead               Nonsuch
That Wave                       Nonsuch
The Dissapointed                Nonsuch
Mayor of Simpleton              Oranges and Lemons
Scarecrow People                Oranges and Lemons
Earn Enough for Us              Skylarking
I'm the Man Who Murdered love   Wasp Star
We're All Light                 Wasp Star
Wheel and the Maypole           Wasp Star
Funk Pop-a-Roll                 Mummer
Scissor Man                     Drums and Wires
Millions                        Drums and Wires

We'll probably throw a kick-off party somewhere, for friends and fans
before attempting to schedule any club gigs (if such a thing is even
possible) and of course I'll announce that here, probably mid-spring.
Expect a sonic feast.

To satisfy short-term curiosity, I've put together an Other the Cat
web page, with info and MP3's of out KFAD contributions at:

Also, if you're morbidly curious, I've uploaded some old songs from a
late 80's era band of mine, Hurlo Thrumbo, which was consistently
described as "different..." and "...interesting," by people who
attended our few shows. Give this page a
while to load-- there's 3 MP3's loaded on it. Strict use of irony

Chris "If I record 4:33 of my amp humming at 60 cycles, does that
count?" Vreeland

Oh, joy. It's another website.


Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:43:13 EST
Subject: What Color Is Your Colophon?
Message-ID: <>

So I imagine you'll all have your copies of Coat of Many Whatnots handy.
You'll need them for this little quiz. Those who've come to class
unprepared, go fetch them from the cloakroom. Go ahead, I'll wait.

What? Your copy is a third-generation dupe, burned from a
friend-of-a-friend?  You don't actually *own* an original? Right, you may
see me after class.  There may be some detention in your future...

Now then. Open your booklets, past all that verbose crap written by that
raving egomaniac, past all the pretty pictures and goofy song commentary
written by those other two egomaniacs, past the credits, aaaaaaall the way
to the very last page of the booklet, the one that would qualify as the back
cover, if this booklet weren't bound inside a CD case that has its own back
cover. Page the Last, facing Discs 3 and 4.

Now cast your eyes down that page. At the bottom of the page you will see a
little graphical device, what in the book biz is called a colophon. See it?
A little antique-y looking dealie, knocked out in white?

It looks like a circle with two crossed canoe paddles stuck through it. The
word "FIN" appears in the circle. There are some garlands around the lower
half of the circle.

So, class, here is your assignment: what is this thing, and what does it

The answer, which I got from Andrew Swainson, the cover and booklet's
designer, is quite funny.

Harrison "Unlike everything else these days" Sherwood


Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 08:45:27 -0600
From: "Joe Funk" <>
Subject: Boots For Sale??
Message-ID: <001a01c281b5$5247dc20$>

>From: C Bisson <>

>Once again, I thought I'd share some of the wealth.   <snip>
>Set 1)  English Settlement Live Tour 1982

This is a big No-No...  The sale of boots is not only illegal,

Please keep this shite off this list..

(back to lurk)


Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:25:27 -0800
From: "Jason Brown (Echo Services Inc)" <>
Subject: dumb dumb dumb
Message-ID: <>

Duncan Watt wrote:
> I mean, Neil Fucking FINN doesn't have a record deal in the US!  Sure,
> he's not going to hit the Top 40 today, but are you telling me that there
> aren't enough fans in the whole country to support a small release and
> campaign? Of course there are!

What the hell are you talking about?  Neil Finn does have a record deal
in the US.  He is signed to the decent sized indie Nettwerk America
(which I think is distributed by a major label).  He had an fairly
extensive tour of the US earlier this year of large clubs too support
the release of One All (a rejiggered version of One Nil) and the 7
worlds Collide Live album and DVD.  The concert here in Seattle at the
Showbox was heavily promoted by the local AAA format station KMTT The
Mountain which played the single right next their usual


Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 12:39:21 -0800 (PST)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Both sides of the coin
Message-ID: <>


Dr. Pilpy: Game, set, match. Nice form.

On the other side of the coin, CBisson is "sharing" the wealth by *selling*
(??) CD-Rs of some XTC stuff, including live cuts, tracks from "Jules Verne"
and "Bull," etc.  I'd like to take the time to remind everyone here that
Andy *will* be making this stuff available through Idea Records, and AFAIK
even Dave might be planning to release Remoulds, so wait and buy a
high-quality product from a legitimate source, eh? If you need this stuff
right away, then trade for it ... there's no need to enrich those who are
content to profit from other people's efforts.

Back to the bright side of the coin again ... Brendan Kehoe, nice work. You
*can* make a difference if you try!

Finally, from Our Dom:
> Mind you, as I sit here listening to 'Cumfucked Face
> Of Death' by Gorelord, I am beginning to wonder if my
> idea of a good aural time coincides with anyone else's
> on the's hoping!

Dude, I've always preferred their "Necrophilic Orgy in Entrails and Cum,"
but hey, you're the music journalist!



Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 05:59:44 +0000
From: "Paul Culnane" <>
Subject: Re: Swindon Link XTC References
Message-ID: <>

Nice letter from you Brendan.  I share your angst.  Hey, with a name like
that, you can only be linked to the Irish lineage as I am.  And welcome


From: "Kehoe, Brendan" <>
>Do not sell short one of Swindon's finest assets (or three of them, if you
>look at them as individuals).

Yeah.  But I suggest it's FIVE.  Lest we forget the erstwhile TERRY CHAMBERS
and mad early keyboardsman BARRY ANDREWS.  Fine assests there too!

I'm reminded of that great TV documentary (circa "Mummer" time) called "Play
At Home", during which our boys visited various Swindon landmarks, including
the (now sadly demolished) mural that displayed, among others, various
denizens of Swindon, including Diana Dors (formerly, the worryingly
monikered Diana Fluck) and Supertramp's Rick Davies.  There, for all to see
(not now though) were pictorial visages of all FIVE original members of the

Comfortingly, my mate Terry still possesses fragments of chalk taken from
the fabled hill.

I guess we keep the pilgrimage up, from various other angles of revere.

Oh, nice to read the delightful expunges from Mr Lawson:  welcome back -a
breath of farty air, well-required in these parts.

And to the intrepid Ben "oh Mein Gott":  great taste, boogie-boy.
Interesting that you choose to bookend your compilation with selections from
Aussie artistes.  I salute your choices, and would like to reinforce the
fact that there is SO MUCH fantastic music emanating from these shores that
you other folks never have the chance to hear.  We do it pretty well, you

But we don't quite approach our Swindon sons.  Will anyone ever?

Finally, I dunno if I should reveal this here, but you all must know what
musical talent we have in our midst.  My dear friend Todd Bernhardt sent me
a CD of his band ("Scooby Don't", ha ha), performing a delightful selection
of enthusiastically and deftly managed covers.  Among them, a corking
version of "Ten Feet Tall".  Hey, is that really Mr Sherwood on vox and gtr?
  Who'd have thought?  It's great!  S'pose anyone interested in this supreme
artefact should contact said Todd or Harrison.  Me?  I'm chuffed with it and
feel privileged.

Okay, time to add a few more brush-strokes to the Hieronymous Bosch painting
that is my life...

Oh, another nifty quote (I think): "You're the giant fingernail and the
world is your blackboard."

Umm, I love you all, 'cos it rhymes with:


Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 22:08:13 -0800
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: late night ramblings
Message-ID: <>

hi folks,

it's way too late for me to be writing this, as i might say (write)
something i'll regret later.  but here goes...

in the #8-58 digest a "C Bisson" lists some cd-r's for sale, and while i
don't usually mind seeing such "boots" offered to fans (ie: for trade),
i must admit that i don't think it's right that one of these is the dave
gregory "remoulds" cd.  if memory serves, dave sent a limited number of
these out to friends and a selected group of fans *for their ears only* --
for someone to *sell* a copy of this is, in my humble opinion, just not
right.  there, i've typed it.  and yes, i do feel better.

a "DoctorPilpy" also posted, a lengthy and informative note about the music
business/industry and its goings-on.  scary, sad, no doubt true, and reminds
me why i should probably stay the heck away from such "biz" if i want to
keep control of my music (as well as my sanity).  truth be told, i used to
think that signing a big contract w/ a big label was _the_ goal.  now,
though, i've come to realize (from what i've read and the stories i hear
from other musicians) that there _are_ other options to getting one's music
out there.  and while i may have to pay for every aspect of making a cd
myself (recording, mastering, artwork, pressing, etc.), the marketing and
promotion, trying to get people to write reviews, get some radio play --
exhausting and not-always-rewarded work -- it sure beats losing control and
getting "lost" in a sea of suits.  plus, by doing things on more of a
"homegrown" level, i've managed to correspond w/ some really great folks
(many of whom subscribe to this fine list).  this means more to me than
selling out and being made to create formula radio music for the masses.

so thanks for the post, docpilp, and for your words of wisdom (and warning).

special thanks to kevin for your kind post/review about my albums, it makes
me happy knowing you're digging the tunes.

in case any of you are wondering -- the 'dream paper' is coming along nicely
thanks to many of your suggestions regarding songs to include (special
thanks to todd bernhardt for his keen cd).  one fellow chalkhillian told me
about roy harper's "the dream society," but now i can't remember who this
was _and_ i was going to do a sort of *trade* w/ them around it.  can this
person kindly contact me again??  also, someone mentioned a song by
radiohead called "pyramid song," as well as an album by kevin ayers called
"confessions of dr. dream & other stories."  does anyone out there happen to
have copies of these??  please please, if so, contact me off-list.

oh, and one other thing: there's a _very_ psychedelic song by the strawberry
alarm clock called "rainy day mushroom pillow" (i kid you not) w/ a chorus
that refers to dreams.  i've actually managed to contact the cat who wrote
this song and he confirmed that this is true.  _very_ cool of him to take
the time and correspond w/ me about it.  if any of you haven't heard this
tune, do check it out.  and thanks to kevin wollenweber, i've discovered
another psychedelic gem by the band traffic, a song called "hole in my shoe"
that andy and company _must_ have heard before writing 'the dukes' songs.
_this_ tune has it all: trippy sitar, whimsical lyrics, even a
mini-storytelling by a young child smack in the middle of the song...

peace to all and good night,


"Sometimes we're attached to our bodies for very good reasons."

~~ William S. Burroughs


Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 20:32:05 EST
Subject: OT: BDB
Message-ID: <>

Greetings, Chalksters -- Thought I'd get the family opinion of Damon Gough,
aka Badly Drawn Boy (Manchester). Saw him up close and personal in Annapolis
(Maryland, USA) a few weeks ago, just him and his geetar. Rather charming
chap. Lovely music. Must lose that woolen cap, though.

Time to slip back under the covers.
'Night, all.



Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 20:25:03 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: You've got to admit...
Message-ID: <>

Dreamers (awaken!),

Two questions, both unrelated to XTC:

1) You know the song used in the Philips commercials?  "You've got to admit
it's getting better / Getting better all the time"?  Is that an actual song?
It's catchier than Harrison Sherwood with a big net.

2) I just bought and read Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco's book _Analog Days:
The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer_.  In this interesting and
well-written book, Pinch and Trocco discuss about a number of albums that
incorporate Moog synthesizers (duh!)  Anyway, they mention an album by a
group called Tonto's Expanding HeadBand; the album is called "Zero Time."
There's a picture of the TONTO synthesizer (designed by two fellows named
Malcolm Cecil and Bob Margouleff) and it's the coolest damn thing I've ever
seen.  Would anyone have a copy of this album that you'd be willing to burn
for me?  I checked on GEMM and it's, like, $40.  Apparently, all of the
TONTO albums were rereleased on CD a few years ago, too...but that sucker's
long out of print.  Write me off list if you've got a copy, and we'll work
something out.

And remember: "Law & Order" rocks.  So does XTC.



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