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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 56

                Wednesday, 9 October 2002


            put your thinking/dreaming caps on
                        Look Look
               Re: the Cage / Batt battles
     shameless theft from
               Best Band You've Never Heard
                  re: a moment's silence
                   The Whoring Silence
               THE XTC POST... it's alive!
                       Re: Silence
                  Wallpaper for the Soul


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Found a house that won't repair itself.


Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 14:07:25 -0400
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Subject: Noteworthy
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Antibozo

Notes on a couple of recent items...

Cage v. Batt: I don't have a copy of the score to 4'33", but in a
documentary I once saw (I believe it was an American Masters production),
Cage himself stated that 4'33" was written "note by note" -- that it is not
mere silence, but an actual composition (in three movements, IIRC), and that
all of the notes are merely played tacet. I think this could certainly
undermine any claim of infringement. You'd have to be infringing the
concept, and Cage's concept isn't silence: it's music whose notes are not

RIAA v. MP3: the principle reason record companies exist is to provide a
marketing & distribution mechanism; the principle reason LPs and CDs exist
is because it's not worth packaging single tunes for distribution -- this is
why 45s and CD-singles are a virtually non-existent market. When a method
for micro-payments ($0.50 or less) on the Internet becomes convenient, it
will be much more worthwhile for artists to distribute direct to the
consumer, who will be perfectly delighted to pay $0.25 or $0.50 per track
for the tracks they want, instead of $18.99 for a CD full of unknown
tracks. (I'm not going to address the art of album compilation here other
than to say that record company marketing drones and the limitations of CD
media have traditionally stifled artists' ability to arrange albums to their
liking.) Piracy exists because there's no middle ground where people can get
that one track they're interested in without having to shell out for the
whole album.

Jim Smart v. the rest of the Pacific: doggone it, I was just in Waikiki but
didn't see the invitation to his pad in Kahala till after I got back, so no
listening party. Ain't that a scrape of the rat's bum? Oh well, mahalo,
anyway, and we'll do it next time. I gotta say, BTW, there're some damned
good musicians playing the hotel circuit on Oahu.

Finally, congratulations to Molly on her newly-acquired state of aunthood.
Wield it in peace. We expect the niece to be a lifelong XTC fan. (That'll
have to do for XTC content.)


Jefferson Ogata : Internetworker, Antibozo
whois: jo317/


Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 11:52:41 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: put your thinking/dreaming caps on
Message-ID: <>

greetings xtc folks,

first, a mighty big thanks to wes long for his post and compliments about my
new album.  happy to hear you're enjoying it!~!

and i've a request of all you cool 'hillians out there.  i'm getting ready
to write a paper for a dream class i'm taking, and want to tie in music that
is written about/based on *dreams.*  not the kind of "ooh, i'm dreamin' of
ya' baby" song -- more along the lines of what people actually do dream
about, the images and symbolism.  xtc's "red brick dream" is close, though
it's more an ode to andy's hometown.  what i'm looking for is more along the
lines of genesis' "scenes from a night's dream" which is based on the
"little nemo" comic strip, w/ lyrics like "dragons breathing fire, but
friendly / mushrooms as tall as houses..."  that kind of thing.

might any of you be able to recommend some songs that might work??
i'd really appreciate it.  kindly write to me off-list.  thanks!~!


"Sometimes we're attached to our bodies for very good reasons."

--William S. Burroughs


Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 13:16:54 -0700
From: strwbrry <>
Subject: Look Look
Message-ID: <>

> Can we talk about something else besides what has been talked about
> here lately?  I know, why don't we talk about when or if any XTC
> videos will come out on DVD?  Or is there already a whole DVD
> compilation out there now?
> Molly, just voicing her opinion

Well, I don't know the latest on any upcoming DVD, but I can say that
I finally got my hands on the Look, Look video from 1982 and how
charming it is to actually see some zany performances after all these
years. It also gave me a new found appreciation for the first
album. The video for This Is Pop (which kicks the video off) is sheer



Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 17:37:26 EDT
Subject: Re: the Cage / Batt battles
Message-ID: <>

Chalkers, my two cents on ownership of silence......

There.  So sue me.

TK  %-)


Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 09:44:34 +1000 (EST)
From: mwotton <mwotton@rhialto.cse.unsw.EDU.AU>
Subject: shameless theft from
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.33L2.0210060935570.24184-100000@rhialto.cse.unsw.EDU.AU>

Ian K-Skinner on the cardiacs-chat list noticed this first, but I thought
you lot might be interested. The intro to "Fiery Gun Hand" by Cardiacs
(which, by the way, is an absolutely ripping track) sounds almost
identical to the intro to "Wake Up". You know, that offbeat rhythm at the

by the way, we'd love to see some of you in Quiet as a
tomb, it is, despite Drude's efforts...


and when the gas runs out, just wreck it, you insured the thing
	-- Circles, Soul Coughing


Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 06:09:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jackson <>
Subject: Best Band You've Never Heard
Message-ID: <>

Greetings Chalkhills,

I had the pleasure of seeing New Rhythym and Blues Quartet (NRBQ)  at
Ram's Head Tavern , Annapolis, Maryland last night. Great venue, great
music, great beer, great show!

 If you've never heard these guys,often referred to as "America's Best
Barroom Band" you don't know what you're missing!

Always Sincerely,



Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 23:05:58 -0400
From: "Danny Phipps" <>
Subject: re: a moment's silence
Message-ID: <002701c26dae$766bab60$d58c04d8@phipps>

re: the excellent missive submitted by dr. crane --

this blew me away!  i-i-i-i-i am simply........speechless!!
(does this mean that my silence will have me appearing
next on the court docket?)  ;-)

great one, doc!!



Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 14:16:18 -0700
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: The Whoring Silence
Message-ID: <081b01c26d7d$9cc6a980$>

[this post is 100% XTC free]

 " ...Batt, who is releasing "A One Minute Silence" as a British
   single this week, has tweaked the Cage people further by
   registering hundreds of other silent compositions, ranging in
   length from one second to ten minutes."

...the "best of" these tracks are to be released on a two-CD set entitled,
'Come Again?'  (I think '2:17' and '6:54' are probably the highlights of the

I hope someone encodes it as MP3 so that file traders can kill Batt's
revenue stream.  I mean, he _totally_ ripped of John Lennon's "2 Minutes of
Silence" from the 'Life With The Lions' LP (the track which I regarded as
"performance art" - the needle had been picked up near the beginning and
laid back down near the end so often that each time one listened all the way
through it was different!  Sheer brilliance!  Lennon really got me good when
the track developed a skip and would play until you smashed the @%#$&* thing
to bits!)

...but I have questions!!

Has Cage's "4:33" ever been digitally remastered for CD?  The fidelity of
the Naxos original is so _old_ sounding!

Does Cage's publisher get royalties when a DJ screws up and sends out "dead
air" on the radio?  (the silence slowly fades out and then the DJ says,
"That was an exerpt from John Cage's '4:33')?

What about the space BETWEEN tracks?  Do artists need to credit Cage?

Do I owe him money when I am NOT playing a CD?

Don't you wish Andrew WK would cover an extended version of "4:33"?

What about the different colors of silence?  White Silence?  Pink Silence?
And what about the loudness contour?   Silence based on the Fletcher-Munson
curves for listening to silence at low volume?

Keee-ryst!  Next thing Mickey Rooney is going to be suing Batt for being

okay... okay... I just couldn't resist.

Richard "Intentionally Blank" Pedretti-Allen


Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 18:59:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: THE XTC POST... it's alive!
Message-ID: <>

Well, bless my pink thing...



Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 17:20:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Silence
Message-ID: <>

Dear Friends:

It would seem that Mike Batt and the folks at the Cage Estate would all do
well to be wary:  If any of these pieces is "played" by more than one
instrument at a time, they risk the imaginary copyright infringement upon
Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkle.

R. B. Haustein (I know, titles cannot be copyrighted)


Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 19:25:13 +0100
From: "David Edwards" <>
Subject: Wallpaper for the Soul
Message-ID: <011c01c26fc1$36bca860$8f5a4ed5@oemcomputer>


While everyone waits to shave the fuzz off their warbles (careful with that
Bic Eugene!),  you might want to take a listen to a truly extraordinary
French band that is 'big in Japan' (and France?) but is all but unknown in
the UK, that I know about - Tahiti 80. The latest, just-released album,
Wallpaper for the Soul (not available in the UK yet, or perhaps ever, I don'
t know) is out of this world. Apparently they worship Ray Davies, the Kinks,
the Beatles, and so on. You can hear XTC (Pale and Precious, World Wrapped
in Grey, Humble Daisy) -style moments of bliss in there. You can hear the
lovelier moments of Beck and earlier Blur, and there's a Jellyfish or two
plopping about. But this doesn't remotely do it justice - be warned there is
so much sheer human sweetness and beauty on this album that it's actually
exhausting; it totally overdoses you with loveliness. I'm not making this
up. The previous album, Puzzle (which +is+ available) is also full of
treasures. It seems to be mainly the inspiration of singer/songwriter Xavier
Boyer, who is clearly totally in touch with what he finds transcendentally
beautiful, and is able to communicate it. Believe me, I've got nothing to do
with this band - I'm writing this for people who swooned over Then She
Appeared. You know who you are!

Best wishes



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