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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 53

                Sunday, 22 September 2002


                    Weebles do Warble
        OT A New Chalkhillian Enters the World :)
                     XTC in paradise
          The superior world of Bert the oracle.
           Re: Record companies: are they evil?
                   File share is good!
                   Record companies etc
                        XTC patch
       Who was fool enough to throw away his vinyl?
                   XTC Patch Right Here
                  record store markups?
                      X-sTatiC Debut


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Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 15:48:43 -0400
From: DMiner <>
Subject: Weebles do Warble
Message-ID: <a05100300b9abe56edd9b@[]>

>As Todd pointed out, the collective 'XTC' performed on the 'Andy Partridge
>Home Demos' fan club tapes, JVSB and BWtGG (that do not list the performers
>nor credit 'XTC' as the 'band')

There might be some other players occasionally on Jules Verne or the
Bull With the Golden Guts, but the large majority is just Andy in his
shed with the 4-track or (later) the multitrack and the computer.

  = Derek =


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:10:42 -0400
From: "Molly, the New Wave Queen" <>
Subject: OT A New Chalkhillian Enters the World :)
Message-ID: <001301c25dbd$24976960$1104590c@vogmudet>
Organization: AT&T Worldnet

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've become a first time aunt today.
My brother and his wife just had their first child, a girl.  They named her
Sadie Alsish (I'll get the correct spelling soon.)..  I'm totally excited,
and very happy.  My brother is now a father.
Semi-on topic, now does anybody know of any XTC songs with the name Sadie in



Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:56:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: XTC in paradise
Message-ID: <>

A while back I claimed the entire Pacific Ocean as my
domain in the world of XTC fandom. Since I was never
challenged in this assertion, I'll assume that none of
you are here in Hawaii. However, you may come sometime
(it is rather nice here), and when you do, I'd like to
invite you to my weekly gig in Kahala here on Oahu.
This is 4 hours of me singing songs on my guitar in a
faux Brit pub, and I'd be happy to do a few XTC songs
for you, and whatever else you might like that I
happen to know (lots of sixties and seventies stuff,
especially Kinks/Beatles/Who, but really quite a lot
of other stuff as well). Hopefully I can keep this
gig, because it's a nice venue and very satisfying. So
if you post an e mail here months from now, when
you've got your tickets to paradise, something along
the lines of "Awhile back some guy said something
about playing guitar in Hawaii..." I'll get in touch
and let you know if the gig is still going.

A side benefit is that I get to pick the music that
blasts when I take a break. Last night I used English
Settlement. I get a thrill just hearing XTC loud in a
public place, and this is my chance to do my bit and
spread the love. It's the least I can do for the good
of my dominion, for my royal subjects, to subject them
to Knuckle Down, so they will (hopefully).

King of Oceania
Spreader of good tunes,
reader of Chalkhills,
future buyer of Fuzz E War Bulls


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 22:47:08 +0100
From: "David Smith" <>
Subject: The superior world of Bert the oracle.
Message-ID: <!~!AAAAAMx/>

Mr Millichip,

In your short, but undistinguished tenancy on this list, you seem to have
become convinced that arguing with everyone who takes a contrary view to
yours - almost always in a sarcastic, sanctimonious, dismissive manner -
makes you clever and superior.

Your arguments would be much better received if you didn't give in to the
urge to flip in a sly little insult, every second paragraph. I guess you do
it to make yourself feel superior.

Here's a couple of examples from the latest Digest:

> That's a silly attempt at self-justification. I
> suggest you buy an economics dictionary and look up
> the difference between marginal and average costs.

Why the "silly" epithet. Perhaps you feel that you're just too clever for
the rest of us plebs, but it certainly isn't nice. And it certainly doesn't
make people think "hmm, good point".

Just to back it up, later came this gem:

> Cobblers. Do you love music?

Why Bert? Why? Why did you have to start with "Cobblers". You could have
left that word out totally and the sentence and paragraph would have scanned
just as effectively.

But no - the premise of all your arguments is to start by trying to make the
other person - not their views, but THEM personally - look small. You have
to make it personal every time don't you?

> Have you any idea how much professional recording
> studios cost to hire?

Have YOU any idea how patronising you sound? Do you speak to your friends
and family in this tone?

> I'm still miffed about that too. How dare those nasty
> record company execs put a gun to my head and force me
> to buy those crappy "musicassettes", when I would have
> preferred to have bought those lovely vinyl records
> and make my own (vastly superior) cassette recordings!

Ah, e-sarcasm - adding new depths to the lowest form of wit. And yes, I'm
fully aware that I just sunk there as well. Thanks for the drag.

> Most artists - and of course, as an XTC fan, I know
> there are exceptions - who sell a reasonable number of
> records end up pretty comfortably off. And I've
> already put you right about the costs of CD
> production.

Ooooh. Phew. Thank the Lord you were there for us Bert. We all really needed
to be put right. How did I survive, thinking for myself for the last
thirty-ahem years?

Dammit - see, more e-sarcasm. Dang!

> Another dose of unfashionable reality from: Bert.

Unfashionable reality's fine my friend, It's the unfathomable hostility that
we could all do without.

> Got any quotes?

Yep. Grow up.

NP - Stardust, Nat King Cole


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 15:06:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Indeed
Message-ID: <>


>From Bert to me in #8-52:
>Eh? I never said you were opposed to file sharing.

>From Bert to me in #8-50:
>It's very gracious of you to post links to so many
>articles and reports that are diametrically opposed to
>your own position.




Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:34:20 +1000 (EST)
From: mwotton <mwotton@rhialto.cse.unsw.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Record companies: are they evil?
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.33L2.0209170932010.9221-100000@rhialto.cse.unsw.EDU.AU>

Bert Millichip <> wrote:
> "Todd Bernhardt" wrote:
> >>>If the recording industry hadnt cheated me
> constantly, I'd feel less apt to download music, but
> theyve been charging me too much for a CD that costs
> pennies to produce.<<<
> That's a silly attempt at self-justification. I
> suggest you buy an economics dictionary and look up
> the difference between marginal and average costs.
> Have you any idea how much professional recording
> studios cost to hire?

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that under the terms of
most recording contracts, all recording costs had to paid back to the
record company out of royalties before the band sees a red cent.


and when the gas runs out, just wreck it, you insured the thing
	-- Circles, Soul Coughing


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 01:08:55 -0700
From: "dappleford" <>
Subject: File share is good!
Message-ID: <000001c25e21$77fb12f0$5e30c050@z6m5t9>

Well, its been a while but had to put my two penneth in on file sharing
and it has an XTC theme-I am the proof of the pudding!
A few years ago I started using Napster and searched for many things I
could not get any other way, one of these things was a live track which
was the b side to the "Towers of London" single called "Set myself on
fire". My single had got cracked in a move and I thought maybe someone
may have an MP3 of it-. I never found it, and still haven't, but I did
find this track called "Dear God" which many people seemed to have,
thinks "must be good if this many people have it" so I downloaded it and
discovered over the next few weeks with further downloads that one of my
fave bands from the old days were still around and making amazing music!
I had been a fan of XTC from the beginning when a friend played me a 4
track 12" single which I think was their first release even before Go2
(correct me someone if I am wrong-and what was it called?). Anyway I
lost touch when they stopped touring and assumed them wrong I
A search round a few websites leads me here and I learned a lot about
XTC history on the way and discovered Transistor Blast-..I couldn't
believe my luck!-.I had recorded the content of the 4th cd off of BBC
Radio 1 when it was first broadcast and loved it-..then against my
better judgement lent it to someone who swore they would return it-and
of course I never saw them again! Thought I would never hear that
again-so I bought it.
Napster came and went so I discovered Apple Venus 1 on Morpheus-. and it
could now be my all time favourite album-bought it.
Cant have part one and not buy part two-so along comes Wasp Star, always
loved Todd Rungdren (believe it or not my brother ran his British fan
club for a while) so had to buy Skylarking (finding "Man who sailed
round his soul" on Morpheus just encouraged me along with the
realisation that "Dear God" came from the same sessions).Oranges and
Lemons was searched for on the file share and eventually bought, talk of
"Coat" on here wound me up again so I bought that via the "Idea" site -
gold signatures an' all - and I am a happy guy-still got a few to go but
do you see my point?
None of these sales would have taken place had I not found Dear God on
Napster, two quad cd boxed sets and several cds later and I am still
going- sure I don't buy everything I download but I am buying more now
than I have for years, the benefits (to artist and record co.) outweigh
the negatives.
I am a musician and my site HYPERLINK
"" (cue sneaky
plug) has free MP3s to sample-(please go and sample them), and even if
people don't buy at least they can hear it and decide for themselves-I
intend to add more soon, I WANT people to hear it- long live file share,
it's a good thing, honest!

Regards to all,

Dave Appleford.

PS, Bert-I cant believe you spent so much effort defending record
companies, I take your points but I've delt with them and they do
artists and creative music no favours with a pure business approach-if
you are uneconomical you are of no use to them-Virgin are a prime

"File share is not dead it just smells funny" (cryptic Zappa reference).


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:47:39 +0530
From: "Sughosh Varadarajan" <>
Subject: Record companies etc
Message-ID: <000e01c25e02$026c6940$0100a8c0@sughosh>

Someone (I think it was Bert) recently launched into quite a long speech
about how record companies have been doing such a great job and that $18
isn't a high price to pay for a CD. Well, I only have this to say in
response. CD prices in India are a bit on the high side if you consider our
standard of living, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with them when I look at
the scene least here the discs have a fixed price and don't
suddenly go shooting through the roof if somebody dies (I seem to recall a
significant hike in the price of Queen albums in the UK when Freddie passed
away). Also, I recently purchased an import copy of David Bowie's "Heathen"
for the equivalent of US $8, which is the normal price for all CDs under the
Sony label out here. Are you trying to tell me they feel they can make it up
on volumes in India? If I can buy it for $8, why should it cost $18 in
America, where there are a million more people who'll buy the disc Bombay, I'm guessing they wouldn't manage to sell more than
20-odd copies, so how can you justify that pricing? Similarly, I also picked
up the limited edition 3-disc set "The Jam at the BBC" for abt $21, and I
believe it retails on CDnow for $35 or so..can anyone explain this
discrepancy to me?

I have myself been a major downloader of music, but I do realise now that
I'd like to have all the original artwork etc..but the record companies DO
have to realise that if they can bring their prices down, especially in
countries like the US and UK, where awareness of music is good (or better
than here, anyways)..they'll sell a  lot more CDs and no one's gonna
download an album if you promise them a good-looking CD package at a decent

My tuppennyworth..
Cheers all
"Perestroika can be explained this way:
 The people who told us that two and two is ten,
 are now trying to tell us two and two is five."
                            - Billy Bragg


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:32:37 -0700
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: XTC patch
Message-ID: <076c01c25e91$be8d5f00$>

re: Does anyone know where I can find an XTC patch?

Sorry, I sold my Prophet V and all the data discs back in December 1999 (for
twice what I actually paid!)


p.s. Ha!  Couldn't resist a "musician's only" joke!


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 19:36:12 -0400
From: Virginia Rosenberg <>
Subject: treatment
Message-ID: <>

Gosh- is this like one of those nicotine patches, only for XTC addicts?

And I thought I had it bad...

Good luck,

"" <> wrote:

>Does anyone know where I can find an XTC patch?


Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 00:25:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Who was fool enough to throw away his vinyl?
Message-ID: <>

Hurrah for Bert Millichip for his unfashionable
defense of the recording industry. Speaking merely as
a consumer (noncreative garbage, in the immortal words
of John Cleese), I think it has treated me very well
in my third-of-a-century of record-buying -- from 45s
by Mason Williams, Ray Stevens, and the Amboy Dukes in
the late '60s to CDs by Becki DiGregorio, Daryl
Stuermer, and Lalo Guerrero (el padre de la musica
chicana) this past month.

I know you creative garbage feel different, but for
every one of you to be cheated by the recording
industry, I gather two of you were ruined by fellow
musicians or your own shortcomings. No, I can't back
that up with numbers -- it's just the result of a
lifetime of reading stories about everyone from Mary
Wilson and Florence Ballard to Hank Williams and Kevin

By the way, who was fool enough to throw away his
vinyl? Whether you believed all the hype about compact
discs or not -- and so far, whether by luck or careful
handling or both, all but maybe two of the 600-odd CDs
I've bought for myself or received as gifts since 1987
are still playing nicely -- it had to be obvious to
anyone that CDs were dinky suckers, and you were going
to have to hang on to your LPs for their gatefold
artwork, lyric sheets, zipper-covers, and green bags.

Thanks to all of you who mentioned Camper van
Beethoven's disgronification of Fleetwood Mac's
*Tusk*. Camper is right up my alley -- a
tongue-in-cheek-geeky-intellectual-white-boy band like
Ween, Rockpile, Steely Dan, and our beloved Swindon
outfit -- but while I've long intended to check it
out, I never have. This is my cue.

Fleetwood Mac is one of my guilty pleasures, and I
like *Tusk* for the balls and ovaries its creators
showed in foisting a not-immediately-accessible
twenty-song double disc on a public that was expecting
the next *Rumours*. Besides, and this harks back to my
main argument for keeping your vinyl, *Tusk* sports
ten, count 'em, ten glorious square feet of
illustrated cardboard, some of it worthy of Hipgnosis,
designed by Vigon Nahas Vigon. Look carefully, and
you'll find the line score of the Yankees-Red Sox 1978
playoff game (which I'm still getting over). I thank
the coke-crazed musicians, the coke-crazed artists and
photographers, and the coke-crazed Warner Bros. suits
who conspired to make this minor masterpiece be, and
I'm eager to see and hear what Camper van Beethoven
has made of it.

I'm pleased to know that the quintessential Arizona
mythical beast, the jackalope (a jackrabbit with
antlers crazy-glued to its head, if you MUST know),
has replaced the cuff-worrying dog on the cover of the
new *Tusk*. I know the Camper boys hail from
California, but perhaps they tour-bussed across the
Grand Canyon State and took five in one of our fine
souvenir shops?

Ryan Anthony
An independent Internet content provider


Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 15:23:46 EDT
Subject: XTC Patch Right Here
Message-ID: <>

>From: "" <>
>Subject: XTC Patches

>Does anyone know where I can find an XTC patch?


Harrison "Ever Helpful" Sherwood

PS: What, did Bert say something?


Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:44:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: "jude hayden" <>
Subject: record store markups?
Message-ID: <>

Hey all!

Bert said:

<<<Oh, and it's funny how everybody always blames the
"recording industry" for high CD prices, regardless of
the fact that record shops take a *much* bigger slice
of the profits, and all they do is put the things on a

Oh, really? I guess it depends on which "record shops"
you mean. Good friends of mine own an independent music
store and their cost on most cd's from their
distributors is more than Best Buy sells them for the
week they're released. They make, at most, a couple of
bucks per disc. Sure, that's more than the artist, but
your comment makes it seem like they're making hand
over fist per disc, and they simply aren't. Not the
little guys, anyway.

Maybe it's the distributors making all the money? And
all they do is SHIP the things!!! (Bastards).

See ya-


Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 14:34:15 +0100
From: "Edward Percival" <>
Subject: X-sTatiC Debut
Message-ID: <002501c2623c$bf894780$b964ff3e@oemcomputer>

Just a note to all the chalkhills people who turned up last night and made
our debut gig such a happy experience.  We were bowled over to have a sell
out and would like to send our apologies to those of you who were turned
away.  The atmosphere was very special and I don't think I have ever sweated
so much.  Who knows when it will happen again, but I hope it does. It felt
very special to be playing the same stage which XTC did 25 years and three
weeks ago. It was even better playing with such a great band.

For those who might be interested the set list was:

Radios in Motion
Life Begins at the Hop(e)
Meccanik Dancing
This is Pop
Earn Enough for Us
Complicated Game
No Language In Our Lungs
Ball and Chain
Dear God
Mayor of Simpleton
Towers of London
Respectable Street
Generals and Majors
Sgt Rock
Are you Receiving Me*

We look forward to next time.

Ed Percival


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