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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #8-46

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 46

                  Sunday, 11 August 2002


                  Guitargonauts updates
                      Gus -- r.i.p.
                   ANDY PARTRIGE A to Z
            Clarifications and Congratulations
                      RIP Gus & wife
                  License Plate Opening
                       just a note
        Pert near straight from the 'orse's mouff
            Seems we don't talk much anymore?
       Interesting new releases [NB no "wua isosp"]
Stuart Little couldn't hijack a Tonka truck with an eyeglass screwdriver


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Before I'll let go, say is that my name on the bell?


Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 21:57:33 +0200
Subject: Guitargonauts updates
Message-ID: <3D4C51CD.17155.A48D14@localhost>

Dear Chalkers,

Temporarily delurking to let you all know that this month's updates
on Dave Gregory's official website
include a touching In Memoriam for Gus Dudgeon by DG himself.

You also might like to know about a string of H Band live gigs
featuring Dr. Gregory throughout the UK & Holland:

Tuesday September 10th - CARDIFF Jumpin' Jacks
Wednesday September 11th - SHEFFIELD University
Friday September 13th - AMSTERDAM Paradiso
Saturday September 14th - HELLENDOORN (HOLLAND) Bluescafi
Sunday September 15th - LONDON Dingwall's

yours in xtc,

Mark R. Strijbos


Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 13:34:21 -0400
From: "Danny Phipps" <>
Subject: Gus -- r.i.p.
Message-ID: <>

rest in peace, gus....

we'll miss you!



Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 14:22:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jackson <>
Message-ID: <>

I can't believe my good fortune,.... got gloat?

I'm ebay surfing, punch up "XTC" and see this four cd set called "andy
partridge A to Z", huh? I think and then read the description to see
it has

100 songs!...most of them never appeared on non-bootlegs. After a
little bidding war ($70) and a week later it arrives and I tell ya I
like it better than Cupboard or Transistor.

Ave any of you blokes heard of this thing????? It's friggin great!

I swear it looks very professional w/ nice photos of our hero but no
copyright type stuff anywhere...if I did'nt know better (?) I'd swear
Andy ran this off his

pc cdrw, Kodak paper and's probably a very good
bootleg. There's great avante gardesque photos of what looks like they
might have been 45rpm says" "Some people like the NOISIER
SIDE of what we do, and I can see this record PISSING THEM OFF"-Andy
Partridge and another of the cover from "Jules Verne's
Sketchbook..which I've read about on chalkhills, the best photo has
the boys dressed up like the Apollo 11 astronaut team and in little
tiny letters "Helium Kids Tracks and Covers"

Here's a little synapse:

Disk one contains songs begining w/ letters a-f such as:

Always Winter Never Christmas, Cherry in your Tree ( lots of sex
inuendos here) and lots of amusing lyrics and wonderful covers such as
"Community Worker Breakdown"a send up of Led Zeps Communication
Breakdown, Do The Dwarf

Disc 2 has songs begining w/ G-M such as:

Gangway Elec. Guitars, Goodbye Humanosaurus, and a few cover of
Beatles songs like "I am the Walrus, a great little diddie called
"Little Lighthouse (shes a), the whole thing comes off like basement
tapes w/ decent fidelity.

Disc 3 includes:

songs begining w/ letters M-S such as:

Nicely Nicely jane, Obscene Procession,Orange Dust, Psychedlic
Christmas, and even a cover of Jimi's "Purple Hayes", and a wonderful
"Senses/Grass Medley, Rip van Reuben

Disc 4 has covers of Strawberry Fields Forever,Hendrix' Third Stone
from the Sun (magnifique), Shipped trapped in the Ice,.He must have a
hard on for Led Zep as the other cover is a parody called "Whole Lotta
Age"..this is just too much fun,

I'm struggling to find the song where Andy admonishes Colin for trying
to build a guitar but it escapes me...I simply wanted to let the group
know of "A to Z"'s existence and find out if anyone knows anything
about it.

Best regards,



Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 14:14:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Clarifications and Congratulations
Message-ID: <>


Kevin Brunkhorst said that I said:
> AV1 apparently sold 80,000 units in the US, WS(AV2) sold
> 60,000.  Andy was very surprised and disappointed by this.
> seems to be the opposite. The worst albums sell the best.

FWIW, that wasn't me, it was Tim Kendrick.

After making four points that I mostly agree with, Kevin quoted me and
then responded:

>> ... that the RIAA and Big Music Business are doing all
>> they can to save their corporate butts and stifle
>> competition from independent sources, and XTC needs to
>> come up with a fresh business plan.
> On the other hand, when I see the words 'business plan'
> mentioned in close proximity to XTC, I shudder.

I don't! Yes, they're artists. In the best of all possible worlds,
they'd be able to concentrate solely on their art, and forget the
commerce-related variables involved in the everyday equation of making
a living. Honest caretakers of the band's business affairs would spend
their time looking after the enormous inflows of cash coming from
hordes of fans who recognize the value of good music and are willing
to pay for it.

But this is not the best of all possible worlds. XTC are trying to
make a living in a fiercely competitive environment, where there means
of promotion and distribution are constantly shifting. If they don't
have a smart, flexible business plan, Idea Records will fail, and they
may find themselves at the mercy of the industry again -- or without a
deal at all. A lot less of their art would then make its way to
us. That's an idea that makes *me* shudder.

"Bert Millichip" said:
> "Todd Bernhardt" deserves thanks for providing the one
> glimmer of XTC content in the otherwise irrelevant
> Digest #8-44:-

Aw ... thanks, Bert! (My sympathies go out to Molly, Marshall, James,
RiM, Bob, Thomas, Mitch, da9ve, and Christopher Coolidge's wife ... at
least you tried!)

(Come to think of it, I haven't seen many glimmers of XTC content from
Bert in the five times he's posted to the list ... ah well, no matter,
on to other things...)

> Ian's central argument - that the likes of Napster
> actually *increase* record sales - is certainly a lot
> more compelling than your half-baked and diametrically
> opposed theory that peer-to-peer music sharing
> contributed to the low sales of AV I and II!!! I'm
> surprised you didn't notice that.

Hmmm. So much for making nice, eh?

If you read my post, you'll see that I talked about P2P as only one of
the many changes over the last 10 years that could have affected
U.S. sales of AV1 and WS. Janis Ian defends file sharing in the
context of all the other efforts that she makes to promote herself and
sell her music -- audio files are freely available on her Web site,
she sells music and merchandise through her site and at shows, and she
tours constantly. As I pointed out in my post, XTC has only recently
started doing the first two, and don't do the third.

In the context of Janis Ian's overall efforts, P2P music-file sharing
increases album sales. If she was following the old model -- get your
advance check, record an album, let the big record company handle all
promotion, distribution, and accounting, and wait for the royalty
checks to arrive -- then she might not be so enthusiastic about P2P
and its ability to detract from sales. Because it can, if you don't
embrace it and use it as a tool.

On a lighter note, *congratulations* to the courageous and
compassionate Kirk Gill and his wife on their new family! Welcome to
The Great Adventure.  Something tells me that among your children's
many fine attributes will be the love of great music.

Speaking of great music, I've got to throw my hat into the reviewing
ring in support of "god's empty chair," the new CD from Becki
diGregorio. 'nuff has already been written about the fine songwriting
and playing ... I'll only add that Becki's voice is as beautiful and
compelling as ever, and MY GAWD John Wedemeyer can play the geetar! I
mean, everyone on this album can pick and hit, and do it good, but
that boy does make a body sit up and take notice.

Oh, and this one rocks a bit more than the last one, folks -- all in
all, a 21-digit salute from this boy.

-Todd "Providing Glimmers of XTC Content since 1995" Bernhardt


Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 17:20:47 -0500
From: "Amanda Owens" <>
Subject: RIP Gus & wife
Message-ID: <>

Wow, what a way to start off a digest. I wonder how it happened.....(I know
it was a crash, just curious as to the cause of it, how his car veered off
the road so suddenly.) In any case, my thoughts go out to his family.

Amanda C. Owens
"If you're going to be worried everytime the universe doesn't make sense,
you're going to be worried every moment of every day for the rest of your
natural life."-Ambassador G'Kar
XTC song of the day-Dear Madum Barnum
non-XTC song-"This Love" Bryan Ferry


Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 14:24:19 -0400
From: C Bisson <>
Subject: License Plate Opening
Message-ID: <>

For those of you who may live in NH, USA; as of 1 August 02 the vanity
license plate "XTC" is now available for purchase from the DMV.  For
those of you living in RI, USA; as of 31 July 02, the vanity license
plate "XTC" is no longer available for purchase from the DMV.


Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 12:43:40 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: just a note
Message-ID: <>

greetings folks,

truly sad news of the passing of gus dudgeon and his wife.  i've always
thought "nonsuch" was one of the best-sounding albums ever (right up there
for me with jellyfish' "spilt milk").  the drums, guitars, vocals,
_everything_ is top-notch.  gus, we'll miss you.

to kirk gill, who shared with us the story of he and his wife adopting four
children: i loved reading your post and the picture of you dancing with your
daughter for the first time.  true love is certainly selfless, and i do wish
you all the best with your new family.

a note of thanks to ben gott and jamie lowe for posting that you're enjoying
my new album -- glad you dig the tunes!

and to kevin wollenweber, who suggests that i play at manhattan's "bottom
line" club.  if i do get out that way, i'll for sure check it out.  in case
any of you are interested (and live out here in the bay area), our first gig
to promote "god's empty chair" will be friday august 23rd at a place called
"the hotel utah" in san francisco.  we're playing as part of "nadine's wild
weekend" here, something akin to "south by southwest" for california.  more
gigs to follow -- if you'd like to know more or be added to our e-mailing
list, please contact me off-list and we can chat.

thanks to everyone who's ordered a copy of the album, i do appreciate your

--becki digregorio


Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 23:17:50 -0500
From: Brown <>
Subject: Pert near straight from the 'orse's mouff
Message-ID: <>

Hey, fans and fanettes!

For those of you who do not frequent the XTC-Idea Records forum and haven't
heard about it, below you will find a link to the very first (drum roll,
paleez!) XTC Forum Q&A session with the lads! *TA*DA*!

The initial thread idea was billed as this:
"Every month Colin & Andy will personally reply to 10 questions posted.  (At
the end of each month all the unanswered questions will remain). So go on,
ask them?"

Interestingly enough, I only count five questions answered as of this
posting. Hmmm.. No matter, it's still very entertaining reading, so get on
over there and check it out-

Enjoy, sugar plums!

Debora Brown

p.s.--Ms. Myrone's Chalkhills gathering commemorative t-shirts kick arse!
All hail the Queen! :o)

And to my dear chum, Mitch, and to the fabulous Ms. Becki- I am very much
looking forward to hearing your new CDs, kidz.. Can't wait to get my sweaty
little hands on 'em, yesiree! ..What's that, you say?  ..I have to ORDER
them first?  See, I *knew* I was forgetting something...<G>


Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 08:31:15 +0000
From: "Paul Culnane" <>
Subject: Seems we don't talk much anymore?
Message-ID: <>

An open letter to Dunks

(which I reckon many Chalkhills subscribers may relate to):

I notice you've put a block on my emails to your hotmail address; that's
fine.  Not in a million years will I invoke the words "childish" or

What's the go?  Hope you're well.

Just saw your most recent posting to Chalkhills.  I dunno, I feel a bit
funny about your approach.  Have done for awhile...

It puzzles me that you think others overseas (generally) might be remotely
interested in what goes on on Aussie TV, particularly when it has nothing to
do with the topic (being, I would have thought, XTC).  It's like when you
rail against O/S mags like Mojo for not including articles on Aussie music.
I suggest, give it up and get real!  The bottom line is, what interest is
there wider afield for our music and culture?  An article on the Easybeats,
maybe, but beyond that - do you really think anyone cares?

IMO, you're using quite the inappropriate forum to voice your views.  The
XTC mailing list, while being well-moderated and allowing a wide range of
viewpoints on all manner of topics, really shouldn't be the place to talk
about American politics bullshit and all the rest that you seem to revel in

Frankly, I was delighted when Jim Smart from Hawaii took you to task for
your quite unwarranted viewpoint about wishing death upon people, while at
the same time attempting to give tribute to John Entwistle.  He said:
"that's a new low", and I agree.  (I notice you didn't reply; did that cut
to the bone a bit too much? - was the *truth* a bit too real for you?)

Actually, Jim was slightly wrong.  He hasn't been witness to some of the
other "lows" you've perpetrated, as I have unfortunately been.  How do you
continue to get away with it?

I've asked this before, but I'll ask again, why do you have to be so bloody
negative?  If it bugs you, why not just bite yer lip?  Try this:  what's
good about something?  You think there is?  Then blow your trumpet.  On the
other hand, don't you YET realise how extremely irritating, and, yes,
boorish, it is to have you continually espouse your NEGATIVE views as though
they are superior and unimpeachable?  The potential to hurt people is being
brought into full relief here, or do you really get a buzz out of provoking
people and doing harm?  I know what that's like - with one swift keystroke,
you have demonstrated the ability to really cut to the quick.  Does that
stimulate you?

That's one reason why I've backed off.  While I'm certain I dig you heaps,
as a person and as what you represent, I just can't handle any more of your
superior, "I-know-all" attitude.

I'm not advocating a mass outbreak of "touchy-feely" here, but can't you
learn and garner some sort of respect for other people out there who may not
necessarily share your penchant for criticising everything that moves, in
the name of proving how clever you think you might be with a ready quip?

If it's simply down to music (and remember, in the case of the Chalkhills
forum - XTC is a band who makes music!  Remember, that's what they do?)...
I'll say it again: music shouldn't be a battlefield, it should bring

If it's not doing that for you, then why not take your diatriabes across to or something?

Well, you won't take this on board anyway.  You won't listen to my opinion,
because you don't value it as much as that from some obscure, perceived
arse-licker like, say, Terry Stacey (with respect, who he anyway?  The
69'ers?  Geddout.  Can't wait for the definitive box set).  I realise I am
considered in certain parts somewhat of a nutter, but let me say this (as if
you cared anyway): there is absolutely no way on earth that you, with your
attitude, would have gained any access and subsequent credence, with the
likes of AP, TC or others, as I most certainly have done.  And if you
countenanced, say Mike Rudd, he'll tell you he's balanced with me: you're
more of a convenience, albeit an irritant.

Believe it, 'cos it's true.  Not that there is any competition, mind, 'cos
if there was, who'd win every time?

Why do you have to be such a supreme arsehole *all* the time???



Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 22:09:56 +0800
From: "Deane, Simon" <>
Subject: Interesting new releases [NB no "wua isosp"]
Message-ID: <>

I haven't posted for a very long time but I'm still here reading the
posts when I get time. Hello to all my mates (and non-mates) out there
in Chalkhillsland.

Just a few interesting snippets:

Kevin Gilbert's "Kaviar sessions" album is now available from his
website: see link below - . I've got this and it is interesting,
very much darker than other stuff he has done that I have heard and
there is a brilliant cover of Iggy Pop's "Fall in Love with me" from
the Lust for Life album and some moderately pornographic tunes
too. Sorry if anyone has already mentioned this.

The Nines' "Wonderful World of Colourful" is now available again from
the Notlame website.

...and my main news: cdjapan will be selling the instrumental versions
of Wasp Star and Apple Venus vol. 1 from mid September. This seems to
be very hot news because it isn't even on the XTC website yet although
it was announced as a project earlier. Again sorry if this is actually
old news. See attached links. Have bought a load of stuff from cdjapan
and they're fine - actually I think it was the mole who put me on to
this site. Hi mole!!

See you later.

Simon Deane


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 19:49:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Stuart Little couldn't hijack a Tonka truck with an eyeglass
Message-ID: <>

First, my thanks to several Chalkhillians for the sad
news about Gus & Sheila Dudgeon.

Quoth Duncan "Dunks" Kimball:

"On a vaguely related tangent, I was also very
interested to read a recent piece by Mike Moore, which
revealed that while such potentially life-threatening
objects as nail clippers are banned on US airlines,
apparently the tobacco barons successfully lobbied
Washington to ensure that cigarette lighters and
matches were NOT banned. Hmmmm."

Not that I would dare to suggest that such an angry
socialist as Michael Moore would (gasp) lie, but his
"revelation" is at variance with reality. I recently
flew commercial for the first time since 9-11-01, and
plastic-gloved security workers removed from my
carry-on bag, and confiscated, a small box of matches
from the Prescott (Ariz.) Brewing Company.

I don't smoke, so why do I carry matches? In the
immortal words of my great-great-(insert "great" many
times here)-grandfather, Og (third cave on the left):
"Fire GOOD!"

I don't read *Mother Jones*, so please advise me if
this was done at the bidding of the Evil Contact Lens
Barons or the Evil Lasik Surgery Viscounts, but the
security detail also found and confiscated one of my
two eyeglass screwdrivers. Do you know how small those
are? Stuart Little couldn't hijack a Tonka truck with
an eyeglass screwdriver.

Ryan Anthony
An independent Internet content provider

P.S.: I mean the E. B. White/Garth Williams Stuart
Little, not the computer-animated Stuart Little.

P.P.S.: Buy Becki DiGregorio's CD! Total cost,
including shipping, is $15 to a U.S. address, and a
gracious inscription is free. *God's Empty Chair* is
currently on heavy rotation in my car CD deck,
replacing Tony Banks' *Strictly Inc.* -- which is high
praise from this old unapologetic Genesis-head.


End of Chalkhills Digest #8-46

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