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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #8-41

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 41

                  Thursday, 11 July 2002


                   Jellyfish / Madness
                        slam dunks
               more regarding punk worries
Are there any differences between the Japanese remasters and the US remaster
                    A Gathering Storm
                       fickle fame
                  the new cd is here!~!
      Lee Hazelwood; They Might Be Giants; Ming Tea
                         Our Tel
                 Terry Chambers interview
               Still can't find The Nines ?
                     decoding french.
                   XTC Caroline imports
                       hall of fame
                  Photos - Wendy Wu (OT)
                        Les nerfs!


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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 00:47:21 +0530
From: "Sughosh Varadarajan" <>
Subject: Jellyfish / Madness
Message-ID: <000f01c22522$453f7e60$96b0fea9@sughosh>

Since there has been some discussion about Jellyfish lately, I thought I'd
put this question to the forum : How good an album is "Bellybutton" ? I have
never heard Jellyfish, and my interest in them is only from whatever little
I have heard about them on this list. A copy of "Bellybutton" is available
at a local record store, and I just wanted to make sure before I blow my
cash on it.

Similar reviews also invited for "Wonderful" by Madness.. please mail me off
list as far as possible.

Thanx in advance,


Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 16:29:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: slam dunks
Message-ID: <>

>How come Death didn't take Bush or
> Sharon or Le Pen?

What a spectacularly inappropriate way to bring your
biased world view and lack of respect for humans into
a supposed tribute post to the late great John

This is a new low.



Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 19:14:27 -0700
From: strwbrry <>
Subject: more regarding punk worries
Message-ID: <> said:

> I have heard crap like that before... Basically, it's punks who have
> nothing better to do but criticize "new wave" because it made it more
> popular than so called "punk" music did.
> If I remember correctly, Blondie, Ramones, Moder Lovers, Television,
> Talking Heads were all the original punk bands.

I think you've hit it by addressing the slam on new wave. Yet, although
popularity has been an issue for the "alternative" crowd and the
underground I don't think its the primary problem punks had with other
modern music. "New wave" wasn't hard core, but what's worse is it shared
punk's "new music" status... too close for comfort... and really much
new wave would make punks puke. BTW I wouldn't put bands like Talking
Heads on a punk list. Talking Heads would be on a "punkER" list made by
people who at that time detested all of this music in discussion (such
people would however have liked Van Halen). From a So. Cal. perspective
both Sex Pistols and The Clash are examples of popular bands that many
punks had followed. XTC tread a grey area at first and moved away from
anything related to hardcore punk pretty early on. That would bother any

Anyway we don't need to worry about the spirit of punk because in
essence it needs no pity. XTC as a musical entity has evolved far out
and away from the punk scene. Its not an issue anymore.

Any Chalkhillians play their old Ruts records?



Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 02:35:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: "" <>
Subject: Are there any differences between the Japanese remasters and the US
Message-ID: <>

I have asked this a few times and no one answered. I would appreciate
a response, over email perhaps.

Are there any differences between the Japanese remasters and the US
remasters? I purchased all the US remasters at Amazon and they sent me
all the Japanese remasters instead.

Am I missing something that is in the US remasters???

I know that the US has Jewel cases instead of mini lp's, but are there
any other differences in sound quality, cover art, text, etc?


Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 15:37:38 +0100
From: "David Smith" <>
Subject: A Gathering Storm
Message-ID: <000001c225c3$d8a508e0$bfd2c050@oemcomputer>

Hi chaps and chapesses - this message is directed in particular at all
you good people out there who have at some point expressed an interest
in the forthcoming "Chalkhills UK Gathering - The Sequal".

Could I just chip in with a little chivvy-up here.

You probably all know from reading these posts, but it bears reminding
that Queenie has worked her exquisite little bollocks off (good trick,
btw) on getting this thing in motion for the second year running.

Now it looks like we're on for a good 'un this year, with people coming
from as far and wide as America, possibly New Zealand and even the Isle
of Wight!!

BUT, for all of those who have committed to coming, there are just as
many who've asked for more info and still not given a yes or no. It
makes organising any kind of itinerary almost impossible. Currently
there is the great "Sunday lunch booking" mystery brewing.

Furthermore, Jayne has also gone to great lengths to design, build a
website for, get feedback on, AND arrange the production of, a great
T-shirt for the event. Or even NOT for the event - you don't have to
come to get a T-shirt - we're not THAT sort of club!

If you're one of the people who has at some point registered even the
slightest interest, but hasn't followed it up, PLEEEEASE do Queenie the
simple courtesy of replying with a yes/no re BOTH the gathering and the
T-shirts. You can reply here:

I thang yew, and I sincerely look forward to seeing y'all in beautiful
Lechlade-on-Thames next weekend (assuming this goes out before July 12th
- errr, John?)

Love you all - no, I do!



Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 21:25:05 +0100
From: Mark Fisher <>
Subject: fickle fame
Message-ID: <>

> I have included the article! In case for some reason I can't reprint
> it here, I will get to the skinny. XTC may be nominated to the Rock &
> Roll Hall of Fame!

Forgive my cynicism, but wouldn't XTC have to be famous before being

Or has it become the Rock & Roll Hall of Exceptional Quality?



Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 14:53:56 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: the new cd is here!~!
Message-ID: <>

greetings xtc folks,

just a note to say that my new album "god's empty chair" is now available.
my first cd, "seven worthies... of the bamboo grove," featured our own
illustrious dave gregory on guitar and keyboards on several songs.  dave
is back again, contributing guitar and mellotron on this new release.
in addition, lyle workman (who's played with the likes of jellyfish, frank
black, bourgeois tagg, and currently touring with "beck") is also on the
album.  we have done a cover of andy's previously unreleased song "susan
revolving," which harrison sherwood was kind enough to post a mini-review
of our rendition on the chalkhills list last month.  the music is a mixture
of rock and heavy-pop, with a touch of psychedelia and middle-eastern
influences nestled in between.

if any of you are interested in ordering a copy, please contact me directly
(off-list) and i'll be more than happy to let you know how.

thanks to all for your continued support and interest in my music...


--becki digregorio


Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 21:55:21 -0400
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: Lee Hazelwood; They Might Be Giants; Ming Tea
Message-ID: <>


Y'all might be interested in a brand-new tribute album called "Total
Lee!: The Songs of Lee Hazelwood."  Hazelwood is best known for his
pioneering work with Duane Eddy, Elvis Presley, and Nancy Sinatra (he
wrote "These Boots Are Made for Walking" and many more of her hits).
"Total Lee!" contains covers by a wacky assortment of dudes and
dudettes including Lambchop, Jarvis Cocker, Saint Etienne, and Evan
Dando.  I bought the album for Stephen Jones and Luke Scott's "We All
Make the Little Flowers Grow"; this tune is worth the price of
admission alone.  You might know nothing about Lee Hazelwood -- I
didn't, before I bought this compilation -- but one trip to the
CitySlang website will answer all your questions:

[ ]

Check it out!

In other news, They Might Be Giants' "No!" warrants a great, big
"Yes!"  "Four of Two," "Where Do They Make Balloons?," and that song
about the dog, the mouse, and the potato chips are just some of the
reasons to pick up this, their best effort in recent memory.  (There's
also a special hidden track on the enhanced CD part, a song written
especially for The Chopping Block, the graphic design firm with whom
TMBG has worked for the past two albums.)  Get it.  Now.

Finally, I was flipping channels and caught the new music video from
the third "Austin Powers" movie.  The band, called "Ming Tea featuring
Austin Powers," is made up of Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet, among
others.  The song, called "Daddy Wasn't There," has Sweet's all over it.  (The vocal harmonies
during the chorus are especially fine.)  As far as I know, Hoffs is
married to Jay Roach, the director of the "Austin Powers" films.

XTC rock!


P.S.  A quick search of "Susanna Hoffs" over at CDNow turns up her
1996 eponymous album, which features appearances by Bill Botrell, Jon
Brion, Lenny Castro, Jason Falkner, Mick Fleetwood, Kevin Gilbert,
Larry Klein, and engineering and production by Jack Joseph Puig!  Has
anyone heard this?  Is it any good?


Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 06:36:56 +0000
From: "Paul Culnane" <>
Subject: Our Tel
Message-ID: <>


The one, the only Terry Chambers celebrates (?) his 47th on 15th July.  If
you want to send your best wishes, you can do so by emailing him at:  Mark your mail as "for Terry".

It would be nice to let him know we still have affection for the *major* XTC
sticksman, but don't necessarily expect a reply.  I just think he'll be
chuffed to cop some expressions of fond regard from his legion of fans.

"goodnight sucker"


Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 07:10:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Terry Chambers interview
Message-ID: <>


Courtesy of Mr. John Relph, and with the invaluable assistance of Paul
Culnane, there is a new interview of Terry Chambers on the Chalkhills
Web site. You'll find it at:

You'll find the story behind the interview at the site, but suffice to
say, Terry is one helluva nice bloke, and it's been a real joy (and
kind of strange!) for me to get to know one of my prime influences as
a drummer.

The interview is a long one -- it's based on a two-and-a-half hour
conversation I had with Terry about his career -- so if you're
inclined, sit back, put your feet up, crack open a cold beverage of
your choice, and dig in.

Modern Drummer magazine plans to run a short article written by yours
truly about Terry, the Coat boxed set, and Terry's son, Kai, in an
upcoming issue -- I'll keep the list updated on when that issue should
hit the stands.

Again, my thanks to John for providing the space on the Chalkhills
server, enabling me to bring this obsessive-fan-length article to the,
er, obsessive fans, and of course to Paul C., who inspired my desire
to do the interview, and helped make it all possible.



Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 12:13:42 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Still can't find The Nines ?
Message-ID: <>

In response to Kevin W's inquiry on The Nines. I had the same problem
tracking down their albums. I actually emailed them through their
website and found out that their manufacturing company had to repress
a bunch of new copies because of demand in the U.S. Their webmaster
informed me that in a week or so you should be able to get their
albums again through Not Lame ,or Jam Records Hope this helps you in tracking them down.

I have to also agree with you on your comment regarding Not Lame. I
have been blown away by the quality of bands that they have on their
site. Just awesome stuff for anyone who loves XTC, or Jellyfish for
that matter.



Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 13:45:06 -0400
From: "Lisette Proulx" <>
Subject: decoding french.
Message-ID: <000001c226a7$3564fd40$27828142@compaq>

>>As for me, I'm claiming the much sexier Quebec. If some hitherto mute
>>Quebecois(e) would like to argue the point, so be it, c'est la guerre.

Sorry about my last post in French-  I knew it was going to be a
challenge for many
Chalkaliens, but not that much-  My French keyboard translated
everything into a bizarre unreadable gibberish-

Anyhow what I meant to say to Mark is that my husband and I are
challenging his territorial markings on Quebec!  Oui, c'est la guerre !
We might not be fans since Go 2, but we are crazy enough about XTC to
claim the whole territory east of Montreal up to the Gaspe peninsula;
leaving Montreal to long time hard core XTC fans- (I feel there must be
quite a few out there. Apparently CHOM FM was playing a lot of XTC in
the eighties !?!)

Lisette et Christian


Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 19:38:45 EDT
Subject: XTC Caroline imports
Message-ID: <>


Caroline has made the Japanese imports available at any retailer. It just so
happens that best buy picked up part of the cost on the ad in ICE magazine.

I'd suggest going through Barnes and Noble or Borders as they can special
order whichever title you like.


Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 16:46:31 -0700
From: becki digregorio <>
Subject: hall of fame
Message-ID: <>

greetings chalk folks,

Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen (<>) posted in the
last digest that xtc is eligible and has a chance to be nominated into the
rock hall of fame.  might i ask: is there anything that we can do to somehow
"influence" the powers-that-be to make this happen??

--becki digregorio


Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 12:53:08 +0000
From: "Tim Brooks" <>
Subject: Photos - Wendy Wu (OT)
Message-ID: <>

Probably? more for UK chalksters- In 1980, I was heavily into a (what was
then called New Wave) band from Worcestershire, England called the Photos .
I loved (and still do) the Photos first (and only) self titled album. They
were a foursome - female vocalist Wendy Wu, guitarist Steve Eagles, bassist
Dave Sparrow, and drummer Oily Harrison (Who knows what their real names
were?). Their first single, was called "I'm So Attractive" and last I
believe "There's Always Work".
I waited from a second album and for more info on the band. But they seemed
to have fallen off the face of the earth. I never heard anything else about
the band or any member of the band. I believe Q did a whateverhappened to
but missed it.
I can't find anything about them on the web.I did however just find out
Wendy Wu released an album with Steve Strange in 85, and note Morrissey's
best of seems to thank her, but know not why?  So I turn to you,
30-something and 40-something listers. Can any of you give me any info on
what ever happened to the Photos or any of the members of the band? Or even
just confirmation that I am not the only one to remember this fine band


Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 21:16:47 -0400
From: "Scott Barnard" <>
Subject: Les nerfs!
Message-ID: <>

Lisette says:

>Dear Mark,

>You said:

>>As for me, I'm claiming the much sexier Quebec. If some hitherto mute
Quebecois(e) would like to argue the point, so be it, c'est la guerre.>>

C'est depuis quand je m'appelle "Mark", exactement? Est-ce-que je reste a
Westmount, aussi? Tant mieux!

>Comment pouvez-vous pritendre poser votre drapeau Chalkhillien sur ce
territoire sans connantre la profondeur et la graviti de la divotion
fidhle envers XTC que mon mari et moi iprouvons depuis presque trois ans?>

Alors, votre devotion est maintenant connue, mais regardez bien:

>Soit ! Je vous l'accorde: Vous jtes un admirateur depuis Go2.>

White Music, en fait. Ca donne vignt-quatre ans contre trois. Minable, non?

>Et du mjme jet, nous riclamons sans hisitation tout le territoire `
>l'est de Montrial jusqu'` la pininsule de Forillon...>

D'accord. Ca me fait de la peine, par example, surtout les Iles de la
Madeleine. Merde!

>Pour ce qui est de Montrial...  Nous hisitons un peu.  Il doit bien y
>avoir l` de sirieux fanatiques difficiles ` battre...>

J'en doute. Donc, l'ouest est a moi. A moins que le fameux Mark se pointe...

>P.S.  We would be really interested in a gathering of the faithful XTC
>Quebec fans.  Anyone else would like that ?>

Like the man said, "J'aimerais ca".


End of Chalkhills Digest #8-41

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