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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #8-37

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 37

                  Tuesday, 25 June 2002


                   Whoo boys, it's hott
                       My Tuppence
                       Re : Athlete
           Re: June 15 question from Matt Hiner
                       Catching Up
              RE: How Red Was My Hair, Inc.
                   Robyn Hitchock etc.
                Re: wave the victory sign
         Miscellaneous Bullsh*t and Assorted Cr*p
                      Re: Sgt. Rock
                 Today's vocabulary word
            Looking to trade: I have XTC DVDs.
                      regional fans
                Re: Jim likes Sgt. Rock...
                Gathering t-shirt designs
               A Bumper sticker someplace..


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Drumming on it always stays.


Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 22:43:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: "J. Randles" <>
Subject: Whoo boys, it's hott
Message-ID: <>

Phil Hetherington <> wrote:
"Subject: Oh! It's getting hot in here
Must be something in the atmosphere

And if you're not in the UK you won't know that that
is the somewhat meaningless but extremely catchy lyric
from the second single from Athlete, "You Got The

Actually, if you are in the US and (sadly) watch MTV
or BET, the first lyric about getting hot would remind
you of the recent smash called "Hot in Herre" (yes, 2
R's!) by Nelly, the St. Louis rapper of mega
popularity and much bling bling, but little talent.
And I quote:

"It's gettin hot in herre
so take off all your clothes-"

Then a female voice responds:
"I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off..."

repeat 50 or so times over a generic beat background,
film a video set in a club with hot wet chickks and
sweaty menn and there's your hit.

Waiting for the XTC cover of this song... ;)

A bit of XTC content: the release of the 2nd edition
of Chalkhills & Children was supposed to be out June
11, correct? Has anyone bought/read/stolen this book
and can tell me the new additions? Or at least let me
know if my release date info is wrong? thanks.

Sorry to sully the list with mention of *gasp!* Nelly-
Jennifer, back to lurking


Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 23:03:06 -0700
From: Kyla <>
Subject: My Tuppence
Message-ID: <>

Hullo All -

Here it is, summer already -Thought I'd respond on a few points.

I, too, have trouble separating an individual's art from their
person-ness. I can't help it, I just do. So when I heard Harry
Shearer, on his radio show, 'Le Show', read a magazine interview with
Moby about how Mr. Moby, as a sort of 'hobby', likes to surreptiously
take out his 'trouser sausage' and rub it against celebrities at
parties, I decided I wouldn't ever have to bother buying anything of
his. Now it seems like I've made the right decision.  Hmmmm.... (And
that new song 'We Are All Made of Stars' is very limp - whoever said
it pales next to 'We're All Light' hit it right on the nosey.)

Luv, Love, *LOVE!* the work of Paul Weller in any and all
incarnations. Was very fond of Style Council - such a strong musical
political statement in its time- and adore his subsequent solo work as
well. He *never* disappoints in concert, except when he doesn't show
up, like his last L.A. gig. I got all dressed up, went to the theatre
with ticket in hand and everything! I don't think he luvs us Americans
back *snif*

I can suggest a way to affix your booklet for Coat in event of its
coming loose. Rubber cement, used to create a permanent bond. Here's
how -
Lay down RC on one surface. Let dry.
Lay down RC on second surface. Let dry.
Press them together. Carefully, because the bond will not come apart
again, so you can't reposition.
You might want to practice on scrap paper first.

XTC license plates? I like the suggestion 'NONSVCH' - very
clever. Here in L.A., when vanity plates were new, a white Rabbit had
the plate, 'IM L8'. I drive a low, little car, and was terrorized on
the road by a giant jacked-up truck with the plate, 'UGOUNDR' - I gave
it a wide berth, you betcha.

Wisht I could attend the party in July and go see the Horse!

Kyla *I've got nothing to say, but it's okay, good morning good
morning good morning-ah!*


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:04:07 +0000
From: "Tim Brooks" <>
Subject: Re : Athlete
Message-ID: <>

Well not seen them live but from the two singles endorse Phil's view, two
great songs.
Sounds very BLUR influenced to me, which is no bad thing, but why "Athlete",
surely a better name could have been found.

Another link to add

where you can hear a recent radio session.

Radio 6 BTW is really rather wonderful, each evening they play old radio
concerts. This got me wondering, Have all of XTC's now been released on CD ?

Also Phil's spot on with his "Elvis Costello  Album of the year so far, by a
long way" comment.
Actually thus far I struggle to think of another album that really does it
for me thus far, no doubt I will now receive some reccomendations?


PS Nice to see Mark Kirk with a posting. Where's your site gone???


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 00:33:36 -0500
Subject: Re: June 15 question from Matt Hiner
Message-ID: <>

It's my understanding that titles cannot be copyrighted.  You can
call your next CD "Abbey Road", if you like.  Of course, where's
your credibility if you cant's back up the title with product?


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 09:03:24 -0700
From: "Jonny Pop" <>
Subject: Catching Up
Message-ID: <001301c21b98$adf579c0$6a525d3f@johnjulie>

Happy Summer's Cauldron to all,

Long time, no post, so let me briefly catch up.

Whomever the chap was that claimed to be the biggest XTC fan in Lexington,
KY . . . only because I don't live there anymore.  If I was still there,
you'd have to settle for 2nd place, or maybe a Keeneland-style photo finish
for 1st place (he'll know what that means).

Secondly and importantly and excitedly (is that a word?) . . . at the Rose
Bowl in Pasadena every 2nd Sunday is this ENORMOUS flea market that takes
hours to go through.  Well, this past visit, just two weeks ago, I am just
about to leave after being there for a good two hours + with my girlfriend
and the third from the last vendor before I walk out is the guy with
hundreds of video tapes of rock bands on old tv shows, bootleg concerts, all
laid out on blankets under a canopy.  I scan for the name XTC hoping he may
have "Look, Look", but no.  So, I ask him if he has anything other than
"Urgh: A Music War" with XTC and he pulls out "The Old Grey Whistle Test:
Volume #6" which is the entire broadcast from days before "English
Settlement" was released featuring the entire band performing "Yacht Dance"
immediately followed by "No Thugs In Our House".  Excited?  Oh yeah.  Andy
at first looks slightly uncomfortable, but by mid-way through YD, he's all
smiles and swagger.  The video is surprisingly good quality, although
definitely a few generations down.

I'm hoping to have that segment burned to DVD by a friend possessing that
technology, so if anyone has any other video, particularly "Look Look" who's
interested in trading, lemme know.

Also, I finally got a scanner and hope to have my photos from my trip to
Swindon in Autumn of 2000 sent to Mssr. Relph & the right honorable Wes Long
soon (John & Wes, can I send you a CD and what dpi/format/etc. specs would
you prefer?).  I'm heading back to the UK in September again, but don't
think I'll make it to Swindon this trip, but, then again, maybe I will.




Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 12:06:44 -0500
From: "JH3" <>
Subject: RE: How Red Was My Hair, Inc.
Message-ID: <002a01c21ba1$8503d260$dc10a8c0@alternatech>

From: "Edward Collier" <>:

>The telling phrase here is "put those recordings to a use that
>would be obnoxious and insulting to the original artist".  How
>do you know? ... you have no factual basis (or you cite none)
>for your assertion that any of the artists "repurposed" by Moby
>_would_ find this either obnoxious or insulting.  They may have
>had no opportunity to register their feelings either way, and that
>is regrettable, but for all you know they might have been delighted.

I believe it's a well-known fact, Edward, that Roland "Boy Blue"
Hayes, his drummer, *and* Vera Hall all believed very strongly
that credit card holders should be allowed to carry a running
balance, even if that meant heavy interest charges -- and that
cards without spending limits are a really bad idea. What's more,
none of them would have been caught *dead* in a foreign car
such as a Volkswagen. (Admittedly, there are stories that Hayes'
drummer was once ticketed for trying to occupy two parking
spaces with a Yugo, but he would have definitely been alive at
the time, and obviously it was a trumped-up charge anyway - a
Yugo can barely take up one parking space, much less two.)

Regardless, it's far worse than "regrettable" that they weren't
given a choice in the matter, isn't it? *That's* the central issue
here, not whether or not they would have objected if asked.
Seems to me.

John "non-Yugo owner" Hedges


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 00:33:00 +0530
From: "Sughosh Varadarajan" <>
Subject: Robyn Hitchock etc.
Message-ID: <001e01c21bb1$e597fe20$96b0fea9@sughosh>

Ryan Anthony said:

>I thought India was a brazen land-grab (does that
include all of Kashmir, Sughosh?),

Ah ! I wish! Nobody knows exactly how much of Kashmir is ours or theirs I
think so I'll let that be..leaving that aside, I do claim the rest of India,
and I don't think that's a  brazen land-grab, cos if you ask for XTC in this
country , you have to spell it out or else they hand you "violin ecstasy"or
something like that! Not that they have XTC CDs the best of my
knowledge, there are 3 XTC CDs in India.. copies of Big Express & Wasp Star
at my place, and a forlorn copy of Fossil Fuel which has been lying in a
record store in Bangalore waiting to be picked up, for some 2 years at

James Michael Isaacs said:

>PS John- I do know Tony.  He likes Robyn Hitchcock like I do,
too. Which is lots.

Me TOO! Me TOO! I ADORE THE GUY! Heard Underwater Moonlight & Fegmania so
far..both amazing! Hoping to get my hands on "I often dream of

Cheers all!


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:39:17 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: wave the victory sign
Message-ID: <001001c21bbf$36f62640$2d04f343@brian>


> I like Sgt. Rock.
> Jim

I like, too.



Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:00:43 -0500
From: Brown <>
Subject: Miscellaneous Bullsh*t and Assorted Cr*p
Message-ID: <>

Ok, a few things, Chalk chilens:

First of all, good to see ya back, Relphie, did ya have a nice vacation?
..and just where the heck is my authentic Mt. St. Helens' volcanic rock
ashtray you promised to bring me, hmm?!?! <G>

Secondly, not to state the obivious, but it appears that a good many of us
do in fact agree.. Moby is a dick.. 'Moby' + 'Dick'.. Moby DICK, geddit?
Ah, I just love safisteekated humor, don't you? ..And those of you who are
incensed that someone dare to have a negative opinion about a public figure,
and then furthermore has the cheek to post it on this forum?  Well, duckies,
to youz I say.. Lighten up!  It's all about point/counterpoint, provided one
keeps it from becoming a personal attack.  Debate is what makes life
interestin'.. are you guys with me?  Thought so.

And it's also agreed that Harrison is *still* King Of This Hill, as far as
I'm concerned. Sorry to embarrass you, HB, but *somebody* had to say it! :)

Let's see.. hmmm.. Oh, yes... Ed responded to Harrison's fair warning:

<<>PS: Quit fucking with me, Bert. It's pretty goddamned obvious to me and
>everybody else what you're trying to do, so knock it off.<<

With this:

<<It's not obvious to me.  Care to explain?>>

No, Ed, he does not care to explain.  Stop being so obtuse and figure it
out.  Sheesh!

A *final* word with regard to all of this back biting, and bra strap pulling
that's been going on lately 'round these parts.. I just want to say that all
that this petty mud slinging manages to do is to lower the fairly consistent
level of civility and comradery that we XTC geeks enjoy on this mailing
list.. So the next one of you who tries to taint the fabulous, loving
atmosphere that generally prevails by pulling something underhanded or mean
spirited, I warn you that I will personally beat the living daylights out of
your sorry rump.. You all got that??  GOOD! Now play nice, kidz!

And now for something *completely* different...

Did any of you monkeys actually read the Get Rhythm magazine article on the
lads?  And if so, why have you not had the decency to transcribe it in its
entirety, and submit it to John so that our fearless leader can toss it up
on for all to enjoy, hmmm?

Oy...That's right.. Mom always told me that I'd catch more flies with honey
than vinegar, so let me rephrase my question, (batting eyelashes, dimpled
smile) ..Would one of you darling starlings who has had the good fortune to
have gotten your hands on this blasted magazine (I had no luck), would you
please, pretty please share the article with the rest of your Chalk familia?
Danke in advance!

Ah, it's ever so warm outside today, but thank Goddess there is a nice
breeze blowing in from the Pacific.. I'm finito with my work for the
afternoon, so it's off to the shady patio with an icy cold one, and a bit of
Black Sea blasting on the stereo... Now if you'll pardon me, I've got a date
with comfy chaise lounge and I don't want to be late, nosiree..

And, yes, you are ALL invited to join me.. But if you want to score the
highly coveted comfy chaise lounge next to moi, then remember to bring a six
pack of Beck's to share with me, ya got it? ;o)

Big ole bear hugs all around,

Debora Brown


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:03:39 EDT
Subject: Re: Sgt. Rock
Message-ID: <>

In 8-36, Matt Hiner said...

> "And I am the only person who actually LIKES Sgt. Rock?  I mean, its a
> great pop song on what I think is one of the greatest pop albums of all
> time."

Well, buddy, I must say that not only do I like it, but it used to be my
favorite song on the whole album.  I think we all could use a Sgt. Rock in
our lives.

Everybody's old friend and sparring partner,
Justin L. Abrotsky


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:31:43 -0500
From: Brown <>
Subject: Today's vocabulary word
Message-ID: <>

Obivious-something that is obvious, but in a less obvious sort of way.


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 20:53:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: "" <>
Subject: Looking to trade: I have XTC DVDs.
Message-ID: <>

Ok, a few of you are interested, but nobody has contacted me who has
anything to trade that I need. I am not interested in selling these,
only trade.

I have a few DVD's which I will trade:

XTC: Look Look (Pre-1982 Video collection)
URGH A Music War

URGH is about a 9 quality and look look is about an 8.

I also have Boingo, The Cars, They Might Be Giants and Devo on
DVD. These DVD's are full DVD, not VCDs, and will play on all DVD

I am interested mostly in their post-1982 videos that are not on look
look. I am also interested in any rare studio tracks that are not on
any of the commercial CD's. I have some CD's, including one or two
from Wes, but not all CD's. I am also interested in any other cool
80's music...


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:08:30 -0400
From: "Ted Harms" <>
Subject: regional fans
Message-ID: <>

Well, I wonder how much of Ontario I can claim?

Is anybody going to get upset if I raise my ensign over the south-west?  For
now I won't be so bold to include the Golden Horseshoe/armpit of Lake
Ontario area but will happily annex it if nobody complains...

Ted Harms | Library, Univ. of Waterloo |
"I needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I
needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun."
Phillip Marlowe


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 10:44:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: milo fadite <>
Subject: Re: Jim likes Sgt. Rock...
Message-ID: <>

I like Sgt. Rock too, nice one Jimmy Boy

The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick: A Film-maker's Journal. Find
out more about this upcoming documentary at


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 20:18:48 +0100
From: The Worrier Queen <>
Subject: Gathering t-shirt designs
Message-ID: <>


due to a number of factors including absent mindedness the vote for the
t-shirt designs will be closed on 12:01am (GMT +1) on Saturday 29th
June. They will cost approximately #7-50
($US 10.50)

Please vote - even if you're not attending the Gathering - and before I
forget here's the URL again:

If there's anyone who would like to attend the Gathering please get in
touch with

back to lurk mode
This has been An Uffington Pony Goddesses production, powered by the
beating of hearts.


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:03:54 -0500
From: "Jamie Lowe" <>
Subject: A Bumper sticker someplace..
Message-ID: <000901c21cbe$39083b80$cbcc2a3f@unlpm>


A few digests back someone was seeking XTC bumper stickers and it got me to

What if I could offer a 4X6 (stick it on the bumper) white on green
Uffington Horse and xtc logo similar to the English Settlement album cover,
and a white on clear piece that is glueless designed to attach to the inside
of a window for about $4 pp for US and $5 for EU and AUS buyers.   How many
of you would be interested?  We'd put up a web-site so you can see before
you buy if necessary or I could email you a photo.   It would also have to
be a check or money order transaction.   I don't foresee production of the
numbers needed to justify a credit card payment arrangement.  Contact me
off-list if this is something you might be up for.



NP: The Doves Last Broadcast

Q Magazine claims the Doves song Sulpher Man is "like some great lost XTC
song"  (they should be so lucky to find it).

I'm on my fourth listen and the album is just now starting to appeal to me.


End of Chalkhills Digest #8-37

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