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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 28

                  Wednesday, 8 May 2002


                      License Plates
                   Shaving Bush Budgie.
                      Hidden Agenda
   Princess Margaret reference is intact on *Red Lion*
            wearing xtc on your shirt-sleeves
                    Mastering Commerce
                 Re: really LOUD masters
                  Re-gluing the cupboard
                       Bill / Andy
  Request: Chalkhillian's Suggestions for London Travel
             <Newbie Warning> Unreleased XTC?
                       Re: T-shirts
               "Eructing"? *Eructing*?!?!?!
                       Moby single
            "supplication" (becki digregorio)
                    Optimism's Flames


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Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 19:45:05 -0400
From: "Ben Gott" <>
Subject: License Plates
Message-ID: <>


Daniel DuBray sent along the copy of a letter that he'd sent to Virgin
about an ad he saw for a hotline about the drug ecstasy.  In his letter,
he wrote:

"In one U.S. state, for example, complaints by citizens about a vanity
automobile license plate with the slogan 'XTC FAN' resulted in the state
revoking the plate, under the guise that the driver was some sort of drug

How interesting.  About five weeks ago, I traded $150 worth of CDs back to
Strawberries (corporate whores!); I decided to spend part of my winnings
on an XTC vanity plate.  In the state of Connecticut, vanity plates can
only have six characters, which sadly required me to throw "BRITPOP" by
the wayside.  However, I decided to take a gamble and try "XTC" to see
what would happen.

Today I received my "XTC" plates.  Oh, yeah.  (On Monday, when school
resumes, I'll get access to a digital camera and post pictures of me and
my happy plates on my website.)  My friend Julia suggested to me that I
keep a few XTC CDs in the car at all times in case I ever got pulled over.
 (I told her that I keep on XTC CD on hand at all times, dammit, although
my CD changer is currently loaded with Dave Matthews, Pete Yorn, Sade, the
new Elvis Costello, Public Enemy, and Prefab Sprout.)  The moral of this
story is, I suppose, that if anyone sees a silver VW Jetta 1.8T (which
I'll be paying for until I'm 27) with an "XTC" license plate, honk and
wave.  I'll know who you are.

In other news, I've bought two tickets to the Elvis Costello & the
Imposters concert on June 15th in Wallingford, CT (at the Theatre, formerly known as the Oakdale).  Is anyone else
from this list planning on going to that concert?  If you are, e-mail me
off list; perhaps we could meet at Archie Moore's for a quick bite before
the show.  If you're interested in getting tickets, take out a second
mortgage on the house and go to

Finally, and with trepidation, I would like to propose the First Annual
Southern New England XTC Rumpus, tentatively scheduled for August and to
take place (if there's interest) at a restaurant near where I live and
work (a town about 40 minutes west of Hartford, 25 minutes south of
Worcester, and 45 minutes northwest of Providence).  Assuming that I get
the new, huge apartment on campus that I'm hoping for, we can all
congregate a a local restaurant/pub, have some food, and then retire back
to my place for a listening and viewing party.  If anyone's interested,
e-mail me at

Man, do I want that apartment!  It has a deck!



Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 21:52:25 -0500
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: Shaving Bush Budgie.
Message-ID: <>

     Those of you who am difappointed
    with the 'edited' version on COMC's
       may want to visit

   Here you will hear what you don't hear
  on the 'hidden' Virgin version of 'Brush'.

   You may also want to thank Sir Demon Brown
  for providing the un-expurgated non expunged
  not "Banned In Boston" 'Virgin' version that
   Virgin divined 'unfit' for it's vociferous

      This of course, is your decision.



Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 23:42:34 EDT
Subject: Hidden Agenda
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 5/3/02 5:21:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
somebody writes:
> Would someone venture a comparison between the sound
> on the new UK remasters and the recent Japanese
> cardboard-cover discs?

I have two of the British remasters (quite by accident. I was sent the wrong
titles and they let me keep them). Anyhow, I have all the Japanese remasters
and, when it comes to ES and BE, they don't really sound any different. They
were pressed from a copy of the same master ( great mastering job by Ian

The labels on the CDs are different. The Japanese remasters have a replica of
the LP logo/label when the album was released. The British remasters all have
the same label (although with the different album titles natch).

It all really comes down to the packaging. The music is the same. For those
who could care less about the LP style sleeves, it really shouldn't matter.

>)  The presentation.  Ever since the get-go, with the 3D-EP, XtC have
continually wrapped their music in a parade of really interesting,
entertaining, and at times breathtakingly beautiful sleeves, covers and
general visual "concepts".  The practice continues to this day.  Witness the
recent spate of "Apple Venus" art.  The fantastically apropos treatment for
"Transistor Blast" is another example.  But man, "Coat Of Many Cupboards"
takes the absolute cake in the design department.  I can only suggest
Bowie's "Sound + Vision" or Floyd's "Shine On" sets to vie for such positive
and creative exploitation of the box set design medium so effectively<

Personally, I think Coat is one of the best designed box sets out there. If
it doesn't win some sort of award, I'll be very disappointed.

A pity that there's no new music coming soon but, well, after the long
gestation of  AV, WS and even Coat it's not surprising. They needed to clear
out the cobwebs prior to redecorating. Personally, I'd prefer to see FW
broken down into separate sets for demos, demos of songs released, weird
profanity and odd English humour.

That's Just me.

Anyhow, be patient children.

As to John's comments on hidden tracks. Well, they're like discovering
treasure. Actually, it's like discovering the toy that came in the
Crackerjacks box. They might not be valuable (or well made as was frequently
the case with most of the toys) but it's the very fact that you got
something extra. As to how hard you should have to work to get
them.....well....I wouldn't mind just listening to the whole box set and
then "discovering" the bonus tracks. My rant was aimed more at whether or
not the technology will allow you access to them (like those DVD features
that have to be accessed on line or with a computer. I don't often have time
to mess with that stuff and so don't).

To their credit, AP and CM (I don't feel I know them well enough to call
them by their nick names), have encoded them in such a way that you can play
them on the majority of the CD players (unlike the X Files Soundtrack).  At
least they didn't hide a great song. Really, both tracks are disposable
(although the Brush jam is kind of fun to listen to) and not essential to
enjoying the collection. As an example my brother (a huge fan) could care
less about the bonus tracks.  He could also care less about the demos. He
just wants to hear the finished stuff where the magic occurs. I can see his
point to a certain extent.

There is an elitist aspect to the hidden tracks. Be one of the faithful or
you won't know what you're missing out on.

On the other hand, it's only a CD box set! It's not a way of life nor will
it bring down the government (well, if there were enough secret tracks

Best tracks on Coat are the tunes I had before--Terrorism, Find The Fox and
Let's Make a Den. Although I really like the group version of Dear God.
Enough rambling....before I go--if AP and CM choose to release their
collective chuckles and farts that's their business. Remember, someone will
want to buy it but you don't have to.

Did I mention I really, really like Thrak (it sat on the shelf for a while)
by King Crimson. Any other Crimso fans here? Ahh...interesting thought
Robert Fripp and Andy Partridge. There's no way in hell it would work but
interesting nevertheless.


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 00:42:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Princess Margaret reference is intact on *Red Lion*
Message-ID: <>

Thanks to Mrs. Brown for the heads-up, in Digest 8-27,
on the XTC article in the new issue of *Get Rhythm*
magazine. I clicked on her hot link (ye gods, that
sounds filthy) and got to the magazine's site -- only
to learn that the contents are not accessible via
Internet. Seems the magazine actually wants me to step
out of the house, visit a newsstand or record store,
and plunk down money to buy the issue. How quaint.

I suppose I should. Help keep the mag alive, thank the
mag for featuring Our Heroes, alert the world that
magazine sales spike when Andy Partridge appears on
their covers, and all those Good Things.

Another reason I should buy this particular issue: It
profiles Howe Gelb and his band Giant Sand, which
started out in Tucson two decades ago as the Giant
Sandworms. (If there are any *Dune* goons in
Chalkhills, I just made your day.)

As for vinyl records with hidden tracks and other
perversities, do any of my fellow Yanks remember a
novelty disc folded into an issue of *Mad* magazine
sometime in the '50s or '60s? I believe I recall
hearing that it was single-sided and contained three
songs on three parallel grooves; you had to drop the
needle down repeatedly before you would hear all

Oh, and regarding the supposedly censored references
to Princess Margaret in "Shaving Brush Boogie" on
*Coat* -- the version on the *Red Lion Demos* is
intact. (I happen to have that obscure disc, the
excellent gift of a Chalkhillette who temporarily
thought I was fab.) I played it just now, and sure
enough, at 6:01 into the track, there's the
aforementioned royal personage "going down on the
whole damn band."

It's still in better taste than half of what comes out
of Prince Philip's mouth!

If I had tepid interest in aquiring *Coat* before, now
I have none. Virgin bastards. My apologies to you
wild-eyed completists, and also to you, Harrison. Yes,
I still want to read your essay.

"Shaving Brush Boogie" is a great smutty steamy jam in
the tradition of that other British band. You know,
the blue-eyed blues combo with Mick Fleetwood, Peter
Green, Danny Kirwan, John McVie, and Jeremy Spencer.

Extreme trivia time. On the *Red Lion Demos*, "Shaving
Brush Boogie" is credited, not to "AP" or "CM" or
"DG," but to "XTC." I realize this isn't "official,"
but regardless, is this the only time any XTC track
has been credited to the band?

Ryan Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 03:46:39 -0400
From: "John" <>
Subject: wearing xtc on your shirt-sleeves
Message-ID: <001201c1f33f$d3db7a30$4faf1d18@flo>

what is this hogwash about how "ill buy a shirt when they play live"


like itll ever happen ....

dont delude yourselves

look people
as soon as i get 25 bucks ill have one
i like the authentic vintage art (im even a fine artist!)
let the boys keep the nostalgia coming
it takes me back to the 80's when i got turned on to xtc
and makes me proud ive been a fan ever since
....ill wear a big express shirt for the same reason that i will pick up a
guitar tune to open e and jam along with train runnin low on soul coal
.........   some ideas (and clothes or songs) just get more comfy after
plenty of wear
so i "guess im goin south for the winter" so im gonna need some t-shirts

xtc wouldnt b our safe secret if they had been touring all these years ...
do u really think that they would have retained a 1/3 of that integrity ...
not me i know what the road and commercialism does to bands

andy is a true artist he knows his process and what works the best for him
why ask for more

no band has ever given me more artistic satisfaction
it would HAVE BEEN fun to have seen them on stage but stages are for actors
people just have to understand that xtc's stage or forum is the cd and thats
why ask for something they are not ...........

I wonder if the guy who said that wasp star is boring has ever...
-picked up a guitar
-had his heart broken
-contemplated life on a cosmic scale
i bet he has standed in for joe a cple o times though lol

i overlooked wheel and the maypole for awhile
now i think it is a masterwork
very profound while remaining self critical and open to many layered
brings tears to my eyes

if that were the only good track id still think the album was far from
boring but i dont think there is a miss on the disc
all of the tracks are great songs

the dood who wrote that we should just listen to the music and shut up about
it is actually quite right
although i prefer to ramble about the music before and after a good listen
(which is most all of the time)

i like what he said about falling in love on xtc
if i find ever find a girl who is half as fired up about xtc as i am i bet
we will "over and over ...flatten the clover"

email me if u agree or disagree
or u are a pretty ladybird that thinks u like xtc as much as me ;)


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 08:09:25 -0400
From: "Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Mastering Commerce
Message-ID: <>


Don Share asked:
> Would someone venture a comparison between the sound
> on the new UK remasters and the recent Japanese
> cardboard-cover discs?

Actually, I spoke with Colin not too long ago, and we talked about this
very subject. Apparently, when they'd been mastering the upcoming
karaoke albums, they'd compared some of the Japanese remasters of the
Virgin catalog with the English remasters, and found that the former
were a bit more compressed than the latter. However, he was quite down
on the "shoddy packaging" of the English remasters.

About the COMC essay, Jim Smart pointed out:
>  And if you think it's too long, there's a Paul Simon
> lyric, something about "short little span of
> attention" waiting for you on the Graceland album.

Plus, consider this:
The essay is as long as Virgin asked it to be. Period.

Finally, to all you folks bitching about XTCommerce Ltd. -- please
remember that you always have the option of voting with your
pocketbooks. If you don't think something is done well, or a good value,
or too much of a retread for your consideration, then *don't buy it*. If
enough people feel this way, then after a while Adam Smith's invisible
hand will guide XTC's merchandising and recording efforts down a
different path, perhaps one more suited to your desires. Think how
powerful and fulfilled you'll feel.

Proud (and only occasionally harassed) owner
of Virginia license plate XTC FAN


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 11:43:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: really LOUD masters
Message-ID: <>

On May 3, 16:05, Keith Hanlon <> wrote:
>And when will the U2 catalog get a proper re-release?

I'm still waiting for a complete CD remaster of U2's "Boy" complete
with the "hidden track" (actually, it's just uncredited) at the end of
side two.  It was a rehearsal tape of "Fire", mono in one channel.
Pretty cool way to end the LP.  The original UK LP with the original
cover, that is.  The US LP cover sucked.

	-- John


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 12:40:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Lore Guilmartin <>
Subject: Re-gluing the cupboard
Message-ID: <> wrote:

> Subject: Re: Coat
> So... anyone else's booklet fall out yet?
> grrrrrr... shoddy Virgin... grrrrrr....
> wondering what glue is best to use

Funny you should ask...

I've studied archaeological conservation, so trust me:
 I know glue.  Don't use regular old Elmer's white
glue becuase, over time, it will shrink and become
brittle, and you'll be right back where you started.
If you're not interested in shelling out way too much
money for archival quality glue at an arts and crafts
store, or a photography supply store, I'd recommend
Eileen's Tacky Glue.  It's not that expensive,
available at arts and crafts stores, and I've found
that it ages quite well.  Just use as thin a coat as
you can manage and let it dry really really well
(Preferably under some kind of even weight) before you
handle the package again.

Good luck!



Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 18:43:19 -0500
From: steve <>
Subject: Bill / Andy
Message-ID: <>

A bit from Bill Nelson's latest online diary entry -

> Picked up a copy of 'GET RHYTHM' magazine, a stylish glossy whose
> latest issue features Andy Partridge of XTC on the cover.  In the
> accompanying article, there is a quote from Andy saying that one of
>  XTC's songs, 'She's So Square', realized Andy's dream "to make a
> record in the style of and of the calibre of Be Bop Deluxe's 'Maid In
> Heaven'."  I was 'chuffed to bits' to hear this so, "thank you Andy !"

If you want to find out more about Bill, try -

- Steve


Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 19:12:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Lore Guilmartin <>
Subject: Request: Chalkhillian's Suggestions for London Travel
Message-ID: <>

Hello, folks,

A friend and I are planning a week-long trip to London
this summer.  As we start deciding what to see and
where to go it occurs to me:  Let's ask the English
Chalkhillians for suggestions.  I figure our presence
on this listserv indicates *some* sort of shared
tastes, so maybe you'll be able to point out some
offbeat things to see and do that we'd be able to
enjoy more than the usual tourist traps.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for two geeky,
XTC-loving Americans who'd like to experience a
genuine, interesting, non-touristy (and hopefully
inexpensive) slice of England?  We'll be staying in
London but are planning to take some daytrips on the
train to nearby places.

Thanks for your help!



Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 01:16:00 -0500
From: "Dr. Charles W. Crane, Esq., O.B.E." <>
Subject: <Newbie Warning> Unreleased XTC?
Message-ID: <000801c1f3fc$544041d0$9865fea9@CRANE>

I recently got a collection of Andy demos (it contains "Jules Verne's
Sketchbook" and "The Bull WIth The Golden Guts," as well as "A Hello
Selection," "Window Box" and other miscellaneous items). I'm just wondering
how many of these songs got tried out in the studio, finished, or leaked out
to collectors. I have heard about "Young Cleopatra" and "My Train Is Coming"
studio renditions, and the liner notes for "This Is The End" make me long to
hear a rehearsal tape from O&L. Does anybody have any more information?


Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 16:21:25 -0600
From: "Bob O'Bannon" <>
Subject: Re: T-shirts
Message-ID: <>

Regarding T-shirts, some of you might remember when Andy's brother-in-law
decided to sell a variety of XTC merchandise many years ago, including
T-shirts, but as I recall, somehow a sizeable number of people did not get
the goods they ordered. One of those people was me, although I did get some
of the things I ordered -- some XTC ink pens and four T-shirts: Sense
Working Overtime, Big Express, Dukes, and Black Sea. The Dukes shirt is
signed by Andy, Colin and Dave, and I still wear the Senses Working Overtime
T-shirt all the time. The number of people who ever ask about it, however,
is sadly very few....



Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 10:15:19 EDT
Subject: "Eructing"? *Eructing*?!?!?!
Message-ID: <>


>From: Jim Smart <>
>Subject: Standing up for Harrison? Sure would!

>Gasp! Criticism of Harrison's essay!

Jim, Steve Y., and everybody else who has said nice things about my essay
(even Satan's Ringpiece Lawson):

Thank you all very much. Please don't concern yourselves with "defending" my
essay from any critical remarks in this forum. After I submitted the essay,
the people for whom I was writing the piece -- the only people I was trying
to "please," if you will -- were uniformly warm, complimentary, and in one
bespectacled, chubby case, quite moving indeed. After such a response, any
uncomplimentary comments in Chalkhills are pretty easy to take.

>First of all, while we have known and loved Harrison's
>messages here, we must realize that here is here, and
>there is there. Liner notes on a CD are forever.
>Chalkhills digests are pretty disposable, mostly.

You have in a very short and sharp observation distilled the essence of the
thing that tortured me daily during the writing of that essay: The "red
light" was most emphatically *on* during that effort; this was one, as you
might say, for the record books (sorry), and not some knocked-off, maniacal
rant that would disappear as quickly as it came. In the beginning I
approached it as Steve Y. suggested, "the greatest epic Chalkhills post
ever," but quickly realized that this was resulting in a voice that was
wrong, wrong, wrong for the task at hand. You people know me and the kind of
wall-eyed thing I'm capable of eructing in an informal setting; but this
essay was going to be read by complete strangers who don't know me from
Satanas Diablo. It's an end-of-term exam; not a scratched graffito on a
classroom desk. Some gravity was called for.

> And if you think it's too long, there's a Paul Simon
>lyric, something about "short little span of
>attention" waiting for you on the Graceland album.

One note must be inserted here: I keep getting the sense from some folks that
I had some control over the length of the piece -- that somehow it's as long
as it is because I'm such a longwinded bastard, and that I forced Virgin at
gunpoint to publish every last pearl of wisdom that I foisted on them. The
truth of the matter is that Jason Day at Virgin commissioned me to write
10,000 words on the story of XTC as seen through a fan's eyes. My essay,
after editorial advice and guidance from Todd Bernhardt, Stephanie Takeshita
and John Morrish (to all of whom much thanks and a tip o' the tam o'
shanter), clocks in at 9,998 words. (There is no truth to the assertion that
Day docked me 50 pence for the missing two words. It was more like five
pounds.) Seems to me like I pretty much did what I was asked to do.

But yeah, the idea behind something of that length is that you should have
something to (hopefully) entertain you over the course of four CDs. It
shouldn't be something that you can read in one sitting.

>I think the real problem here is that his involvement
>in this project, and friendship with the band, have
>curtailed his writing here. Has this changed the Hill
>forever? Come on, Harrison! Let loose here like ya
>used to!

If my posting in Chalkhills has fallen off in quantity, you shouldn't blame
that on COMC or any (tenuous at best) "friendship" with XTC; better to take a
good look at my e-mail address, with the thought in mind that my ISP is also
my employer. If you've been following the press lately you might have read a
little bit about the business woes of America Online; companies whose stock
is in the toilet don't let their line workers sit around and compose loony
rants in Internet forums. If I ever get a minute of leisure I'll be back...

Harrison "Instead they compose loony rants on how to make money in broadband"


Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 14:50:42 +0200
From: Thomas Hoheisel <>
Subject: Moby single
Message-ID: <>


This morning, studying James Masterton's analysis of new entries in the
British Top 40 Chart, I found this:



Up until a couple of years ago Moby was just another dance producer. A man
who began his chart career back in 1991 with the Top 10 hit Go (made while
he was still at college) and who had appeared in the charts sporadically
ever since, often switching dance genres and pushing himself towards ever
greater innovation, stopping off along the way for fun projects such as
updating the James Bond theme. Then came the 1999 album Play which saw him
take a box full of old blues and gospel tracks and update them in his own
style, mixing the original vocals with new backing tracks of his own
creation. After selling slowly at first, the album shot to mainstream
attention when it was revealed that every single one of the tracks had been
licensed for soundtrack or commercial use somewhere in the world. It sent
Play soaring to the top of the charts and turned tracks such as Natural
Blues, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad and Porcelain into smash hits. Quite
sensibly Moby has taken his time over the followup and in many ways he
faces the same problem as Fatboy Slim did just over a year ago, having to
satisfy public demand for "more of the same" whilst satisfying his own
creative urges. Hence if you are expecting this new single to be a further
fractured take on the Blues then you will be disappointed. Instead We Are
All Made Of Stars is a nod back to the 25 year old New Wave sound
(essentially it is the best single XTC never made) and for the first time
features a vocal from the man himself. People have been falling over
themselves to praise this track and whilst it isn't quite the thing of
beauty that some radio presenters would have you believe there is no
denying that this is another quality single and one which bodes well for
the forthcoming new album. It is Moby's seventh Top 20 hit.


The new chart can be found every Monday on; for the
commentary, click on the green *!* icon next to the song title.



Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 09:57:17 -0700
From: "Dan Phipps" <>
Subject: "supplication" (becki digregorio)
Message-ID: <000b01c1f5e8$3f9c24e0$e78c04d8@pavilion>

people of the Hill! ~


i am listening right now to a brand new song by one of our own here on the
list -- ms. becki digregorio herself!  she sent me a "first listen" of a
song called "supplication" to be included on her soon-to-be-released new cd
"god's empty chair."  and, people, this girl has GOT IT!!  "supplication"
was written for becki's late brother who recently died from cancer and is a
beautiful and touching tribute to his spirit.  the song (according to the
accompanying note i got from becki with the cd-single) features dave gregory
on "sweet fills."  and it is absolutely gorgeous!!  i've already played this
song 5 times this morning back-to- back and it just gets better with each
new listen!  i'm not much for writing "music reviews" as it were but this
girl is one of our own, people!  she digs xtc as much as the rest of us
do...even to the point of using their (past and present) members on her
albums!!  we are indeed blessed to have her on our side here!  becki tells
me that the new cd will be released within the next few months (artwork
pending, of course), so look out for her postings here and when she lets us
all know that it's available, BUY ONE...or TWO....or THREE!!!!  this girl is
talented enough to have xtc's members interested in working with her, so do
make sure to check out her other cd "seven worthies...of the bamboo grove."
we have one hell of a talented friend in becki digregorio and to know that
she actually contributes to this listing is "icing on the cake."  let us all
eat it up!

we love you, becki!!  good job indeed!  :-)

***is it sane for us to question who or why
     when the answers only come when we die?***
                                                        (becki digregori)

i am not affiliated in any way with becki's record company or anything of
that promotional nature....i'm just a friend lucky enough to know her
through my love for xtc and the chalkhills mailing list, that's all....

so, thank you, sweet beq!!  :-)


 "all of the answers you seek can be found
  in the dreams that you dream..."
                                          (dan fogelberg)


Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 20:14:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Wes Long <>
Subject: Optimism's Flames
Message-ID: <>

Hey Kidz -

The final two segments, as well as the twelve that
preceded them, of Todd Bernhardt's interview with Ian
Gregory (Dave's brother and drummer of Dukes of
Stratosphear fame) are currently available for
download @

In the four months the site has been online it has
enjoyed nearly 200,000 page views, a testament to your
love of the band. I hope you all have checked out the
interview - it's damn good... thanks to Ian, Todd and
Dave for putting me in touch with his brother.

OH - for those of you who have stumbled across one of
the hidden pages on the site... those of you who are
affiliated members... stay tuned - some exclusive mp3
audio will be available next month in that section.

I'm making efforts to improve the site - thanks for
the suggestions.  The site will soon be much faster,
easier to navigate & far more informative (it still
won't remove blood stains from carpet - but I'm
working on it)... and to those of you who have
provided me with info and images, and still not found
them online - sorry for the delay.  Life gets in the
way of the hobby from time to time (Damn my wooden
chest!.. or is it my crystal ball that slows me down?)
and I hope to have all your items included shortly.

Thanks to you all and keep burning with Optimism's



End of Chalkhills Digest #8-28

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