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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #8-24

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 24

                  Tuesday, 16 April 2002


          The Nines/Jason Falkner/Todd Rundgren
                     Re: *NEW* album?
                    more on that coat
                      Re: Too Short
                   Look Look Laserdisc
                    RE: Thugs in Lungs
                Less Than Zero + WiMPering
   Hidden Trax, My Fabulous Coat, and Who the Hell am I
                      He's aliiiive!
             Happy Families / Dukes / Mockers
           the cupboard is bare, bare, bare!!!
          There's a White Horse in My Cupboard!
      Martin Newell to make rare London appearance.
       Come out of the cupboards, ya boys and girls
             A coat with a couple of comments
                   This Coat Fit Nicely
              Fuzzy Warbles - More or Less?
            Not really XtC, For the Aussies...


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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:52:33 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: The Nines/Jason Falkner/Todd Rundgren
Message-ID: <>

I am a big XTC fan and particularly love the Skylarking and Oranges
and Lemons years for the band.(although I like almost everything
Partridge touches) I have also been a long time fan of The Nines and
own almost every single thing they've released. Anyone who hasn't
heard of these guys, REALLY should really soon. Their Wonderworld of
Colourful and Properties of Sound album are brilliant. I saw them most
recently at the International Pop Overthrow show in LA opening for the
great Jason Falkner(who also put on a quiet but amazing solo
performance). There seems to be another XTC connection as I read on
another list that Todd Rundgren is going to be producing them.

Eagerly awaiting more from Partridge and company. Also would love to
hear more new Falkner material.

Chris Keen


Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:11:17 -0400
From: Michael Kearns <>
Subject: Re: *NEW* album?
Message-ID: <>

Kevin writes:
 >"And I hear that they're finishing a brand *NEW* album?"

Can anyone confirm this? Autographed box sets, remastered back catalogs,
previously unreleased demos & live tracks, etc. - this is all well and
good. I have no problem with it. But what I really want to hear about is
XTC recording new *songs*, not just releasing "product".

Mike Kearns


Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:36:34 -0400
Subject: more on that coat
Message-ID: <>

De-lurking for only the 5th time in as many years -

Play the unreleased US version of "Life Begins at the Hop" on "Coat,"
then immediately spin Roxy Music's "Love Is the Drug."  Creepy, huh?
Add a sax to Colin's masterpiece, and you can see that the producer was
going for a definate British "new-wave, new-romatic" feel.  I too love
this verion "Hop," - not because it is better than the original, but
because it so different from the original.

Also for fun, I recorded Barry's songs along with the stuff that made
"Go2" and his "Town and Country" single material to make a "hybrid" XTC
mini-album.  A great vision of the direction XTC could have gone...And I
agree completely with Andy; Barry was becoming a decent songwriter, and
if he had stayed in the band (which, of course, was bloody unlikely no
matter how you sliced it) a little of Andy's abilities may have
eventually rubbed off on Barry.  Any reference there to "My Weapon" is


- Matt Hiner, History Faculty
University of Akron
Cleveland State University
Lakeland Community College
"No one will vote for a flattened out rabbit carcass,
I always say."


Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 18:36:44 EDT
Subject: Re: Too Short
Message-ID: <>

"eriC draveS" <> wrote:

> 28:53.
> That's IT???? Not enough to make a single album! (What is the shortest

That's about the same length as the last Weezer album (which was very good,
but still ridiculously short for a full list price album). I don't know the
ALL TIME answer (I'm sure there were plenty that were even shorter), but as
an Elvis collector (both of em, actually, but I'm referring to Mr. Presley in
this case), I can tell you that the soundtracks to King Creole and It
Happened at the World's Fair are both just slightly over 20 minutes both



Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 22:26:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Look Look Laserdisc
Message-ID: <>

Was the "Look Look" video compilation ever released on laser disc?
I've searched the web to the extent that I could, and found no mention
of such a thing.

J. D.

Hey JD, Yes, It was released in Japan only and is pretty rare, It has
been auctioned off a few times on ebay in the last few years. Usually
sells for about $50-$60.

Good Luck with your search



Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 14:07:03 +0100
From: "Peter Fitzpatrick" <>
Subject: RE: Thugs in Lungs
Message-ID: <>

Marston Moor ? Mr. Milligan ?

>>Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 12:06:40 -0400 (EDT)
>>From: (Marston Moor)
>>>>Subject: Thugs in Lungs
>>Message-ID: <>
>>F Y I =


Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 17:11:36 -0500
From: "eriC draveS" <>
Subject: Less Than Zero + WiMPering
Message-ID: <002901c1e401$589b2f70$843cf843@XLZOOM>

When I last posted, I thought the whole "track zero" thing was a hoax. Check
the original posting about it, it happens to be dated April 1th. (Yes,
"1th". You know, rhymes with "month".)

This was "confirmed" by my plugging the CD into my WiMP (Windows Media
Player), and finding track 1 of discs 2 and 3 at original length, and no,
repeat, NO (no don't repeat that loudly, they heard you the first time) no
track zero.

But there was the listing under "Lyrics" in Chalkhills... which ought I to

Finally I found a trusty old CD player (which has a hand crank and wood
cabinet), and held the rewind button for all it was worth. Then I plugged in
the fershlugginer CD, activated it and rewound...

Oops, went too far, it stopped again. But I noticed there was NO, repeat,
(on the other hand don't bother repeating this time), track zero! But it
said "Track 1:    -1:04" and the likes of negative numbering before stopping
and going back to the "start" of the track.

So, try again, remembering to stop as soon as the noisiness of musical time
travel halts. Disc 2 wasn't much, but on Disc 3... oh, WOW!!!!!!!

So the whole point of the first part of this post is to apologize for saying
there wasn't enough "new" material for a full album. Add the 12+ minutes of
"Shaving Brush Boogie" and you've got plenty.

The second part of this post, which begins now, and ends right after that,
is a complaint. Since these hidden tracks, found on a goodly number of CDs,
are not showing up on my WiMP, and I cannot play them or copy them to my
computer files, I can only enjoy this music if:

.I stand there like a hunchbacked melonhead and hold Rewind on my
hand-cranked CD, listening to the gibberish of backwards-seeking,
.I copy it onto a cassette (and then never get to play anywhere since I have
mostly CD players), or
.I scream at Microsoft to develop a better version of WiMP.

It is very hard to find the right page in Microsoft's vast
interstellar-networked domain to complain about something not working,
perhaps I should just try the online help. But this is a lesson for all of
you, if you're trying to listen to COMC and be the BMOC, WiMP is NFG. OK?

Now I know there are those of you who think, "Eh, so what? Missing out on
'Shaving Brush Boogie' is like not being able to eat the pages of 'War and
Peace' due to a stomach ailment." And you'd be right, except this is one
crazy infectious piece of music! And it gives me a new exit tag line,
replacing the one about things falling to bits...

eriC draveS

"Terry Chambers on Bloody Boil."

Next Week: I Gave Fits at the Orifice


Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 16:30:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dianne <>
Subject: Hidden Trax, My Fabulous Coat, and Who the Hell am I
Message-ID: <>

  Hello to all, finally. "Finally" 'cause I've been
reading all your words for about 3 years but for some
odd reason, have never added any of my own. So here
you go.
  First off, I have more hidden tracks for Jay: the
Super Furry Animals have hidden tracks at the
beginning of the disc on the albums entitled Guerilla
and Out Spaced. I feel compelled to add that I really
like this band a LOT. Every disc they've done is good
(and I feel that way about very few bands). They are
beginning a US tour later this month, so I beseech you
all to go see them and buy CDs. They don't come to the
US very often, so now's your chance.
  Second, I am digging the beejeezus out of this Coat
Thing. The early live stuff sounds great, and the
liner notes are extremely entertaining. I don't mind
the inclusion of the album tracks at all, I've never
been disappointed to hear an XTC album track before.
Why start now? In the notes for Traffic Light Rock,
Andy suggests that for the full effect, one should
"have 6 cans of Breaker, take your shirt off, turn the
stereo up to antisocial, and yell 'bromide'". Have any
of you tried this yet :-)? Assuming that Breaker is
some type of beery/aley type of beverage, and that it
would be ok to substitute Shiner Bock, maybe I'll give
it a whirl on my next day off. It'd be the closest
I'll ever come to seeing the Boyz live, which leads me
 Who the hell am I? WELL, I grew up in Dallas (now in
Austin). A friend of mine got Black Sea when it came
out. I loved it, and bought a copy immediately (in
fact, I was a little rough on the vinyl in my careless
teenage years, so I went through 3 copies over the
next year or so). Around that time XTC opened for the
Police in Dallas, and I HAD A TICKET. At the last
minute, I did some forgotten "bad" thing or another,
which resulted in my Mother banning me from attending.
In other such situations of that era, I was not above
the old climbing out the bedroom window trick, but for
THE GRIMACING PAIN!!! At the time, I figured I'd catch
them next time around, and the next day I was even
(shudder)GLAD I didn't go cause after the show there
was some type of mishap with my friend's Dad's
Cadillac and everyone who DID go got in trouble. But
of course there never was/will be a next time around
and now I have to live with the sorry result of my
obedient mistake...SIGH. Anyway, boohoo and all that.
After the Black Sea album, I got distracted by the
general blur of the early 80's and didn't really
pursue the XTC thing...UNTIL 1986--I became
romantically involved with an audiophile-type fellow
who had some sort of promotional pre-release (I think)
single with Earn Enough for Us on it. I seem to recall
it was on a CD--maybe a mini-disc(?). Whatever format,
I LOVED it. He also caught me up on all the other XTC
I'd missed (as well as turning me on to all kinds of
other good music I still enjoy immensely, come to
think of it). This real life relationship didn't work
out, but my love affair with XTC was thoroughly
re-ignited. I haven't stopped listening to them since.
I ended up marrying a man who had only heard Dear God
on the radio, but I had him completely brainwashed
within a year and now he's as obsessed as I am :-). As
far as fave albums or songs goes, my favorite is
whichever I'm listening to right NOW. I'm not being
lazy, I sincerely love it ALL! Anyway, that's my XTC
  In closing I'd like to thank you guys and gals for
all the good reading over the years. If it's ok with
y'all, I just might try to chip in a little more often
in the future. I'll at least try to let you know how
my bromide experiment goes :-).



Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 23:27:59 EDT
Subject: He's aliiiive!
Message-ID: <>

Good people of Chalkistan;

>p.s. ---Ton Kingston. O' brother ,where Art thou?

:::::peers out from winter den:::::

Oh!  Look!  flowers and birds and sun and ........zzzzzzzzzz

No fear, Roger, I'm around.  I've been remiss, I know, but I've been off
stalking other realms and otherwise busy.  But with Coat Of Many Cupboards
now out (which I've not gotten yet!  tsk!)  I will be sure to be around soon
and join in the fray of praises to our boys!  Until then........

TK   %-)

(Sharon to Arafat in Schwartzenegger voice;  "You one ugly M****** F*****!")


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 05:49:54
From: "* Hobbes *" <>
Subject: Happy Families / Dukes / Mockers
Message-ID: <>

My endless hunt was over.  14 years after hearing xTc sing "Happy Families"
on the "she's having a baby" soundtrack and being disappointed with what i
perceived as being a 'bare, inferior' version on Rag & Bone Buffet did I
manage to locate the superior version of the track.  Finally, i would be
able to enjoy it without hearing all the gaps from the missing instruments
to distract me from the song.

... and what do i find?  It's smothered in horrible 80's style reverb with
simplistic synth overdubs that date it firmly in the late 80's, unlike the
R&BB version.  The boys were right.  As the clattering drum machine's echoed
off into the distance i tried to simultaneously lay my head on the desk and
kick myself up the arse.

Does anyone know of a supposed Dukes song called 'Corvair Baby'?  Demo
quality, possibly Colin singing though i can't quite tell.  (Then again i
could never figure out if Andy or Colin sang 'Vanishing Girl').  When was
this recorded, or has it simply been mislabelled?

Lastly thanks to whoever recommended the Mockers on this list a few issues
back.  "Comes as no surprise" sounds like the great lost British Invasion
classic most Beatle-obsessed bands wish they could write.

"Some have said that I cannot sing, but no-one will say that i didn't sing"
- Florence Foster Jenkins (1868-1944)


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 11:20:16
From: "don device" <>
Subject: the cupboard is bare, bare, bare!!!
Message-ID: <>

Dear all:

From the guilty pleasure of pre-ordering a
too-expensive-but-just-too-irresistable box set, to the delicious
anticipation knowing it was coming, to the sweet torture of its being late,
to the sickly feeling in my stomach knowing my credit card was debited 5
weeks ago, to the agony of scrolling thru Chalkhills and not being able to
resist reading your comments... to just basically fed up...

I know i must resign myself to the fact that my copy must have been amongst
those damaged in shipping mentioned in the Chalkhills before last... At
least three times i've&nbsp;been to the dreaded Virgin (my ass!) Megastore
to at least fondle said box-set and imagine the liner notes, pix, music,

At what price an autograph? Even two?

don 'coat of many frustrations' device


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:28:09 -0400
From: "Kulak, Matt (HT-EX)" <>
Subject: There's a White Horse in My Cupboard!
Message-ID: <>

In Chalkhills#8-22, Derek from Canada mentioned,
> I was perusing my local paper (Spectator in Canada)
> and found an extensive article on The White Horse
> in Uffington England.

Damn!  Beaten to the punch again!  I was going to note
that in my local Philadelphia Inquirer travel section,
I also saw a full page article on the Uffington Horse,
with a large, aerial-view photograph splashed across
the top of the article!  The shock of seeing such an
XTC-esque emblem jump out at you from a local paper (in
the U.S.)is rather exhilarating.  (Especially since I had
the amazing opportunity to visit it last July, and actually
stood in the eye to view the surrounding landscapes!)

   And to add my accolades to the list, I also recently
received my autographed copy of Coat of Many Cupboards
from the Idea Records site.  The packaging, as already
mentioned, is excellent.  (Due to the gold autographs on
front, I found myself fanatically protecting the box
wherever I went.  Plastic bag wrapped around it, making
sure not to rest it on that microscopic drop of moisture
on the kitchen table, etc.)
   Harrison's essay eloquently puts in writing what all
of us XTC fans have probably tried to do a million
times:  explain to someone what "it" is that
makes XTC music so amazing.  My hat goes off to Mr. Sherwood!
    The liner notes accompanying each track, written by
the band members, are great!  Many include unbelievably
funny witticisms from Andy, while most provide interesting
historical notes about this particular version of the track.
But did anyone else notice that while Andy seems to comment on
almost all tracks (including those by Colin), Colin does not
comment on Andy's tracks?  Hmmmmmmmmm.
	As for the music.  Well, just go get it, OK?

Matt Kulak
NP:  Now that's a silly question, isn't it????


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 20:02:14 +0100
From: "" <>
Subject: Martin Newell to make rare London appearance.
Message-ID: <000a01c1e4b0$0effb2a0$dc50073e@mesh>

Hi Janglies,
Martin Newell is doing an appearance at a poetry club in Clerkenwell on 13th
of May.
Fans of his should go as Martin thinks he's unloved in that city. He is
however considering doing a music gig to promote his latest album so turn up
at this one and encourage him.

Details at

By the way Martin and Andy are still best of friends and are trying to work
out a way to work together again soon.

PauL Wilkinson


Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:58:16 -1000
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: Come out of the cupboards, ya boys and girls
Message-ID: <a04330105b8e0c6b5965a@[]>

I think I may be the only person in Hawaii with the
Coat of Many Cupboards.

The chap or chapette who moaned about the minutes of
new material seems to be rather missing the point. I
love the way the cupboards are mixed with demos,
albums tracks, and live stuff. It's meant to be a
hodgepodge, not a showcase for new songs. Most of it
is new to most of us, even those lucky blokes who are
friends with the band members.

Speaking of the live stuff, holy guacamole!
Is this great, or what? I love playing that medley
from White Music with headphones because it's so easy
to tell which guitar is Andy's and which is Dave's, on
account of the charming and energetic way Dave
switches between his guitar and keyboard. I'm thinking
that the way the set ends with a stunningly powerful
live version of Books are Burning is bound to have the
masses lining the roads waving signs that demand that
XTC begin to tour OR ELSE. Petitions will circulate.
Colin Powell will be called in, all to little effect,
I'm afraid.

And these hidden tracks - the very clever way they are
hidden goes with the title perfectly. It's like wearing
an old coat and finding a long lost ticket stub to a
favorite show in a hidden pocket.

I agree with Dom about Wonderland. Compared to Colin's fab
stuff on Black Sea and Skylarking, Wonderland is
pretty dull. Such things come to light more readily
in a collection like this than usual.

How can I write "A collection like this"? There are no
collections like this, are there?

Mayor of Simpleton is very charming in the form
presented here. There are a few songs that I'd like to
see made into a whole album, and Mayor of Simpleton is
one. Songs like Strawberry Fields Forever and Autumn
Almanac. It would be great to have a disc with every
working version of the song, from the first scratch
idea to the finished recording. Oh, and gorgeous
packaging, which is suddenly a bit more important to me.

As many have already noted, the packaging of this
album is fab. I like it better than any packaging of
any album or movie or book I own. I am absurdly proud
of the golden autographs which grace the cover as it
rests on my coffee table. I had a near heart attack
when I spilled a bit of red wine on a corner the first
night I opened it. I am not usually like that.

It seems to me that XTC has always taken more care and
effort with its packaging and album covers than most
bands. I think I will take better care of this CD set
than the rest of my collection.

And finally, there the essay by our very own. Hapless
Goober, I put myself and my future generations
at your service. I bow in your general direction.
I take off my coconut hat to you.



Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:18:23 EDT
Subject: A coat with a couple of comments
Message-ID: <>

A couple of thoughts about Coat...

I see Virgin has sole copyright. Pretty greedy given the dynamic duo's
involvement in the project.  I was happy to see Barry Andrews solicited for
his opinion on a couple of tracks. I'll have to reread the booklet but I
don't recall any comments from Dave.

I still think it should have been a 3 disc set. For the money, though, it's
a very good deal.

I noticed that Ian Cooper did the mastering. If I'm not mistaken he also
remastered the reissued CDs. I'm just curious what was so different on the
studio albums vs. the tracks included here. I don't really hear anything.
Then again, I've been listening to it in my car which is probably not the
ideal place to do so.

Harrison's essay is entertaining and interesting. He provides a unique
perspective about what makes the fans and the band different. Then again, I
think we're all just "different" or maybe "special" . I'm hoping that XTC
and their fans will be included on a very special episode of The Gilmore
Girls someday soon.

The design of the book is very nice and high quality, too.

I hate hidden tracks that you can't access on everything. It's
annoying. Why not just put them on uncredited at the end? Why must I look
for a CD player that doesn't conform to Red Book specs to play it?

It's a nice surprise to have the hidden tracks but I would have taken John
Hiatt's tack and just put 10 minutes of sound effects between the last
track and the uncredited track. Better yet, why not put them between two
songs and not mentioned they're there.

Other comments from music in other cupboards....

All You Pretty Girls has been voted as best song by my 3 year old twin
boys.  They believe it's called Bless You. They also believe that the
whistling bit is the funniest thing they've heard.  They can't whistle but
they do clap their hands. Who would have thought AYPG would supersede
Yellow Submarine in my boys hearts.

Green Man is still my daughter's favorite track.

Altogether Virgin and XTC did a very good job on this set. It's about time
they treated the band with some respect. Let's hope it doesn't go to their



Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 15:07:36 -0700
From: "Thomas Long" <>
Subject: This Coat Fit Nicely
Message-ID: <000701c1e593$1e37a140$>

Just a note to concur with all those who enjoyed COMC. Harrison's notes are
terrific... well done lad! And it's such a brilliantly designed package.
Almost makes you want to forgive Virgin (*almost*). I thought the inclusion
of previously released tracks was ok too. They would not only add to the
enjoyment of a newbie, but have allowed some killer tunes, such as Season's
Cycle, their moment in the sun. They certainly didn't interrupt the flow for

In other news... is there anyone else out there dying to get their mits on
Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? To me they've picked up where Westerberg & the
Replacements left off. I've heard snippets on CDNow and can't wait. The
record has had a difficult birth to say the least - rejected by the record
company, 2 band members lost. There's also been a documentary made on the
band and the making of the record (they'll always be *records* to me), which
is supposed to have a theatrical release. If you're at all interested, check
out If you're not... don't.



Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 23:50:01 +0000
From: "Neil Oliver" <>
Subject: Fuzzy Warbles - More or Less?
Message-ID: <>

I'm wondering how many people would be satisfied if Fuzzy Warbles was a
collection of unreleased songs (i.e. songs XTC never recorded as a group),
rather than a complete collection of demos. After listening with a certain
degree of boredom to Coat of Many Cupboards, I've pretty much concluded that
I've heard the songs from the albums, in whatever version, more than enough
times. Hearing demos isn't really that interesting to me unless they are
really different from the finished product, which often isn't the case with
XTC (especially in later years). I'd rather have a 2-3 CD collection of the
best songs that are otherwise unavailable, than an 8 CD collection of every
demo Andy and Colin have ever recorded. Does anyone agree with me, or do you
feel that you have to hear every last thing?


Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 14:39:33 +1000
From: "L Holstein" <>
Subject: Not really XtC, For the Aussies...
Message-ID: <>

Hi, I'm just letting people know that "They Might Be Giant's" are guest
programing Rage on the 20th April.  Considering that "TMBG" are such big
fans of XtC it wouldnt be surprising to see some xtC videos in the playlist.

Play list is up on Friday afternoons and the bio is up now.

Cheers, Lyndy


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