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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 8, Number 22

                   Sunday, 7 April 2002


                    re: Remaster This
                      Re: Rallicious
                        XTC on MD
               Roy Wood's Army attacks NYC
                 Coat of Many Cup Boards
              Hidden pockets on my "Coat..."
                    <clever headline>
                  Re: Chomsky Admits It!
                Coatless Cupboard Hanging
                       in a word...
                 RE: Box-set-tastic mate!
            Evidently the cupboard wasn't full
                       my new coat
         FW: bonus tracks, b-sides, and ephemera
                       Boxing Match
          Music of note to Chalkhills "parents"
        Re: Music of note to Chalkhills "parents"
                The White Horse -Uffington


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Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 13:35:18 +0100
From: Mark Winpenny <>
Subject: re: Remaster This
Message-ID: <>

A good example between the difference of re-mastering and re-mixing
are the majority of Who re-issues. When Jon Astley was asked to
re-master The Who back catalogue he found that some of the 2 track
masters were missing or were second generation copies. So he suggested
that since the multitrack tapes were available that he re-mixed and
re-mastered from these - copying the original mix as close as possible
(with the approval of Pete Townsend). He even went to the trouble of
tracking down old effects units that were used on the original mixes.
The results (imo) are stunning - although some people have complained
about the missing mains hum and other electrical impulse noises that
were removed on Live At Leeds (there was a faulty mains plug used
during the live recording which caused crackles and buzzes on 4 of the
8 tracks on the multitrack).


Mark Winpenny
Home Web:
Work web:
"Just a hippy with a weekly wage" - Neil Finn


Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 02:37:08 -0500
From: Sylvan <>
Subject: Re: Rallicious
Message-ID: <>

"<>" <> wrote:

> Thoughtcrime update: anyone else across the Ted Rall controversy? I have
> avidly followed Ted's work ( since 9-11, and admire his work
> hugely. Granted, he *can* sail pretty close to the wind ... but isn't that
> the whole idea of satire?  I was genuinely to read this week the vicious,
> virulent, violent attack on him by former Reagan lackey Alan Keyes,
> published on the "right wing" "news" outlet WorldNetDaily (and I'm being
> VERY generous there -- Himmler would be proud of this site). In this truly
> scary slice of war-mongering propagandism, Keyes stops only micrometres
> short of openly advocating that Ted Rall be taken out and shot for treason.

Heh. As much as I admire Mr. Rall's comics, I just can't feel to sorry for
him on an issue like this. This is the man who is currently suing a fellow
cartoonist for zillions of dollars in damages for making fun of him in a
joke email...
Info on that pile of horse manure is at:

Books are burning...
"Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's
warm for the rest of his life." --Terry Pratchett


Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 09:23:18 -0600
Subject: XTC on MD
Message-ID: <>

Thomas Vest asked:

Just curious to know if anyone has ever seen any of the Swindon boy's
material on the minidisc format?

I've never seen anything on pre-recorded MD, I doubt it exists.  But if it
was out there, I would buy it in a flash.  I have a full collection of XTC
on minidisc, everything I own.  I even have a specific brand of minidiscs,
Axia slim-case, that I use exclusively for XTC.  XTC on MD, nothing better
than that.



Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 10:34:05 -0500 (EST)
From: (Marston Moor)
Subject: Roy Wood's Army attacks NYC
Message-ID: <>

Hi all you scissormen,

Anybody here grow up with Uncle Roy?

Cor! Check this out! He was sublime!

Here's a stretch fabtasy: Partsy and Woody in da studio together, yo.

Coat of Many Cupboards any day,
R. Stevie Moron


Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 17:28:37 -0500
From: "Patrick Adamek" <>
Subject: Coat of Many Cup Boards
Message-ID: <000b01c1d9cc$91cd6f40$>

In Chalkhills #8-21, Sharon wrote:

I'm going crazy, where is the box set?!?  I want it!  I need it!  It's now
4 days since supposed release date, but nothing.  No word from Idea,
nothing on the website.  Has anyone received their copy yet, any word from
the record company?

     I too had some of these nagging thoughts in the previous few days.  But
then, like a "phoenix from the flames," the people at Idea Records in
Brighton, England came through in a huge way.  Smartly packaged and
protected from that which may hurt it was the new boxed set still inside of
it's plastic wrap (pulled down a bit to allow Colin and Andy access to sign gold ink to match the gold key!).
     I have simply opened it up, took a look and have not listened to it
yet.  Right away I am struck by how professional that it has been put
together.  This folks, is a serious treatment of our beloved band's outtakes
and rare tracks.  I was also reassured to find that only 12 of the 60 tracks
(1/5 or 20% for those of you keeping score) are the 'album tracks."  I am in
the group that feels that there should be exactly zero album tracks
(assuming that they are identical to the orignial released versions and all)
on the boxed set, but I am comforted to know two things:

1) there are 48 other tracks to enjoy
2) it may help to "spread the word" a bit more to the uninitiated if the
discs are spinning and they are curious.

    Thanks to this professional response to my purchase, I now plan on
making all future XTC purchases through the Idea Records web site.  I
recommend that all reading this message do the same!

Mansfield, Ohio  USA


Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 20:52:10 -0800 (PST)
From: Jay Gillespie <>
Subject: Hidden pockets on my "Coat..."
Message-ID: <>

Last issue, Paul Sandford lamented the lack of the
bonus tracks listed at Amazon on his copy of "A Coat
of Many Cupboards" from weatherbox.  Playing a hunch,
I stuck discs 2 and 3 of the box-set which I just got
today into my CD player, pressed play, pause, and then
REVERSE SCAN from the start of track one, and low and
behold, the two hidden tracks start BEFORE track one.

This is a trick that has been used on several other
CDs I own.  These hidden tracks are usually referred
to as 'track 0' in reference to their placement on the
CD.  Note that not all CD players will scan back from
track one, and as this mastering trick violates Red
Book standard, some CD players won't play these discs
at all.  Every Sony player I've ever tried works.

I imagine Amazon got word of these hidden tracks and
put them into their track listing, incorrectly listing
them as track one on the discs.

As for the tracks themselves, "Ballad of the wanking
man" is a one minute clip of swearing in the studio
after a flubbed start of a song.  The 15 minute
"Shaving brush boogie" is the same as from the drunken
jam sessions.  These tracks serve as icing on the
"Coat of Many Cupboards" cake.



Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 12:58:08 -0500
From: Gary McBride <>
Subject: <clever headline>
Message-ID: <a05101509b8cf94a2ab09@[]>

First, thanks to Brent, Kirk, and Brad for really illuminating the
remastering business for us all. I still vouch that it's primarily a
revenue generating technique...I don't fault Andy and Colin for this,
since it seems they were denied the opportunity to make any money on
these things the first time 'round.

>Not to be contrary, but I like Gilmore Girls - the lead can really
>snap out the free-associative witty retorts, as can the character's
>'daughter', as can most of the people in that imaginary town, which is
>nothing like reality, but then, wot is, on tv or off?

Megadittos there, Kyla... it's one of the smartest shows on these
days, even if nothing much ever particularly happens. Sort of
"Northern Exposure" meets "Family Ties" but in a good way. Plus, I
have such a massive crush on Lauren Graham, she can do no wrong. Not
to mention the "hip factor" of including good music in scenes,
references to the Mojo music guide, and I've yet to verify if the
town troubador is really Grant Lee Phillips, but whoever he is, he
adds a nice nuance.

>Some of you lucky buggers who already have your sweaty paws on a copy of
>Coats, I just want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you haven't
>spilled too many specifics about the bookle

Again, I echo Deborah's sentiments on this. I received my "Cupboards"
today, and since I'm at the office I've not popped in the discs, but
the packaging and book alone are nearly worth the
autographs? Yow!

Dunks offered:
>Thoughtcrime update: anyone else across the Ted Rall controversy? I have
>avidly followed Ted's work ( since 9-11, and admire his work
>hugely. Granted, he *can* sail pretty close to the wind

I went to high school with Ted...was going to temper and partially
rebut Dunk's enthusiastic endorsement, but after reviewing
( I figure I
should just keep my comments to myself for fear of litigation.



Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 20:56:23 -0600
From: steve <>
Subject: Re: Chomsky Admits It!
Message-ID: <>

On Sunday, March 31, 2002, at 11:47  PM,

> I recently reviewed a tasty CD from a Dallas-based group
> named Chomsky who have a very pronounced XTC (circa Drums & Wires) feel
> to
> much of their music.  I cited this in my review and received an email
> confession from the songwriter band member that I nailed the reference
> dead-on.

Well yeah, second album Onward Quirky Soldiers sounds like they were
locked in an isolation chamber for a year with D&W on continuous play.
Not that that's a bad thing.

Funny, the local critics who now think Chomsky is the current best thing
out of Dallas couldn't sneer at Apple Venus enough.

You can get Chomsky CDs here, and they're well worth having -

- Steve


Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 13:02:48 -0500
From: "Daniel DuBray" <>
Subject: Coatless Cupboard Hanging
Message-ID: <>

After weeks of preparation at home, I'll be hanging the cupboards in a major
kitchen remodeling project at home tomorrow (4/4).  Good thing, because the
glorious and autographed Coat of Many Cupboards arrived today to provide the
perfect soundtrack.  Do you think this is irony, dark luck or divine

Thanks to Andy and Colin for providing this very nice gift for all the
enduring and loyal fans of XTC.

Now it's back to the job site!

Dan DuBray
Washington, DC


Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 11:38:27 -0800
From: "Dan Phipps" <>
Subject: in a word...
Message-ID: <000501c1dc10$4bacfc60$b28c04d8@pavilion>


all i can say is "coat of many cupboards" was well
well worth the wait!  :-)

excellent!  simply excellent!! ~


 "all of the answers you seek can be found
  in the dreams that you dream..."
                                          (dan fogelberg)


Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 22:59:59 +0100
From: "David Smith" <>
Subject: RE: Box-set-tastic mate!
Message-ID: <>

Greetings Chalk-buds, and a quick wotcha from sunny Croydon.
It's not often I can say that and actually mean it! Spring is
sprung, the Easter Theatre is open for business, the Season
Cycle is indeed, going round and round - unfortunately, I Can't
Own Her - and I probably never will.

Anyroads, hardly daring to peep above the parapet for fear of
being pelted with tomatoes of envy, I ordered my copy of Coat
of Many Cupboards from Idea Records in early Feb - and found
it nestling on my doorstep on March 27th - is this a record?

(No, its a CD - arf!)

The fact that it was SIGNED by Colin and Andy was the (rather
delicious) icing on a truly scrumptious cake.

Harrison's sleeve notes are a delight.
The boys' liner notes are excellent.
The packaging is ludicrously, luxuriantly wonderful.
The music is fine fine fine fine . . . and indeed, dandy.
Heck, it even SMELLS nice.

Buy it. Sod the mortgage, don't feed the kids, sell your Mother
if you have to . . . just buy it.

On to a couple of other things . . .

First, the NOT NEARLY ENOUGH VAUNTED Chalkhills UK gathering,
scheduled for Oxford-area on one of the last two weekends in
May. For Gawds sake you limeys (me included) GET YERSELF ALONG.

As (another) veteran of last year's bash, I can indeed vouchsafe
for the excellent time which was had, the great company (apart
from me, probably), the wonderful surroundings and the general
niceness of the whole weekend.

Unfortunately, so far this year, the response has been negligible.
At the moment, the tribute band will outnumber the audience (yeah,
I've done gigs like that too!).

Please, I'm begging ya, don't let UK's premier (well, only!) XTC
fan gathering wither to dust after just one year! Remember, this
year we'll actually be walking up to the Uffington Horse - weather
and hangovers permitting.

Deb Edmonds, if you're out there . . .

Item last (as they used to say on Hill Street Blues - what a good
show that was), my mate, who has a second-hand record shop (the
records are second-hand, not the shop . . .) has kindly donated to
me the oft-talked about album "If 6 was 9 - A tribute to Jimi Hendrix".

This is doubly wonderful because a) Hendrix was a dude; and b) track
4, entitled "Third Stone From The Sun" by David Dreams, is, I
believe, our own Mr Gregory.

And that's about all I know about this record.

However, the sleeve notes say "Special thanks to Dave Gregory, Andy
Partridge . . .". Can any of you afficionados shed any light on Andy's
involvement in this record - and anything else the guys may have done
on it?

And have I got a bargain, seeing as he gave this to me free?

Cheers all

Smudge "I got mine before Harrison, har har" Boy

NP - Disc 3, Coat of Many Cupboards - what else???


Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 21:22:17 EST
Subject: Evidently the cupboard wasn't full
Message-ID: <>

FYI for those waiting on Coat

>thank you for ordering the coat boxed set from the web site boutique.

due to a batch of the boxes being damaged in transit from virgin/emi we had
to order another batch which left us with a shortfall of orders we could not

colin and andy have just finished signing them and i expect delivery on fri
5/4 or monday 8th.

your order will be despatch within two days of this date so at the latest
next wednesday.

i appologise for this delay but it was out of our control.<

So if you haven't received it yet, it is coming just give them a little time.
 I haven't posted nor read many of the posts lately (haven't had time, been
traveling, life took control of the steering wheel use whatever cliche or
pithy phrase you like).

Some time back there was a debate about Elvis Costello's singing. Technically
he has improved but a lot of folks feel he lost his  unique sound. I prefer
to think of it as developing a different unique sound. Yes, his phrasing is
different as is his delivery.  Wouldn't it be sad if he continued to sing and
write songs in exactly the same style he had twenty years ago? Seems to me
that those that move forward (Andy and Colin included--neither one has the
same singing style they did twenty years ago. They've improved/changed) often
leave many of their fans in the past. It's the past you're longing and
nothing more.

I haven't picked up the eels new CD any body know if it's any good? Money has
been a bit tight but did receive both Coat and the reissue of The Church's
Sing Songs/Remote Luxury/Persia CD and Ian Hunter's Overnight Angels as
birthday gifts.

Another fav lately has been the Blur best of CD from last year. Don't know
why other than the fact that they are a great singles band and I've been in
the mood for listening to singles lately. The CCR boxed set came in at Xmas
from my brother (God bless him) and send me on a whirling oldies jag which
has yet to let up. Nuggets 2 is on my next wish list. Personally, I think
that Nuggets 3 should jump into the 80's and have a few well placed gems from
your favorite band and mine.

Are the dynamic duo planning on licensing any of the stuff they own for
compilations? Just curious. I know they did for the make your own CD adverts
a couple of years back. I was wondering if they had planned to remake any of
their better known songs so they would "own" the master recording. With
todays technology I could see them redoing Dear God, Mayor of Simpleton,
Making Plans For Nigel, King for a Day and any number of hits. Hey, if
they're putting out Apple Venus and Wasp Star as sing-alongs then, well, I
guess they could do this as well.

It would put them in the driver's seat so to speak. Any thoughts on all this



Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 19:35:44 -0800
From: "J & J Greaves" <>
Subject: my new coat
Message-ID: <001701c1dc53$0e3a90c0$d43ab8a1@jgreaves>


Haven't posted for ages - mostly because I had nothing to say or add, but I
justed wanted to express I am so impressed with this box set - the
packaging, Harrison's essay, and the song versions I had heard of, but not
until now was able to "hear". I really thought that Mr. Sherwood was right
on about touring and XTC....the whole piece was very well done, as I had
thought it would be.

So Andy played the bass on Vanishing Girl? WOW!  So Colin played just about
everything on the wonderful finished version of Didn't Hurt A Bit? Awesome.
And Andy's solo on same said song.....let's lay to rest the whole "I wonder
(or don't know) how Andy will handle lead guitar duties" thread now maybe?
If Andy or Colin ever get a chance to read this - are there any other
unfinished songs at the bottom of the Atlantic waiting for the XTC salvage
team to work their magic on? Like every XTC release, the immediate
excitement slowly wears down and now I'm excited about what the future
holds....A Chris Twomey updated book, instrumental AV 1 and Wasp Star CD's,
sketchbook reproductions, Fuzzy Warbles, new material.... We've had some new
websites to join the group of excellent ones honoring the "swingers from
Swindon" (as a late night CBC program host fondly calls them)'s a
great time to be following XTC!

Enjoyed Barry's written contribution as well - did Terry and Dave not have
anything to say?  Does the Atomic Medley not KICK some ASS! (The further we
get away from the White Music - GO2 era, the more it seems I get a new
appreciation of those songs, and what it may have been like to experience
LIVE). I often thought how cool it would be if there were "Dave Gregory with
XTC" remakes of these songs and this looks like it's as close as you can

Special praise to Andrew Swainson for his graphic work!!!!



Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 22:18:24 -0500
From: "Ted Harms" <>
Subject: FW: bonus tracks, b-sides, and ephemera
Message-ID: <>

So, with the Virgin re-releases and their accompanying bonus tracks, Rag and
Bone Buffet, and now Coat of Many Cupboards, as anybody taken a stab at
figuring what b-sides or alternate versions are not currently commercially
available or accounted for?

Also, does anybody know if Virgin has a DVD of xTc videos in the works?

Ted Harms | Library, Univ. of Waterloo |
"I don't use the accident, because I deny the accident."  Jackson Pollock


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 00:02:41 -0600
From: "Thom Bergstrom" <>
Subject: Coat
Message-ID: <000d01c1dc67$8260aac0$030cde42@bergstt>

Hey there Hillers,

I've only had time to hear disc one and two and read the first few chapters
of the essay (which is great so far far) but just had to post to say how
blown away I was by the live version of Meccanic Dancing!  Wow!  What
in-your-face energy!  Why oh why was I only eight years old at the time???

-Thom B


Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 22:51:11 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Boxing Match
Message-ID: <>


I'm quite happy with my "Coat of Many Cupboards" (except it doesn't contain
the "hidden" tracks -- what's up with that?)  I especially like Harrison's
essay; in fact, I think that Harrison's essay sums up the band's career with
Virgin beautifully (leaving out such sticky matters as Ian Reid and the
seven-year strike!)  He's done a fine job, our Harrison has.

I had a chance to sit down tonight to listen to the whole set, CDs 1-4, in
its entirety.  (I'm always amazed by the little snippets of songwriting that
go unfinished -- if anyone can tell me what that guitar chord is on the
sketch of "The Mayor of Simpleton," I'll be forever grateful.  I feel the
same way about the early version of "I'm the Man..." on "Homegrown": I want
more! Recorded in a studio!)  In any case, it's great to hear the alternate
and live takes (especially the Winstanley versions of "Ball and Chain" and
"Punch and Judy," which I've been pining for for years now).  I'd recommend
that anyone who hasn't gone out and bought this thing yet should.  It's

Now, damn.  I must go put my kids to bed.  There's nothing like working at a
boarding school!



Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 09:18:11 -0600
From: "Joe Perez" <>
Subject: Music of note to Chalkhills "parents"
Message-ID: <>

Hello, all.  My 5th post in seven years.  A blistering pace, no doubt.

First, a wonderful job on the essay, Harrison.  I'd love to hear more about
the writing process.  How'd you distill 20 years of thoughts and impressions
into a few thousand eloquent words?  Wonderful.

"Didn't Hurt A Bit" is my favorite moment from Coat of Many Cupboards.  I've
had the demo for some time, but the finished version is amoung Colin's

Finally, I subscribe to Mr. Relph's "other" digest for The Sugarplastic.  If
you have kids, and love XTC, this announcement should Shake You Donkey Up:

The Sugarplastic, a highly regarded Los Angeles based pop
group, announce today the release of the bands fifth
full-length recording. The album is entitled "Rubber Ball -
Songs of Childhood as performed by the Sugarplastic" and
marks the bands foray into the lucrative market for
children's music. The band decided to put together "Rubber
Ball" to build on the attention received as a result of
appearing on the Powder Puff Girls CD. The Sugarplastic's
songwriter Ben Eshbach realized what a gold mine in
potential child friendly songs he had already written when
the band began working on this record. He says of the
record, "I decided to put together a record for those Indie
Pop fans, who are getting married settling down and having
children, and would not be ashamed to play for their
progeny". "Being able to provide an alternative to Barney
was what drove this project for us".

"Rubber Ball" will feature previous Sugarplastic classics
redone in kid friendly treatment. "Little Teeth" and "Dunn
the Worm". As well as some new Ben Eshbach compositions,
including "Motorcycles Go Fast, and "Sugar and Plastics
(Are Our Friends)".  As with any good children's CD the
band includes covers of "Puff The Magic Dragon" and "Rocky
Raccoon". Ben wanted to include a cover of The Beatles
chestnut "Revolution 9", but in his own words "was just
unable to nail the lyrics to the song"

The rest of the band is enthusiastic about the release as
well. Bassist Kiara Geller says of "Rubber Ball", "The
great thing about releasing a children's oriented record,
is that new fans are being produced everyday. Drummer David
Cunningham concurs "Look at Raffi their still selling
copies of the records he recorded in late 70's, hopefully
this record will outlive the Sugarplastic and give families
happy listening in their minivans for years to come."


Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 09:31:55 -0600
From: "Joe Perez" <>
Subject: Re: Music of note to Chalkhills "parents"
Message-ID: <>

Alas, a couple of emails later, I come to learn that the Sugarplastic press
release is dated April 1st.


Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 11:21:46 -0800
From: "Blindowl" <>
Subject: The White Horse -Uffington
Message-ID: <>

I was perusing my local paper (Spectator in Canada) and found an extensive
article on The White Horse in Uffington England. Searched the web, found
this. Should be of interest to all "Chalkhill" people who didn't know. I
personally didn't know that this existed.



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