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                Friday, 14 September 2001


                       XTC for sale
            I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
                         2 Johns
          Re: Wasp Star Vol 2 is like Abbey Road
                         12 songs
             Do What You Wilson But Harm None
              Re: That there's an XTC Lyric!
                  Last Chalkhills Post?
                    Re: Blur and Brian
                       Goober Alles
            Andy rips off Cliff Richard???????
         the dukes make a top ten.... sort of...
               Chalkhills and Elephant Talk
                      ten feet tall
                      sight on site
                     Production stuff
                   Chalkhills Originals
                    King Goober Buffet
               Andy & Brian? Please God No!
               Re: HMV online availability


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And the screaming sky won't let me sleep.


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 12:30:57 +0100
From: Jason Witcher <>
Subject: XTC for sale
Message-ID: <32D4AD886C11D511955C00508BAD1C10019842D6@exchback.teletext.dom>

I'm also having a clear out, as next year we'll be moving from the UK to my
wife's native US (Oregon, to be precise - any Chalkhillers in that neck of
the woods?) and I sold no.2 on e-bay for about #15 (can't remember the exact
final value, and it was more than 90 days ago so e-bay won't tell). I also
have various 7" and 12" singles, plus two T-shirts (Skylarking and Oranges
and Lemons) and the crown CD single of 'King for a day' so I'd be interested
to find out what it's all worth.


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 09:06:25 -0400
From: "Michael Versaci" <>
Subject: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Message-ID: <000301c1379d$e6cb4980$3801010a@atl430nb>


There is a wonderful documentary about Brian Wilson called, "I Just Wasn't
Made For These Times."  It was produced in 1995 and Brian comes across as a
bit odd, but not "out-of-touch."  Certainly he had come a long way from the
dark days of the late 1980's that spawned the self-titled album featuring
lyrics by his "therapist."  Anyway, it is now available on DVD and I highly
recommend it.

Who knows what would come of a collaboration between Brian and Andy?  One
can never predict the chemistry between two normal individuals, let alone
artists of their talents and eccentricities.  If it does happen, and if they
click, we would be treated to some tasty ear-candy indeed.

Michael Versaci


Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 10:42:04 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: 2 Johns
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


John Keel wrote:

> Speaking of the remastered discs, Angie said in her last post: "(sorry, I
> can't, nor will I ever I fear, be able to spring for the remasters)".  I
> think I've posted this before, but if you're concerned with paying import
> prices on the new discs (this is for those of you in the U.S.) - I know that
> here in L.A. I've seen them priced from $21 to $30 - the higher priced ones
> were found at Virgin, of course - then go to up in Canada.  The
> exchange rate is fantastic and you can order the UK remasters for only
> $11.84 U.S. and the limited edition Japanese ones for only $13.81 each.  I'm
> not sure about shipping and handling, but I know that they had at one time a
> "buy four and the shipping is free" deal.  That may have just been a limited
> time thing though, so check it out.  Either way, it's a dirt cheap price for
> these discs.

FWIW, I heartily agree. Unfortunately, they've done away with the "free
S&H when you order four or more" deal, but the favorable exchange rate
still makes it a killer deal. The only minor annoyance I experienced
involved all the damn stickers on the outside of the packaging of each
CD, but just pull them off *slowly* and you should be okay.

Unfortunately, they don't stock the new Yazbek CD, Damascus, which is
worth picking up. I got my copy at Circuit City (.com), which *is*
offering free S&H.

And to the other John (Morrish) -- nice, thoughtful post (even though I
slightly disagree, in that I prefer my Brian Wilson filtered through the
genius of Andy Partridge). Thanks.



Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 08:37:00 -0700
From: Pat <>
Subject: Re: Wasp Star Vol 2 is like Abbey Road
Message-ID: <>

Hi Dan,

I'm relatively new here too.

Intriguing thought, that. I almost kind of feel that Wasp Star along with
Apple Venus I sort of comprise XTC's White Album... especially if you mixed
up the tracks into 2 CDs that contained bits of both albums.  I imagine
Andy wouldn't be too thrilled with our constant comparisons of XTC and the
Beatles, but it's hard to think of too many other bands as creative as
those two.



Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 18:11:19 +0200
From: Bergmaier Klaus <>
Subject: 12 songs
Message-ID: <09231E654CCFD41184550002555889EE2F3976@noevhmsg01.noevh>

Dear all!

The electric bassplayer told us:

>A friend of mine says he has a copy of Skylarking with only 12 songs.
>Anyone know what this is?

A friend, you can count on he can't count...
...or smoething I never heard of. But as there are versions of ES with 10,
12, 13 or 15 songs, anything is possible.
Or your friend thinks Summer's Cauldron/Grass and Ballet For A Rainy
Day/1000 Umbrellas are only one song each!

If you want to see Barry's organ and loads of interesting stuff, some XTC
related, some not, visit me at

All the best from Austria


Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 12:25:02 EDT
Subject: Do What You Wilson But Harm None
Message-ID: <>

<<FWIW, Steve Dahl, or local talk radio giant, is a friend of Brian's
and helped him out with his last studio album, "Imagination" (he
co-wrote the title song). He said, in no uncertain terms, that despite
Brian's remaining brilliance it was producer Joe Thomas who was really
responsible for getting the album together, and that without a stable
hand on the tiller Brian is pretty lost. So I think any collaboration
(other than just getting together to write songs) would entail Andy
doing the lion's share of the work.

Still, even if Brian was an inarticulate freak, how could you turn
down that experience? >>

Brian Wilson's not an inarticulate freak.  He IS rather "eccentric"
and undeniably affected by his difficult past, but he's happily
remarried with two young adopted daughters and his life is much more
"together."  He's toured each year for the past three years, recently
introducing such brilliant obscurities as "Surf's Up," "Heroes And
Villains," "Sail On Sailor" and his brother Dennis's "Forever" to his
set list.  Yes, he's still awkward on stage and sometimes very awkward
in interviews, but you know what?  I'd bet A.P. would be a bit awkward
on stage at this point.

Wilson also has a crack backing band now, with musical associates who
can help give him the "oomph" he needs to stay focused on a project.
He produced, arranged, wrote and sang a Christmas song last December.
Supposedly he did the whole thing in just a few days, and it has a
strong sixties vibe. (you can hear it at

I think a BW/AP collaboration would probably be a bad idea, because
Brian Wilson knows best how to produce Brian Wilson, and Andy
Partridge has well-documented control issues.  However, I would love
for the two to meet, hang out, talk about music (and toys), play one
another's albums....



Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 13:13:26 -0400
From: "aron kirby" <>
Subject: Re: That there's an XTC Lyric!
Message-ID: <>

Hey all!, I have not seen this button, but I have seen other similar things
that are obviously quotes from "Swindon's Finest" and never giving credit to
our boys!, I dont really get it, what ever happened to those copyright laws
they put on their damn albums??? and lyrics??? O well I guess some things
just annoy you until you just say F - it!. anywho, If anyone else sees a
button like that maybe you could e-mail me and let me know, I would like to
purchase one of those, although my money would not be going to XTC, I still
know who the it belongs to!.


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 14:46:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: eriC draveS <>
Subject: Last Chalkhills Post?
Message-ID: <>


>And that's Dave Gilmour singing "Coming
>Back to Life," unless it's Nick Mason's
>drum track that somehow reminds you of

Oops, my mistake, I meant to say
"Wearing the Inside Out" where Nick sounds
like Colin. The problem here is, there's a
line in the song which goes,
"I'm coming back to life,
My nervous system (something something),
I'm wearing the inside out..."


>A friend once told me I am an honorary
>member of the 11-11 club. It was a group
>that has experienced the phenomenon of
>looking at a digital clock at exactly
>11:11 and thinking the clock broke or
>something was wrong.

That's what happens to me. I look at my
watch and it says it is "12:34:56". "No
you're not, you're a watch!"

Also remember what happened at 11/11/1918
at 11:11? Some guy looked at a clock and
said the same sort of thing. Yeah, there
was also something about a war ending, but
it started up again later so who cares?


>Hey, maybe Greenman is really about
>money....ya think?

I think I'd rather it were about money
than about Wiccanism. No offense meant
to anyone.


>This is [Andy Dick's] review of
>"This is one of my top five albums of
>all time.  From start to finish, it
>will take you out of your brain and out
>of your body, and your soul will go on
>a trip and you'll come back a different

I was already a different person before
I listened to it. Now what? Am I a
DIFFERENT different person now? Or am I
still merely just different? Or maybe
I'm the same.
"I feel like someone else, yes I do, yes
I do, yes I do."

>"...It takes The Beatles into the 3000

Where does it drop them off?

Meanwhile, the only song I remember from
NewsRadio was Dave Foley singing "Horse
With No Name".


>1) "My Love" AND "No More Lonely Nights",
>neither of which were Wings songs...!
>Sorry by My love was by Wings.

Oops again. I MEANT "Maybe I'm Amazed", but
maybe I'm wrong anyway, even if it SAYS
McCartney by himself.
Both "My" and "Maybe" are also on "Wings
Greatest", which adds to the confusion. I
hope that album goes out of print now,
since all of its songs are on Wingspan.

While I'm at it, I don't know HOW I left
out "Give Ireland Back to the Irish",
"Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Walking In
the Park with Eloise" (assuming I'm
right in saying the Country Hams were
Wings like the Dukes were XTC (with Ian
Gregory)) when compiling the list of songs
they left out.


>State of Shock was the lovely song by
>Mick and the King of pop.  Now someone
>please shoot me for remembering that
>without even thinking.....

I thought the king of pop was Coke, not
Miller (which is a beer)!


>1.  Wasp Star Vol 2 is XTC's Abbey Road.

NOOOOOOO!!! Does that mean their career
is over?

>And, I say that Skylarking is XTC's Sgt.

If by that you mean it is their greatest
album, you could argue that. But I always
liked Nonsuch better.
For psychedelia the Dukes' "Chocolate
Fireball" is better, though the best
psychedelic cover art was on "Oranges
and Lemons".

Well, there are two things we can
(hopefully) agree on:
1. "White Music" is XTC's "Please Please
2. We need an XTC version of "Past Masters"
like Fuzzy Warbles or the other one. Badly.


> A friend of mine says he has a copy of
>Skylarking with only 12 songs.
>Anyone know what this is?

Yeah, a ripoff.


Is the Chalkhills site going away? Is
there a petition I can sign somewhere
that says something about it, preferably
laced with obscenities and written in
a scratchy red pen? It doesn't have to
be blood, red ink is fine, but I gotta


End of post. We can call it "pre" now.

eriC draveS

"But a thousand yorkshire puddings,
Couldn't make his business boom."


Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 19:51:34 +0000
From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <>
Subject: Re: Blur and Brian
Message-ID: <>

Tim Brooks:
> >From the same album, (could be by Partridge though!)
>"Sunday here again a walk in the park
>You meet an old soldier and talk of the past
>He fought for us in two world wars and
>The England he knew is no more
>He sings the Songs of Praise but always falls asleep
>For that Sunday sleep"

I've always thought that "Sunday Sunday" sounded somewhat like "The Everyday
Story Of Smalltown."

Eric Draves:
> > 4) A mutual friend recently gave Brian Wilson
> >a copy of AV1 and Wasp Star. Wilson apparently
> >loved them, to the extent that he expressed
> >interest in a collaboration with Partridge.
>Nice... but the burning question is, did
>somebody play him "So Pale And Precious"?

I read somewhere (probably one of the articles archived at Chalkhills) that
Brian heard "Pale And Precious," and thought it was supposed to be an
imitation of Paul McCartney.



Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 22:12:20 +0100
From: Marc <>
Subject: Re:
Message-ID: <>

on 7/9/01 4:26, someone on Chalkhills wrote:
> The news that Chalkhills will be greatly reduced is very sad.
> After all the effort put in by our esteemed host over so many years, not to
> mention countless contributors it seems that it will mostly have to be tucked
> away until some other means to support this wonderful website can be
> arranged. That is essentially the gist of this posting - How can we help? I
> lack technical knowledge of any use to suggest an alternative I fear, but is
> there any way we can exert pressure on the people behind this decision? I
> have written via the link on the news page, but as yet no reply. Dearest
> John, is there anything we can do?????

As far as I know, SGI are behind it, I may be wrong, but a friend who works
for them as told me is shutting on the 15th (that's the
homepage server), for bandwidths reasons (that what it says in the SGI
newsgroups), that is just speculation though, who knows why?

:-( - the majordomo server, is this being shutdown too?

Can we find another host? Anyone on the list happen to own a server with a
T1 connection?

Marc Wickens


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 12:36:56 -1000
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: Goober Alles
Message-ID: <a04330105b7befc2ecad2@[]>

Congrats to hapless H.S. Goober on the writing gig. No choice could
be better. I look forward to reading whatever you come up with.

Andy and Brian: Would it be nice?



Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 06:42:11 +0000
From: "Tim Brooks" <>
Subject: Andy rips off Cliff Richard???????
Message-ID: <>

Shorely shome mishthake???

Well not wishing to be caught reading a Cliff Richard article but had to
mention that in this months Record Collector Daryl Easlea reviews 4 old
Cliff records and makes the comment that 1979s Rock n roll Juvenile has a
track called Monday thru Friday that "sounds rather similar to XTC's
Respectable Street not released till a full year later".

I have to admit to not knowing this particular opus by Sir Cliff, any
Chalksters willing to own up to having this who would care to comment,
Discretion assured if anonymity is requested!!!

Blurry rambles
>Three songs were recorded in the eventually aborted sessions: 'Sunday
>Sunday', 'Coping', and 'Seven Days'. None have ever seen the light of >day
>although the first two, re-recorded with Stephen Street, appeared >on
>Modern Life Is Rubbish.

Seven Days also finally had an official release with a Beeb session version
being released on the last Blur single "Music Is My Radar" and rather good
it was too.

TMB (who does not like all this talk about Chalkhills being reduced one bit)
Over and Out


Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 11:12:14 -0700
From: "Thomas Vest" <>
Subject: the dukes make a top ten.... sort of...
Message-ID: <>

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I purchased the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine
(October, # 159) and much to my surprise, I found a nice mention of the
Dukes of Stratosphear.  The AP writers decided to make a list of "10
Essential Side Projects" and Chips from the Chocolate Fireball was included!
  This was a good way to start my day!

Oh, here are the Essential top 10 from AP-- Alpha order only:   Calexico,
The Dukes of Stratosphear, Electronic, The Gentle Waves, Gorillaz,
Passengers, A Perfect Circle, The Rentals, Revolting Cocks, Tom Tom Club.

Now top 10 lists, greatest albums of all time and similar lists are
certainly subjective (as we all know from compiling our own lists of top ten
XTC tracks, albums, reissues etc.).  Maybe we should have some fun of our
own.  What are some of YOUR favorite side project bands?  They can be really
famous, obscure or obvious.  Here are a few of my favorite + the bands that
they came from:

Love and Rockets >>>  Bauhaus
Tosca   >>>   Kruder and Dorfmeister
TDF   >>>  Eric Clapton
Recoil  >>>  Depeche Mode
Temple of the Dog   >>>  Pearl Jam, Soundgarden.

Yeah, I am aware that maybe some of these bands i listed are not totally
side project material in a way as some bands break up and become other
groups etc...  have fun with it!

best regards from san francisco

they never read those pamphlets in his bottom drawer, they never read that
tattoo on his arm, they thought that was just a boys club badge he wore,
they never thought he'd do folks any harm...
No Thugs In Our House


Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 16:14:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Hartley <>
Subject: Chalkhills and Elephant Talk
Message-ID: <>

>  Wasser Dan <>
> 3.  The Chalkhills newsletter looks suspiciously like
> the Crimson Elephant Talk newsletter.  Why?  (Why
> not?)

    Chalkhills is compiled with Digest 3.7d (John Relph <>).
ET is produced using John Relph's Digest system v3.7b (

They use the same software by the esteemed John Relph (hi, john!)

                    Joe Hartley -
      Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority,
                it is time to reform.  -  Mark Twain


Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 20:34:31 -0700
Subject: Greenman
Message-ID: <>

>>I'm puzzled...does anyone know what the "Greenman" is?
>> Craig in DC

>I was puzzled like you until I read this beautiful website:
>The Search for The Green Man


Its a reference to "jack in the green."
The same jack that's in the lantern.



Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 14:48:26 +0100
From: "Dan YEn" <>
Subject: ten feet tall
Message-ID: <>

hello all.
This is just a quick post, because I picked up a copy of 'Ten Feet Tall' on
red flexidisc back to back with a song by the Skids, i was just interested
to know whether it was rare/worth anything.


Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 10:21:59 -0500
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: sight on site
Message-ID: <00f701c13943$2bf2a980$>

While surfing I happened upon

FIND, then click on the "Gallery" logo (it's under "THE") and then click on
"Photo Sessions" and scroll to the bottom.

There is a photo of one of his all-time favorite bands.



Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 07:35:17 +1000
From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: Production stuff
Message-ID: <>


The suppressed Andy/Blur sessions don't bode well for Mr P working well with
Brian Wilson. We'll see.

I found the comments on Brian having to be urged to complete or contribute
to sessions interesting. I have an interview with Van Dyke Parks (somewhere)
where he talks about making Orange Crate Art with BW. The intial idea for
for Brian to contribute lead, and maybe some backup, to one track on the
album. However, when VDP got him in the studio he was 'on song' and fired
off all the lead and backing vocals to (I believe) the title track in short
order. BW then went on to do the same for all the tracks in remarkably short
time...and sitting down too ! He must have been peaking his biorhythms or
something. Great album though.

A final aside - I read on Friday that silverchair are going to get VDP to
produce their next album. ????!!!!????

Andrew Gowans


Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 21:10:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Chalkhills Originals
Message-ID: <>


Does anybody know how to get in touch with Mark Cuevas or Jeff
Castanon?  I've got a query for Chalkhills Originals '98, but it
appears that Mark is no longer on the net.

	-- John


Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 07:30:03 -0700
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Message-ID: <>

on 9/6/01 8:26 PM, Johan Ekdahl, Sweden ( wrote:

> 2) I have been hunting for Adrian Belew's "Inner Revolution". As I
> understand it this one is out of print. Any of You know of internet-based
> second-hand record shops that possibly would carry this item?
> Any and all help is highly appreciated!
> As fot the "slaughter" of the Chalkhills site this is sad news indeed! John:
> As I understand it the site will not go in its entirely. Any ideas of what
> to throw and what to keep? If You have to throw "reference material" - how
> about a "CD tree" for those interested?

  Try Their shipping costs are pretty steep, but you can often
find what you're looking for, unless it's really hip and recent, for as
little as a couple of dollars US. I might just take a look there for White
Music, the only XTC album I never got around to getting. It's about time I
completed my collection(though most of it is still on vinyl, haven't sprung
for the remasters yet).
-- Satan: "Saddam, you're dead. I killed you."
   Saddam: "Yeah, well, where was I gonna go- Detroit?"

Chris Coolidge

mp3's of my band available at


Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 08:59:11 -0600
From: "Angie KP & Shaun P" <>
Subject: King Goober Buffet
Message-ID: <005c01c13a09$2d2fab60$8019adcf@nick>

XTC Moment of the week: Hearing "King for A Day" over the loudspeaker in the
grocery store, and having the short people (ages 7,6,3)  belt out the song
in the produce section.

==Goober: Harrison wrote about some "hapless goober writing the liner notes
essay." and Chris responded: "Self-deprecatory inference detected? Anyway,
congrats on the gig!"

Hang on a sec, what about getting Brian Wilson to write the liner notes?  No
reflection on Prince Harrison...or is he a Duke? Your Highness, Queenie
dear, may we have a public ruling on this?

==Sudden Thought: First on my list of XTC Influenced Absurdity is seeing the
Lads perform "Dear God" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during opening
ceremonies of the 2002 Olympics. Colin and Andy wearing laytex kilts, of
course. Someone quick! Contact the entertainment committee!

===Brunch: Debora Brown wrote (7-44):  "and I can even fashion a likeness of
Andy Partridge made completely out of egg salad, if need be."
I'd like to see the rest of that buffet, please! I think Andy would be
better in tuna salad. A likeness of Colin in, what else, a raspberry Jell-O
"Mould". Barry in, what? The egg salad, perhaps? Terry's likeness in Spam,
and Dave Gregory in a multi-level marzipan cake.

==Food for thought: Perusing the other day, I discovered
this under XTC: Biography. Music, not books:
Similar Artists: Aztec Camera | The B-52's | The Buzzcocks | Elvis Costello
| Game Theory | Hoodoo Gurus | Joe Jackson | The Jam | The La's | Madness |
The Police | The Posies | The Specials | Split Enz | Squeeze | Matthew Sweet
| Talking Heads | Undertones | Wire | World Party | Blur

Influenced by: THE BEACH BOYS (my emphasis)|  The Beatles | The Clash | Bob
Dylan | The Kinks | The Sex Pistols | Pink Floyd

Followers: Jesus Jones | The Monochrome Set | Oingo Boingo | 'Til Tuesday |
Blur | The Nines | Ric Menck | Brian Stevens | Fossil | The Verve Pipe |
Gladhands | The Sugarplastic | Fountains of Wayne

Just for fun, do any of you see any glaring errors here? Omission or
inclusion with which you'd disagree?

Personally, I think that under "Influenced By," we should include the
Captain and Tennille. This is a joke. Like the yoga-teaching thingy.

I'll blow ya'll a raspberry! But in the nicest possible way. PPhhtt!

Angie KP


Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:00:31 -0600
From: "Steve Johnson" <>
Subject: Andy & Brian? Please God No!
Message-ID: <>

Brian Wilson has had an enormous impact on pop music in general and on
XTC in particular.  But have you seen him lately?  Whether he's
propped up at the keyboard, staring vacantly into space, or muttering
random syllables in an interview, it's painfully obvious that the guy
needs assistance.  Unfortunately, he can no longer be musically

Conversely, Andy Partridge is at the top of his game.  He has a vast
reservoir of musical and lyrical ideas, which he constantly
replenishes.  He has smashed the "rock star" stereotypes and has gored
the industry ox.  He appears poised to contribute for many years to

A Partridge/Wilson collaboration?  I hope not.


Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 13:15:43 -0500
From: Scott Taylor <>
Subject: Re: HMV online availability
Message-ID: <001401c13a24$9aca08d0$bb32210a@KC2PSTAYLOR800>

> were found at Virgin, of course - then go to up in
> Canada. The exchange rate is fantastic and you can order the UK
> remasters for only $11.84 U.S. and the limited edition Japanese ones
> for only $13.81 each. I'm not sure about shipping and handling, but
> I know that they had at one time a

Thanks for the tip.  After reading your message on Saturday I placed an
order for five of the Japanese variety -- Drums & Wires, English Settlement,
Skylarking, Oranges & Lemons, and the Big Express -- for a grand total
(including shipping) of $72.45 US.  Got the shipment confirmation this
morning (Monday).  Not bad.

For the record, s&h was $7.97 (Canadian) via "United States Air".



Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:53:54 +0100
From: "Darryl W. Bullock" <>
Subject: Terrorism
Message-ID: <013e01c13bbc$478b81a0$19a2fea9@Bullock>

My heart goes out to all of my American friends, XTC fans and ChalkHillians.

What a waste. I just pray to God that you and yours are well.



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