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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 7, Number 34

                   Monday, 4 June 2001


        SPOILER WARNING: Japanese reissues part 2
                  B-sides in the middle
                  Chocolates & Psunspots
                     Head Bangin' XTC
                  I bought myself a.....
                        Join the Q
                   XTC vs. KC remasters
               Re: Express train to love...
            Train Running Low on paer and iron
                 too drunk too post.....
        Re: Big Express Remaster in a round sleeve
      I'm a thirty old puppet buying what I'm told-
                     Say It With Love
                  ES single disc update
               Re: Chalkhills Digest #7-33
                    Paul McCartney/XTC
        I Feel Like I'm Mork & Ryan & Tenessee Tom
Back into the fold, and some dumb questions to begin with
                 xtc and ecclectic tastes


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Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 18:47:20 +0100
From: "Pledge" <>
Subject: SPOILER WARNING: Japanese reissues part 2
Message-ID: <001601c0e867$69dc61a0$42ac7ad5@oemcomputer>

Hello everyone.

I'm one of those that didn't own all the original vinyls so have been
discovering XTC albums for the first time in the last few weeks. For years I
owned the British CDs and a few imports (like the Skylarking Original Master
Recording with the dodgy track listing) and the popular compilation albums.
Couldn't work out quite why you lot (sorry my fellow Chalkhillians) all
raved so much about the albums.

Then I realised properly that the bonus tracks had been dumped in the
middle of albums, so tried to get the vinyls to get a chance to hear the
albums as recorded, as planned, as i was meant to hear them. Found out
stylus was knackered and gave up on ever understanding quite why this band I
liked was almost worshipped by others.

Then came this Japanese wheeze of reissuing the albums in original artwork
(the trainspotter's dream!) and suddenly I find myself like a child in a
sweet shop, except I'm in Virgin and I'm buying the first 5. I fully intend
to go home and stuff myself until I can hear no more, and retreat to my bed
feeling sick. The self satisfied sick that can only come from self

Plently has been said about the first 5, but I got the second 5 today (sod's
law says they arrived today when I've just had 5 days off work!).

Early impressions:

Mummer: One that stands to gain the most because of the removal of the bonus
tracks from the middle. I know it splits opinion greatly on this list, but
even after only one play I know I'll listen to it a hell of a lot more than
the English CD. Previously I couldn't be bothered to skip the bonus tracks
(I listen to most of my music in the car) so I just didn't listen to it. I
swear I'm hearing some of the bonus tracks for the first time ever today. In
terms of Beating Of Hearts  to Funk Pop A Roll, it is a fine album to my
ears. Not as good as Skylarking or Apple Venus but it could grow...

Big Express: sounds totally different to my English CD, but have only heard
it on my car CD player so far so will reserve judgement. Well impressed by
the round sleeve. Still little things and little minds i suppose?

Skylarking: The first XTC album I bought that wasn't a compilation. As soon
as I "got" the sound they had made I loved this album. No amount of CD
farting about will change that opinion. Can someone tell me if the original
vinyl was embossed? Mine wasn't but it probably wasn't the first pressing
that I bought.

Oranges And Lemons: The first one I bought on release day, so have the
annoying 3 CD set and the 5" reissue already. Time to rediscover this gem I

Nonsuch: What  can I add that hasn't been said/ argued/ opined/ denied/
rebuked/ scolded already? Took me ages to get into this album. Would
occasionally look back and still think "Why'd they do that aftert he
commerciality of Oranges And Lemons?" but am more inclined now to think
"there's the seeds to Apple Venus Volume 1". "Rook" sits nicely with
"Harvest Festival" in my book. "Wrapped In Grey" is truly sublime, shouldn't
have been murdered. The rest I'll reserve judgement on because my old copy
has jumped and skipped like one of Partridge's failed "dance" crazes for
years, but I never replaced it because of the so called 'limited edition'
etched sleeve.

Enough rambling for now, may be changing to a few different albums' fan
clubs now. I feel like a child on "Runaround" and Mike Reid has just
bellowed "Runaround nowwwwwwwww!!!".

XTC content? Sorry, not this time...



Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 20:33:26 -0000
From: "Nathan Mulac DeHoff" <>
Subject: B-sides in the middle
Message-ID: <>

This is my first post to Chalkhills in a long time.  I posted a few times
about a year or so ago, but I decided to unsubscribe for a while.  I
recently resubscribed, and I noticed that the digests don't seem to come as
frequently as they did before.  Are people just posting less, or is there
some other force at work here?  Anyway, here's what I had to reply to:

eriC draveS:
>Regarding the White Music bit about liking the extra tracks at the
>end, aren't the extra tracks (including their first single, "Hang Onto
>the Night"), from 3D-EP? If so, shouldn't they be put at the
>Anyway, Neon Shuffle should be the last song. Unlike some concluding
>tracks ("Train Running Low...", "Funk Pop A Roll", etc.), I think it
>makes a fitting conclusion to the noisome glorious mess that makes
>this lasered plastic.

"Train Running Low" has always struck me as one of the best ending songs for
an album, although "Neon Shuffle" is also great (especially with that
"destruction of Berlin by bombers" bit at the end).  While I can see that
placing B-sides in the middle of an album is a slightly odd choice, it makes
sense in a way.  Really, there wasn't any flow between, say, "This World
Over" and "The Everyday Story Of Smalltown" in the first place, was there?
If you had the vinyl or cassette, you turned it over at this point.  On the
other hand, putting something AFTER the ending track diminishes its value as
a finishing touch for the album.  In other words, I think that putting the
bonus tracks at the end is a bad idea.  Then again, I haven't heard the
remasters, and I was introduced to the albums with the
bonus-tracks-in-the-middle CD's, so it could just be what I'm used to.

>It's a similar excuse to why not to buy "Homespun"-- why spend money
>for the same songs in demo form when the finished product is already
>in my grubby hands? I already have the original CDs, they sound fine
>to me.

My girlfriend gave me a copy of Homespun as a gift.  I like it, but I
probably wouldn't have bought it myself.  Actually, that's not entirely
true.  If I had seen it used or on sale, I probably WOULD have bought it.
Most of the time, though, I've seen it sold for the same price as the
original Apple Venus Volume 1, even though all of the songs are just
unfinished versions of the ones on the final product.  I've never checked
the price of Homegrown, but I wouldn't be surprised if it also cost just as
much as Wasp Star.  I think it's a fine idea to release such demo
collections, but are they really worth as much as the finished versions of
the same songs?  If they are, why would the band even bother editing them?

>In the page describing the endless influences and song references in
>"Chocolate Fireball", "25 O'Clock" has mentions of Pink Floyd's
>"Time", and a somewhat obscure song. But I noticed two more things on
>that song alone.
>First, the vocals sound like the Animals, and second, does anyone
>remember the 1960's hit "The Twelfth of Never"? The title sounds like
>some girl telling a guy when she will date him, in a teasing way of
>letting him down. I assume this was the tone of the song (I haven't
>heard it since infancy, I think) and a similar theme runs across
>here. ("That's when you're going to be mine", but when is it EVER

That's what I thought when I first saw the lyrics to the song (the part
about letting the person down, I mean; I don't think I've ever heard "The
Twelfth Of Never"), but I've never seen Andy mention it in his explanations
for the song, so I figured I was probably wrong.  It's interesting that you
saw it in the same way that I originally did.  Did anyone else think this
about "25 O'Clock"?
May the light shine upon thee,


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 13:49:55 -0700
Subject: Chocolates & Psunspots
Message-ID: <20010529134956-r01010600-2ba434ca@>

> Last year I bought from CDNOW the Dukes CD. I was under the impression
> that it was Psonic Psunspot too. But I searched somewhere, somehow in
> the CDNOW site and it said "Chips..." and had a full track listing.
> There was a Level 42 album with an inaccurate track listing as well,
> but they corrected it. The tracks listed were those of some country
> band!

Chips from the Chocolate Fireball is a compilation album of 25 O'Clock
and Psionic Psunspot, thus your confusion.  I got mine at CDNOW too,
and was happy enough, as I didn't think I'd be able to ever find it
again, after having bought a copy for a mate of mine many years
ago... *snif*.



Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 17:06:30 -0400
From: "Roberts, Peter" <>
Subject: Head Bangin' XTC
Message-ID: <>

in response to the guy who wanted to know if anyone liked metal and XTC:

There are certain metal bands and albums that I love. I wouldn't call Primus
'metal', they are too trippy, but I love them, especially 'Frizzle Fry' and
'Seas of Cheese'. When I heard the 'Miscellaneous Debris' version of
'Nigel', I was like...'Cool! Les is into XTC!!'

Anyways, metal bands and records that I like:
Iron Maiden (most of the stuff up to Powerslave)
the first two Dio records
Metallica - pretty much all of it. I think 'Justice' is their best.
Korn - especially the first one and 'Issues'
Led Zep (the original heavy metal band?)
and of course ... Night Ranger!! (NNNNNOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!)

some other heavy stuff that I would not call 'metal':
all Rage Against The Machine
Victim's Family (a jazzcore band from the West Coast)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (the guy can play bass!!)



Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 17:40:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: frippy <>
Subject: eXclecTiC
Message-ID: <>

Eric Draves asked:

> Hey, does anyone like XTC AND heavy metal (say, Metallica or
> Megadeth)? How eclectic are your tastes?

If it gives you any idea, three of my favorite artists are: Cocteau Twins,
Aphex Twin (no relation) and XTC.  I like XTC and minimalist techno, XTC
and drum 'n' bass, XTC and ethereal goth, XTC and industrial, XTC and
nerdy indie bands, XTC and alt-country, XTC and 60s Ronnie Spector style
girl groups, and above all, XTC and XTC.

Angie reffered to:
> N'Sync gamely attempting "No Thugs in Our House," butchering
> Mr. Partridge's gorgeous  lion's roar

For the sake of extremely gullible Chalkhillbillies such as myself, I just
want to know if that's real or not.  My gut says it can't be, if only
because, if there's any XTC song that I could ever imagine N Sync
covering, it would have to be "That's Really Super, Supergirl."

Oh god, now I'm starting to envision it all, even down to the choreography
in the video!  I can already see the set made up to look like the Fortress
of Solitude and Lance and Justin dancing in tights and a cape singing "I
can't hold you down / if you want to fly..."  Someone save me!

Meanwhile, I'm off to place an advance order on for Andy
Partridge's "Songs I Whistled In the W.C."  I heard it comes in a snazzy
pale yellow die-cut tissue paper envelope, yes, it tears easily, but it
looks cool in the store.

-- Jessica


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:46:39 -0600
Subject: I bought myself a.....
Message-ID: <>

Powerpoop Boy can make his point the old-fashioned way. By not buying the
fricking record !

There is only one reason that Andy et. al. (whilst whistling in the shower)
release items such as Homegrown. Because some people might buy it. See,
they're musicians for a LIVING. They do it for love, sure, but also because
they want to MAKE MONEY. When showering, one needs several things. A
bathroom, for instance, that's generally surrounded by a house that has hot
and cold running water. Soap, for most, is also necessary. These things
cost MONEY.

Question: Why do 7-11 stores carry those awful Hostess snack cakes? Because
someone, somewhere, might BUY THEM. It's called COMMERCE, you idiot. Of all
places to post your opinion, it is ironic that you posted it here, on
Chalkhills, the mere existence of which answers the question as to why XTC
wouldn't just post this stuff for free. Of course, now I suppose I could be
accused of comparing XTC demos to Hostess snack cakes, which isn't very
nice, and doesn't really reflect my opinion of XTC demos, but there it is.
Is it "marketing manipulation" (hi Angie) to offer a product for sale?
Methinks not.

In answer to Steve Johnson, who isn't interested in buying the remasters,
and wonders "Is there something wrong with me?" - No, there isn't. See,
it's all about having fun and loving music and enjoying XTC. For me, being
able to listen to these recordings in as clear and clean a form as possible
is a wonderful thing. Listening to my old cd of Drums and Wires and the new
remaster back to back is a joy for me. But if you listen to the old disc
and enjoy it and love it, then who's to say that there's something wrong?
Again, just because they offer it for sale you have no specific obligation
to buy it! Now, if you don't even own a copy of Drums and Wires, well then,
you DO need help..........

Additional detritus:  The new Tool? Sounds amazingly like the old Tool.
Disappointingly so, I'm afraid. This is the result of having to wait years
for a new album. Suddenly it's out, and I buy it and listen to it
and...........oh well. There are SO many examples of this, although XTC
managed to avoid disappointing me by waiting 7 years to release a record
that RULED. Kate Bush's "Red Shoes" comes to mind, as well as Peter
Gabriel's "Ovo." (although that's perhaps not being fair, as Ovo's not
really a Peter Gabriel record per se.) You wait and wait and wait, and then
the band you love releases something insignificant and sucky, which
wouldn't be so bad if you didn't know that you had another fricking decade
to wait for the NEXT record................


"All you know about me's what I sold you, dumbfuck.
I sold out long before you ever even heard my name.
I sold my soul to make a record, dipshit.
Then you bought one."


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 23:26:37 +0100
From: "David Smith" <>
Subject: Join the Q
Message-ID: <>

Wotcha all

Mark Fisher noted the write-ups in Q magazine for the re-
issues, saying:

> The Q write-up is more positive than some of those figures
> (Big Express - TWO!!!) might suggest.

Right on - but does anyone else think they missed a chance to
do a full retrospective on the boys.

Oh, OK, just me then.

Seriously, buried each month in the masthead of Q magazine they
do a list of credits to every man-jack who has played some part
in the production of the magazine. Every month, this mast-head
also lists each contributors favourite "something".

As an example, April 2001 asked each contributor to list their
favourite robot, hence entries such as:

Editor's PA: Claire Griffith (Metal Mickey)
Editor-at-large: John Aizlewood (Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner)
Advertising Director: Michelle Gardiner (R2D2)

This month's edition (featuring said XTC review, which I shall
shortly scan and send to John for "Hill-posting") asked the
contributoirs to list their favoutite "rock".

In amongst the Kid Rocks, Bauxites, Rock'n'Rolls and Dwayne "The
Rock" Johnson, was:

Founding Editor: Mark Ellen (Sergeant Rock)

Now Mark Ellen's stock amongst rock journo's over here in blighty
is pretty high - as well as founding Q, I believe he was also
the driving force behind BBC Radio 1 for years and also used to
present the "seminal" 70s rock programme, Old Grey Whistle Test.
I'm sure others know more about Mr Ellen, but his reputation and
standing seem pretty high.

And he chose Sergeant Rock.

And his direct phone number is there, on the page.

Hmmmmm, a plan forms . . .

Smudge "Mr Ellen, about this XTC retrospective, can I write it please?" Boy


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 22:18:56 -0400
From: Douglas Bailey <>
Subject: XTC vs. KC remasters
Message-ID: <>

I said:
 >> The re-mastering is *very* nice: unlike, say, some of the recent King
 >> Crimson re-masters, the sound doesn't seem so much drastically altered as
 >> *restored*, as if I'm hearing information/frequencies that I always knew
 >> were missing.

...and Wayne said:
 > ...I have to disagree about the Crimson remasters. The first three were
 > very good although they weren't as loud as previous versions I thought
 > the dynamic range was improved....That isn't the case with the remastered
 > versions of Discipline, Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair.

I beg your pardon: I should have been clearer. The "recent" King Crimson
re-masters I referred to were indeed those of DISCIPLINE, BEAT and THREE OF
A PERFECT PAIR. And they do sound good... but comparing them to the 1989
"Definitive Edition" masters, the new releases sound almost as if they've
been re-mixed as well as re-mastered. (Listen to the opening of "Thela Hun
Ginjeet" for an example: the tones and relative volumes of Fripp's and
Belew's clashing guitars seem, to me, noticeably different between the two

Anyway, sorry for any confusion: if I'd thought about it, I'd have realised
that *all* the KC 24-bit re-masters are "recent" and picked my words with
more care.

Mind you, the XTC re-masters (I have the first five, and just
shipped the other five yesterday) are keeping me plenty happy just now. As
a bassist, I'm particularly happy with the more-clearly-defined low end of
the recordings: I'm hearing more detail in Colin's bass work, which is

Yum. Yay good re-masters.


--------------douglas bailey  (
your perfect lover's never there and if she was she wouldn't be...
                                      --robyn hitchcock & the egyptians


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 22:31:32 -0400
From: Douglas Bailey <>
Subject: Re: Express train to love...
Message-ID: <>

Wayne writes:
 > Ian Cooper did a great job of remastering [THE BIG EXPRESS].  I'm just
 > curious as to whether or not Andy, Colin and Dave were involved in the
 > remastering (beyond having to approve the final product) as they aren't
 > credited anywhere on the sleeve or booklet.

Given that Mr Cooper also mastered the (non-Virgin) HOMEGROWN disc for the
band, I'd expect that he's passed some sort of XTC scrutiny and that Virgin
didn't do the re-mastering behind closed doors.

Whether that means anyone actually sat in on the sessions, I don't know,
but I figure Cooper must have at least had Andy and Colin's telephone
numbers in case he needed to ask questions.


--------------douglas bailey  (
this week dragged past me so slowly; the days fell on their knees...
                                                   --david bowie


Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 23:18:41 EDT
Subject: reissues
Message-ID: <>

Can anyone tell me when the reissues are being released in the U.S.?  I've
yet to see any mention of it.

Curious in Jersey


Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 03:58:10 EDT
Subject: Train Running Low on paer and iron
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 5/29/01 12:09:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
somebody writes:

> >Have to say that I agree with the sentiment. Why xtc couldnt
> >have put this stuff out as free download?

On the one hand I see your point but, to be fair, no one is forcing XTC fans
to purchase the album.  There isn't any deceptive advertising involved here
folks.  Homegrown & Homespun are for the same fans that were interested in
the Beatles Anthology series. Is there anything wrong in not feeling
compelled to pick Homegrown up? No but are these did these same folks
purchase the bootleg collections with the demos (and is that why they are so
ticked off)?

I do like the idea of having free downloads (are you listening TVT?) for the
Japanese bonus tracks.  so those of us living in the US wouldn't have to
shell out the extra $$ to obtain a pristine copy of Bumper Cars.  Here's
where another free single (similar to what TVT did with Wasp Star) would
come in handy.  It might have boosted sales domestically for Homegrown.

Someone (I'm drawing a blank on who and I'm too lazy to look it up right
now) asked if there was anything wrong with not purchasing the remastered
CDs.  Nope. I've been selective about which ones I purchased. Big Express
and Black Sea were both high on my list. Will I purchase the others? Depends
on how often I listen to them I suppose.

These remasters are more for those who were bugged by the earlier editions
(and collectors).   I'd make the same general statement about the Beatles' 1
and McCartney's Wingspan CDs.  There are always going to be folks that
purchase everything by an artist (I'm thinking of the folks that purchased
the Red and Blue Beatles albums) regardless of duplication.

>From Rory-

< It would a great chance to promote their next album for 2002  >

And Mr. Pop chips in with:

< What next? Stuff Andy whistled in the toilet? >

So, guys, what do you know that we don't? Please share!

I'm not in the know but I read an article (can't remember where) that
indicated that Andy & Colin were busy writing for their next album with a
possible 2002 (assuming there are no delays) release. I kind of threw that
out there hoping that one of you folks that are in the know would

from Eric--
Any CD with a paper cover gets scratched by me easier and earlier than
with the standard jewel case. Plus I'm out of money to buy these
imports. :(
It's a similar excuse to why not to buy "Homespun"-- why spend money
for the same songs in demo form when the finished product is already
in my grubby hands? I already have the original CDs, they sound fine
to me.
Still, I guess I'm not enough of a true fan to appreciate little
nuances such as remastering.

I prefer seeing this stuff released in jewel box format pretty much for the
same reason---on the other hand I like having these miniature versions of
the LPs (some of which I never did buy on LP like White Music, Go-2). It's
kind of cool to have as a collectors item.  I scan the artwork into my
computer and recreate it for a jewelbox for the CDs. The result is no

Speaking of the remasters---while I love Skylarking I was a bit disappointed
that these were reissued with a CD booklet (like the Who papersleeve
series).  It's a little easier on the eyes not having to read print really
really tiny.

While I love the sound on the BE CD I hate the booklet! There are less
pictures and very tiny credits/lyrics. It would have been cool to include a
commentary from Andy, Colin and Dave on each recording (we do have Song
Stories for that of course but it still would have been cool).

>>Third, what exactly is Tamla?  Could someone give me a few example songs
that I could compare with?

Tamla was a label of Motown which had its own distinctive sound (Stevie
Wonder was originally on Tamla so any early stuff would fit this

The kids are awake so have to run


>>Similarly, I have "phantom memories" of the title Generals and Majors,
I remember hearing the bridge sequence to Towers of London ("I've seen
it in a painting...")... and so on and so forth.
Of course, "Dear God" is a given, it got lots of US airplay, but I
used to think it was by The Who or Pink Floyd or someone else!
It came as a great relief when the phantom songs lost in spacetime
turned up in the back albums of a group I only just had become
interested in, around 1993.

Sounds like most of my childhood. I thought for years that Magic by Pilot
was by 10cc. Then again most of the stuff in my musical phantom memory
belongs in the guilty pleasure bag (like Billy Don't Be A Hero...what would
life be like without Paper Lace and Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods to kick


Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 04:33:05 -0700
From: Molly McCarron <>
Subject: too drunk too post.....
Message-ID: <>

except for a few words..

yeah Courtney!

Apples in Stereo rule!

check out the Lily's!

Metallica fans amongst XTC ones?


kisses to all Chalkhillians!

goodnite & thank you....


Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 12:49:46 +0000
Subject: Re: Big Express Remaster in a round sleeve
Message-ID: <>

Bill Goodfellow your wish may yet be granted, last saturday I was perusing
the racks in the Virgin megastore in Ipswich, noting the usual lack of XTC
product, when to my surprise at the back of the rack I found a japanese
import of Big Express in a circular sleeve!!!!




Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 18:16:28 +0200
From: art et affiche <>
Subject: I'm a thirty old puppet buying what I'm told-
Message-ID: <>

Hello, dear Chalkhillers,
sorry, it seems now an old debate, but I can't help having a reaction
about mister powerpopboy agreeing this narrow-minded critic of The Times-

Oh, is there someone here with a gun, who's hired by the Swindon duo, to
force me to buy these demos? Do they think it's shitty leftovers XTC is
trying to sell us, just to make some money? That we'll be ripped-off?
Nobody obliges us to buy such type of record. We (possibly) do it because we
are interested in listening to the ` sketches ' of the songs we like,
getting an insight in their creative process. As I love to see the lead
pencil sketches of painters, to see the future picture taking shape.
The Times journalist finds that demos collection of little interest, even
for the foaming fans of a band who `these days would count themselves
lucky to sell 20,000 copies of a 'proper' album in this country'. Ok,
like we say in french, `Nul n'est prophete en son pays'. And XTC
are no prophets in the UK- But if there is only a poor bunch of remaining
fans, why Virgin is about to release a boxed set of demos and unreleased
songs? Because it's worth doing it!  Just like the V. label thought it
was when the back catalog has been remastered!

Moneywise, I don't think this release will be very profitable to Idea
records: I've read what Andy P. have said about ` Homespun ', and
it seems they hardly earned a few pounds. So obviously profit is not the
main motivation, but mostly the satisfaction to issue officially and under
their own label the demos that have circulated all around the planet on
bootlegs CDR and tapes. Just a way to say `Hey, it's OUR stuff, now
you can hear it with a clean sound, if you like'.  And I'm happy with
that, cause I've never got any XTC bootleg demos. So when powerpopboy
says ` Why xtc couldnt have put this stuff out as free downloads?',
well, it's already done, mate ! Time they get a (symbolic) reward and
re-appropriate the all thing. Don't know for you, but as an artist, I
would have done the same thing!

Angie said in post #7-33: `if AP pissed in an empty soda can, and added
vocals (-) would we all clamor to purchase this rarity and declare it
inspired gold? Are we being cleverly manipulated by a master snake-oil
pitchman who can sell us the same set of goods over and over again in
different packaging?' Aah Angie, I can understand your suspicious
mind. But thinking of it, I believe it doesn't show an `audience
manipulation by Partridge'. Sorry, but how this guy could manipulate me?
(Oh, yes, possibly he could, but in a way that I can't mention here,
gal). No, I think it shows another aspect of AP character, some call
naughty: his pride. Damn it! This man is proud of what he has done, and he
wants to show it, and because he realised by talking with people that fans
are interested, he has decided with Colin to make Homegrown too. Maybe you
could accuse him of vanity, see in him an egocentric and excessive side, but
describe him as a `master snake-oil pitchman' seems a little

Gee- All these lines, it sounds like a lawyer speaking! Why am I
justifying myself?  Just for a frustrated scribbler who does not like XTC?
Oh, calm down girl!

Ah, by the way : it was a first post for me, and in a foreign language
(arrrrgh). I'd like to apologize for the mistakes- Read you soon-,
from the sunny south of France.

PS: still listening, among others, to Wasp star, and a big fan of

2d PS: Hats off to Mr Relph for this fantastic web site.

Marie ` oooooaaaah yeeeeees, manipulate me!' Omnibus.


Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 13:18:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: "J. R. Stone" <>
Subject: Say It With Love
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Hello XTC-kers!

Is anyone familiar with an XTC-esque (though a little too straight)
sounding song probably titled 'Say It With Love' but definitely containing
those words in the chorus.  Since hearing such a song in a shop
yesterday, I have confirmed that there IS a song bearing the appropriate
name credited to The Moody Blues but have yet to hear it.

just curio,



Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 09:44:32 +0200
From: Bergmaier Klaus <>
Subject: ES single disc update
Message-ID: <41E0B760C85AD3119BE200E0291B6EE5089869@NTSRV>

Dear all!

The question was:
-Does anyone out there remember the track listing for
the SINGLE LP version
of ES?

Tyler Hewitt answered:

Side 1:
Ball & Chain

Side 2
Melt the Guns
No Thugs
It's nearly Africa
English Roundabout
All of a Sudden

This may be true, Tyler. But the one I borrowed from a friend, who still
owns it, has Yacht Dance instead of It's Nearly Africa on it. There also was
a 13 track CD edition (with Cockpit and Leisure Missing) but with Fly,
Knuckle and Africa. The double LP I now own has no gatefold sleeve. BTW I
always liked All of a Sudden as the album's final track.

Wish me luck, because I start touring tomorrow with my band
- there is some XTC content on our site!

All the best from Austria


Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 21:23:37 +1000
From: "Iain Murray" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #7-33
Message-ID: <001001c0e9c4$23797c80$d96e36cb@dmps>

> Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 20:01:40 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Tyler Hewitt <>
> RE:
> -Does anyone out there remember the track listing for
> the SINGLE LP version
> of ES?
> Side 1:
> Runaways
> Ball & Chain
> Senses
> Jason-Argonauts
> Snowman
> Side 2
> Melt the Guns
> No Thugs
> It's nearly Africa
> English Roundabout
> All of a Sudden

Okey dokey. My single LP copy of ES includes "Yacht Dance" in the place of
"It's Nearly Africa" (all other tracks are as above). Were there two
separate single LP versions depending on the country of release? I assume I
have the Australian edition.....

> Also, the cover is not embossed, the paper sleeve is
> white, not brown, and they left off Yacht Dance, one
> of my all-time favorites!

Perhaps that answers my earlier question. The cover of the copy I have is
embossed, and the paper sleeve which doubles as a lyric sheet is a
particularly lovely shade of brown (and "Yacht Dance", as mentioned, is very
definitely present!). Maybe Mark S. can shed some light on this?

> Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 14:38:51 +0100
> From: Dom Lawson <>
> Oh yeah, the new Weezer album is pretty cool. Two-and-a-half minute pop
> songs of a fuzzy, Ric Ocasek-produced nature. Nice.

My word, but yes! This album has been getting a hammering on Triple J radio
over here this week (they've made it their "feature album", an honour which
managed to totally elude "Wasp Star" despite - or because of - numerous
late-night drunken phone calls to the station from yours truly). *Very*
nice....and the cover is such a lovely shade of green.....

> Finally, is it me or are King Crimson just about the coolest thing on
> Satan's Earth???

Nope, it's just you. (How do you do one of those tongue-in-cheek picture

> Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 09:23:38 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Steve Johnson <>
> I do not have any of the re-masters, and for some
> reason, I feel no compelling need to go out and get
> them.  Is there something wrong with me?

No. Next!

> Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 23:07:47 -0700 (PDT)
> From: eriC draveS <>
> Hey, does anyone like XTC AND heavy metal

Paging Dominic Lawson.....

>Did Les Claypool do justice to "Nigel"?

You mean in the same way that Robbie Williams didn't?

> Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 16:39:56 -0400
> From: cbisson <>
> First, has anyone deciphered Andy's mumbling at the beginning of We're
> All Light?  I can't quite make out the words as they are all "squashed"
> together.

I think it was something along the lines of "Robbie Williams will burn in
hell, the little tosser". Mind you, I haven't listened to that track for a

> Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 12:52:05 +0100
> From: Mark Fisher <>
> And the July issue of Q goes for:
> Drums and Wires - 3

3 out of 5 for "Drums & Wires"? I fart in Q's general direction. Their
mother was an etc.

I should really reply to these digests when I'm not quite so drunk.......

>End of Chalkhills Digest #7-33

Thank Christ for that.



Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 10:53:37 -0700
From: "Drude" <>
Message-ID: <007601c0eac3$c8c12f80$>

I would like to start a newsgroup on XTC and related bands.  Is this viable?
Would anyone go???

Starting a newsgroup, I am learning, is like climbing Everest on a
pogo-stick.  The gates to these groups seem to be guarded by a race of
supreme SUPER-GEEKS, who make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to start a
group.  I don't know who these people are or who gives them the

Anyway, if you are interested, or have actually created a newsgroup in the
past, and think this is all worthwhile...  let me (us) know...

The Drude


Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 16:54:08 -0400
From: Molly <>
Subject: Paul McCartney/XTC
Message-ID: <>
Organization: AT&T Worldnet

I've been listening to "Wingspan", and I noticed the Paul McCartney
song, Pipes of Peace" sounds like something XTC would sing.  I don't
know why, but when I listened to it I could picture Andy singing lead
and Colin singing background with a choir and a string section helping
Wasn't there going to be a Paul McCartney tribute and XTC were going to
do a song?  Or was that just a rumor I read?

XTC Song of the Moment: "All You Pretty Girls"
Non-XTC Song of the Moment: "Waterfalls" - Paul McCartney


Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 22:24:02 -0500
From: Chris Vreeland <>
Subject: I Feel Like I'm Mork & Ryan & Tenessee Tom
Message-ID: <a05100301b73dfbf64c11@[]>

Greetings fellow Humans,
Two questions needed answering, and as ever, I stand ready to "help."

The Irrepressibly Dominic Lawson asks:

Finally, is it me or are King Crimson just about the coolest thing on
Satan's Earth???


I personally bask regularly in the delicious irony of driving my
fossil fuel impelled car, with the AC on full blast screaming "I'M A
DINOSAUR! SOMEBODY IS DIGGING MY BONES!" at the top of my lungs.
Thrak! sounds really good, really, really loud.


From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Re-Masters by the Masters

I do not have any of the re-masters, and for some
reason, I feel no compelling need to go out and get
them.  Is there something wrong with me?


Let me explain.
	I haven't really taken the dive off into the deep end of Xtc
completism, until now. Okay, okay, I already own three copies of
Drums and Wires (British vinyl, original CD with the screwed up track
listing, and the Geffen CD with the accurate track listing) and three
copies of English Settlement, so it was with no small amount of
gnashing of hands and wringing of teeth that I decided to take the
leap and give my last paycheck to

WOW am I glad I did!

	My first impulse upon opening the box was Oohh, these are so
pretty, and limited edition, perhaps I shouldn't open them at all,
and just put them away. You know, the value decreases the moment you
open the wrapping.... That lasted all of thirty seconds.
	But really, these (the Japanese ltd. editions) really are
fine pieces of work. They're not just CD's in carboard covers,
they're EXACT replicas of the original British vinyl, right down to
the way the paper is glued on to the cardboard and all the original
inserts, and lyric sheets. I was fairly stunned at the amount of
effort and attention to detail that was put into these scale models
of the originals. The covers alone are worth at least half of the
cost, (paltry, comparatively) remastering or no.

But, remastered they are, and how.

I bought the first five. Confession time: I haven't listened to White
Music in at least five years, and I only own the American vinyl, so I
can't attest to how good the remastering is but it sounds better than
I remember it. Confession two: I've never listened to Go 2 all the
way through before yesterday, so I am in no way qualified to comment
on it other than that perhaps it was because of the improved
mastering that I was finally able to weather the entire disk.

English Settlement is not only slightly more bottomy, it is now
amongst the 5 most bass-heavy CD's I own. This is NOT a problem.
Everything is also a good bit cleaner and clearer.

Black Sea. The track listing is back! Long live the track listing!
Overall, not that different sounding, other than cleaner, and
clearer, with lots of little details standing out that weren't
noticeable before, like the way they rode gain on the snare reverb
all over the album. Guitar parts are much easier to distinguish from
one another, and Travels in Nihilon is Most Improved Track.

Drums and Wires? Yes, there's an additional note at the beginning of
Ten Feet Tall. Screw the note! This is a whole new album! I've been
listening to D&W for 22 miserable years, and it turns out that the
record is laden with things I've never heard before. Percussion on
Nigel? Two acoustic tracks on Ten Feet Tall? this new mastering is
just laden with little treasures to be discovered. Even if you don't
go for the Japanese cover, ( you'd be a fool not to, if you're gonna
get it anyway) anyone who likes D&W at all needs this pressing.
Complicated Game over my new studio monitors yielded new levels of
unalloyed bliss for an old geezer who hasn't felt the hair stand up
all over his body in WAY too long.

C'mon, Steve Give in! Buy 'Em!

I'll stop now,
Chris "I think you ought to put your world upon the left" Vreeland

Also playing: Porcupine Tree-- Thanks, Joe.


Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 06:34:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: M <>
Subject: Back into the fold, and some dumb questions to begin with
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone,

I'm back into Chalkhills Anonymous (everyone unisono: "Welcome back
Mart!") - not that you missed me anyway.:)

Having subscribed a few days ago, I was slightly worried because I hadn't
received a digest yet - surfed over to, and saw that the
last two digests had a week between them! That's certainly a change from
the old days, when every other day or so a big fat digest clogged up my

Enough reminiscing - a few dumb questions to begin with. Please reply
off-list if all this has come up before (I didn't see it in the digests

1) I saw mention of the two box sets in the digests. I assume these are
Fuzzy Warbles and A Coat Of Many Cupboards - any word on release dates?

2) Did Andy and Colin collaborate or ok the reissues? The remasters only
mention Ian Cooper. And yes, like all of you I still only have the first
five - just got this in from HMV (Canada):

" We would like to apologize for the delay that you have experienced
receiving your order.  Unfortunately we have been informed by our supplier
that the release date for the following XTC titles that you have ordered
has been changed:


At this time, we have been told to expect these title to be released on
June 5, 2001.  Our Fulfillment team will ship the CDs to you immediately
when they become available."

Oh well...there's always the joy of anticipation.

And before I forget: due to a stupid misunderstanding I have an extra
sealed copy of the Japanese edition of Homegrown for sale - contact me off
list if interested.




Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 10:59:32 -0000
From: "apparratus null" <>
Subject: xtc and ecclectic tastes
Message-ID: <>

i like xtc AND metal, and loads of other stuff. its all a matter of mood.


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