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                 Sunday, 21 January 2001


                     I'm Still Around
            12 Days, jewel cases & a gathering
          How much for a foot-cranked computer?
                    RE:a horse a horse
                    ecstatic over xtc
                    a certain ambiance
              Kevin Gilbert Fans Take Note!
            No XTC: the Afro Celt Sound System
              Re: Open The Pod Bay Door, Hal
                 Venus on the Half Shell
       read the map
        The REAL reasons XTC never made any money!
                      Apple Peelings
                      Gilmore Girls
                     Robbie Williams?
              Response to Patrick's Message
                     Oil of Aphrodite
                      Slice of Life
              warm snickers (was hot topic)
                       LA News bit
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Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 01:46:06 -0500
From: Molly <>
Subject: I'm Still Around
Message-ID: <>
Organization: AT&T Worldnet Service

I'm still around.  I've been just lurking.  I haven't listened to much XTC
lately.  (naughty girl) I did pop in "Black Sea" a few days ago, and this
album rocks.  I love listening to Generals and Majors and the other
wonderful songs on there. (my brain's asleep to think of other songs right
now) I've been preoccupied with learning web design, and thinking about my
father who's going to have a triple bypass on Monday.  I hope everybody
had a great New Year's.  Now I'm going back into lurking. :)



Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 20:49:34 +0800
From: The Worrier Queen <>
Subject: 12 Days, jewel cases & a gathering
Message-ID: <>

> And finally, The Worrier Queen and myself came up with
> an alternative "12 Days of Christmas" - sorry Jayne, but
> I'm not taking all the blame for this.

I still think we should have got Colin's sheds in there Smudge.

Also does anyone have any idea if the remastered Nonsuch will
have the engraved jewel case?

> HAR! Maties!.. We set sail for Jamaica, come the 'morrow!
> Debora 'the one with the crimson eye patch, and a pineapple on her shoulder'
> Brown

No Deb you should put the pineapple - sliced of course - on your
eye and blindfold the parrot with the eye patch.  Much more relaxing.

Umm- Harrison "Odin mounts the tree/Bleeds for you and me/Daddy's severed
genitals/Fall into the sea" Sherwood

> It's a fascinating thing, rubbing the themes surrounding the Greek mythology
> of Venus together with the themes on *our* Apple Venus

shouldn't it be Aphrodite if it's Greek mythology and Venus in
the Roman version?
(yes I am pedantic and proud of it)

And finally, fired by John Keel's example and energy (hi John)

> My New
> Year's Resolution - okay, one of a multitude - is to FINALLY get the Los
> Angeles area Chalkhillians - and you know who you are - together for a
> rousing bacchanal.

and the enthusiasm of Deb "Pineapple Eye Patch" Brown here goes

Is *anyone* interested in an around Easterish gathering somewhere
in the UK, but preferably not Birmingham?

Time and place is flexible, but this year is good for me and
Shetland might be a bit too far to travel to.
And yes I promise not to bore anyone with my Nonsuch mishap - honest.

At least say no :-)

a happy new millennium to you all

2001 a great film, could be a great year for Warbling in a Fuzzy
kinda way

now try to remember Imac is the computer, Imaac is for removing hair
Jayne the Worrier Queen
He Toi Whakairo He Mana Tangata: Where there is artistic
excellence there is human dignity - Maori saying
Salmagundie can be found at


Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 16:17:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: How much for a foot-cranked computer?
Message-ID: <>

Laura tells us:

"My computer is one of those old foot-crank models as
I am without electricity."

By any chance is that foot-crank-powered computer a
prototype of the mysterious new invention, known
variously as "It" and "Ginger," which tech groupies
have been buzzing about recently? Can you imagine how
many of those things you could sell in
brownout-spooked California alone?

While its population has doubled, California hasn't
brought any new power plants on-line in ten years --
evidently any new plant would have imperiled the
breedings grounds of the endangered Kowalski's tufted
cockroach, or something -- so now the Golden State is
hungrily eyeing the electricity of neighboring states,
including Arizona. Help, Laura! I'm going to need one
of your foot-cranked computers.

Thanks also to Laura for the reminder to listen to
WRNR-FM in Annapolis, Maryland (
Also XTC-friendly is, which I'm
multitaskitating right now. Heard on Eargazm so far
today during its dog-theme show (along with "Dead
Puppies," lots of Zappa, and the obligatory cut from
one of the most overplayed albums of all time, Pink
Floyd's *Animals*): "River of Orchids." What's the
connection there, you ask? This is one line from the
song: "Just like a mad dog you're chasing your tail in
a circle."

Good news from John Keel to start the year:

"Apparently, the husband of the show's [*The Gilmore
Girls*] creator is a rabid XTC fan and looks for
places in each script to put their music in, or to
reference any number of other, mostly local
(L.A. area) pop bands -- like The Sugarplastic. Plus,
this same guy -- who's name is Dan Palladino -- is
Executive Producer of an animated series on Fox called
*Family Guy*, and he actually had Andy record
voice-over for a character while he & Colin were in
L.A. promoting *Wasp Star*. Neil, the guy who posted
in Audities, assures me he will let us know when the
episode will air."

That is excellent news. XTC and *Family Guy* both help
make life worth living -- no, I'm not implying they're
of equal importance -- and I am jazzed (if I can still
use that word without clearance from Ken Burns) to
learn there is a linkage between the two. Please keep
us apprised, John.

Ryan Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 08:54:11 +0000
Subject: RE:a horse a horse
Message-ID: <>

Fear not, dear Worrier Queen  for I think the horse that has turned into a
grey 'mare (all along out along down along-lee) is not the English
Settlement one, but a rather average one (in comparison) visible from the
Taunton - London Paddingtion railway line.  It is large and easily visible
and far more correct in anatomical terms, but without the life that the
Uffington horse seems to have.  I still like it though.



Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 05:02:33 -1000
From: Jim Smart <>
Subject: ecstatic over xtc
Message-ID: <>

>> Behind me, in a sporty red car w/sunroof, a young woman,
>> brunette, driving quite well...I noticed the license plate, and BOFFO! BAM!
>> WOW! It read: IN-XTC !

>Now it's my turn to prejudge. I'm guessing a young gal by herself in a sporty
>red car with a license plate like that probably isn't an XTC fan.

My first thought, too. Last month I was wearing my Chalkhills shirt, like any
good chalker should. I ordered a veggie burger in the surf town of Haleiwa on
Oahu's north shore, and the counter dude went ape over the shirt. He was
yelling back at the cook, "check this out!" and offering to buy it right off
my back. Being rather fond of the shirt (and having no other handy), I
declined. I did tell him where he could order it by scribbling the web site
address on a napkin. But sadly, he had no idea  about who the band is, and had
never heard them or of them. Either he just thought it was an amazingly funny
pun, or is an ecstasy user, is my guess.



Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 11:22:34 -0600 (CST)
From: Brown <>
Subject: a certain ambiance
Message-ID: <>

Smudge boy said:
<<here's my list of album releases from
2000 which you *just might* not have noticed:

..Techno Techno Techno - Johnny Cash>>

..Not notice?  Stuff and nonsense, Smudge..  I love this album!.. bought
copies for everyone on my Christmas list!  I applaud Mr. Cash for taking his
music in such a radically different direction..

..(and just between you and me, Johnny fills out a pair of spandex pants and
one of those girlie sweaters *much* better than that Moby fellow)..


--Let us not overstrain our talent, lest we do nothing gracefully; a clown,
whatever he may do, will never pass for a gentleman.---LaFontaine


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 21:11:42 +0100
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Nitpciking
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Me old friend Dobbin must get a mention again:
> The Westbury horse is the oldest and largest of
> eight horses carved into chalk hillsides across
> Wiltshire.
hell no it ain't !

> The Westbury horse, the only one to have been
> given a protective concrete coating, dates back to
> 1778 and was carved into the hillside on the
> orders of the then landowner, Lord Abingdon.
exactly, so our very own horsey a.k.a. Dobbin, the White Horse of
Uffington is much much older than that... approx. 3000 years older
It's the one & only surviving pre-historic hillside carving in Wiltshire
and a "must see" for all pilgrims who pass there on their way to St.
Andrew in the Shed.

Then the inevitable Wes Long quipped:

> At least Manson is a peg that the music business has a bit of
> trouble hammering into one of its holes.
It wouldn't be the first time this industry markets rebellion in nice
colourful packaging. Or men in drag...

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 16:58:29 -0600
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: Kevin Gilbert Fans Take Note!
Message-ID: <>

      "Back in 1990,frequent MADONNA collaborator
       PATRICK LEONARD joined forces with KEVIN
       GILBERT  to create their own project, TOY


         On Feb.6, Leonard's Unitone label will
       reissue this album as a 'deluxe' 28 page
       digipak. Expanded to include 3 demos and
       a previously unreleased track "Blank Page"

    I'm not a fan but thought you might like to know.


P.S. I also hate those cheesy assed itty bitty cardboard
    fake album CD reissues! Are you listening Virgin!?!?

P.P.S. Anybody know who is going to handle the U.S. distri-
    bution of the XTC reissues? Or will we be asked to pay
    those crazy Euro (fake U.S. $$$) import prices?



Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 18:37:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: No XTC: the Afro Celt Sound System
Message-ID: <>

Great googly-moogly! It's Sunday night, and Tucson's
biggest little radio station in the world, KXCI-FM
(, just now introduced me to the
Afro Celt Sound System. You Chalk-hipsters have no
doubt heard of the combo, but to my knowledge I've
never seen the name mentioned in any Digest.

Imagine the Chieftains and Sly Dunbar & Robbie
Shakespeare recording in adjoining studios, and the
wall between them falls down. Maybe because Peter
Gabriel (who helped incubate the ACSS) took a hammer
to it. Anyway, the resulting amalgam sounds great.

Come to think of it, what is rock and roll but half
black-Africa and half Ireland?

Learn more:

Ryan Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 13:18:40 EST
Subject: Re: Open The Pod Bay Door, Hal
Message-ID: <>

<<Anyone out there happen to see
2001 in the theater when it was first released>>

Yes - I was living in Livonia, MI at the time and readying to move
down to Raleigh, NC. My parents enlisted the neighbors to take my
sister and me to see it, I remember it was on one of those screens
that wrapped halfway 'round the movie house. I was 11 at the time, so
I didn't understand a bit of sister & I kind of looked at each
other afterwards and said "that was cool - what was it?"

<<how about the best songs of 2000?>>

My favorite on Wasp Star was "You & The Clouds Will Still be
Beautiful", that's the one *I've* got to play at least twice...other
memorable songs:

Patti Smith - Strange Messengers
PJ Harvey - This Mess We're In
Steely Dan - Almost Gothic
Joan Osborne - remake of Love Is Alive
Radiohead - ANYTHING from Kid A
Erykah Badu - Orange Moon

that's enough for now...btw, I've resubbed after being away for about
a year, glad to be back!

Bob (for lack of a more clever name)

PS: I was reminded of Andy & Colin everytime I went to my local gym;
they have an abdominal machine called an "Ab XTC", I couldn't imagine
it would be something the band would endorse! ;~)


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 16:48:52 -0500
From: "Danny Phipps" <>
Subject: 01.15.01
Message-ID: <>

very quickly and then it's back to "lurking" mode --

happy 60th birthday to don van vliet (aka "captain
beefheart") as original and unique as misters
partridge and moulding!

in closing --

what's the latest on "fuzzy warbles"?????  another possible
7-year wait?  hmmmm.......

/dan  (still biting his nails to the quick)

"All of the answers you seek can be found
 in the dreams that you dream..."
                        (Dan Fogelberg)


Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:39:07 EST
Subject: Venus on the Half Shell
Message-ID: <>

Subject: Open the pod door, Hal.
Message-ID: <>

XTC trainspottings - King For A Day in the local Shoprite and ITMWML on XPN
(all in the same week!  Call the frikkin press!!)
>I always envisioned Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus," or, as my art history
>professor used to call it, "Venus on the Halfshell." *

* Also the title of delicious novel by Kurt Vonnegut!

Nope. Delicious novel is actually by Philip Jose Farmer, who got permission
from Vonnegut to use the Kilgore Trout byline. Vonnegut was not pleased that
the critics regarded it as his best work in years.



Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 08:21:57 +1100
From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: read the map
Message-ID: <>

Greetings All,

Back in Volume 6, Number 72 Brian Wysolmierski posted a message about a
website that had a good recreation of The Beach Boys' 'Smile' album,

Well I surfed off to it and had a look and pulled down the MP3 files that
constituted the site-owners vision of Smile. However, within a week or two
the website dissappeared into the ether. That was a shame as it was an
interesting site with great content on the why's and wherefore's of Smile.

I still check back on a monthly basis to see if it has reappeared somwhere -
no new seach engine entries and no other gen from the Brian Wilson Web-Ring.
Oh well..

For many months I planned to create CD covers and a booklet for this set,
having burnt the MP3's as an audio CD, and I have now completed this
project. I'm quite pleased with the results actually. I'm so pleased I've
upped the source files to an I-Drive for other's to use if they want. The
covers, booklet and CD Label are from files scrounged off the net and edited
together into a single package. A word of warning - all the CD Cover files
are in MS Word 97.

Here's an updated list of my I-Drive offerings:

Andy Partridge Music 365 Interview
Smile MP3's and CD Covers etc
Various XTC Radio Tour files

Enjoy folks !

Andrew Gowans


Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 21:19:10 -0500
From: "Kate Burda" <>
Subject: The REAL reasons XTC never made any money!
Message-ID: <004201c080f5$0c1c54a0$>

Hope this helps to explain why our boys are still starving artists.  The
writeup's somewhat long, but certainly an eye-opener to those of us not in
the biz!

As a grad student (getting my MBA) we are occasionally forced to read
business cases.  These are usually 10-20 page works (usually penned by ye
olde Harvard Business School) that focus upon a company, its history, its
current state, the industry & its condition, and the company's problem or
dilemma.  Only about half the time are they actually interesting & worth
describing to others.  So, you can imagine my surprise when last semester we
had to read one on the music industry and RCA in particular.  Written in
1999, it's still pretty descriptive of the music industry & perhaps a good
indicator of why record execs think dollars first when they sign artists.

The music industry is "in turmoil"
    Industry consolidation (including radio and retail), along with new
technologies, distribution channels, and fickle consumers has made the
industry very competitive and volatile.  US sales were expected to be only
2% growth though 2003 vs. 8% growth globally (trust me- 2% growth in any
industry ain't good!).  It's attributed to other forms of entertainment
becoming popular (i.e. computers) and the end of the LP replacement era.

    Deregulation in 1996 led to more radio formats, making it more difficult
for record companies to promote artists and attain a mass appeal cross-over
hit.  The consolidation of radio stations through debt-laden buyouts kept
parent companies in heavy debt; they stayed with the "sure-fire hits" in
order to maintain a listening audience and bring in the $.  The same
consolidation situation and poor financial status of retail outlets has led
to them accept only established artists.  This has forced up retail
promotion costs of new bands; the record companies now need to release more
new artists and are thus pushing the sales breakeven point even higher.  In
a nutshell, consolidation is making it harder and harder to break into the

"Traditional" recording agreements/contracts/$ issues
    Pre-recorded music is covered by two copyrights: the label holds the
copyright for the artist's recorded performance while the
songwriter/composer (usually represented by a music publisher) holds the
rights to the musical composition.  Only composers can collect royalties for
songs played in public or private spaces like bars, radio, etc.
    Standard advances today run from $250,000 for new artists to several
million for established ones.  This covers recording costs and is an advance
for royalties.  Only 20% of royalties are ever recouped by the record
labels- the rest is written off as a loss.
    In the early 1990's product commitments (# of albums to be delivered to
the record co.) were 10 albums but the number had dropped to 6-7 a decade
    Royalty rates were approx. 10% in the early 1990's (= about $1.20/album)
and significantly less for music club sales.
    Record labels do not own the rights to tours or merchandise- all
proceeds go to the artists and licensees.

With this setup, it's easy to see why XTC never made much money.  Taking an
easy example, let's say Virgin forwarded them $1.2 million to pay the
manager, record new albums, etc in the 1980's.  That means that XTC would
have to sell one million albums in order to just pay Virgin back and break
even.  With radio and stores not willing to support new/not-#1hit-song
bands, it became harder and harder to get their records stocked and played.
I'm sure a thorn in Virgin's side was the lack of touring.  Obviously XTC
would make the money from any tours, but tours promote album sales and
that's where Virgin could cash in.  Any company would want to attempt to
improve upon an 80% failure rate for recouping costs.

Of course, having a manager that takes your money doesn't help either...



Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 11:57:04 -0700
From: Angie Kelson-Packer/Shaun Packer <>
Subject: Apple Peelings
Message-ID: <>

Thanks for all the response on the Apple Venus question. Of course the
Botticelli "Birth of Venus" is the first reference. I was thinking
more along Harrison's thoughts of the apple and it's
mythological/religious meaning, and all the
romantic/sexual/female/fertility symbolism around this particular
fruit. I'm glad for the thoughts he shared here: Chalkhills 7-2
"Clouds of Gas Surrounding Uranus." Harrison's topic titles alone are
a gas : )

My favorite apple story, for now, occurs when the Jews were enslaved
by the Egyptians and the Egyptians were desperate to control the slave
birthrate. As part of their birth control measures, the Egyptians
arranged work schedules so that husbands and wives were kept apart as
much as possible, with extremely limited opportunities for intimacy.
When the wives realized what was going on, they began taking meals to
their husbands at their work site. When the husband was granted a
lunch break, the wife would take him into the nearby fields to feast
on "loaves and kisses." When God saw what the women were attempting to
do, He caused apple orchards to spring up around the fields, ensuring
privacy for the couples, and the continuation of the people. This
lovely and tragic story adds to the symbolic apple in all
romantic/sexual/female/fertility images, with the addition of the
Judeo-Christian Divine. Of course, I've no idea if AP intentionally
uses the apple as symbol, and I don't presume to know his intent. In
case you haven't noticed, I tend to overanalyze = )and observations on
meaning are simply my own. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, unless
you're Monica Lewinsky.

Topics for further discussion ; )
Oranges and Lemons: A stand against scurvy
Gardens and Flowers, from Raspberries to Daisies: The secret botanist
Horse, Bike, Bus, Balloon:Alternative transportation/alternative
Books are Burning: A foretelling of the Bush Administration II, and
energy 	issues in the US.
To be equally unfair: Pink Thing: Why can't Al Gore keep his hands
off Tipper?
Make your own GreenMan/Ralph Nader observations.
Biblical Imagery: Scripture Chase between the Pope, Billy Graham, and
Andy Partridge to crown the new Prince of Biblical Scholarship.
(Scripture chase is a game where participants are given a particular
scripture, and the winner is the first to find the exact chapter and
verse in their Bible. Don't know how common this game is outside of
Utah or the Bible Belt.)

Okay, now that I've probably thoroughly insulted a number of people,
including horticulturists and hot air balloon enthusiasts, I'm going
to hide under my bed. Maybe even take a nap. = )

Everyone, have a great day!


Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 20:20:57 -0500
From: "squirrelgirl" <>
Subject: Gilmore Girls
Message-ID: <000301c081b6$3b918f40$c147c0cf@meredith-s>

Oh, yeah!

Another XTC appearance in this great TV show - the opening segment included
about 30 seconds of "Earn Enough for Us".

Too cool.



Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 19:36:11 -0500
From: "Benjamin A. Gott" <>
Subject: Robbie Williams?
Message-ID: <>


I just did a Napster search for "XTC" and "rare" and came up with a Robbie
Williams cover of "Making Plans for Nigel."  It's actually pretty good!

Who woulda thunk it?



Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 10:40:30 EST
Subject: Response to Patrick's Message
Message-ID: <>

XTC fans put up with so much garbage and hype over so much of the sh_t that
is out there.  WE'VE EARNED a place for positive thinking and intricate
listenings of an art and of artists such as Andy and Colin.  It's very true
that a "bad" XTC song is another band's gem.  Enough said.  If you want to
criticize or participate in CNN or any other current "news"
broadcast - that's today's focus of the media...bring in idiots from both
sides and watch'em go at bores me.  Watch MTV, the Corporation
running the music industry and unlike in history, MTV now has the music
makers vying for MTV spots and the mansion in Beverly Hills.  The exec's
strategically stay out of sight making millions $$$ while the "musicians"
create songs and videos and make appearances for sad...a new
anti-MTV punk music/message rebellion is needed...anyone out there with balls
anymore?  Where is an anti-MTV song??  I'm too old, the youth would never
accept me.
Hey Patrick.........Bye Bye!



Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 03:19:44 -0500
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Subject: Oil of Aphrodite
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Antibozo

The lovely lady's name, my dear Sherwood, is Aphrodite. "Aphros", by the
way, means "foam".

Incidentally, Thomas Bulfinch (pshaw!) is not at all revered among
classicists; reviled is more like it. He fails to document the varied
origins of the myths he strings together, so you can't tell when he blends
stories from authors millennia apart. He quotes heavily from romantic
retellings by Byron, Milton, et al., instead of going directly to Homer &
Hesiod & the Homeric hymns.  Bulfinch also has the bizarre habit of
leaving out important creation myths such as the castration of Ouranos
(too icky, I guess), and going on in great detail about minor bits such as
"Pyramus & Thisbe". He makes foolish blunders, e.g. claiming "Cronus"
means "time". (That would be "chronos", an altogether different word.) He
has his place in history for providing a somewhat revisionist background
for folks to understand a fair body of music & literature, but for my
money Homer & Hesiod are much more interesting, and far better writers.

A good, all-around, trustworthy reference for Greek myth and legend is
Morford & Lenardon's "Classical Mythology", published by Longman.

Regarding the birth of Aphrodite (Venus -- pshaw!) Hesiod writes that when
the Titan Cronus, last-born son of Ouranos (Heaven) and Ge (Earth)
severed, at Ge's urging, the genitals of his father, throwing them to the

"Earth received all the bloody drops that fell and in the course of the
seasons bore the strong Erinyes [Furies] and the mighty giants (shining in
their armor and carrying long spears in their hands) and nymphs of ash
trees (called Meliae on the wide earth). And when first he had cut off the
genitals with the adamant and cast them from the land on the swelling sea,
they were carried for a long time on the deep. And white foam arose about
from the immortal flesh and in it a maiden grew. First she was brought to
holy Cythera, and then from there she came to sea-girt Cyprus. And she
emerged a dread and beautiful goddess and grass rose under her slender

Note that the Furies arose from the same act that engendered Aphrodite --
there's a kind of balance in this. The Furies are responsible for
punishing those who escape justice, and, according to Aeschylus, they
hassle Orestes rather vehemently for killing his mother, Clytemnestra, in
revenge for her assassination of his father Agamemnon upon his return from
the Trojan "conflict".

Speaking of which, the "To the fairest" apple story: it does not come from
the Iliad at all. Morford & Lenardon make the following interesting
comment about it:

"It was worth noting, however, that Homer never mentions this story;
according to him Paris once insulted Hera and Athena when they visited
him, but praised Aphrodite, who gave him the power to attract women
irresistibly. This legend is certainly older than the more famous
judgment, and closer to genuine myth in that the two insulted goddesses
are more imperious in their behavior, while their hostility to Troy is the
result of a positive act on the part of Paris; such anger is more in
keeping with the ancient gods of mythology than is the more literary
anthropomorphism of the judgment story. But it is the latter that has
dominated the tradition and fascinated an endless line of poets and

So next time that fidgety, prudish Bulfinch fellow comes sidling over to
you, my dear, dear Harrison, you just ask him: "Who you jivin' with that
cosmik debris? Now, is that a real poncho? I mean, is that a Mexican
poncho or is that a Sears poncho?" And have a happy new millennium,
dammit. Where the hell is Dom? What the hell is going on?

Jefferson "Dust of the Grand Wazoo" Ogata


Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 17:42:12 -0700
From: "Steve Johnson" <>
Subject: Slice of Life
Message-ID: <>

I have read (with much interest) other Chalkers' posts about their kids,
so I felt compelled to share one of my own.

Some time ago, when my thirteen-year-old was about two, he was wandering
around the house in his diaper, and out of the blue, he blurts out in
pefect pitch: "...and I've got one, two, three, four, five...senses
working overtime!"

It was the most amazing revelation to me...two generations of XTC fans
under one roof!

Now he has moved on to other interests (girls, Creed, soccer, girls, Blink
182, basketball, girls...), and I still hum along happily to the old and
the new, wondering: Will the grandkids sing, " spun me 'round
and knocked me off my axis mundi...?"

[Thank you for listening...and now back to your regularly scheduled
network de-programming.]

P.S.--Thank you, John Relph, for helping me find Creme & Godley's "L" on
compact disc--it just so happened that the company you steered me toward
was in the process of releasing it as we e-mailed!  Soon I will bask in
the strains of "Sandwiches of You" once again!


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 20:13:40 -0000
From: "Adrian Ransome" <>
Subject: warm snickers (was hot topic)
Message-ID: <000801c083e6$b52e48c0$ed9b7ed4@atidy>

Being as things are a little quiet on the 'hill and we have so many educated
and enlightened people within our midst, I thought I might start a new topic
for discussion. Something for the experts of Theology, Philosophy, History,
The Arts and all manner of Sciences to debate and ponder in the ensuing

If the members of XTC had a fistfight, who would win and why?


p.s. ;)


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 12:27:31 -0800
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: LA News bit
Message-ID: <000001c083e8$98f1ab00$d6cdb23f@default>

from today's (Jan 21) LA Times:

XTC's Andy Partridge, having been sent CDs of the band the Apples in Stereo
by singer (and XTC fan) Robert Schneider, liked what he heard so much that
he called Schneider, and now the two are co-writing songs for a Schneider
solo album, due in the spring. Meanwhile, Partridge and partner Colin
Moulding plan to spend this year writing songs for a 2002 XTC album.


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 15:51:09 EST
Subject: Deadline for 2001 XTC Survey! FEB 2, 2001
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkers!

Entries have been pouring in!  I'm going to set the deadline for entry in the
2001 XTC Survey at Friday, February 2nd 2001.  If you havn't participated,
hurry on over to  and enter your choices.
You can also find a link to the survey on Chalkhills.  I will be announcing
the date that the results will be made available soon!


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