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                  Monday, 26 March 2001


                       rutles story
                       XTC on vinyl
      Re: I'm Just A Laughing, Giggling, Whirlybird
      Re: I'm Just A Laughing, Giggling, Whirlybird
                      Andy's WEAPON!
         Quotes, pouches and the Idle rich . . .
             All Your Base Are Belong To Us!
Homegrown UK release date, tracklisting, official XTC website launch
                    Tradurre tradire!
                     Re: "homegrown"
                       Re: Madness
               What's inside Colin's pouch?
                   mighty macca mucker
                       Macca 'Roons
 The original influence on Andy-OR-how the beat went on!
             They call the wind Steven Tyler
        drums, wires, songs, albums, and feedback
          River of Orchids - I Just Don't Get It
                     Transister Blast
                  Re: Macca's Solo Stuff
                   Re: Lyrics to Mates
                       Knuckle Down
                    sundries cauldron
             River of Orchids/Church of Women
                    Homegrown source?
                Very Kinky, I mean Kinksy


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Sat on their couches / With loose change in their pouches.


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 08:48:52 -0000
From: "pop boy" <>
Subject: battleground
Message-ID: <>

Lovely me stated...

'If even the worse tracks that xtc have made are better than any song any
other band have ever made, as is often tediously commented upon in this
list.....' etc etc etc

Mr Evil Strijbos replied...'what do you mean, "worse tracks" ??? Go wash
your mouth with carbolic soap and shut your ff-ing pie trap'

Well Boo to you sir.

Smartest Monkeys v's God Only Knows.........hmmm. Toughie. A close call
there. I cant decide.



Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 09:58:59 -0000
From: "Chris Browning" <>
Subject: rutles story
Message-ID: <004601c0b381$0306bc20$>


i'm also on the neil innes list and this has been causing quite some
controversy. seems quite a lot of it was basically misquoted or made up a

according to the people in charge of the innes list, not only has the writer
never admited who she is, but most of her sources go unattributed, and other
facts are those that the writer has admitted she kind of "guessed at" so as
to "meet a deadline"

basically take with a sizeable pinch of salt

chris - dead chuffed cos he's seeing mr innes in the flesh next saturday!

> Found a link to this - suppose that the Chalkers might share an
> interest in it -
> it's worth a read, but it's quite...
> I had heard the story, but not in so much detail, and I'm actually
> quite cross now.


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 11:47:06 +0100
From: "Clinton, Martin" <>
Subject: Re-issues
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know what the track listings for the XTC re-issues will be, and
any news on the packaging? is now showing ALL the Japanese
re-issues up for grabs at #10.99 (pretty good for a Japanese import), so I'm
quite tempted by the promise of better packaging....but if anyone knows that
the UK releases will be as good or better than the Japanese versions, I'd be
interested to hear.
All the best


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 06:40:28 EST
Subject: XTC on vinyl
Message-ID: <>

Hi all:

I got an e-mail from this morning saying they just
got a large collection of '80s vinyl and CDs, including XTC. I haven't
checked it out, but I have done business with them before, and they're swell.



Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 07:48:04 -0500
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: I'm Just A Laughing, Giggling, Whirlybird
Message-ID: <003f01c0b397$a70c2b00$0658fc3f@Brian>


>Brian Matthews repeated:

>> And everyone is an atheist <<

>I do wish that you'd pack it in with this conceit. An atheist is someone
>who doesn't believe in any god or gods, not someone who doesn't believe in
>a particular god (there are plenty of words in the English language for
>that situation, many of them acquired from other languages, funnily

I think you should ask someone who's god you don't believe in for THEIR
response to that statement.

>Of course, this may be one of those transatlantic language
>differences at work, but I can't find a dictionary that doesn't define it
>that way.

I thought John told us to knock this thread off.

I have... won't you?

-Brian Matthews


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 09:03:38 -0500
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: I'm Just A Laughing, Giggling, Whirlybird
Message-ID: <000d01c0b3a2$10befdc0$2158fc3f@Brian>


>> it may be that Chalkhills Nation's FAVORITE band is the Beatles, followed
by XTC <<

>Indeed it may, but you can certainly count me out from that emotion. I
wouldn't put The Beatles in my top twenty, nor possibly top fifty, artists
>and I would take XTC over them any day.

I won't argue this point, since it's all too subjective (and I'm not the
biggest Beatles fan, either), but I somehow doubt that without the Beatles'
influence there wouldn't be the XTC we know today, if at all (a point that
has little - if any - subjectivity, IMHO).

-Brian Matthews


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 08:11:36 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <>
Subject: Andy's WEAPON!
Message-ID: <>

Hello lovelies!

In C-hills #7-20, Steve Pitts said:

"XTC are the only artists in the whole of my record collection,
with a canon of any size,..."

Made me wonder how he knows how large Andy's canon is?

Blushing in Austin!
Steve Oleson


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:18:23 -0000
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: Quotes, pouches and the Idle rich . . .
Message-ID: <>

Hi all, I just couldn't resist . . .

Maurizio, your wish for translations - phew. Here's the view
from a South London Brit:
> "The cheeky builder
> Calling with his quote

Over here (and I'm sure elsewhere in the world) housebuilders
have a (sometimes-deserved, often not) reputation for being rather
rougue-ish characters.

First, there is a popular conception that a quote of costs for
a job will have no relationship whatsoever with the final price
of the work - or the quality. Usually the price goes up as the
quality goes down.

Furthermore, certain professions such as builders, window-cleaners,
milkmen etc are the subject of the assumption that a "perk" of
their job is the ability to visit the housewife while the husband
is away at work - and all the "benefits" that could bring.

Hence the "cheeky" builder - who would spend more time flirting
(and more?) with the lady of the house than he would actually

All these misconceptions are fuelled by the "huomour" of the British
film scene of the 60s-70s, where genres such as the "Carry On" and
"Confessions of" films were very popular. Unfortunately.

> Or maybe a chippendale
> On girls night out
> Make mine the biggest pouch"

The Chippendales were a male dance troupe that emerged in the 80s
featuring extremely muscular and good looking young men (like me -
oh alright, NOT like me!) who would basically do a "high-class"
(ahem!) striptease show for all-female audiences. They inspired
a slew of rip-offs and imitations.

The "highlight" of the show would be the ceremonial ripping off
of their pants (shorts if you are American). The crowd of alcohol-
fulled "laydeez" would go wild in anticipation of a full-frontal
view. In fact, the rip-off would reveal a *tiny* "posing pouch"
thong, which covered their vital bits (but only just) thereby not
flouting decency laws.

Hence, "make mine the biggest pouch" is one of Colin's rare
nob-gags! If you don't know what I mean by "nob-gag" just
listen to "Pink Thing" :-)

Mark Strijbos informed us:

> The Wombles are back on the agenda this week with the news that
> they and their creator, Mike Batt, are backing the Conservatives to
> win the next election. Mr Batt, who admits he is a bit of a
> joke in the
> UK (sic ! - MS) but says he is taken seriously in the effervescent
> world of German pop music, has written a Tory theme tune to
> spearhead the Tory election effort.

In the words of Robin Williams: "Reality . . .what a concept!"

Amy said:

> Was that the Members? If so, I'd say their 15 minutes was the
> single "Working
> Girl," which got a lot of airplay on MTV in the early '80s.
> Great little tune.

So we've established that The Members had three hits - the above
two and "Sound of the Suburbs". Do we know what chart positions
they achieved?

I was just wondering whether they could be termed as more - or
less - successful than XTC in terms of chart placings.

Sorry, mischief is my middle name. Well, actually it's Leonard.


Steve Pitts said thus:
> Brian Matthews repeated:
> > And everyone is an atheist <
> I do wish that you'd pack it in with this conceit. An atheist is
> someone who doesn't believe in any god or gods, not someone who
> doesn't believe in a particular god (there are plenty of words in
> the English language for that situation, many of them acquired from
> other languages, funnily enough). Of course, this may be one of
> those transatlantic language differences at work, but I can't find a
> dictionary that doesn't define it that way.

Amen to that! Errrr . . .

John Peacock's link to The Rutles story, and subsequent comment:
> What a bastard.

I assume you mean Idle? Not sure I'd want to make that assumption
on what seems an incredibly one-sided account. It reads as if
it was written by Neil Innes' Mum! I'm sure if we heard the side
of Idle and his friends it would have a diametrically opposite view.
If he has any friends :-)

>From my sketchy recollections (that'll do as a disclaimer) Idle
has said on many occasions that most of the Pythons were never
really friends, just a working group - feelings that have been
echoed by most of them over the years. Also, while most of the
other Pythons did appear on certain productions like the "Secret
Policeman" series, it was VERY rare that they worked ensemble,
post-"The Meaning of Life".

Almost immediately after that, Idle said "that's it, that phase
of my life is over, I don't want to be defined by that for the
rest of my life". Could it be argued that he's the only one who's
stayed true to that statement in the face of the almighty dollar . . ?

Don't get me wrong - it's quite likely that 20 years of living in
Hollywoodland "developed" Idle's (already sizeable) sense of self-
regard into a huge ego-fest. He wouldn't be the first, he certainly
won't be the last - and let's face it, none of the Python team would
win any modesty competitions in the first place.

But in the end, I found the article grating. Starting as a precis
of The Rutles story - which interested me - it swiftly degenerated
into an open diatribe and character assassination of Idle - which was
boring well before chapter 10.

Which is a shame.


Rory responded to Deb re killer openers thus:
> However, on the greater debate, XTC seem to have experimented
> largely with two types of opening track: the "in yer face", noisy,
> ME ME ME type, as typified above, and also includes Respectable
> Street and Runaways (when those drums thump in is a sublime
> moment. See below part 2), or the Garden Of Eden types (Garden of
> Earthly Delights, River Of Orchids, Summer's Cauldron). As you can
> probably tell, I'm in the "Noisy" camp.

Or you could take the best of both worlds - Beating Of Hearts!

Noisily sublime . . . or sublimely noisy? Well, which is it?


And finally Esther . . .

Harrison Sherwood, you are a God (even if there is no God!).

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Smudge "Do YOU know what noise awakes you?" Boy

"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock."
Will Rogers


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 08:35:31 -0600
From: Jason Phelan <>
Subject: All Your Base Are Belong To Us!
Message-ID: <>

What You Say!

Homegrown available only as Import? Oh well. I guess I just have to save for
the Fuzzy Warbles set.

Anyone ever see Storefront Hitchcock. Is it good?

The Members - I will go back and try to look at them differently. Obviously
a lot of people think they were pretty cool. Insert smart-ass comment here.

And to the guy who talked about WASP STAR having all the different guitar
sounds and how nice it must be to own your own studio so you can take the
time to do that....well, you only have to spend a few hundred bucks on
something called THE POD...a big red bean looking thing that emulates
different amp sounds. Then you too can play like WASP STAR. That's what they

Move Zig for great Justice!

P.S. - I didn't mean to scare everyone saying, all your base - it's just
that someone set us up the bomb!


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:46:43 -0000
From: "andy miller" <>
Subject: Homegrown UK release date, tracklisting, official XTC website
Message-ID: <000801c0b3a8$163c44a0$5be6193e@pbncomputer>

Homegrown is released in the UK on May 7th, on Idea, via Vital distribution.

XTC launch their own website at the same time, at
(nothing there yet)

Track listing for Homegrown is as follows:

  1.. Playground
  2.. Stupidly Happy
  3.. In Another Life (excerpt of original demo)
  4.. In Another Life (Jug band version)
  5.. Some Lovely
  6.. Boarded Up
  7.. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (early other song cassette)
  8.. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Tamla demo excerpt)
  9.. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love
  10.. We're All Light (early cassette idea)
  11.. We're All Light
  12.. Standing In For Joe (Lounge version)
  13.. Standing In For Joe
  14.. Wounded Horse
  15.. You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful
  16.. Lie for a Lie (cassette demo)
  17.. Church Of Women
  18.. The Pot Won't Hold Our Love (early cassette idea)
  19.. Everything Decays (early cassette idea)
  20.. The Wheel and the Maypole

Infuriatingly, the Japanese version adds Didn't Hurt A Bit and Bumper Cars -
the only place you'll be able to find the latter (officially at least).

Incidentally, those of you slagging off Dying and Bungalow might like to
take a long hard look at The Smartest Monkeys and The World Is Full Of Angry
Young Men. The former are two of Colin's - nay, XTC's - finest songs. The
latter are crap. Hope this clears up any confusion.

All best


Currently listening: Nobody's Fool, Dan Penn


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 09:03:53 -0600
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: Tradurre tradire!
Message-ID: <011001c0b3aa$7b0f8200$>

re: Maurizio Villotta's translations

"Chippendales" are well-built, well-tones males dancers who perform in tiny
swimsuits or g-strings.  The "biggest pouch" would imply that the dancer is
also "well-endowed" though they tend to ...let's just say... "pump
themselves up" and then tie off their "package" with a nylon stocking to
keep it that way.

Mr. Villotta will suffer through a great many idioms, slang, double
entendres, colloquialisms and poetic license with his planned project all
the while overlooking an Italian saying, "Tradurre tradire" which roughly
translates to "To translate is to lie." or "To translate is to betray."

Some of the troubling words and concepts are elaborated upon in the
Chalkhills FAQ.

Good luck, Mr. Villotta!

Richard Pedretti-Allen

p.s. Peckham Rose is a brand of stick matches.


Date: 23 Mar 2001 10:53:00 -0500
From: Emerick Rogul <>
Subject: Re: "homegrown"
Message-ID: <>

Danny Phipps writes:

: hi all...
: according to the fine folks at, they're now
: taking pre-orders for the "homegrown" cd which they say is
: to be available on april 3rd!!  price -- $24.40 (import-only
: for us americanos)

: get those checkbooks out!!!!!

Does anyone know if "Homegrown" will eventually be a US/UK release
also, or is this going to be the only way to get it?  I'd like to
avoid paying an import price if it's going to be released domestically

Emerick Rogul             /\/     "how young are you, how old am i?         /\/      let's count the rings around my eyes."
 ------------------------------------------------- 'i will dare', the mats


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 11:21:18 -0500
From: sjacobs <>
Subject: Re: Madness
Message-ID: <>

on 3/23/01 1:19 AM, someone I'm too lazy to determine wrote:

> Have to agree with Chris on this tho - if you possibly can, get the first

O.K. not wanting to drag the whole Zappa thing out anymore but if we all
remember the original question...David asked for the "most accessible
introduction to Zappa's music ".
How can anyone possibly recommend the first three albums to start with ?
It's sheer madness I tell you!  It would be like recommending "White Music"
or "GO2" to an XTC newcomer?

David,  if you are still listening here,  PLEASE just go and buy "Overnight
Sensation"....just trust me here, you can't go wrong (if you like it, then
get Apostrophe).

The early era albums really need to be acclimatized to .  I have been a
Zappa fan for eighteen years, and I still can't stomach the really early
stuff, and believe me I AM working on it! And anyway, is there really any
prolific artist whose entire output of work appeals hands down across the

I would love to hear the views of other people regarding how they persevered
with some of their favorite bands.  There must be many (like myself) who
made the decision to "get into" a band or genre, simply on the basis of
reading or hearing so much positive feedback.

Finally here is a scary thought.  I recently heard a music industry
statistic, that 85% of people stop experimenting with COMPLETELY NEW music
genres, after the age of 35 . (Note:  the words "completely new" are key to
this point).

Now just like you, I thought this was a crock of shite.....but think about

By experimenting with new music, we often feel that we are breaking new
musical ground. In reality these "new discoveries" are invariably connected
to our earlier musical tastes....

Now it maybe an obscure connection, it may even be a sub conscious
connection, but it is there anyhow.  I am not saying that we listen to the
same music as we did as teenagers, but the style we most enjoy NOW is
somehow related to our early musical tastes.

We can all be passionate about an artists work from a new genre.  For
example, I love Pat Metheny but most other jazz leaves me cold.  So I end up
looking for artists related to Pat's work and style and label. For most of
us it is all about connections and related links.

How many experiments with brand new genres,  will have the same longevity
and profound effect on our lives/musical tastes, as those that we first

Well being thirty six now, I suppose that reduces my chance ever owning a
huge collection of minimalist avant-garde compositions, or indeed the
definitive Goa trance collection.  I may want to buy one or two examples but
will I still be listening to them in thirty years time?


"flippin 'eck tucker....." : Pogo Patterson


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 12:02:44 -0500 (EST)
From: frippy <>
Subject: What's inside Colin's pouch?
Message-ID: <>

Maurizio Villotta said:

> I'm translating all XTC lyrics in Italian, and as you can imagine it's
> not an easy task. Even if you don't consider puns and the like, they're
> full of references to English everyday life, and sometimes I just can't
> understand what they mean. An example is this part of In Another Life:

> "The cheeky builder
> Calling with his quote
> Or maybe a chippendale
> On girls night out
> Make mine the biggest pouch"

> If somebody could explain what this means, I'd be very grateful.

Oh my!  I've seen Cure lyrics translated into Italian and I used to spend
idle time in high school trying to translate They Might Be Giants into
French, but this is interesting.

I can explain the Chippendale part, Maurizio, some women like to get
together in big gangs, every so often, to get away from husbands,
boyfriends, kids and they go to watch Chippendale's dancers.  They're male
strippers, muscular and usually with hairdos that make you think of 1986
John Taylor and I don't think they take all their clothes off, but they do
wear leather pouches to cover their, uh, "brown guitars."  And sometimes
these women stuff money into the men's pouches, usually after a few too
many banana daquiris.  And usually the man with the biggest bulge in his
pouch gets the most attention... so I guess Colin wants to be that big,
beefy hunk to his lady.

Hope that helps?

- Jessica


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:05:57 -0000
Subject: mighty macca mucker
Message-ID: <>

In relation to the macca solo debate, i have to say i'm definatley in
his camp. yes his albums are patchy and some songs are extremly cringe
worthy, but take 3 or 4 songs from all his post beatles stuff and you
have a truly awesome collection of material,

This i fear cannot be said for Lennon, in my opinion if you get
imagine and walls and bridges, and greatest hits you have the
essential lennon solo.

Favourite macca LP is definately "back to the egg" which is a very (by
himself as well) underrated masterpiece with some of the best rock
singing he ever did. Anyone who has seen wings over america will have
been knocked out by the amazing power to his voice that never seems to
be acknowleged and also his ability to play very difficult bass lines
whilst singing and waving to the fans effortlessly, and boy what a
show! how I wish I had been 10 years older to catch it! Same oviously
goes for xtc!


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 10:24:04 -0700
Subject: Macca 'Roons
Message-ID: <>

With all due respect to John Lennon, I don't understand why Paul McCartney
gets such a bad rap as a solo artist compared to John. It's not like Paul
did a 180 post-Beatles and suddenly became a fluffy popster all of a
sudden. "McCartney," his first solo record is spotty, but has definite funk
factor. It's dated, but very personal. "Ram" might as well be a Beatles
album, with only Paul songs. I listen to that record to this day. And while
Wings will always suffer in comparison to the Beatles, they actually made
hit records (something that mostly eluded the other Fabs), of which "Venus
and Mars,"  "Band on the Run," and "Wings Over America" are actually pretty
damn good. Forgive me for actually saying that Yoko's contributions tend to
minimize my enthusiasm for most of John's recorded solo output. "Double
Fantasy" will always be half a fantasy short as far as I'm concerned.

XTC content? If our beloved Swindonians are, as some claim, following in
the Fab footsteps, aren't they working in the shadow of Paul as much or
more than in the shadow of John? Don't they owe every bit as much to Paul's
sweetly sophisticated pop as they do to John's wit and wisdom? Do they not
"Penny Lane" more than they "I am the Walrus?" If there's any place where
Paul should get the credit he deserves, it's on this list.

"'I exist !' I cried.
'That,' replied the universe,
does not fill me
with a sense of obligation.'"


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 11:44:53 -0600 (CST)
From: Brown <>
Subject: The original influence on Andy-OR-how the beat went on!
Message-ID: <>

>From Michael(not *that* Michael) Myers:
<<All of a sudden it hit me;  Andy has used the
same themes that Sonny used back in 1965-66!  The heartless rip-off artist!>>

(hand slaps forehead) ..I don't know how I could have missed the
Bono-Partridge connection!

Andy, you bloody hack.. you have been defrocked, sir!.. I suggest that you
pawn all of your equipment IMMEDIATELY, and take to selling bibles door to
door.. can't you just see our dear boy?.. cheerfully whistling 'I'd Like
That' as he shuffles down the streets of Swindon's neighborhoods.. Mr. P.,
clad in a rumpled pin-striped suit with trousers ending just above his
ankles, exposing his saggy black socks... oh, and let's not forget the badly
scuffed satchel with the broken handle that's been wrapped with electrical
tape, the red and white polka-dot bow tie, and the tattered straw hat!
YOWZA! Praise the Lord!!!..

.."The name's Partridge, ma'am.. Andrew John Partridge! I represent the
'Closer To Thee' Bible Company.. My word! but that *is* a fetching frock
you're wearing today.. I'll just *bet* you're the shiny red apple of your
Mister's eye, you are!.. Indeed if I may have a moment of your time, good
lady, I'd like to show you this lovely leather bound edition of the King
James bible.. and with your order you will receive a box of Kempwrights
biscuits absolutely free of charge!..."  Absurd!

Thanks for the spontaneous nasal lavage, Mike.. Boy-howdy! was that coffee
ever hot!!!

Nice to see you back, Steve O...

As much as I enjoy the finished product that is Gold, the home demo version
has a loose, demented charm all its own, don't ya think?

The missing track from the Dan's Pretzel Logic:
The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men

Shocked AND amazed,

Debora Brown


Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 12:05:05 -0600 (CST)
From: Brown <>
Subject: They call the wind Steven Tyler
Message-ID: <>

Donning his molding Peter pumpkin suit, Mr. Rory 'of the noisy camp' Wilsher
wondered aloud:
<<how DO you have an apathetic revenge? >>

..Rory, please note the second wind success of aging rockers, Aerosmith..
No, wait! That would be a *pathetic* revenge..

..or perhaps it's just breaking wind successfully..  yeah, that's it.

Sorry, I'm working with solvents again :)



Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 10:58:56 -1000
From: "Jim Smart" <>
Subject: drums, wires, songs, albums, and feedback
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Kamehameha Schools

OK, not much XTC content here, but I really respect XTC fans and want
to hear from them.

I am the songwriter for a band called 3Tripper. I've been working on
my latest group of songs, and I've developed a way to let people share
in the process if they want to. It's a lot of songs. I'm still
deciding how to record them, and which ones to leave out, or change,
or whatever. Please feel free to say what you like or don't like. It's
impressions I'm interested in.

You can check out how my new songs sound at:

There's also some polls you can fill out about songs, anonymously if
you want. You can even pick the album title, or suggest one, or

It may take another day for to approve the songs I just
uploaded. If there aren't 14 or 15 songs on there, you should check
back in a day or so.

Thanks! I really appreciate this! Now back to your regularly scheduled




Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 13:33:24 -0800 (PST)
From: ben woll <>
Subject: River of Orchids - I Just Don't Get It
Message-ID: <>

Debora has taken me to task for leaving River of
Orchids off my ideal version of the Apple Venus/Wasp
Star combination, and, well, I guess I like parts of
the song but it just doesn't click with me.

Near as I can tell, it is the repetiveness of the
instrumentation and the lack of a distinct vocal
melody sitting on top of the music that makes it a
song that could have been cool, but falls short of the
mark.  I would be curious to hear from the peanut
gallery that loves this tune why you think it is so
great.  I want to have my mind changed, just having
trouble winding my way over that hump.

How is Homegrown?  Better than Homespun?

After several listens, I have to say that I believe
the Badly Drawn Boy CD is an overrated piece of tripe.
 But is is not nearly as bad as the new Semisonic
record.  Ugh.  Where are the damn Replacements when
you need them?



Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 22:30:29 -0000
From: "Pledge" <>
Subject: Transister Blast
Message-ID: <001601c0b3e8$de092620$846b073e@oemcomputer>

Dewi said:

I don't think I can go over 2 months without hearing any new XTC so I
 was going to get the Transistor Blast box set, but Amazon don't seem
 to have it.  I've also had trouble elsewhere.  Has it been deleted in
 the UK  already, or am I just not looking in the right places?

 Any suggestions, insults, recipes?


Well I saw Transistor Blast in a Virg*n Megastore only two weeks ago. If you
can get to one, you won't find Transistor Blast under XTC, but they have it
under box sets. Being a bloody big multiple store, you'll have to check
every copy on every shelf to make sure you get the cheapest one as part of
the best deal. Allegedly.

Regarding your query re bonus tracks, I'm one of those who only got XTC
albums long after they were released on CD, so have no feel for many of the
'albums'. I've bought them on second hand vinyl now. All I need is a new
stylus so I can finally hear these albums as they were originally intended.
Only then will I be able to join in the many discussions about best/ worst
albums properly.


PS Can I add that I like The Disappointed and Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
and that I think that Nonsuch is perhaps a little long?


Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 13:32:09 -0800
From: "Drude" <>
Subject: Re: Macca's Solo Stuff
Message-ID: <000201c0b4a9$e20190c0$>

Well, I like McCartney, McCartney II, Ram, and Band on the Run.  Other than
that, just the odd song or two stands out.  He got overly sweet and poppy
after those albums.  NOTHING he did during the eighties was worth a second
listen, in my opinion...

Then again, other than Plastic Ono Band, most of Lennon's "serious" work
just didn't appeal to me.

Always believed that Paul needed John's influence to reign in his incredibly
saccharine leanings, while John needed Paul's superior song-writing skills
to lift John's songs out of their MUSICAL simplicity.

Neither matched the brilliance of the Beatles.

Hmmm... maybe Andy and Colin NEEDED Dave's influence in the same way.  Come
back, Dave.  I need to hear that OLD XTC sound...

The Drude


Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 13:48:30 -0800
From: "Drude" <>
Subject: Re: Lyrics to Mates
Message-ID: <000901c0b4ac$2a696a20$>


Not Napster!!!!  How about going out and BUYING a CD of XTCs B-sides and

I'm sure the lads would appreciate it?


Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 21:44:42 -0600
From: "GLEN GREEN" <>
Subject: Knuckle Down
Message-ID: <001001c0b4dd$efaf7780$a9ab560c@oemcomputer>

OK. OK  Sorry for coming out of the gate so fast, I must say that I have
recieved alot more response to my post than was expected, but thats great.
First I apologize to all the Zappa Fans,I like frank a bit myself just
thought another place another time.  Deb sorry for the green tights remark I
just did not know , I say wear 'em everyday!! I prefer going with the dukes
attire myself more free feeling and loose, also as long as I can hear xtc
everyday my day can't be ruined, especially now that the season cycle has
moved forward 1/4 of a cycle.  thanks also to to those responding off post
was nice to hear from ya,keep in touch. Thanks for the faculty support as
well.anyone know what terry hall is up to nowadays? River of Orchids should
stay right where it is, when I first heard the song I knew xtc was worth the
wait then I wanted to hear the next song then the next and so on. Then it
stopped so I played the album over again and again. Stupidly happy together.




Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 19:21:06 -0500
From: mitch friedman <>
Subject: sundries cauldron
Message-ID: <v03007802b6e43a1c7d9d@[]>


On the subject of Frank Zappa . . . about three months ago Andy
recommended "Uncle Meat" to me and said he hadn't heard it in about 20
years. I got myself a copy and he asked me to get one for him on cd since
he couldn't find it over in Swindon. We both received it the same day and
I have to say that I really love it. Andy described some of the music as
"the soundtrack to bicycling through Belgium in the 1950's". You know I
didn't come up with that one!

About Fuzzy Warbles . . . I've recently heard a bunch (like hours) more of
the cleaned up and remixed demos stuff and we are all in for a great treat
in about a year. Amongst the never before heard stuff were demos for "The
Man Who Sailed Around His Soul", "Ladybird", "Jump", and an electric
version of "Red Brick Dream". I also asked Andy if there would be any
demos of songs that no one has heard yet and he replied that he plans to
do new recordings of about 5 songs that he didn't have time to demo for
the Apple Venusians as well as one or two of the Bubblegum songs. He even
grabbed his acoustic guitar and performed "Jelly Baby" for me over the
phone. Very funny and Lemon Pipers-y.



Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 19:48:15 EST
Subject: River of Orchids/Church of Women
Message-ID: <>

as far as the debate, seems these 2 are lumped in the category together as a
love 'em or hate 'em.  But I find them both to be completely different in
many aspects.    Guess I'm prepared to state my opinion.

At first listen, I didn't enjoy River of Orchids from a pop standpoint.  It
may sound odd, but I look at music from a variety of standpoints.  Sometimes
I look at songs for their complexity and creativity.  Other times I look at
music for their pop sensibilities.  To put it this way, if I were playing XTC
material to someone for the first time, I would not play River of Orchids.  I
do enjoy the uniqueness of the track, the "cyclical composition", the odd
horns, it's brilliant.  But I find it a hard listen for the average music fan.

I feel completely different about Church of Women.  I enjoyed it in the demo
stage, but honestly, it is probably my favorite track on WS.  Can't say it's
the poppiest of tracks, or groundbreakingly creative, but would be 100% more
appealing to the average listener.  I have played this track to some younger
folk who are into the Limp Bizkit or even Backstreet Boyers of the day, and
not that I won any new XTC fans, but they were intrigued.  I feel it has the
capabilities of being a track that fits in with what's popular these days,
but with that XTC twist.  The acoustic guitar with the drum machine, and I
must confess my affinity for harmonies.  The end fade out is gorgeous.  I
feel this track pulls snippets of styles of what's popular now, and blends
them together like only XTC can.

I guess in closing, I like both tracks for completely different reasons.  My
question is, does everyone out there either love both or hate them?

Just my 2 cents.....



Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 19:58:08 -0600
From: "John Holcomb" <>
Subject: Homegrown source?
Message-ID: <003c01c0b598$3bccae20$>

Anyone found a retailer online that has "Homegrown" in stock yet?

John Holcomb


Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 11:09:10 -0600 (CST)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Very Kinky, I mean Kinksy
Message-ID: <>

Good morning/afternoon/evening, dear ones!

Even less on topic than most of my posts, but I know some of you will
appreciate this-

Saturday afternoon I flipped on the telly to see what doom and gloom awaited
me at CNN, when lo and behold!.. Ray Davies RIGHT THERE in front of God and
everyone at the WXSW conference 2001!  Sir Ray was looking rather
distinguished in that uniquely Brrrrrritish way -aka- fab!  Apparently he
charmed the snakeskin pants right off of the folks in attendance, at least
according to the Dallas Morning News.  Here is a excerpt from the article:

"Ray Davies could have easily played the cranky old rocker in his keynote
speech at the South by Southwest Music Conference on Thursday. Instead, the
frontman of the legendary Kinks surprised the Austin Convention Center crowd
with a refreshingly honest and frequently hilarious address."

The complete (much too short) article:
(You gotta love Ray's patented Jack'o'lantern grin!)

Link to SXSW site/lots of good schtuff!:

..And I can't believe that a whole year has gone by and NONE OF YOU bothered
to tell me that Ray wrote a book.. or perhaps you did tell me and I wasn't
listening, as usual:

Waterloo Sunset (a collection of short stories) by Ray Davies

A review of Ray's book:

--And she says to me:
"Arty farty, you'll never fool your Auntie
who knew you when you picked your nose and wet your pants"
How did she know that?--

I love you, Mr. Davies!

Debora Brown


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