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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #7-14

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 7, Number 14

                  Thursday, 8 March 2001


                  Presidents and Lemurs
              Urgh! A Music War On Sundance!
                  Re: Kiss my aura, Dora
                   K.C. Bowman, XTC fan
                      Odds and ends
                    Dave Gregory/Patto
        You cannot petition the Lord with prayer!
                  126 film- XTC related!
                  yet another rook post
            Appy Polly Logies My Sainted Aunt
                  Don't Mess with Mummer
                         Re: Neil
                      Today's Facts
                      This is a 'low
                        Re: VENGE
      Re the death of Blind Joe, an alternate tuner
                  re: kiss my aura, Dora
                   Semi-funny WS story
                    The Ideal Nonsuch
                  Life begins at the hop
                RE: The Big Express Sucks!
                    i ain't ashamed...
                      Mystery Video


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Overall my fears swim hammer headed sharks.


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 16:52:03 -0800
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Presidents and Lemurs
Message-ID: <>

Can't you just picture W with a ring-tail bouncing through the jungle?

Seriously, though, In 7-7, Nicole said:
		If Andy were(was? oh ye gads) being general, then he was
mocking American Democracy and those who partake in it, right? So then...
the insult goes to me... a happy little American who votes and votes happily
and who really does think democracy is wonderful. It is.

Well, no, actually I meant even more general than that. "American" democracy
was the "specific" which I assumed offended you (and others); it never even
occurred to me to think that the offense was taken due to a perceived attack
upon an individual such as Reagan or Bush Sr. When I said "more general" I
meant *Western* democracy at the *most* specific end of the scale, but
tending towards a critique of the whole "style" of modern politics, and the
basic "business as usual" attitude of the powerful when making decisions
that affect (and sometimes kill) the powerless. The fact that the deaths
caused are not malicious personal murders but the results of impersonal
"policy decisions" just makes them more tragic and wasteful, which I think
brings us closer to what I think this song is really about (IMO, obviously).
The "Pure White House to Number 10" line that Michael Versaci quoted in 9-9
is another point, especially if that's taken to mean "America to Britain,
and their allies between them" (not literally, as obviously the only thing
physically between the US and UK is an ocean, but hopefully you know what I
mean...). And I think that the references to "Queen Caring" and "King
Conscience" are not so much endorsements of monarchy as they are metaphors
for that nonexistent past which is always better than today (the reality of
whether the past was really better is irrelevant; it's strictly an artistic
device. I mean, songs are an expression of feeling, not research projects
requiring rigourous factual backing; it seems to me that taking an anti-war
song to task on the basis that war is sometimes necessary is akin to
criticising, say, "Sex Machine" on the basis that it's not practical for
people to continuously have sex 24 hours a day. Or, for a more on-topic
example, "Mayor of Simpleton" on the grounds that education is really a
pretty good thing, actually.)
(and, yes, I wrote the above well before this thread died out, sorry I've
been so slow with the posts, but well, I'm not the only lazy/busy/distracted
one, and that should be the last I have to say on this.)

Also way back in 7-7, Todd correctly identified the kids animal show with
the lemur puppet as "Zaboomafoo". (not a vitally important point, but
mentioning it justifies the title of this post). Sorry, Adrian (thought that
bear costume is damn cleverly constructed, with the neck and all).

Before I allow this post to grow out of control in my typical "leave it too
long and try to cover several digests worth of debate in one bloated post"
style, I'll say one last thing in defence of "Nonsuch" (and I know I've said
the occasional negative thing, particularly concerning the production, but I
do love it, after all):
When I first got the album, it took me a long time to get into both "That
Wave" and "Rook",  and I used to skip over them all the time. Over time,
though, they sunk in, and like all XTC "sinker-inners", once they sink in
they stick. Nowadays, "That Wave" practically makes my eyes roll back into
my head (in a good way), and the only circumstances under which I ever skip
Rook is if I'm already too depressed to handle it. And who said Rook has
"weak vocals"? The vocals are exactly right for the song IMO: mournful and
desolate without being overwrought or melodramatic, if that's how you
classify "weak" vs. "strong"; you'd prefer Eddie Vedder or something?
(Creak, creak, creak: that's the sound of Ed getting on one of his favourite
hobby horses)
Nonsuch is a great album to discover over time - it's like the castle on the
cover: if you don't get to all the nooks and crannies on your first tour,
they'll still be there and waiting for you whenever you're ready.
Always loved "Omnibus" though, and could easily argue for placing it at the
beginning if "alternate running order" debates were my thing...
And if "Wrapped in Grey" leaves you unaffected, you have a clay heart.

Still liking "Wasp Star", and still it appeals to tastes I've had forever,
so I still deny that it's just fanboyism...

You can also count me among the "Big Express" defenders,
Ed K.


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 22:11:17 EST
Subject: Urgh! A Music War On Sundance!
Message-ID: <>

What a treat it was today to see XTC performing "Respectable Street" on The
Sundance Film Cable Network. Is there more footage of that particular show
out there?

And XTC was followed by none other than Klaus Nomi. What a diverse film

Tim Longfellow
Typhoon Productions


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 22:18:31 EST
Subject: BTW
Message-ID: <>

Oh, Smudge Boy;
Washaway was not on the original vinyl of Big Express.   :)


Tom Seaver:
    "What time is it?"
Yogi Berra:
    "You mean now?"


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 22:19:06 -0500
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: Kiss my aura, Dora
Message-ID: <002401c0a6b5$5ee17860$ce0bffd1@Brian>

>>Subject: need 126 color cartridge film
>>Any leads would be great. My Kirlian camera runs on this film type

>Your WHAT??

That was my response.

>A) Just wondered how *exactly* this relates XTC?

And that's what I wondered, too...

>B) You can't be serious?

Oh, it wouldn't surprise me. There's an awful lot of uncritical thinking
going on in the world today.
Has anyone heard of infrared light? A nice warm, human body puts out a lot
of this. Gee, I wonder if this is what 'Kirlian photography' - if it
exists - is capturing. Hello!

>>it was discontinued

>(... presumably due to lack of demand in this quadrant of the galaxy)

My camera doesn't use it, and I've never run across anyone who has one who

>>and I'm looking for old stock (it must exist somewhere).

>Have you tried


-Brian Matthews
Yes, as much the skeptic as always.
XTC content: Think lyrics to 'Dear God'. 'Nuff said.


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 23:10:23 -0500
From: "Chris" <>
Subject: Dying
Message-ID: <000701c0a6bc$883040a0$>

I read in a certain book: Andy said that he had a moment where he thought he
was dying. And that was the impetus for writing "Rook".  Powerful Pluto shit
here. I know firsthand how he feels. But I have to admit-it makes for
creative fodder *chortle*

My own personal Rook resides here:

compudrivel powers the internet


Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 22:36:46 -0600
From: Steve Schiavo <>
Subject: K.C. Bowman, XTC fan
Message-ID: <>

> Subject: The (Chalk)Heads Are Alive...

> Our new additions include KC Bowman...

After you listen to Mr. Bowman's song at Chalkheads, do yourself a favor
and buy his album, FRESHER TIN VILLAGES.  You should be able to get it

- Steve


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 22:37:25 -0600
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: Odds and ends
Message-ID: <01bb01c0a6c0$4fac56c0$>

> to be more obnoxious than TROUT if that is humanly possible.

I thought PIKE were the obnoxious ones!

> been clunkers (sorry my Brit cousins ... I'm only second generation here but
> I DON'T get Bungalow), but the balance is always on the positive.

I'll state it again... I asked Andy which of Colin's songs he wished he had
written and without hesitation and plenty of elaboration he replied,

> Firstly, whomever said that Cooking Vinyl is not going to release
> "Fuzzy Warbles" is absolutely right.  It will be released by Idea
> Records and distributed by some other label who have already inked...

Right you are, MF!  XTC/Idea has dropped some distributors but not their
projects. The distributors will be replaced.

> Neil Young is famous for taking any and all he finds
> of his releases being offered in used record stores
> claiming they are his property not those of
> the original holder.

Neil reputation regarding the CD reclamation is in reference to PROMO CDs
issued (and technically owned) by the record company and labelled as such.
Neil takes offense at critics and DJs getting free copies of his CDs and
then selling them.  I understand his position.  I think Neil has written
some great songs and has done a lot of good things for charity (i.e., The
Bridge Concerts) but beyond that I think he's annoying, self-righteous,
looks like a caveman and sings like Alfalfa.

Richard "Yes, THAT Dolby" Pedretti-Allen


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 23:23:46 -0800
From: "Long's" <>
Subject: ENUFF!
Message-ID: <000701c0a6d7$8c26b3e0$>

Sylvan uttered:

"I'd have to put Wasp Star somewhere in the middle. As great as it is, it
just isn't _as_ great as the best of their work. I have, however,
reevaluated my position that it is inferior to Apple Venus, which I would
currently place just below it on my list."

AV1 inferior to Wasp Star?


when can you come out?  WHEN I SAY SO, THAT'S WHEN!

Ahhh...parenthood.  I just don't have the "pie trap" in me no more kidz.

I love you Sylvan.  I just don't love your behavior.

wes "now clean up the playroom" LONG


Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 23:43:34 -0800
From: "Long's" <>
Subject: Dave Gregory/Patto
Message-ID: <000f01c0a6da$50366f80$>

Thanks to all of you who hooked me with info on Ollie and Patto.  If you
don't know who you are then just look in the mirror and ask a lot of
questions.  Be prepared though, some of you will come across as true blue
assholes at first.  Just give yourselves a chance.  Once you know you I'm
sure you will love you as I do.

I talked with Dave and he suggests the following starting point for Patto:

"Yes, do yerself a favour and seek out "Sense Of The Absurd", Patto's first
2 Vertigo albums plus out-takes on a double CD. I last saw it about a year
ago, heavily discounted, so it may be out of print by now. Songs haven't
really travelled well from 1971, but there's bags of barmy guitar all over
it. And you'll immediately recognise that Princeton vibe, I'm sure."

This all started when I mentioned picking up a Fender Princeton Reverb amp.
How much you ask? FIFTY FREAKIN' BUCKS!  Of course I'm kinda bummed about it
though.  I thought it was new and it turns out that it's actually vintage.
WHY ME LORD, WHY ME? Two years older than me, yet somehow sexier. (as if
that's possible)




Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 09:42:40 +0100
From: Bergmaier Klaus <>
Subject: You cannot petition the Lord with prayer!
Message-ID: <41E0B760C85AD3119BE200E0291B6EE5089650@NTSRV>

Hello to you all!

I didn't post in quite a while, and I must admit that I haven't yet read all
the digests properly. But I promise to do so as soon as possible.

I do still like WS, maybe because I didn't listen to it that much (I got
4000 other CDs) and I am definitely looking forward to anything XTC, Idea
Records, Cooking Vinyl and Virgin will release. Please don't make us wait
too long.

David Lord is an excellent producer. He should have done more work for/with

It isn't very much XTC, but I'd like to put forth the news, that I am now
part of "The Doors Experience", a quite good Austrian project to commemorate
Jim Morrison's death 30 years ago.

Just have a look into which is still under construction. As
soon as I have my own leg of the homepage, there will be links to Chalkhills
and Beatown.

If anyone would like tu set up a concert with us, feel free to contact me.

My favourite band is still XTC



Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 03:43:18 -0500
From: "Roger Fuller" <>
Subject: 126 film- XTC related!
Message-ID: <002b01c0a6e2$a9859ea0$4b6dd63f@hp-customer>

>>From: Randy Hiatt
>>Subject: need 126 color cartridge film

>>Any leads would be great. My Kirlian camera runs on this film type

>Your WHAT??

Dunks, be nice. Unlax. Lay down, and take your pill. The guy was merely
trying to find like-minded people who might be able to help him.

>A) Just wondered how *exactly* this relates XTC?

Here's how: The Kirlian photographic system was used to make a photo of
somebody's hand for the back cover of King Crimson's live album "USA"
(GRRRRREAT album BTW- one of the few LPs from the 1970's I would still put
on the turntable, if I could get it to work..)

Robert Fripp, the founder of KC, later founded the League of Gentlemen. He
hired a keyboard player, Barry Andrews to play in it. (Am I getting warm

"For ten points, and the fabulous Sony entertainment centre, can you tell me
what famous pop combo Barry Andrews had been a member of before joining the
League of Gentlemen?" :^)

Also, I noted that some of the childhood pix on Dave Gregory's webpage are
in that square format that 126 used. If somebody knows Dave, he/she should
ask him whether his family used the boxy "Instamatic" cameras with these
drop-in cassettes in the 60s and 70s, as they were ubiquitous, and a photo
buff such as he might remember that- the drop-in cassette obviated the need
for spooling in film into the camera, and was considered a perfect, no think
family snaps format. 126 was the film I used in my first camera that I rec'd
at the age of 6, BTW.

>B) You can't be serious?

>>it was discontinued

I'd say he's quite serious- from 1963, until around 1997 (?),126 film was
only available in special, factory loaded cassettes. It is/was almost
impossible for the individual to make a cassette for it using film stock, as
the 126 cartridge was/is broken upon unloading it for development, so, no
recycling of film spools and cartridges/backing paper, unlike 120 or 35mm
film. And I don't ever remember empty new cassettes for 126 being sold in
photo supply shops. So, if one wants to use a camera or "imaging system"
(nouns as verbs.... aaargh...), in 126 format, one is now, shall we say, in
a bit of a pickle.

And I happen to have some unused 126 at home in the film phridge, in both
color print AND Kodachrome. Randy Hiatt, please contact me off-list, if you
are interested.

Roger Fuller

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or
numbered. My life is my own.


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 05:27:53 -0800 (PST)
From: nross <>
Subject: yet another rook post
Message-ID: <>

The Rook debate most likely is in its final stage... please bare with
one more post on it (or page down).

I bought nonsuch because I had read the lyrics on the Chalkhills page
and thought it was a beautiful song. Obviously, I side with the view
that the lyrics are more than typically sound. However, when I listened
to the song, it quickly became my least favorite on the album. This
annoys me further, because the words are so great.

I suppose I can't appreciate the meloncholy drowning drugging sound of
it. It goes on and on with little to it that interests my ears... and
so I end up "forgetting" the beauty of the lyrics. I feel the desire to
"fix" the song, but I'm not a musician and haven't a clue what to do to
it to make it sound the way I think it should. If I were a musician, I
would do a cover of it... work day and night until I could get the
music to match with the beautiful words . Unfortunatly, there isn't a
sound that pops in my head when I read the words.



Nicole's internet music station:


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 08:02:45 -0600
From: Jason Phelan <>
Subject: Appy Polly Logies My Sainted Aunt
Message-ID: <>

California tumbles into the sea....that'll be the day I apologize publically

An Edict issued by,


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 08:58:17 -0500
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Don't Mess with Mummer
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


Ye Olde Boye of Smudge wrote:
> Actually, it's a fascinating insight to see what lights
> other people's candles. I absolutely DETEST War Dance - the
> worst song either of the lads has ever come up with.

This is one of the most interesting thing about this list. About the
only thing we have in common is our regard for XTC, but we can't even
agree on songs and/or albums.

About Big Express:
> Errrr, that's the patchy one for me - great start, but some serious
> "tailing off" in my humble wotsitcalled. Train Running Low keeps me
> listening to the end, but "Washaway" - what's all that abaaaart?

B-side, mate. Never belonged on the album in the first place. That said,
I like the song -- Dave plays a great piano, and Pete Phipps comports
himself quite well, too.

And, about Mummer:
> Probably fair to say it divides opinion like no other XTC
> output. It seems to be the one people either love (Me, Deb
> Brown)or hate(everybody else). OK, I generalise, but Deb
> and I seem to do a lot of Mummer-defending on here.

Add me to that list! And I *like* "Procession Towards Learning Land,"
dammit! It's one more example of the incredible range of Andy Partridge.

> I think it's vastly under-rated. For me, it was the moment
> Andy (in particular) realised that he didn't have to be
> bound by the two guitars, bass'n'drums thang. The much-quoted
> "pastoral" sound had been hinted at in English Settlement, but
> for me, Mummer took it to a logical home.
> It's Skylarking's older brother - the two sound perfect back-to
> -back on a Summer's day.

Very nice description, although I always like to listen to Mummer and BE
back-to-back -- for me, they're the perfect juxtaposition of
rural/urban. If you're traveling to England and want a soundtrack for
that green and pleasant/dark and dusty land, you could do a lot worse.

Debutante Jeff Crawford said:
> However, I do agree that the likes of Mummer and The Big Express (both of
> which I'm quite fond of) are "transition" albums.

I'd disagree on that. IMO, they belong in their own period, one in which
XTC explores and helps define "progressive pop." Being a semi-reformed
prog-head, I think these albums and the direction in which they took the
band were very exciting. In a way, I was disappointed when the Dukes
grabbed XTC by the short hairs and didn't let go -- from Skylarking on,
they've worn their psychedelic influences prominently on their sleeves
(not that there's too much wrong with that) and shied away (kind of)
from their progressive/avant garde influences. (Did I mention that I
love "Procession"?) (And parenthetical statements?)

I think AV1 show the two paths slowly coming together, however, and IMO
that's all the more reason to be truly excited about Andy and Colin's
future efforts.

Oh, and welcome, Jeff.

>From Ms. Brown:
>I am troubled by the fact that I didn't put any gold into the lad's
>pockets. Will I go straight to hell when I die?.. or will I first have
>to endure a five hour lay-over at DFW airport?

Deb, don't worry about going to hell. Your small investment in
black-market XTC will surely pay off in future legit investments by your
bro ... right? If not, you might want to remind him how uncomfortable
family gatherings could get if he doesn't do the Right Thing...

And what's wrong with a DFW layover? Best people-watching experience I
ever had! Yee-haw-ha-ha...


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 09:30:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Harry Strole <>
Subject: Re: Neil
Message-ID: <382814097.983975429757.JavaMail.root@web431-wrb>

<Neil Young is also famous for being an a**hole, not that it's any relation
to the CD issue.>

Zoiks!  Well, he does include on his website a movie of him hassling a
record store clerk (who doesn't even recognize him from the record cover)for
selling a bootleg.  He also does, technically have the right to take any
promo copies he finds in used record stores.  As for being an a**hole that
is your opinion.  I think the guy is a great songwriter.

This probably what was mentioned about Wasp Star a couple of digests back.
When the barcode is punched it is done so the person receiving the promo
copy cannot return it to a store because the cash register will not read it.
However, used CD stores don't always comply with this.  I knew of certain
people within the record companies and radio stations that used to sell
their freebies to a used record store years ago and I am sure the practice

How much do record companies lose to used record stores who do this?  Who
knows, my guess is Virgin, for one company, more than made up for it by not
paying XTC.



Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 06:44:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Vernon Hickle <>
Subject: Today's Facts
Message-ID: <>

Nurses, Queens & Drones:

I have been lurking for almost 2 minutes.

Mummer & Big Express aren't "transitional."

It's the bloody Xtc's Nonsuch. Shutoop.

The majors should hire Andy to name their new acts.



Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 19:09:43 -0000
From: "Adrian Ransome" <>
Subject: This is a 'low
Message-ID: <000d01c0a73a$2c1e5120$8f9c7ed4@atidy>

Two people (Dan and Sylvan) have recently mentioned on this list how they
'get the humour' in Bungalow.
Can someone please enlighten me as to whereabouts this humour can be
For me, this is one of the saddest songs Xtc have ever done. You work hard
all your life, save your pennies and buy a seaside bungalow. That's it,
the pinnacle of your life, your ultimate goal - a bungalow. Nothing else,
just a bungalow. The bungalow in which you potter around the garden, do
the Daily Mail crossword, drink afternoon tea whilst watching Countdown
and where, eventually, yourself and your partner will run up the curtain
and join the choir invisible (probably whilst listening to Jimmy
Young). Where's the humour there? Someone please explain, as I feel like
I've had a sense of humour bypass.

Message to Debs and Smudgeboy - please add my name to the register of the
"Friends of Mummer Society". The only skipworthy songs on that album are
Toys and Desert Island on the bastard CD version. I enjoy Frost Circus and
Procession Towards Learning Land probably because they sat together on the
b-side of my Great Fire 12" single (where they made sense). Admittedly
they don't fit into the carrot crunching, ploughman's lunch, head stuck in
the threshing machine, pastoral vibe of the album, but it don't mean they
suck, boy.

On a tangent, I went to see Hannibal at the pictures the other day. Pah!
Talk about being nothing like the book. Where were all his elephants fer
gawds sake??

Adrian ("Mmmm... ploughman's lunch!")


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 14:34:24 -0500
From: "Benjamin A. Gott" <>
Subject: Favo(u)rites
Message-ID: <>

Hey, 'Hillers:

You know, I always yammer about how "English Settlement" is my favourite XTC
album, but I've never really considered what's #2 on my list.  Today, while
trying to find a CD to listen to (we've got our second snow day in a row!),
I realized that "Drums and Wires" falls squarely into the #2 slot.  Isn't
that...unusual?  Anyone have any ideas why, because I sure don't!  In any
case, I'm cranking "Drums and Wires" right now, and am so, so, so happy.

I assume that Virgin will be re-releasing the re-mastered XTC albums in
order, from "White Music" on, right?  Do we know how much of a lag there
will be in between releases?

Also, on a more personal note: there are 60-ish days until I become a
college graduate.  Doesn't that make some of you Chalkhillians, who have
known me since I was a junior in high school, feel old?  Yeah, I thought so.
Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you live in Hawaii, as I've just interviewed
for a job on Maui...If you do, could you write me off-list?  I'm a native
New Englander who's a little nervous about possibly making that 6,000 trek,
and I want to make sure that we could have a once-yearly Chalkhills
gathering, even if there are only two of us...

What do we think of the new Dave Matthews album?  Poppy, no?  I retract my
earlier statements that dumping Steve Lillywhite for Glen Ballard was a bad
thing (although I still think that Mr. Lillywhite needs to produce "Apple
Venus Volume 3," or whatever...)  I especially like the Peter Buck-ish
guitar on "Dreams of Our Fathers."

Onward and upward!



Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 15:12:30 -0500
From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: Re: VENGE
Message-ID: <>

"United States District Court, Northern District Of California"
<> wrote:

>In accordance with the Opinion of the United States Court of Appeals for the
>Ninth Circuit filed on February 12, 2001, it is this 5th day of March, 2001,
>HEREBY ORDERED that, during the pendency of this action and until final
>judgment is entered, defendant Napster, Inc. and its agents, servants,
>employees, representatives, subsidiaries, assigns and those acting in concert
>with them or at their direction (collectively, "Napster") are enjoined as

... and that would be my cue to GO FUCKING NUTS WITH HAPPINESS AS MY FAITH
U-S-A! U-S-A!

Duncan "U-S-A" Watt

ps yeah, yeah, too bad the EVIL FUCKING THIEVES THAT ARE/WERE NAPSTER had to
be brought down by a group of contemptible bastard RIAA greedheads... but
c'mon, they at least *pretend* to pay the artists, and they got one Dom of a
scare rammed up into them. Now comes the fun part...

email me:
surf me:


Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 12:17:42 -0800 (PST)
From: pancho artecona <>
Subject: Re the death of Blind Joe, an alternate tuner
Message-ID: <>

Exalted Master Vee,

regarding your recent post

 You! Sir! Have INFURIATED the...


    Your only chance at salvation is
   to immediately issue a complete and un-
   revocable public admission of your complete
   and total ignorance of all things Alien!

             Please! Sir!

Grouper the bottom feeder-ready to fight,  just send
me a bubble-gram and I shall appear in my finest
Warrior Finnery.  Grouper out!

John Fahey R.I.P.  Truly an american original.  I
remember reading an article about him a few years back
and he was living in a flop-house, had his guitar at a
pawn shop and eked out a living by buying cheap
classical lp's and reselling them.  He was bloated and
hardly recognizable from the halcyon days of Takoma
Records.  If you haven't heard, he died in the
operating table about a week ago  while undergoing
sextuple bypass surgery.

And I got the answer right but too late to win the
little book, thanks again annandalians.

Pancho XPRXTCFAN  (aka The Grouper)


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 12:33:09 -0800
From: Randy Hiatt <>
Subject: re: kiss my aura, Dora
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Duncan Kimball"
>Subject: Kiss my aura, Dora

>>From: Randy Hiatt
>>Subject: need 126 color cartridge film

>>Any leads would be great. My Kirlian camera runs on this film type

>Your WHAT??

>A) Just wondered how *exactly* this relates XTC?

>B) You can't be serious?

>>it was discontinued

>(... presumably due to lack of demand in this quadrant of the galaxy)

>>and I'm looking for old stock (it must exist >somewhere).

>Have you tried


>Oh man, that is SUCH a tempting feed line...

>>am bidding at eBay now for a few (2) rolls... wish me luck!

>I wish you a speedy recovery. Just keep taking the tablets, baby.

>Telepathically yours,

>Canyons-of-your-mind, NSW


Oh come on Dunks, I can't believe YOU don't see the connection(s)!  ...
and Thanks for the link, I knew there was someone out there with their
shit together.



Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 16:09:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Jessica Gluckman <>
Subject: Semi-funny WS story
Message-ID: <>

I haven't seen Wasp Star in any bargain bins here, but, one thing I did
see at the Wherehouse here in town was that the album was given its own
bin card, there was one marked "XTC" and the other was marked "XTC with
Wasp Star."  This was because one of the stickers on the shrink wrap read:
XTC + WASP STAR.  So rather than realizing the plus was just a graphic
device used to separate the artist and album name, somebody thought it was
some kind of joint project.



Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:28:36 -0800 (PST)
From: ben woll <>
Subject: The Ideal Nonsuch
Message-ID: <>

I think this is an interesting thread as I have often
thought Nonsuch had a lot of great tunes, but some
that do not quite measure up as well.  Here is my
ideal Nonsuch:

Dear Madam Barnum
Humble Daisy
My Bird Performs
Holly Up On Poppy
Then She Appeared
The Disappointed
That Wave
Wrapped in Gray

I also think Apple Venus and Wasp Star are amazing
records, but that it could have been their best, most
consistent record yet if compressed into one CD.

I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
Stupidly Happy
Standing In For Joe
I'd Like That
Frivolous Tonight
In Another Life
Your Dictionary
I Can't Own Her
Easter Theatre
We're All Light
The Wheel and The Maypole
Harvest Festival

I know I'll have ticked off the River of Orchids and
Church of Women fan clubs, but those two songs are
just don't do it for me.  Ditto for Books are Burning
on Nonsuch.  I think Andy's taste in his music (loving
Season Cycle, This World Over, Rook) is pretty good,
but Books are Burning is a bit too derivative and
preachy for me.  Yeah, I know I included Standing in
For Barrytown on the Wasp Venus record, but it is a
great piece of fluff.

Of course, I would have rerecorded The World Is Full
of Angry Young Men and put it on the Wasp Venus (or
Apple Star record too, so what do I know?)

On another note, some other records to check out:
Eels-Daisies of the Galaxy, Wild Colonials - This
Can't Be Life, and Deus - In a Bar, Under The Sea.


Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 10:19:48 +1030
From: "Van Abbe, Dominic" <>
Subject: Life begins at the hop
Message-ID: <>


I was perusing "Song Stories" for the umpteenth time last night, and found a
section which had hitherto escaped my attention.  Apparently XtC recorded a
version of "Life Begins At The Hop", with Cameron Allen in the producer's
chair, for a US single release.  However, it was shelved being deemed
largely similar to the Lillywhite version.

Can anyone shed any light as to whether this version has ever surfaced on
any of the myriad of XtC bootlegs and/or is it planned for inclusion on
either Warbles or Cupboards???



Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:52:09 -0800
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: RE: The Big Express Sucks!
Message-ID: <>

Well, no, actually I'm defending it, I just couldn't resist using the
"recommended" subject from the posting guidelines...

Anyway, in 7.13, Smudgeboy, in response to Sylvan's defence of BE, said:
		"Train Running Low keeps me listening to the end, but
"Washaway" - what's all that abaaaart?"

Well, besides the fact that "Washaway" is a bonus track, and you
disqualified a bonus track as a basis for criticism of "Mummer" earlier in
your post...
What's it about? It's about the piano going "doo-doo-da-doo-doo, da-doo-doo,
da-doo-doo", the bass going "doom-da-doom, da-doom-da-doom", the guitar
going "weeeeee-we-we-we-we-we", cabbage smells, drains, steam, noise, Mr.
Softee and a thousand hypothetical Yorkshire puddings, business as usual,
and a pile of other jump-cut shots from Colin's memories and imagination all
driven along relentlessly in a big glorious mess.
I love it. In fact, I'll risk the ridicule and declare unashamedly that of
all the albums which had the bonus tracks stuck into the middle of the CD
versions, "Washaway" is my favourite bonus track of them all, and that Big
Express is the one case where I don't find the insertion of the bonus tracks
to be obtrusive; all three in this case fit in quite well with the album and
its theme, with "Washaway" being my number 1 nominee for "bonus track that
should have been a part of the album proper to begin with (in which case I
wouldn't have been able to accuse you of "pot calling the kettle black"
behavior; also would have upped Colin's ratio on this one). I'll be buying
the reissue of BE for better sound, not because I'm sick of skipping the
And I'm always a sucker for songs based around a repetitive piano riff; see
the Stones' "We Love You", the Fabs "Hey Bulldog" etc. In fact, once I've
replaced my tape deck (which is taking me way too long) I'm planning to do a
mix tape made up entirely of such songs to be called "240 Fat Fingers",
assuming 12 tracks per side, number to be adjusted depending on how many
songs I can fit in...

Side Note: I guess I'm not going to be able to interest Dunks in buying
something from my new line of pyramid hats and orgone underwear...

Washing away every dirty stain I get,
Ed K.


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 20:01:30 -0500
From: Virginia Rosenberg <>
Subject: bargains!
Message-ID: <>

greetings to all-

i've not read "song stories", so don't consider this a recommendation, but i
did just purchase a copy for $3.99 + s&h at, and they had
9 more as of 3.7.01 if anyone else out there is interested... their books
are often cross-referenced to if you'd rather try there-
the shipping might be less?

happy shopping,


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 20:46:38 -0500
From: Virginia Rosenberg <>
Subject: i ain't ashamed...
Message-ID: <>

i'm perplexed to hear "mummer" described as a guilty pleasure: why would
anyone be embarrassed to admit to liking such a luminously beautiful
album?  i rather liked david.smith's description of "mummer" as
"skylarking"'s older brother- i too have always thought of them as close
kin, though not necessarily as brothers. i'm not especially keen on the
in-betweenie filler and "human alchemy" doesn't do much for me lyrically
(too damned preachy), but i'm always happy to have a listen to
"mummer"-it's definitely a fave.

i admit i was a bit disconcerted, however, to find "great fire" and "love
on a fb's wages" running through my head after recently reading about the
british cattle bonfires (because of the hoof-and-mouth disease outbreaks).

i got zilch of a response to my query re: "the rhythm" a few postings
ago-am i being ignored or were y'all too busy fuming over the skylar
king's little lark to get around to cluing me in?

yours in painful ignorance,


Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 14:05:56 -0000
From: Jason Witcher <>
Subject: Mystery Video
Message-ID: <D93A503A5230D411B96A00508B67107F01AEA64A@EXCHSRV1>

This was posted a while ago, but I was just going through a load of
accumulated digests

	>Ages (and I mean AGES) ago I saw an XTC video on the TV.  I
	>think it was on The Tube (an ancient UK music programme) and
	>it was set in Portmeirion.  I wasn't interested in the band
	>at the time, and I only paid attention because it was
	>Portmeirion and I was a fan of the Prisoner.  Does anyone
	>know what the video was for?  Is it quite a well known one?

It was 'The Meeting Place'. I taped it, but the tape is in a box
buried in the deepest recesses of my parents' attic, so I haven't seen it
for years.


Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 11:19:37 -0600
From: "Michael Versaci" <>
Subject: Help!
Message-ID: <000001c0a7f3$f46cb3b0$>


I am requesting help from the Beatleheads on the list.

In January of 1981, Playboy Magazine printed an interview with John Lennon.
The transcript of this interview can easily be found on the web.  Here it is
for those so inclined:

A few months later, perhaps in March or April, Playboy printed additional
text from the same interview that was originally edited out for space.

I cannot find any reference to this addendum anywhere on the 'net.

Please e-mail me privately.

Michael Versaci

- - From the original interview:

PLAYBOY: You disagree with Neil Young's lyric in "Rust Never Sleeps" --
"It's better to burn out than to fade away...."

LENNON: I hate it. It's better to fade away like an old soldier than to burn
out. I don't appreciate worship of dead Sid Vicious or of dead James Dean or
of dead John Wayne. It's the same thing. Making Sid Vicious a hero, Jim
Morrison -- it's garbage to me. I worship the people who survive. Gloria
Swanson, Greta Garbo. They're saying John Wayne conquered cancer -- he
whipped it like a man. You know, I'm sorry that he died and all that -- I'm
sorry for his family -- but he didn't whip cancer. It whipped him. I don't
want Sean worshiping John Wayne or Sid Vicious. What do they teach you?
Nothing. Death. Sid Vicious died for what? So that we might rock? I mean,
it's garbage, you know. If Neil Young admires that sentiment so much, why
doesn't he do it? Because he sure as hell faded away and came back many
times, like all of us. No, thank you. I'll take the living and the healthy.


End of Chalkhills Digest #7-14

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