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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #6-98

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 98

                  Wednesday, 3 May 2000


      promo trip overload and the pleasures of Andy
                         No Rush
               Dutch Wasp Star Launch Party
       Sugarplastic CD and Tampa Bay record stores
                       Re: airplay
  WS: You're wrong, and you're a grotesquely ugly freak!
                     Re: Am I Crazy?
               With Tail Between Legs......
            Napster and what's behind door #1
                          No Gem
                        Q magazine
                   Woodstock or Bust !
                     Nonsuch Nonsense
                        Peed Spunk
                      XTC Go Country
              XTC fans in the Boston area...


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I see the stars and I'm filled with fright.


Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 12:57:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: promo trip overload and the pleasures of Andy
Message-ID: <>

Hey mind-benders and music fans!

(sound of a jaw crashing down on a hardwood floor)...get a load of that
promo trip list...sheesh! It's a veritable Whitman's sampler of XTC
yummies... Don't think I can take eyes are rolling back in my skull cap is bulging upwards...
WOO-WHOOO! (wet, splashy sounds) ...grey and white matter all over the
walls... who's gonna clean this up?... I'M not going to clean this up...

What else?  Oh, on the subject of Andy's grrrrr-animal attraction factor-
I'm with Miz Jane on that one...

For one thing there is the rock band know, someone straps on a
guitar, begins to play...and suddenly they become much more interesting...
Boys/girls in rock bands have always had that appeal, in varying degrees.
Take a guy like Mick Jagger, who could pass for Don Knott's younger brother
(take out your 8 by 10 glossy of Barney Fife and put it next to a pic of
Mick...eegads! It's true!)... so instead of a guitar, he picks up a
microphone and starts strutting his stuff across a stage... he becomes
famous (along with those other scary looking corpses that make up the
Stones)..and soon thereafter he has all the beautiful women he wants...go

....The rock band effect is greatly heightened when it is attached to a
brilliant artist, like Andy...but the rock effect is only a miniscule
portion of Andy's appeal.  He seems to have all the right stuff.... wit,
intelligence, talent (boat loads of talent), warmth, charm, etc... O.k.,
I'll admit to a physical attraction... I find his voluptuous lips very
appealing.  They look like they'd be chewy.. and there's those mischievous
eyes of his...and the Cheshire cat-like quality to his face, like there is a
sly joke about to burst forth at any moment...Andy is no matinee idol, but
he's a right sexy bastard, in my book!

I've gone on quite long enough...

Gushing like a silly school girl,

Debora 'yes dear, you're a right sexy bastard too' Brown

--The next issue of Tiger Beat will feature a full color spread on the
totally boss Colin Moulding! (swoon)--


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 00:53:33 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: No Rush
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

A wise man once said to me:

> I think that you're okay on this one, because really it was a gig that
> Rush happened to play at and not a 'Rush gig'.  So count yourself up a
> few points.
Thank God!

> If you're still worried, say that you spent the whole time in the
> toilet being sick.

Actually i think i was heavily snogging my childhood sweetheart
throughout their set, in between tokes of our party bong of course...
Ahh, those heady days!

yours in xtc,

Mark "No Rum" S.


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 00:53:33 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Dutch Wasp Star Launch Party
Message-ID: <>


Wasp Star Launch Party
Date: Saturday May 27th 2000
Place: my home, Nieuwegein, Holland

Yes, that's right: i'm throwing a little party to celebrate the release of
Wasp Star and you are invited. I wil supply coffee, beer and soda
but if you want anything stronger you should bring your own bottle :)
Please RSVP by writing to me at and i'll send you
all the necessary details

My friend and fellow Chalkhillian Andre de Koning has promised to
bake a special Apple (!) cake and i'll be playing the new album and
assorted rarities. Visitors can also take part in a guided tour of my
XTC Shrine, the Vinyl Vaults (please leave all your bags at the door)
and the Lighthouse.

Books, posters, pictures, buttons and other memorabilia will be on
display and there's a non-stop video show featuring some rare and
even some very exclusive footage.

So if you're Dutch or just happen to be in Holland on the 27th of
May: be there or be square !

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 18:25:01 -0700
From: Herne <>
Subject: Sugarplastic CD and Tampa Bay record stores
Message-ID: <>

The latest news on RESIN, the new CD from the Sugarplatic is that it's
available at Aron's in L.A. but not anywhere else yet. should be up soon.  Hopefully more news is
forthcoming.  To be more up to date,  join the Spastic-Laughter mailing
list.  Some people on the list appear to be in contact with the band.

And thanks to all those who offered Tampa Bay Record Store advice.


KL aka Herne


Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 21:51:04 EDT
Subject: Re: airplay
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 05/02/2000 12:49:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
<> writes:

> Remember how I told you that I played XTC nine times on my radio show?

  I heard "wounded horse" on Conn. College radio WCNI at exactly 8:15 this
morning.  I've also just finished typing off a email pointing out my
appreciation.  Think I'll call in a request tomorrow.



Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 21:31:47 EDT
Subject: Things
Message-ID: <>

 Hey Yall,
  Paul said:
  I heard the new XTC single on the radio here last night. "I'm the man who
killed love".
 Not only did he kill it , He "MURDERED " it.
  I've said it three times, I'll say it  again-- If you like alt/country,you
will LOVE Jason & The Scorchers. They had a semi-hit back in the mid 80's
with "White Lies". I recommend Ablazing Grace or Still Standing. They do THE
best version of " Take Me Home ,Country Roads". It flat out rocks ( in a
country sort of way).
  Molly, when you broke your ankle ,did they put you in a full body cast? I'm
no doctor but arent you allowed to move with a broken ankle? Crutches?
walking cast? Wheel chair? If they come to Toronto, go see them. What would
be better than Andy & Colin signing your cast?
 Back to my semi-boring life, Roger


Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 19:02:09 -0700
From: Dan Pinder <>
Subject: WS: You're wrong, and you're a grotesquely ugly freak!
Message-ID: <>

(...with apologies to Chris Morris.)

Pre-release copy now warming up all available CD players in my posession, I
can safely say that this record is brilliant and has got balls, something
I've worried about, having read the various negative posts recently. You
can't trust what you read!

I can only offer my sympathies and condolences to those that hate it; Too
much record company merger product may have done your heads in. Or perhaps
it's too much "demo damage". I remember when AV1 came out there was so much
complaining about how the demo was better yeah, yeah, yeah. I remain happy
that I wasn't cursed by any of these demos before I heard what was meant to
be released to us, the loving fandom. After the fact, I hope for a WS
version of Homespun, as any completist naturally would. I loved the "How
'xxxxxxxx' Came To Be" series from the singles.

I have to admit the only track I usually skip is "I'm The Man Who...". Good
as it might be for a less-talented rocker, it's not as strong. I'd rather
hear We're All Light or Stupidly Happy as the single. I'm amazed with each
listening the breadth of attitude and depth. Despite the naysayers, Colin
sounds great and "Standing In For Joe" gets my vote for his top tune on WS.

The last three songs are an amazing suite in my humble opinion.

Dan Pinder
"I feel nothing but pride. An empty, an empty pride.
A hopeless vanity. A dreadful arrogance. A *stupifyingly*
futile conceit. But at least it's something to hang onto."
           - Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling


Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 22:12:30 -0500
From: "Jim S." <>
Subject: Re: Am I Crazy?
Message-ID: <>

> I'm gonna put on the asbestos suit, and address myself to
> Chalkers who have
> already heard WASP STAR (with apologies to those still waiting):
> - I think "Church Of Women" should have been the closing track.
> Am I crazy?
> Dunks

I think so.  You're crazy, that is.  Not only is The Wheel And The Maypole
a perfect closing number, but it is (IMO) the best song on the album.  In
fact, I am close to saying it is better than anything on AV1.  And I don't
say that lightly.


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 13:26:19 +1000
From: Iain Murray <>
Subject: With Tail Between Legs......
Message-ID: <>

Hi, I'm Iain, and I'm a Chalkoholic.

(Hi, Iain!)

After being off the list for nearly five months, I've realised just
how dull my inbox has become. Therefore, with tail firmly between legs
(my own, of course), I humbly submit the following :

(Placing right hand on "Song Stories")

I swear by almighty Andy that, from this day forth, I will endeavour
to be a moral and upstanding member of Chalkhills. I promise not to
take myself too seriously, nor shall I resort to bitchiness or
name-calling when another list member's opinion differs from my own. I
shall make a concerted effort to include some XTC content in every
posting I submit, and I solemnly swear that I will make valuable
contributions to group discussions whenever possible.

Okay, I'm back! GROUP HUG!!!!!

BTW, Kurt Vonnegut kicks Joseph Heller's arse, and anyone who says
otherwise can step outside.....can I still say things like that?


"I believe there's a commonality to humanity. We all suck." -- Bill


Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 22:04:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: things.....
Message-ID: <>

whoever provided that linkto Negativland's website and
the Steve Albini article, thanks! What a chilling
article that was.
By the way, that article and the Chalkhills post
mention Albini's production credits, but fail to
mention that he was a former member of late great Big

 Though I like some music that almost
Disco, I could never stand pure disco music

I hated disco when it was popular in the late '70's.
When I hear it now, I think how refreshing it is to
hear dance music with melody, not the horrid Techno
crap we have now!
Oh Kraftwerk and Can, why oh why did you have to
inspire this shit?


Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 22:31:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Napster and what's behind door #1
Message-ID: <>

Do I have this right?

In the last digest-
<<Brad was kicking around Napster today and searched on XTC and came up
with a song I'd never heard of before, called "Sunshine Bonnet Pylon.">>

Then Brad makes a discovery-
<<Well, it's not XTC.  it's actually a song called "Rocked By Rape", and
it's by a band called ECC. They have deliberatly renamed the mp3 files
and shared them to Napster to spread the song. You search for your
favorite band, find this 'rare' song you've never heard, download it
and listen, and it's their song instead! Genius, if you're on a T1 and
didn't waste 2 hours downloading it.>>

 I only used a portion of your post, Brad, and I'm not finding fault with
you, but I just have to say that whether or not the song was good,
deliberate misrepresentation is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I'm all for promoting
new music but that kind of tactic is not acceptable.  Genius?  Hardly...
Deceptive bullshit?  Definitely!

Debora Brown


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 09:00:13 +0100
Subject: No Gem
Message-ID: <22AA6F41BBBBD21193030000F877AAD6106604@ns3.mbk.rpl>

Hi all,
a few weeks ago someone told that he was very disappointed with Wasp Star
and he got lots of harsh reactions. Well I got my first possibility of
listening to it last Saturday. I listened three times until then and I must
say: NO! This new album is really no gem. I am a bit disappointed too.
Someone I know said: "This is one of the weakest if not the worst record of
the band in comparison to records like Skylarking or O&L. There are only a
few good tracks on it!" Well I wouldn't go that far, it is not a bad album
but I think that AV1 has been much much better. I knew some of the demos
before and what I thought about "Boarded up" that time really, or
unfortunately, comes true: IMHO this song is the worst that Colin ever
Sorry to say folks.


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 01:19:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: andrew sneddon <>
Subject: Q magazine
Message-ID: <>

No mention of XTC in Qs "Top 100 British Albums"
except a little side note about how
quaint/British/eccentric etc there are.  Then they
only give Wasp Star 3 out of 5.  Bastards!


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 12:24:51 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Woodstock or Bust !
Message-ID: <003401bfb4e3$1cb282a0$7d5791d2@johnboud>

Tom Kingston wrote :

> I'd have KILLED to get to Woodstock!

I was there ; an innocent 17 year old who'd hitched rides from CT with a
friend and was in attendance for the duration . I would be curious to know
if there is anyone else out there in Chalkland who was at Woodstock . Email
me offlist and let's " rap " IF you exist ...



Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 18:32:58 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Nonsuch Nonsense
Message-ID: <003701bfb4e3$7e4218a0$7d5791d2@johnboud>

all ,

i remember with great clarity the day i bought nonsuch in hmv in shibuya way
back when in '92 , and upon opening it up seeing that my numero uno ichiban
drummerman dave mattacks was the tubsman . i KNEW it just HAD to be GREAT
with DM playing ... and i was not disappointed . through the years it
remains one of my top 3 xtc faves . i even love WAR DANCE . superb
engineering/mixing jobs , too . don't you just dig that extra insert " if
those dollars are burning a hole in your pocket ... " w/ notes on each album
by andy ? " ... Everyone wants a slice of the jingoistic cake " - what a
line !



Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 11:28:20 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
Subject: Peed Spunk
Message-ID: <>

Tom "Tom" Kingston shared a few home truths...and some bollocks.

>>Heavy metal truly starts with Black Sabbath.

In one sense, yes. In another, no. It really starts with "You Really Got Me"
by The Kinks, but I can already hear the sound of violent, horrified
flatulence from certain Kinks-loving contributors, so I'll move quickly on.

>>Zep was NOT metal - they were
too ecclectic and too good and too early.

Too eclectic? Possibly. They certainly made a variety of tunes and albums,
some fantastic and some utterly dire. I suppose technically you could call
that eclectic...Too good? Fuck off! Bloody revisionist music fans...Most of
today's best Metal bands could wipe the floor with Led Zep. Jimmy Page was,
and is, a great guitarist, but he's no Hendrix and there are countless more
gifted and innovative players around now. Ooh, contentious! Well I'm the
goddamn expert so tough poo! Finally, too early? Hmmm, a slightly wayward
approach to musical history but close enough I suppose.

>>Poison & Def Leppard are power pop

Now I'm sure we discussed "power pop" before on Chalkhills, and it had cock
all to do with Poodle Rock (to give the genre its correct title) but I think
I know what you mean.

>>I wouldn't even call ACDC or KISS metal, although KISS had
the look.

They're both Metal bands, as any self-respecting Metal fan would tell you.
Admittedly, you can always be pedantic about these things and say "they're
not heavy enough" or "they're too melodic" or whatever, but Metal (like
jazz, hip hop and blues) is a culture as well as a musical form and those
bands are most definitely part of it.

>>Metallica is the first commercial success of
the marriage of speed punk with metal

Firstly, no it isn't. Motorhead. I rest my case. Secondly, there's no such
thing as "speed punk". There's punk rock and there's hardcore. Consult your
local venue for details.

>>Their songwriting was simply too pop
and too superior to associate with metal.

Oh dear oh dear...welcome to the world of abject fuckwittery! Yes, XTC are
fantastic - that is, after all, why we are here - but that kind of pointless
snobbery is just totally unhelpful and, frankly, dishonest. Too superior?
Firstly, something cannot be too superior - it either is superior or it is
not. Secondly, how do you guage these things? Is there some brilliant system
that no one has told me about for working out levels of artistic value?
Opinions are one thing (and I'm full of 'em, or rather it, as you know) but
there is absolutely no analytical basis for saying that one style of
songwriting is inherently superior to another, except maybe in terms of
success (i.e. despite sucking fat asses, the Spice Girls' writers are
clearly succeeding in their attempts to appeal to teenage girls etc and are
therefore "superior", in terms of audience size, to someone like Slayer).
XTC's songs clearly have more impact with you than, say, Iron Maiden's, but
superiority is in the eye of the cocksure beholder, is it not?
Besides, there are many inspired and hugely talented songwriters in
Metal...I rather suspect that you haven't exactly been following the scene
very closely!

Mind you, it's good to see someone expressing an intelligent view on the
subject for a change. It's certainly preferable to the usual "ha ha! look at
the silly metal fans!" attitude which appears on the list
sometimes...although I do quite enjoy it when people go out of their way to
appear stupid, patronizing and pompous. It saves me from doing it anyway...

>> I have recently taught a student a Green Day
song.  And they're considered old news!

And rightly so. They were mildly interesting five years ago. Next!
Hey, kids today aren't so bad after all!
Incidentally, is does make me laugh to hear people refer to Marilyn Manson
and Korn as "new" acts...the ageing process can be cruel sometimes. Keep in
touch, as they say...

>>Just buy the goddamn CD when it comes out.  OK?

Why bother? I think I'll download it from Napster. Much more fun. Anyone
want a free copy?

Death to false metal!



Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 12:31:39 +0100
From: "Davies, Huw (TPE)" <Huw.Davies3@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK>
Subject: XTC Go Country
Message-ID: <7209B69A281BD4119EE50001FA7EA975AEADCC@WOMAIL2>

Christopher R. Coolidge came to the defence of country music and I think he
had a point. I've been exploring the fringes of country music recently and
found that there's some good stuff out there, the likes of Gram Parsons,
etc. Country music, of course, has never been that popular here in the UK,
so it is still seen as something of a minority interest. Pop music at the
moment is in such a sad state of affairs that I've been looking at other
genres of music. Folk music being another one.

This made me think about what direction XTC should take after Wasp Star.
Perhaps they should further explore the folk sound they had on Mummer (and
to a lesser extent on English Settlement and Skylarking).  It could lead to
something interesting. Perhaps XTC could even go alt-Country!

Regarding the James and the Giant Peach songs, I think that "All I dream of
is Friend" is one of the best unreleased Andy Partridge songs I've heard. It
definitely deserves a proper release.

Huw Davies


Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 11:33:57 -0400
From: "Tom Paluzzi" <>
Subject: XTC fans in the Boston area...
Message-ID: <003e01bfb514$ff62ed70$>


I was listening to the Boston area radio station 92.5 WXRV
last night on the way home from work ...They played ITMWML
and after the song, the DJ talked a little bit about the new album
and he said that on Friday afternoon, May 5th, Andy was going
to be live on the air...The DJ wasn't sure about the exact time,
but said he'd announce it when he knew...

I'm not going to be able to tape it on Friday, but if anybody
on the list who lives in the area can, maybe they could
put it up on the web somewhere???

The DJ said he was hoping to talk Andy into playing a few
songs live...



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