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                 Saturday, 29 April 2000


                        Re: Mummer
                       Hush on Rush
           Fuzzy Questions About Fuzzy Warbles
          To wash down with a glass of lemonade
               Re: A thousand Cheshire cats
            "Now children,behave yourselves!"
      warm up the organ AND send the kids next door
                       Holy Rollers
             Oh, I'm being sophomoric here...
                 NO BOSSES, RENT IS THEFT
                     Mummer's Parade
                        Re: Metal
                  Los Angeles gathering
                  A Confederacy Of Dunks
          Listening Parties, XTC's a good Healer
                       Marr 'n' Me
                   XTC on audio-visual


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Everything looks smashed and broken.


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:50:04 EDT
Subject: Re: Mummer
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 4/28/00 5:50:36 PM, <>

>Am I the only person who loves Mummer around here?  Its high on my
>list of favorite XTC albums.  Strange.  I do have a problem with
>Nonsuch but it has nothing to do with the songs - the songs are
>fabulous!  I'm just not a fan of the way the album sounds.  Very
>sleek, very clean, very professional, drives me batty ;) For some
>reason I love this quality in a group like Steely Dan, but not for
>XTC.  I guess I think of XTC as having a more homegrown feel.

No Laurie, you are not the only one. Mummer was the one that cinched it for
me when it was finally (some six months after the fact) in the states.
"Beating of Hearts" "Farmboy's Wages", "Great Fire", "Ladybird" ... come on
y'all this is great stuff! Freed from having to worry about touring, the band
got to think more about sonic structures and less about "shaking the pork"
(that's Andy's line, not mine).
   I also think that Nonsuch was great. It's very much a toss-up to me which
works better, O&L or NS. With all respect to those who favor the earlier
records, I think XTC has grown more interesting over the years and each
successive record builds on the last. Just my opinion.

Peace - out!


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:54:39 EDT
Subject: Hush on Rush
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 4/28/00 12:53:16 PM, <>

<<Whats Rush?>>

You don't want to know, believe me.


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:18:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "brenan w. campbell" <>
Subject: Fuzzy Questions About Fuzzy Warbles
Message-ID: <>

	Hey Chalkers,

I'm just curious to hear some info/speculation about the
upcoming four disc Fuzzy Warbles CD! Is it going to be
released by TVT or Virgin? What would the four discs consist
of? Would it include the demos that were turned into b-sides
for Nonsuch/O&L?(I have never heard them) Are they going to
include the Wasp Star demos? Part of me really hopes they
don't and they are released on a seperate CD. Homespun 2 or
something of the like. I guess the one that would really
interest me would be something like this:

Disc One and Two:
Even mix of unreleased songs and released songs that have
different demo incarnations.
Disc Three:
The unreleased 60's bubblegum pop project in it's entirety,
including fake band names and ideal song order.
Disc Four:
Andy's home demos from the whole fan club deal.(which I
haven't heard either. would anyone be interested in trading
rare They Might Be Giants/Smashing Pumpkins tapes for a
dubbed copy? I've got quite a bit...)

It almost seems as if this would be an extremely difficult
set to organize as there is so much material that could be
released and I would be interested in most of it. Would we
get remastered versions of the James and The Giant Peach
songs? I love those and I got them off of xtcliveanddirect,
but the quality is rather dreadful. Anyway, I'm willing to
hear someone more knowledgable on the subject of their demos.
Maybe we can stop arguing over whether Nonsuch is over-rated
or not! Until then, let the "wanking" continue!

		confused and punch drunk,
				Brenan W. Campbell

p.s. Does anyone else out there like the band Lincoln? I love
their debut/last CD and it makes me really sad that they
broke up. I highly suggest any TMBG fans to check it out.
Besides the fact that they're really cool and quirky, they
also feature two members of the Band Of Dans (Dan Miller and
Dan Weinkauf). Okay, I need to stop. Heh. Bye.


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 10:06:30 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: To wash down with a glass of lemonade
Message-ID: <000e01bfb1ba$53091200$2068073e@default>

Great post from Nina, on my fav XTC-subject of Nonsuch.  So many of these
great songs are worth detailed analysis, but I esp loved the comments on The
Ugly Underneath:

"Then, all of sudden, a CLASSIC (I'm really
sorry about this, I'm pretty anti-manbashing) masculine evasion of the
elephant in the living room (The thing with politicians is...). I figured
out why the ending bothered me so much too - it's ANDY shaking some rattle
in the background, which doesn't go at all.  It's the very sound of anxiety
if you listen in on it.  That song to me supports the whole didn't
know/denial theory of his impending divorce."

I hadn't thought of that one before.  I've been too busy listening to the
changes in musical tone between the two bits of the song to see this
dichotomy in the lyrics, but I've no doubt at all that you're right.  It's
an extremely powerful song.  The ugly sound of that rasping guitar (is it an
e-bow?) in the main section and the beautiful (almost) lullaby of the bridge
section.  I don't know if Nina was referring to the lyrical or musical
content of the end, but to me, the fade out of this song is the most
hauntingly lovely in the whole of the XTC canon.  That long chord and the
baroque keyboards.  It's like the cantata that Bach missed.  You can listen
to just the last minute plus of the song, (from 2.30) and it's like
listening to something they play at a wedding when the bride and groom go
off to sign the register. Try it. To me this ends the song on a bright,
optimistic note.  Here's Andy saying "I may have had a crappy deal and my
marriage went sour, but hey, it's not all bad and it's worth doing again."
Like in Harvest Festival and Church of Women, he still has a romantic view
of life with women and marriage.  It's this split of emotion that makes this
song so powerful and one of Andy's best.

Some have gone on about Dave and his guitars, but listen to this keyboard
playing!!  On Nonsuch, Dave gave us his very best keyboard playing and
arrangements.  Listen, too, to Wrapped in Grey, Rook and the pomp rock solo
(like Rick Wakeman?) in The Smartest Monkeys.  IMHO, since Andy's
guitar-playing is pretty nifty anyway, it's the keyboards and the thoughtful
touches of arrangement that we'll miss Dave most for.  Wasp Star may show us
this. I'm deliberately not playing the demos too much as I don't want to
spoil the effect of first hearing the album proper.  I've only heard them
twice but I hope that there are some good keyboards and arrangements on WS.
If not, then that's where Dave's non-presence will be most felt.


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 11:30:36 +0100
From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: Q
Message-ID: <001301bfb1c6$edb3fca0$8101883e@pbncomputer>

in amongst the dregs of the new issue of Q (100 greatest british albums ever month 100 greatest solos on the spoons with full
colour pull out and interview with sam spoons etc...) is the review of "wasp
star" - it gets a positive review, a little picture of andy and colin i
hadn't seen before gurning at camera and a "like this why not try..."
recommendation for the robyn hitchcock album 'element of life' (hmm. try
proofreaders next time lads...) and the jam. didn't notice which one. for
god's sake it's *Q* magazine - not going to buy it am i! and also - like
it's the jam. do i care? i say enough sting bashing folks - he made a good
steerpike for one on the radio - and lets turn on arch-curmudgeon paul
weller for a change. there's one who truly needs it, what with his new album
"egocentric" and whatnot....

also the new bluetones album is likened to "mummer" of all things. have
heard the first single off this, "keep the home fires burning" and very nice
it is with it's hovis horn section - but anything like mummer? not
really...still might be worth investigating...




Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 23:26:55 EDT
Subject: Re: A thousand Cheshire cats
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 4/28/00 8:50:33 PM, "Jane Spencer-Davis"
<> writes:

<< Bisected accidentally, one summer afternoon by me I love him carnally.
Semi-carnally. The End. -Jane >>

Cyril Connolly?

- John


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:45:21 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: "Now children,behave yourselves!"
Message-ID: <>


   Do you stupid monkey-oids know what's about to happen?

             XTC has a new CD coming out!

                    It's GOOD!

          They might even gain some new fans!

   These new fans will go to the TVT web-site. Soon after that,
  they will click on 'links'. They will have two choices. #2 is,
          "sign up for the XTC fan mailing list"

    I'll give your stupid monkey butts 3 guesses where this link
                    takes them....

                ... Times up!

         And what will these newbies find?

    Some of the worse(not worst) examples of depleted gene
          pools in the galaxy!

        "Hey! My Piss burns more than yours!"

                   "No it doesn't!"

                    "Yes it does!"

            "I know I am, but what are you?"

   Anybody want to guess how long these newbies will hang
    out here? How many will never know about the 'Dukes"


   Because all they'll see is a bunch of Stupid!Monkey! FUCKS!
Pissing all over each other! What a great way to find XTC fans!

         I think all I'm trying to say is...

    "Can't we all just,get along? little doggies?"



Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:22:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: warm up the organ AND send the kids next door
Message-ID: <>

I put forth the following suggestion-

I think we may have the title for the next XTC album....
...*Singing Penis*...

 To which Dane replied-

OH NO! If that were to be the title, I fear it might turn into
a real *wank fest*...;-)

(With a nod and a wink I say) would a wank fest be such a bad thing?...
heavens, no!  Which reminds me, I haven't listened to the Circle Jerks in a
while... where's that tape?  There you are you slippery little...

Hand check!


Debora Brown

--19 days till the Japanese release of *WS*   Three cheers for Sushiman!  :)


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:58:00 -0500
From: "Robert Kulick" <>
Subject: Holy Rollers
Message-ID: <>

So i've been listening to my mp.3 (and it drops off at the end so i have
no idea how it ends) of Church of Women and damn, it hits me like the
hot kiss at the end of a wet fist....Andy is possibly a disciple of the
new messiah. Now before you get all icky about holy rollers and
fundamentalist crap, let me state that I was born Jewish and married an
atheist/Epsicopalian (all of the pagentry, none of the guilt).  I look
at the body of his "scriptures" and think...gee, he really has nailed
the true meaning of belief, devotion and spirit. Truth, non-violence,
kindness and the simple acknowledgement that human beings are fallible
creatures puts him right up there as far as i'm concerned. Now thats not
to say i'm gonna quit my new job, catch a jet to heathrow and camp out
on Andy's front lawn (i went to his house in '91, do i still get the +25
points?) waiting for a divine light to appear from the heavens, or his
hydrangea to start smoldering, but I think its profound that his music
identifies what are arguably the best things about religous humanism.
Or I'm just a loon, in which case you can skip on to the next
posting.....which you will most certainly do anyways....

employed in alabama,


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:48:44 EDT
From: "Jane Spencer-Davis" <>
Subject: Oh, I'm being sophomoric here...
Message-ID: <>

Picking up Chalksticks,

Had in my eminent estrogen-ness to comment on David Smith's post:

'Helped by the fact that Mr. Sumner is, lets be fair, a devastatingly
handsome fella-not an epithet that can be readily applied to our Andy'


Might I speak for let's say the majority of the 'Chalkhills Chicks' (and we
are a lusty lot) that the preference would be for a Mr. Partridge tripping
and falling into the featherbed rather than a Mr. Sumner...

Flame me girls, if I'm wrong.



Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:28:11 -0700
From: "Radiosinmotion" <>
Message-ID: <000b01bfb18a$f3136140$0200a8c0@digitalpc>

As Nina said in her message:

"Okay, I thought he was talking about the movie Heavy Metal, not the genre.
Maybe I missed something."

So, maybe she was right.  Why take a statement so far out of context.  If
you look they just re-released the movie and Part 2 is about to come out.

Regardless what I meant, maybe I did mean a specific genres.  Maybe I was
talking more specifically about Poison or Def Leopard.  It should not matter
that much to anyone.  I personally USE to hate classical music, should that
bother anyone to the extent of calling them names?

I think not.  For the record though, I do not like MUCH Heavy Metal.
Second, most of the groups I did like that were classified as Heavy Metal
said they hated the term and considered themselves "Rock."  Third, I hate
Disco, I hate Country,  I hate Opera,  I hate Gospel and I hate Church type
music (non gospel). Big deal!  I am sure you hate some of the music I listen
too.  It just does not matter that much does it?

To me, what I consider heavy metal (you know some people consider XTC punk
still?) is Poison, Def Leopard and all the other played out groups of the
80's.  Zep & Queen were both Rock I thought, not heavy metal, though they
influenced most of the metal bands.  When I was in high school, most of the
people who were into metal thought XTC and New Wave type music was for gays,
though not everyone into the genres is gay. In America, where I live, we
have freedom of choice (well, sort of) and we have the right to express our
opinions.  I expressed mine.  That's all.  Lets not make an issue of it.


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 11:45:45 -0400
Subject: Mummer's Parade
Message-ID: <>


Laurie,<> commented:
>Am I the only person who loves Mummer around here? Its high on my
>list of favorite XTC albums.

I love "Mummer"!  It was a big change from ES, and took me a while to get
used to, but it is wonderfully crafted album, full of suprises.  "Love on a
Farmboy's Wages" & "Ladybird" are beatiful gems!
Plus, I met my wife when this album first came out, and there is a lot of
sentiment attached to it. It was her first encounter with XTC, and she has
also become a HUGE fan!!!

Anyway.. Must ipso-facto half not be......

>Bisected accidentally, one summer afternoon by me I love him
>carnally. Semi-carnally. The End. -Jane

Cyril Connelly?

Joe "That bloody Orgone Accumulator is on the fritz again!" Funk
"This post-post is intended as a parody on message-ending parodies on
 message-ending posts. It is a complete waste of bandwidth, and is not, nor
 intends to be an extremely "clever" parody on message-ending parodies on
 message-ending posts.  Mind you, the actual intention of this parody on
 message-ending parodies on message-ending posts is redundancy.   Mind you,
 the actual intention of this parody on message-ending parodies on
 message-ending posts is redundancy." -Cyril Connelly


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 11:15:06 -0500
From: Peter Mullin <>
Subject: Re: Metal
Message-ID: <>

<> (a.k.a. our darling Dom) wrote:

> Point Three - XTC are a heavy metal band and one day I will prove
>it. Seriously.

I for one would be _very_ interested in hearing/reading this argument
(of course, I'm an ignorant sod from the "there is no metal but
Motorhead" [insert umlauts as necessary] school and my favorite XTC
album is...Go2 [I think it's the Colin-Barry interplay that could have
developed into something really interesting..sort of an alternate
history to contemplate, I guess]), but any time you get your points
together, Dom, I'd love to hear 'em.

Peter Mullin
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 17:35:41 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Uh-Oh...
Message-ID: <>

Matt Mitchell wrote:

"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

This sums up how I feel about XTC."

What's this? Two Hillsters who can actually AGREE on
something? Does not compute! Fatal error! This
programme has performed an illegal function and will
close down!

Rory "Do spiders make chutney?" Wilsher


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 12:35:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: K D <>
Subject: Los Angeles gathering
Message-ID: <>

I would love to have a Los Angeles gathering. Let's
start planning!

We had a DC/VA/MD one once--it was lovely.
Hi, everybody!

I also wanted to mention that we have more than one
Kate on this list. (Hi, other Kates!) I am NOT the one
who hates Go 2--I do, in fact, love Go 2. I know it is
considered wrong around these parts, but I do. It was
the second XTC album I bought (after O & L). I loved
hearing the obvious growth from Go 2 to O & L--and I
still do. There are a few songs I do not like on it,
but overall I think it is great fun to listen to!

So, can I call, once again, on the Go 2 Society (or
whatever the secret closet Go 2 fan club was called)
to come forth and stand up for early XTC!?

for the record, my favorite XTC album remains The Big
Express. However, I am fond, very fond, of all the

that is all.
-the Baltimore Kate (in L.A.)


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 15:49:02 EDT
Subject: A Confederacy Of Dunks
Message-ID: <>

Jumpshots, uh, I mean, Dunks sayeth:

Moreover, while its prominence is granted, and deserved, but there are
*plenty* of equally great, funny books which haven't received the same
attention. A perfect example is John Kennedy Toole's "A Confederacy Of
Dunces", which in my personal opinion is one of the best and funniest
American books ever written.

AMEN.  One of the finest, funniest, bittersweet novels I've ever read.
Toole's own tragic story, sadly, adds to the flavor of this marvel of a



Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 13:56:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Listening Parties, XTC's a good Healer
Message-ID: <>

Someone in the last Chalkhills asked about listening
parties and how they worked.  Well, an online
listening party, like the ones I was having is
basically a chat where everybody's listening to the
same album at the same time.  You don't listen to the
album right online, each person has their own album to
listen to.  Then we just chat about the songs or the
I'm handing my listening parties over to Jane, Miner
and the other regulars, because I'm not sure when I'll
be back.  I might stop in if I can get Talk City to
work on my parents' computer.
If any of you ever break a limb or end up in the
hospital I highly recommend getting anything XTC.
When I was in the hospital previously I listened to
The Big Express and Skylarking a lot.  Now I have all
of XTC's albums with me, so I'll be playing them while
I'm recovering.



Molly's Pages


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 20:35:57 EDT
Subject: rudolph
Message-ID: <>

hey people...

   You know Wasp Star and napster

   and Apple and Venus...

   Mummer and Nonsuch

   and the singing penis...

   but do you recall

   the most famous posting of all???


    to pass the next few weeks wait, i have downloaded " Andys Fano
Guitar song" from the Fano website. Since, hey! this is meant to be
downloaded and enjoyed! no theft involved, and you get to hear andy's
newest available song...eddie


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 20:30:56 -0400
From: Ben Gott/Loquacious Music <>
Subject: Marr 'n' Me
Message-ID: <>


I was just zipping through the "Q&A" section of Johnny Marr's website, and I
came across a question I had asked him months ago...(Don't worry, it relates
to XTC!)


Q:  Hey, Johnny...Good to see you have your own web presence, at last...I'm
writing to ask whether or not you've been influenced at all by my two other
favorite guitarists, Dave Gregory (formerly of XTC) and Peter Buck?  Your
appearance on Billy Bragg's "...Home" (which I just bought a few days ago)
made me wonder... Thanks, and keep playing!   -Ben

A: I saw Dave Gregory years ago,he is a good guitar player.I like
Peter Buck,never met him,but he has a good vibe.


So, there we go!


N.P.: Kirsty MacColl, "Galore"

       Benjamin Gott . Loquacious Music . Brunswick, ME 04011
AIM: Plan4Nigel . Tel: (207) 721-5366 .
 Don't you know we're all light? / Yeah, I read that someplace...


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 21:46:12 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: XTC on audio-visual
Message-ID: <l03130301b531497221da@[]>

>In a message dated 4/27/00 12:35:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
><> writes:
><< Everything that they have done since (including the
> vastly underrated Mummer, and frequently slagged Big
> Express) is absolutely top drawer. Nonsuch was a
> refreshing "Back To Basics" return to "Good
> Old-Fashioned XTC Values" after the pure exuberance of
> O&L. And I love them both.
> OK, you can shoot me down in flames now. >>
>Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU
>This sums up how I feel about XTC.
>Matt Mitchell

  To give perspective, the final exam for my Pastoral Counseling class in
my graduate studies was to put together an audio-visual presentation that
reflected a particular phase in the human life cycle. I chose to present on
childhood; the idea was to give a sense of what childhood looks like both
from the adult and child point of view, in short the essence of childhood
on posterboard and cassette tape. The audio portion was optional, but the
most fun part; I filled a 90 minute tape full of songs to do with
childhood, starting with a gaggle of Jonathan Richman and Loudon Wainwright
III songs("Not Yet Three" and "Five Years Old" by Jon and Loud
respectively, capture the joy and frustration of childhood quite well) and
moving on to some rather quirky Disney covers from Hal Willner's Stay Awake
collection(you haven't lived till you've heard Tom Waits beat "Heigh HO(The
Dwarves Marching Song)" into the ground until it begs for mercy; I didn't
include it on the tape, I didn't want to scare anybody). At that point,
once Aaron Neville's dulcet voice serenaded me with The Mickey Mouse Club
Theme, I was temporarily stumped. What got me going again was I wrote a
song called "Hello Little Soul," which was supposed to be a sort of
spiritualist rewrite of Andy's "Garden Of Earthly Delights." I took one
listen to my song and recorded Andy's instead. There was just no competing
with him. I did include a couple of my other songs elsewhere, though. I
also included "Playground," which may have been a little too farfetched and
I've only heard the song three times so far, but it fit well enough. After
throwing on "Surrender" by Cheap Trick and one Air Supply song at my wife's
suggestion, and finishing on a very dark note with Richard Thompson's "The
Killing Jar" I was done. Chances are they'll only play side one, and balk
at my froggy voice on the first of my two songs and miss all the good stuff
that follows. Oh well, I did my part.
  The guy who's doing the presentation on young adulthood was stumped for
audio material, so I'm doing his tape just because I love putting together
tapes. Let's see- XTC and young adulthood- boy, there's a lot. "Earn Enough
For Us," "Love On A Farmboy's Wages," "Mecchanik Dancing," to name a few-
this is going to be fun! Most of Andy's lyrics get pretty abstract- he may
be writing about his own young adult experience, but it's all wrapped up in
the poetry and imagery a lot of the time, when it's not specifically about
himself, Marianne, or Erica. I might want to give "Frivilous Tonight" to
the woman who's doing the presentation on middle age, though.

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


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