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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 91

                  Friday, 28 April 2000


    I'd like to leap on something irrelevant, if I may
         XTC gets Nappy and about those promos...
          WAPS STAR Pre-review without Spoilers
        There's a joke at the end of this message!
                  Meeting in La-La Land
                      I am impressed
          favourites and not so hots and whatnot
           I admit that I am powerless over XTC
                    perish the thought
                   Pop Music Psychology
           Life is still good in the Greenhouse
                   what comes after WS
                      Wasp Star HDCD
                     WS release date
           tets talk about this 'bitchy' thing
                re: re: you choose poorly


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We come the wrong way.


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 13:54:35 EDT
Subject: WXPN
Message-ID: <>

  Besides, our local Philly Station (WXPN - University of Penn) will air
ITMWML at least a week before release.  They are quite hip
  They've been playing it since last week.
 Its good to see someone else from Filthydelphia on Chalkhills. I'm not
No doubt I've seen Tom play around town.
  I received my hat from Phil Corliss. An excellent way to promote the boys.
Thanks Phil!
  " Greenman " is STILL being played  on The Home Depot's piped in music.
   Gone Fishin',  Roger


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 10:48:00 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: I'd like to leap on something irrelevant, if I may
Message-ID: <>

Today's my turn to jump on something someone said, even though it's not
their main point or anything (oh, let me do it this time, by birthday was
just a week ago).
Ira said:
>It's a classic example of catch-22.  Although I found the book annoying and
Sorry, but you're quite mistaken. You must have been reading something else.
Steinbeck, perhaps. Catch-22 was the book that opened my eyes to how weak
crap like Vonnegut really was (now there's annoying for you). It's also one
of the few books to have such prominence in the 20th century (imagine
writing a book whose title sinks into the language like that) to actually be
funny. Give it to any bright but impressionable youths who might be falling
into the whole "Vonnegut/Tom Robbins/etc." trap that so many of us are
vulnerable to in our teens.
(Speaking of Vonnegut, I see that that "Breakfast of Champions" movie has
gone straight to video. I sure hope that it doesn't actually have closeups
of Bruce Willis's asshole in it...)

XTC content: next time someone interviews Andy, I'd like them to go more in
depth as to when and why he stopped reading fiction. Come on, I'm sure that
would get a better reaction out of him than yet another "so, are you guys
really never playing live again, or what?"

Ed K.


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 11:15:00 -0700
From: Herne <>
Subject: XTC gets Nappy and about those promos...
Message-ID: <>

Wasp Star on Napster.  This is bad why?  It's been fun to to collect
songs like baseball cards and slowly build myself a Wasp Star.  Of
course when the cd arrives, I'll buy it and there'll be no need for the
mp3's.  But I just have a real hard time feeling guilty about it.
Actually the thought never crossed my mind cause I know I'm going to buy
it anyway.  Same with everyone else here.  So why all this uproar?

I must say that I am stunned by all the anti-Napsterism here.  Are you
people high?  A device that lets you find and download music to try out
at home and to get rare and or bootleg stuff without having to search
the god damned world for it.  This is bad why exactly?  I know there are
lots of musicians on this list who fear that maybe by the time they
finally get somewhere there won't be a payoff cause music will all be
free... well... Don't sweat it.

Remember the paperless office?  Of course you don't cause it never
happended.  Computers didn't eliminate paper.  That didn't happen
because people prefer to have a hard copy.  Something they can hold in
their hands.  Napster won't destroy the world because normal people are
not going to fill their house up with a main frame to contain all those
songs.  Trust me.   The record biz will fight back by controlling all
distribution apparatus.  They'll buy all the cable and internet
companies or merge with them to survive(a la Time Warner/AOL).  The end
result hopefully being that they can have total pay per view on music.
But it won't happen cause once again...people want their own copy to
keep.  To pay for once and own.  It's human nature.

Libraries didn't destroy books.  Tv didn't kill the movies.  The vcr
didn't kill tv or the movies.  Home taping didn't destroy the music
biz.  Napster won't either.  All it is is a high tech way to do what
everybody has been doing for almost 30 tapes.

For some reason this concept that to borrow music or movies without
paying for it is EVIL arose at some point.   It arose because the
entertainment companies want you always to pay pay pay!!!  Studios were
so dead against home video.  They were dragged kicking and screaming
into it even though it ultimately saved their ass.

As far as the moral issue well...Everyone on this list has xtc boots and
promo items.  According to the "rules" all promo items are on loan from
copyright owners.  So every promo cd of the band you own, and every
poster or button of what have you, technically you shouldn't have.
Technically, legally, you would have to surrender them upon the request
of copyright holders.  And who said you could have copies of all these
demos?  Did the band just throw them out there for you?  Now they love
you for it cause it's bringing them money.  In fact they plan on
releasing all they can find in a box set.  But in the beginning, were
you really meant to hear "Ship Trapped in the Ice" before it was ready?
Were you?

So why Napster,  a device that just makes it easier to do what you
already do is evil is beyond me.   Sure on the flip side, there are some
murky areas which will likely have to be worked out.  Napster isn't
exactly a non-profit organisation.  The prospect of people burning
pirate cds of officially available product and selling them is a legit
fear.  But the companies will find a way to make it work.  Just give
them time.  I mean remember when tv was free?  That was 17 years ago.
They found a way to make it acceptable to pay for tv and have you be
used to it.  They will find a way to harness the internet and control
it.  It's only a matter of time.

If they fail...well... if there was ever a system that needed to be
destroyed and rebuilt, it's the growing entertainment conglomerate
empire.  Shed no tears for them because if they had their way, you'd pay
a fee for singing in the shower.




Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 11:15:25 -0700
From: Herne <>
Subject: WAPS STAR Pre-review without Spoilers
Message-ID: <>

For those who haven't heard it, WASP STAR is great.  Definitely worth
the wait.  So far, I like it better than Apple Venus 1.   Stylistically
I'd place it somewhere between Oranges and Lemons and Nonsuch.

And dare I say it, it is a very commercial sounding record to my ears.
If "We're All Light" was recorded by Janet Jackson or Brittany Spears
instead of some old English guys into Beefheart who don't tour...who

Anyway.  I can't wait till next month when I can actually have the real
cd instead of a bunch of mp3s.  More details in my Spoiler filled




Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:35:13 -0500
From: "JH3" <>
Subject: There's a joke at the end of this message!
Message-ID: <000d01bfb07f$b57f0980$>

From: Rory Wilsher <>:

>Right, time to have my tuppenceworth on this. Check
>out You may have heard of them. In this
>wonderland of digital downloads they still manage to
>sell thousands and thousands of good, old-fashioned
>BOOKS (very few - and I'm guessing here - for burning)
>EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, I fear, the days of the total
>abolition of the record company are a long way away.

Books cost waaaay more to reproduce at home than
music does! Paper and ink/toner cost far more than blank
CD-Rs. Electronic books haven't become usable and cheap
enough to catch on in the mass market (yet - though they
will). You can print them, sure - but it costs a LOT less to
burn a CD than to print an entire book, and there's much
less work involved. If people had to do that amount of
work (duplexing, trimming, collating, binding, etc.) with
homemade CD's, nobody would buy CD burners.

The other thing is that book sales don't even come close
to CD sales, though they probably will exceed them soon
enough, though not by book sales increasing. If you banned
libraries, book sales might increase. But publishers don't
want to ban libraries  - because they BUY books!

>Btw, I work for a financial institution with a big wwww
>presence - and yet, our customers still want to go into

Again, totally different situation. If they somehow worked
it out (they won't) so that you absolutely HAD to pay for
every downloaded MP3 file, Napster and similar things
simply wouldn't exist.

Still, that's just my opinion. I still think Napster is OK in
most cases. It's just that I have a co-worker here who
downloads stuff via Napster almost daily, and by his
own admission he hasn't bought a single CD since he
started doing it. But I haven't really bought that many
CD's lately either; it's because I'm old and don't see
the appeal in a lot of what's coming out now, but if
XTC quits the business just because they can't sell
their recordings, I WILL be very pissed off.

I'd just like to end this posting with a joke I made up

In order to cash in on the Elian Gonzales hype, the Miami
Heat basketball team has decided to rename itself the
"Miami Relatives."

John H. Hedges
"Always happy to let Harrison get the credit for my
font analogies, but not my original jokes"


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:50:46 EDT
From: "Garret Harkawik" <>
Subject: ???
Message-ID: <>

>  15. You own every legitimate release put out by Rush (-75 points)

Whats Rush?


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:52:00 EDT
Subject: Meeting in La-La Land
Message-ID: <>

John Keel wrote:

    <Have any of the SoCal fans thought about having a "Wasp Star"
    release party somewhere?  As a LONG-time XTC fan but a newbie to
    Chalkhills, it would be great to meet other fans in town.  Any

I'm also interested in meeting other L.A.-area Chalkies.  Are we talking the
actual release date (May 23?) or sometime after?  I will be attending evening
classes in the Santa Monica area during the week of May 22.  Anyone else up
for it?

Bob J.


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 12:22:39 PDT
From: "Edward Sizzorhends" <>
Subject: I am impressed
Message-ID: <>

Ya know, it just takes one post like "KINGSTUNES" aka Tom,
to remind me of why I started liking this band in the first place.

I think anytime any of us feel in a bitching about XTC mode, we should
re-read his post.

By the way, I wish I could e-mail Tom directly about what songs he put
together for "The Beatles Last Album" but Alas the XXX.XXX address doesn't
work (duh) -though methinks I might have a clue which I will try.

So Tom, if you don't hear from me first, e-mail me at
skylar_king at hotmail dot com.

******SPOILER WARNING*******
This pertains to anyone who has heard "GANGWAY ELECTRIC GUITAR"

I swear I start to sing "Gangwaaaaaaayy electic guitar is coming through"
when I hear the intro to "Wounded Horse"

Has this happened to anyone else?

********END SPOILER***********

May peace "lift up her skirt and rain down" upon you
in the land of...

The Skylar King


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 20:21:42 +0100
From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: favourites and not so hots and whatnot
Message-ID: <008d01bfb07f$bd8e0680$fb0a883e@pbncomputer>

as i gird my loins in pre-wasp star anticipation it's time for pretty
serious XTC rotation chez browning to annoy the housemates. actually, some
are slowly warming to them and one of them has even bought "waxworks".
though in two months he still hasn'r listened to it yet. ho hum.

but what the hey. these we have loved. and in order no less......second
greatest album of all time first...

1. WHITE MUSIC - god god god i love this huge wonderful slab of noise in
it's sheer enthusiasm and verve and it's enthusiasm and the way the lads
sound like they're having trouble playing teh songs quick enough. i just
*drown* in it. a great unstoppable river of NOISE!
2. DRUMS and WIRES - like the above, but a bit more thought out and
considered - but in a good way. it's XTC as a mature band for the first time
i think....
3. ENGLISH SETTLEMENT - i have this strange theory about ES as the english
rustic answer to "london calling" - overlong, too experimental in places but
when they click in they both say so much about their relevant subjects. it
is a wondrous beast though as "runaways" slowly fades in and "snowman"
slowly fades out. i can't imagien what this sounds like on CD by the way.
teh whole point is having to get up and change the sides to me.
4. BLACK SEA - great big, pop nonsense. my best friend was a long time XTC
no go bod until he heard respectable street and his eyes lit up and he went
into the begging position. surrender to andy my people. you all will
5. APPLE VENUS 1 - oh boysa. first album as a fan. took a while to "get" but
once it did it showed itself in it's myriad glory, new things unfold every
time. and it;s not often you can say that about any record is it?
6. NONSUCH - overlong (thank God XTC have remembered why albusm should be
forty five minutes long..) poorly produced but so often so damn near as
maybe to genius as makes no difference.
7. SKYLARKING - overated, but probably the one i would wean people on. it
sounds approachable and once the hooks dig in they are usually at my mercy.
again, can't imagine this with "dear god" at all...but as i can;t stand the
song what do i know?
8. MUMMER - i keep thinking i hate this and then i hear it and i remember i
love it. but only on vinyl. sodding b sides just get in teh way. despite the
fact "jump" is one of teh most heart stopping of pop songs ever written.
9. THE BIG EXPRESS - messy, over produced, sloppy at times, sometimes i just
grimace at the noise, but it's when "seagulls.." or whatever kicks in you
realise you're wrong and you can never REALLY hate an XTC album.
10. ORANGES and LEMONS - sorry. over produced, tinny and in "pink thing" and
the horrors of "minitaure sun" ( i wake with nightmares of that song
sometimes - tha bloody keyboard! shut up!) the worst songs in XTC's ouvre,
but also with soem of their greatest moments. it's a hippydiddleycrazy world
as they say...
11. GO 2 - teh one you forget and the one i try to. the osund of a band so
exhausted with the wonders cooked up on their debut that they forget things
like tunes in an attempt a follow up. but "battery brides" and "are you
receiving me" make it easy to forgive the rest.

i'll shut it now




Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:06:56 -0500
From: Programs Temp <>
Subject: I admit that I am powerless over XTC
Message-ID: <FCC7EC9332B9D211B0100008C759359D0183D54A@NPTA1_MAIL>


I'm getting better at this, I think maybe...

Molly, get better!  If you can't dance, try pelvic thrusts - they're good
for the back, or so I've heard.

Okay, Tom said:

"My first record purchase was the Monkees 'Headquaters' (I highly
reccomend to all of you, by the way.  It has survived nicely!), followed by
everything then available by Simon & Garfunkel.  S & G hit me as hard at
the age of twelve as hard, if not harder than Metallica or NIN does to
first timer teenage headbangers."

I don't know about the Monkees, but I have a good Simon & Garfunkel story.
When I was three, "Bridge over Troubled Water" was my first favorite song.
The record player was in the living room, and I would beg my mother to put
it on.  I distinctly remember thinking that I loved this song so much, I did
not know what to do with myself. So I would run to other side of the room,
then run back to the record player, then run away again, and so forth until
the end of the song. I quickly figured out how to drop the needle on the
record myself (something my mother looks back at with pride) and would
proceed to play it over and over again until someone stopped me.  That's
partly why I like "That Wave" so much.  All sexual connotations aside, it
comes close to describing the feeling I had when I was three. Plus, it sort
of invoked that same feeling when I first heard it.

Otherwise, cheers to you Tom! Everyone's coming out of the closet these

Scott Barnard wrote:

""Holly up on Poppy": Two minutes of sheer idiot bliss, IMHO one of AP's two
or three finest moments."

I enjoy "Holly up on Poppy" a lot myself.  I will say, however, that I think
it's a deeper song than all that.  The lines "Every day I/have to pluck
up/the courage to look in her eyes" and "Every time I look at my watch/I'm
reminded we are poor/In hours per day" just devastate me. Not a slag on you
Scott, just an excuse to say that.

Edward said:

"But back to the Sting thing---

He sucks."

I'm sort of not getting the anti-Sting thing.  Why Sting, of all people? Is
he like the horrible bizzaro world Andy to some folks?  Why?  Does Andy not
like Sting, and we're therefore being loyal fans?  I have to tell you that
the double live album that came out in the early nineties (Bring on the
Night) is fantastic, the medley of "Bring on the Night" and "When the world
is Running Down" are a real treasure to me.

John Keel said:

Let's see, what else?  Oh, Molly, what about having fans send in their
favorite song collections and play those at your listening parties.  No one
will have any idea what songs are coming up next and hearing cuts up against
songs we're not used to may open up new insights or feelings about the
tracks.  Just an idea and I'll be happy to contribute."

I think that's a good idea.

I say:

I like the band Orange Juice very much and wish I still had ANY of their
albums.  If someone has them and would like to trade tapes with me, I would
very much appreciate it.

Thank you, and good night.

Nina "I'm covered in bees" Stratton


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:09:33 -0700
From: "Victor Rocha" <>
Subject: perish the thought
Message-ID: <005e01bfb095$453cee60$>

>By the way, if *I* had to choose songs to remove from "Nonsuch", I'd say
dump "Peter Pumpkinhead" and "Books are >Burning" (yes, *despite* that
guitar solo) and consider maybe, just maybe, one of the
following:"Crocodile" or "Holly Up on >Poppy".  Maybe "The Ugly Underneath".


there now I feel better ;-)

Victor Rocha


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:50:02 -0500
From: Programs Temp <>
Subject: Pop Music Psychology
Message-ID: <FCC7EC9332B9D211B0100008C759359D0183D54B@NPTA1_MAIL>

David Seddon said:

"Brian asked about fav XTC.  Here's my take on it:

1) Nonsuch ... it has the more songs that are up to Lennon/McCartney
standard than any other XTC album.  I love it.  Passionately.  I'd marry it
if I could."

I wish we could eat sunsets and I don't think it's fair that we can't.

I too, put my vote in for Nonsuch, but I have a decidedly unusual take on
it.  I've read Song Stories and a few interviews, so I know more than your
average bear about some of the facts of Andy and Colin's personal lives. But
even if I didn't know anything, I think Nonesuch is an amazing portrait of
two men at a particular point in their lives sort of juxtaposed to each

Try this: put "Madam Barnum"  "The Disappointed", "Crocodile", "The Ugly
Underneath", and even "Omnibus" back to back on a tape or CDR. Find someone
who has never heard ANY XTC and say to them "these songs were all written by
a man named Andy Partridge in 1992. At the time he was married with two
children and living in Swindon".  DON"T SAY ANYTHING ELSE.  Play the songs.
Ask the person what they think.  Odds-on they'll say something to the effect
of "that guys marriage is falling apart completely" or "he doesn't seem to
happy in his marriage". I know that in Song Stories Andy reflected on two of
the songs in that way, but it stuns me that he only mentions two of these
songs ("Madam Barnum" and "The Ugly Underneath")as being indicative of a
problem, and then throws them into the realm of some bizarre prophecy as if
he had absolutely no clue.

"The Ugly Underneath" is particularly fascinating to me.  When I first heard
it, I was really unsatisfied; it starts off with this wonderfully aggressive
thrust, has a nice poignant bridge, back to the thrust for a bit, toodles
around with an organ, and then...just toodles off!  For a while I just
dreamed of fixing the thing - what happened to the nice beginning part, and
why was the end so frustrating? I'd heard songs toodle off in the distance
before and wasn't as bothered, but it just seemed so...unfinished.  After
listening to it several times, however, it sort of painted it's own picture.
When I listen to it now, I see a man sort of whistling in the dark of his
mind, comes upon a door and opens it, and finds something so awful that he
spends the rest of the song (both lyrically and musically) getting away from
it as far as possible. I mean, this is a person FAMOUS for the thematic
consistency of his songs.  In "The Ugly Underneath" you get a verse about
the ugly side of marriage, a bridge that invites introspection (did you ever
try to prise away the mask...) Then, all of sudden, a CLASSIC (I'm really
sorry about this, I'm pretty anti-manbashing) masculine evasion of the
elephant in the living room (The thing with politicians is...). I figured
out why the ending bothered me so much too - it's ANDY shaking some rattle
in the background, which doesn't go at all.  It's the very sound of anxiety
if you listen in on it.  That song to me supports the whole didn't
know/denial theory of his impending divorce.

Then you've got Colin's songs. "My Bird Performs" and "Bungalow" are two
songs describing total contentment.  The other two, "The Smartest Monkeys"
and "War Dance" are almost like a "I'm too happy and the world's too sad, I
should write songs about it" kind of thing. I don't like the "world" songs
too much, but the sum of Colin's contribution make this really interesting
counterpoint to what's going on the other side. Listening to that album for
me is like some sort of emotional voyeurism at it's most twisted. I know
it's really weird to discuss an album like this, but, I dunno...

Plus I love all the other songs, except for "Ballad of Peter Pumkinhead" -
but I'll listen to it. I've already said my piece about "That Wave".

"Rook" is kind of a trip too.  My mother gave me the idea years ago of a
"musical medicine chest" - cetain songs to relieve certain symptoms. For
example, I play "Little Girl Blue" (Janis Joplin) when I need a good cry.
I've sort of put "Rook" in my medicine chest, but I don't know what it's
for.  It's like it doesn't have a label, is really murky, and in an odd
shaped bottle. But it was given to me by some old woman I didn't know who
gave me a strange look, put it my hands, then hobbled back into the woods.
It's my favorite XTC song that I don't listen to.

Ooooo...did I say this stuff out loud?  Aw Jeez...

I'll head you off at the pass right now and say that it's really creepy to
ME that I started theorizing like this, because I NEVER, EVER, have done
that with music in the past.  Perhaps I should get out more.

Nina "wind her up and watch her go" Stratton


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:56:18 -0700
From: Jeff Smelser <>
Subject: Life is still good in the Greenhouse
Message-ID: <>

In the last issue of Chalkhills, Kate spake:

I usually listen to all of the albums in their entirely (yes, even White
Music), but if I'm pressed for time I'll start cutting tracks.  However, the
song that I ABSOLUTELY refuse to listen to (no matter how much time I've got
on my hands!) is 'Life Is Good In the Greenhouse'.  Give that one a spin
tonight and tell me it's the worst song XTC has EVER released.

Now I reply:

Sorry, Kate.  You obviously don't understand this song, or maybe it just
hits a little close to home.  Maybe you had a boyfriend who was GLAD to dump
you, or maybe you've never been in a long term relationship.  I don't know
which, but you NEED to start with the lyrics.  And once those hit home,
you'll be hooked on LIGITG forever.  I definately don't think it's their
worst song ever because I covered it for CC97 three years ago.

still a member of the Go2 society, JD SMX


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:25:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: what comes after WS
Message-ID: <>

-ladies and gentlemen-

I think we may have the title for the next XTC album....
...*Singing Penis*...
It'll feature clarinet solos from both Andy and Colin, as well as lots of
hot guitar licks, and some very suggestive word play from Mr. P.  ...oh, and
in keeping with the theme of the album, it'll run long...
I like it.  Thank you, Nina!

Debora Brown


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 15:10:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <relph@cthulhu>
Subject: Wasp Star HDCD
Message-ID: <>


I was over at a friend's house last night, and when he played Wasp
Star in his high-end CD player, the HDCD indicator light came on.
Yes, folks, the new XTC is HDCD.  For what it's worth.

	-- John


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 19:37:01 EDT
From: "Garret Harkawik" <>
Subject: WS release date
Message-ID: <>

>Is Wasp Star available *anywhere* yet? Sometimes, XTC albums are
>released a little sooner in Japan.

Wasp Star is being released in Japan on may 17, which is a considerable
amount of time before its released in the us (may 23)


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:17:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: tets talk about this 'bitchy' thing
Message-ID: <>

And sorry you find the Napster debate so boring,
Tyler. I would have thought, as an artist, you'd be
interested in issues such as this. If we care about
the future of art and want to help influence that
future, we need to be aware of what the fuck is
going on. Debate on the issues involved is part of
building that awareness. If you *don't* care, and
don't want to contribute, use the page-down key and
spare us your bitchy comments, please.


1. my one word comment (yawn) is vague enough to not
be a comment on Napster at all. Read into it what you

2.  I DID contribute (maybe). See point #1. You just
didn't like my contribution.

3.  "yawn" is about the LEAST bitchy thing I have ever
posted to Chalkhills. Why get your panties in a bunch
over that?

4.  I fully agree that debate/discourse is important.
Repetedly whining your point and not really seeing
anyone else's point isn't.  There's a fine line
between the two. Quite possibly that line has been
crossed regarding the Napster debate.

5.  I thought I was being light hearted in my one-word
comment. When it comes to bitchiness, maybe it takes
one to know one!



Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 20:02:08 EDT
Subject: re: re: you choose poorly
Message-ID: <>

Friends, Romans, Hillpeople:

Lend me your ears.  I come not to praise, I come to bury

I referred to as a "RIDICULOUS PRICK," and he actually
took offense to it.  Hey, I meant "RIDICULOUS PRICK" in the GOOD way!

In keeping with the theme of Nonsuch: (To the tune of Omnibus)

Powerpop, you foolish fop
Foolish fop, you Powerpop

Aint nothing in the world like a thin skinned boy
Make my soft drive hard
And make my Almond Joy

Just let my words pass you by
Don't dwell on what's written
Pull the blinkers from your eyes
It's tongue cheek is pressed in



End of Chalkhills Digest #6-91

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