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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #6-74

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 74

                  Tuesday, 11 April 2000


                      Get it right!
                   Lack of Song Stories
            French Fat Bassman from wasp star
              My admission to the group....
                   Request for Get Back
                        Wasp Star
      I'm the Man Who Murdered Napster! (SPOILERS!)
                 Son of Lest We Forget...
                        mp3 debate
                      TVT + XTC = ?
                       XTC on KCRW
                       Weird Dream
                        Re: Patto
                     our shiny farts
R.Thompson, Wasp Star, Eric Clapton...and me yapping in between them
                  Wasp Star, Now Playing


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There's nothing decent on the TV page.


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 01:07:11 PDT
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Get it right!
Message-ID: <>

I could be wrong (tho I strongly doubt it) but ... as far as I have always
heard, known, read ... "Wild Horses" is DEFINITELY about Marianne.

Can't guarrantee the authenticity, but I do recall reading a story in a
Stones book somewhere, somtime, which claimed that the phrase "wild horses
couldn't/wouldn't drag me away" was something that was said (by Mick?) when
he visited Marianne in hospital in Sydney after she OD'd. (while Mick was
here in Oz filming "Ned Kelly" in  Jul-Aug '69).



Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 09:39:31 EDT
Subject: Lack of Song Stories
Message-ID: <>

Dear Hillers:

I've just recieved the disconcerting news that Amazon cannot locate Song
Stories for me. Can anyone send me on a more fruitful trail? Please
email me off-list if you can help. Thanks- Storyless Jane :-(


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 07:12:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: nross <>
Subject: adieu.
Message-ID: <>

Adieu! Adieu!
I may return to you.
We will see
what will be,
But til then
My time will end
No more posts shall I send.

(Too much Dr. Seus)

In an effort to buckle down and graduate, I find it necessary to stop
receiving the digests. I hope you all enjoy May and the new XTC

Probably few will care about this post, but I've enjoyed these digests
so I thought I'd give you all a nice farewell!


Nicole's internet music station:


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:47:17 +0200
Subject: French Fat Bassman from wasp star
Message-ID: <>

When I played Wasp Star for the first time at work, colleagues told me : "
is it the new AC/DC ? " or " new Oasis ? " (!!!).
Just to tell you yes, it's an electric album.
And it's the sort of remark you can expect when you will play first seconds
of Playground to a non-initiated..
Surely, WS will not be considered as inovative/original as AV1, and it's a
reality. Here it's classic pop music. BUT BY XTC !.
And don't be afraid all Chalkz friends, our lads are always making the
difference (oh yes yes yes !).
It's also a first collection of songs without the Dave Gregory touch. Is it
better or not ? I don't know.
But it is.
And we'll never know the truth about that, very few chance to see Dave
working on this material in the future.
At this time, my feeling is : with Dave, Wasp Star will be called Non Such
Volume 2 (without cool songs like Rook, Bungalow or HumbeDaisy?but it's 12
vs 17 songs !).
I will wait a bit to a song by song impression, but my faves are :
Playground, We're all light, You and the clouds, the Wheel and the Maypole,
In another life.
Others are good too, no weakness in this album.
And let me tell you, Andy was very right with his first intention : if XTC
released last year a double-CD with AV1 and WS material, we would talk
today about ?don't know?sort of White Sergent Pet on the Mainstreet.
Not less.
And one thing is sure : most of you will  have VERYVERYVERY good time with

Amical salut de

Fredo Fat Bassman


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:20:22 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: My admission to the group....
Message-ID: <497FEA72C392D3118AE700508B73117706FE16@NT4SERVER03>

Hi, I'm Adrian and I admit....(sob!)......... I....downloaded....Napster.
There were so many other people using it, I felt like I had to try it just
so I could fit in, y'know, be accepted. I didn't want to feel left out. I
mean, there were promo discs here, MP3s there, people unleashing their
accumulated orgones all over the new XTC album in Chalkhills; I just wanted
to be part of it all.
But, you know what? I started that sucker up and it crashed so many times I
just sent it all to the Recycle Bin. And now I feel clean, brothers and
sisters, CER-LEAN!!.....a-men!!

Personally speaking, I could never solely rely on MP3s as my only source of
music. Okay, you can download Wasp Star from somewhere & keep it on your
Hard Drive/download it onto your little Rio player. But. An album doesn't
just consist of 10 or so tracks of music, it includes the sleeve artwork-
the quality of the paper, the layout of the jewel-case even the smell of the
disc. All these things should create a connection with the listener.

Take Blur's Parklife; the music is great but the artwork just adds another
dimension- the dog-track cover, lyrics scrawled on scrap paper & betting
slips inside; they all complement the music but also add to it- the sleazy,
cheesy London-centric mid/late 1990's UK all summed up in the whole package.

And that's what MP3s lack. In spades.

I downloaded two absolutely superb & quite rare Mogwai tracks from a certain
site but hardly listen to them. Sitting in front of my PC isn't exactly high
on my personal top 10 listening positions (hey, there's a thread right
there!!) and this detracts from the listening experience. I can't be arsed
to unhook my cassette deck, get round the back of my PC & wire 'em together
so as to tape two tracks- too much trouble- I want instant music I can take
anywhere (without shelling out 200 squids on a little MP3 player/CD Writer
plus software & installation hassles).

Perhaps I'm a technological throwback and some enlightened soul can guide me
to the perfect MP3 listening experience, but until then I'll stay in CD
Heaven & Wasp Star ignorance.



Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:13:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: Michael Versaci <>
Subject: Request for Get Back
Message-ID: <382993177.955466001958.JavaMail.root@web31.pub01>


I am interested in trading for a copy of the famous George Martin/Glyn
Johns "Get Back" album.  If you have a clean copy (preferably on CD)
please e-mail me off-list and we can discuss.

Michael Versaci


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:45:13 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <>
Subject: Wasp Star
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalkies-
I'm back for a quickie-

My wife, Jill, received a cassette of Wasp Star. It came in a plain, brown,
envelope, with no return address. QUITE MYSTERIOUS! Unfortunately for her,
she doesn't have a tape player in her car. Fortunately for me, I do. So I
unscrupulously nicked it! There is an advantage to having old technology!

I've been luxuriating in it! I took off all my clothes, tossed on the bed,
and rolled all over it!

I'm having a bad day today, though. So I was inspired to write this
completely original song:

"I'm Stupidly Pissed-Off"

I'm stupidly pissed-off
I'm spitting out bile
I'm stupidly pissed-off
I've just thrown a file

I'm stupidly pissed-off
I'm angry and mean
I'm stupidly pissed-off
I'm making a scene!

All the ants in the farm, hide their heads
cause I yell when they call my name

Call the boss, call the cops, call a cab,
cause I really have gone in-SANE!

I'm stupidly pissed-off
I just need a break
I'm stupidly pissed-off
It's all I can take

I'm stupidly pissed-off
My head's round the bend
I'm stupidly pissed-off
I hope I can mend

All the guys in the hall weave and duck
cause I'm fuming and turning red

You can tell I'm a mess
cause there's steam and there's smoke coming right out my head!

Bye, for now
Steve "Going Postal" Oleson
Ausitn, TX


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:23:04 -0400
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: I'm the Man Who Murdered Napster! (SPOILERS!)
Message-ID: <l03130300b5184fb293d0@[]>

Greetings all,

I should start out this message by saying THERE ARE SPOILERS IN IT... but
not until the very end. I'll warn you again.

By the way, the spoilers are nothing gratuitous, mind you, because I
haven't heard the whole album...

It's very interesting that the MP3 debate has turned harsh. Even though
MP3s existed when "Apple Venus Volume 1" came out last year, they obviously
didn't have much of an effect on the list then.

I'd like to comment on some of the things I read in digest #6-72. Like
Christopher Coolidge said, Harrison Sherwood absolutely put the fear of god
(so to speak) into me for even considering downloading MP3s of our boys...

And ("wavingmypenis"?) tweaked us all deservedly
on this issue ("Creosote!")

But I have to agree with Joe Perez... he hit the issue quite right. I
gather a lot of us have tapes and discs with material of somewhat dubious
legality. But if they released the material legally, we'd be snatching it
up, right? I even bought the Transistor Blast box set even though I owned
half of the material on legit releases already!

If you really think about it, the major players out there are *not* going
to be concerned that people are downloading MP3s of the upcoming XTC album!
(I dont' think we should be that concerned either... XTC records are almost
exclusively sold to people who have developed a taste for the band and
intend to keep the disc.) I would bet hard dollars that they're much, much,
much more concerned that someone is ripping the new Britney Spears and
N'Sync stuff and putting it on Napster...

I would venture that OVER 90% of the people who would download "Wasp Star"
in advance will buy the album anyway.  How many people would buy Britney
Spears' new album if they could get the MP3s for free? There's no
allegiance to her. The record comapnies know this and it SCARES THEM TO
DEATH... because their bread and butter isn't a band like XTC - it's
whatever teenybopper act is popular at this juncture. Or to be more
accurate to the hit music climate today, it's whatever rap act is putting
out a new disc this week. The consumers who buy the "hip" stuff are
*always* trying to get something for nothing. If you worked in a record
store in the last five years, you know how many people just want a single
and not a whole album.

As an example, take a look at Brian Wysolmierski's post about "Kokomo"...
see how many people have Kokomo on their hard drives?  Well, "Kokomo" is
the Britney Spears of the Beach Boys catalogue and something like
"Caroline, No," for example, is the XTC. People who download "Kokomo" don't
want a Beach Boys album (which is fine, 'cause the album that "Kokomo" is
on sucks), they just want that damn song. But someone who wants "Caroline,
No" probably owns "Pet Sounds" AND the "Pet Sounds Sessions" box set...

Really, honestly - even though we care about Andy and Colin (and Dave) as
if they were our best friends, who *really* thinks Internet piracy is going
to make a huge dent in their album sales?? We can all jump up and down
about how their work is being exploited and they're not making any  money
on it, but the truth is that PEOPLE LIKE US - people who WILL buy the album
- are the only ones who want their stuff!!

Yes, I'm downloading tracks from "Wasp Star" right now. Not because I don't
want to buy the album, but because I can't wait to buy the album!!  Really,

Here's a thought... if we're all concerned about XTC getting more money,
why don't we convince them to sell their next album in an MP3 version, much
like They Might Be Giants did with their Internet-only "Long Tall Weekend?"
As soon as the album is mastered, it can be uploaded to a site where users
can pay for the music and download it until the discs are done and ready to
ship to stores. Chances are that when the actual disc version was released,
we'd all buy it anyway. And that's the great part - XTC would get the money
for it TWICE!! Not to mention that selling the MP3s direct to us would cut
out a lot of expenses and middlemen, giving them a greater profit.

*end rant*

Now, from what I've heard so far, this is going to be a really unique entry
into the XTC canon!
YES, THAT MEANS THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD!! Read 'em now or save 'em for
later... Of course if you've already heard the album, it doesn't matter,
does it?

I'm amazed how much the sound of these tracks is hyper-contemporary. The
gruff guitars and kicking drums fit in nicely with today's musical climate
- quite a contrast to the harmonies and melodies of the songs. The openings
of "Playground" and "Stupidly Happy" sound like they would be at home on
modern rock radio next to Third Eye Blind or some band like that... I want
to hear "Stupidly Happy" on my local radio station NOW...

The first two tracks I went for, though, were "The Man Who Murdered Love"
and "My Brown Guitar" because I have the demos for those tracks (from the
"Nonsuch" days!!) and I wanted to hear how a few extra years influenced the
recordings. These songs have been punched up quite a bit! "The Man Who
Murdered Love" was originally more acoustic, like "Dear Madam Barnum," but
it is much more electrified on "Wasp Star." I didn't get to hear all of "My
Brown Guitar," but it has quite a different feel than the demo. I don't
know how to describe it.

Based on glowing reviews, I checked out "We're All Light." This is quite a
nice tune, very bouncy, done with a modern sound. "In Another Life," while
a good little song, seemed a bit too close to AV1's "Frivolous Tonight."
Colin seems to be in a very specific songwriting groove. I also checked out
"Church of Women," which took me back to the sounds of "Nonsuch," with the
similar horn sounds and the middle part that reminded me of "Books Are
Burning." Lastly, I checked out a bit of the album closer, "The Wheel and
the Maypole," which is quite an interesting mini-epic. The two parts of the
song are very nice in their own right, but it's interesting to have a shift
in the middle.

I can certainly see how some people might think this a complete departure
from the XTC we know and love. But I'd have to say that "Apple Venus Volume
1" was the same kind of departure. One side is the most stripped down, too
acoustic, too orchestral version - the other side the hyper-electric,
in-your-face version.  Both sides are cut from similar musical cloth, just
adorned with different baubles and such...  This album reminds me a bit of
"Oranges and Lemons." It has the feel of XTC we've come to expect, but done
with different technologies. Hopefully it can convert more fans to the band
in the same way O&L did...

I am positive, however, that I'm going to enjoy this album, probably more
than "Apple Venus Volume 1."


That didn't hurt, now did it?

Well, since you came out of that unscathed, I have a peace offering...
that is if there are no moral objections from the crowd.

I recently offered to make a CD of "Jules Verne's Sketchbook" for some
friends. When I do CDs, I go all out, making a booklet and labels and such.
Well, I realized that I've got quite a nice CD of the "Jules Verne" demos
with great artwork and even bonus tracks. I just can't keep this to myself
and a couple others. I'm not out to make any money off this, but I don't
want to end up out of pocket for supplies. If you're interested in getting
a totally unauthorized Jules Verne CD, please email me, and I'll give you
the details on what it takes to get one. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly

Oh, and you have to promise you'll buy a legitimate one if it ever is
released officially again!!

= Derek "Yeah, I read that someplace..." Miner =


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:39:12 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Q&A
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


R. Stevie, what's your Wasp Star agenda here? You're starting to sound a
bit too strident, my friend. If you don't like the album, fine, but
what's with the witch hunt?

Ramblin' man Chris Coolidge said about Napster:

> If I try it out It'll be with some unsigned band nobody's ever heard of.<

Um, yeah. I believe becki's already spoken to that issue quite

And Chris, what exactly was the point of your story about Bob Sherwood?

> from what I know about Patti(I've skimmed a couple of her biographies
> while waiting for my wife in Borders)<

Ah, there's nothing like rigorous research, eh folks? You go, Chris.

Erik Schlichting asked:
> TVT & Cooking Vinyl, how about switching to releasing a 2-
> or 3-track CD single instead of full promo copies of albums?
> Or, at the very least, releasing the promo ONE WEEK before
> the commercial release?
> Someone tell me why this isn't a good idea.

Because the magazines that typically feature interviews or reviews
centered around a new album typically have a lead time (meaning their
production process from writing and editing to printing and mailing) of
several months. Record companies also want to get albums out to radio
earlier than one week before their official release to create a buzz.

And Dom, you swine, how dare you ruin the initial listening experience
for me and countless others with your spot-on review! You'll pay for
this, mark my words...


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 13:42:55 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Son of Lest We Forget...
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


>From Robert Fripp's diary of 29 March:

Music is a field of benevolent, living intelligence that wishes for us
more than we can bear to know. But there is no force in this, rather a
radically neutral availability on permanent offer. Music is as available
to us as we wish it to be, a gentle necessity. If we wish for this, we
have to make ourselves available to music. To make ourselves available,
we begin where we are. We begin in this moment, doing nothing. From
there, we move to doing something.

More at


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:01:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: don share <>
Subject: mp3 debate
Message-ID: <>

I'm just delurking to point out that radio airplay is
NOT the same as listening to MP3's, since artists earn
royalties from having their music played on the radio.


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:21:10 PDT
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: TVT + XTC = ?
Message-ID: <>


Re TVT posting:

<<Brit-pop legends XTC are set to release "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)"
on May 23.
...XTC will head to the U.S. in early May for a bicoastal publicity run that
will include several TV appearances (non-performance, of course) and a lot
of radio promotion.  Though rumors of a "flatbed truck tour" still run
rampant, it is unclear whether XTC will lift their 18 year tour embargo.>>

OK - someone tell me how they can start publicity appearances in early May
when there is no CD to sell yet? Will the CD signings start on May 23rd? I
know that CD releases are like embargo dates for publishing. Record stores
won't be able to sell the thing till the 23rd. And, c'mon people at TVT,
what are you talking about? "flatbed truck tour" rumors? Unless Andy himself
states "yes, we are going to perform at this time and we've signed an
agreement in our blood, and there will be guns pointed at our heads unless
we perform..." I still wouldn't believe him. Very tired of the touring
thing. Just stop please!



Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:50:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: XTC on KCRW
Message-ID: <>

(Wasp Star is coming....)
For those about to rock, I salute you!
..and for those who aren't, bugger you...

Hi-ho to all!
Many of you may be familiar with the radio program, 'Morning Becomes
Eclectic', hosted by Nic Harcourt.  Here in Southern California it airs on
KCRW, 89.9FM.  This program might be syndicated on NPR, but don't quote me.
Anyway, I sent a request to Nic, asking him to have our boys as guests on
his program.  He kindly responded and said he would seriously consider my

I guess you know what's coming next...please take a minute to send a request
in support of this proposal.  Now is your chance to express your devotion,
children... so be loud and proud about it, won't you?

Send those sweaty, little posts to-

Come on, this is a perfect opportunity to have our darlings share their
magic with the world...well at least a corner of it!  Please send a request
today...right now...go ....

With miles of smiles for you,

Debora Brown

*Patti Smith alert* -- Patti Smith will "grace the airwaves with song" on
'Morning Becomes Eclectic'.  This is scheduled to air on Friday, April 14
(according to the KCRW website).  The program runs from 9am to noon PT.  You
might want to check for syndication info.


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:23:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Weird Dream
Message-ID: <>

HI Chalkhill people,

Since I don't post very often I decided to post about one of the
weirdest dreams I ever had,I don't dream about anything very
often. Dave Gregory once a year ago but other then that nothing. Last
night was I had trouble sleeping when I finally fell to sleep. It was

Heres the dream as I rember it;

I was in the hospital for some reason. I don't really know why. I get
infections to my hands and feet alot so Im guessing maybe that's why I
was there.They kept taking blood and enjecting me with shit.Which
scared the hell out of me Because I have phobia of needles!

Later In the dream my best friend oddly enough comes by.I say oddly
enough because she lives in Newfoundland and I live in Alberta.And
neither of us can afford to go see each other at the persent
moment. She has several packages,She says she got my mail for me.I
thank her and we talk.finally I open my mail.Much to my surprise every
package contains XTC albums that I never thought existed!I don't even
remebered ordering those cds!or how they became part of my mail!
 I was thrilled!I had my diskman with me and just as I was going to
play the first of the cd the bloody dream ended!I forgot what the
albums look like! Uggg! I wish I could of atleast heard what they
sounded like.


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:32:22 -0500
From: "Paul Averitt" <>
Subject: Re: Patto
Message-ID: <001701bfa3f5$0bc77800$90292cd1@louie>

Pat O'Donnell wrote:
>He also stated that he was heavily influenced by the guitar player called
>Ollie Howsell from a band called PATTO 'I never heard a guitar as inventive
>as that, the songs aren't great but the guitar playing stands on its own'.
>If anyone has access to this band, please contact me, I'd be curious to hear
>this Ollie dude.

Funny you should mention it. He was telling us about how much he digs
Howsell and the first two Patto albums over dinner last month. We were kinda
suprised to hear it, but were familiar with the group, as Nik Solomon of The
Bevis Frond has been telling us the same thing!
Paul Averitt

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Visit the doublepluspop website at
and the Volares website, found at
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:12:25 -1000
From: "Jim Smart" <>
Subject: our shiny farts
Message-ID: <>
Organization: 3Tripper

Let's review. Some people have Wasp Star. Many of them (like me) are
playing the thing constantly and have thoughts and ideas and questions
to share. Lots of people who don't have the album like hearing the
thoughts and impressions of those who do have it.  Others say "shut up
about it". What's a Chalk Head to do? Should we vote on it?
Personally, though I'm dying to discuss it, I can shut up about
it. That's OK. But I wonder if that's what the majority wants, or what
is best. If one can't discuss Wasp Star here, then where? Isn't this
the XTC list? Isn't writing a spoiler warning at the start a good
compromise?  Is reading Chalkhills mandatory?

If that last question offended you, remember that a good portion of us
have been told to SHUT UP, which wasn't exactly like a basket of
daisies. I'd like to discuss the album, but I won't here, if that's
the general consensus. But I'm not sure it is. I've been getting
private e mails from "have nots" saying go ahead, we like reading
people's impressions. I guess this'll just be an awkward month. But
think what you could be missing: the great back and forth over whether
The Man Who Murdered Love is secretly about Mike Love of the Beach
Boys, Andy's way of standing up for Brian Wilson. I predict this will
be the Great Lost Thread of April 2000. Sigh.

And the Napster thing has a real downside that hasn't been mentioned
yet. I have no doubt that 99% of people who bother to read all these
Chalkhills will buy at least one legal copy of Wasp Star. The problem
is with all those potential fans out there, folks who might be like me
in the late eighties. I had never bought an XTC album. I heard the
Mayor of Simpleton and liked it, and then bought it. Then I started
buying their other albums. This is how it is supposed to work. But for
someone on the fence, listening to free MP3s might be enough. It's not
just what you or I will do or not do, it's what the great masses might
do. It might deprive XTC of money and success and number of units
sold. It's about the Newbies, the Chalker's of the future. Then again,
maybe sampling MP3s will make them want to buy the real thing. Some of
the regulation by heavy gov or whatever may actually benefit guys like
Andy and Colin, or even indie artists (like me).

"Now, how would a "Wall-of-Sound" XTC album sit with people? " Awful!
Thanks for clarifying things for me! That's why Spector is my "huh?"
guy. He seems to wreck everything he touches. So what if John Lennon
chose him for lots of his solo work? He shouldn't have. He's the Man
Who Murdered The Long and Winding Road and Across the
Universe. Appalling versions nothing like what the Beatles intended,
and made without their input or knowledge.

God only knows that if Brian Wilson can do gigs, after all he's been
through, it's not too much to hope for Andy Partridge to do the same
someday. Wouldn't it be nice?



Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 17:32:46 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: R.Thompson, Wasp Star, Eric Clapton...and me yapping in between
Message-ID: <>

      Business sure has picked up around these parts, its almost as if
somethings going down..Oh! Wasp Star? Never heard of It..sounds
interesting.. (there is sarcasm in the preceding words) Contrary to
some posters belief, there are folks who do not have any sort of
promos or demos and are enjoying the premature reviews; though I wish
some were a little bit less descriptive. I myself am a very forgiving
fan and will like most anything a favorite band puts out so even the
negative reviews don't scare me...much. IT IS an AUDIO cd so simple
WRITTEN words will not affect me (except maybe excite me...)

      Its been a busy week show wise for me. Just saw Gorky's Zygotic
Mynci and Richard Thompson (separately) both were great. Though I was
one of maybe only 15 or so people who knew who Gorky's were in all of
Boston..oh well..  Richard's show in Burlington Vermont was packed, I
even got to meet him and he was very kind to me. He's got a good sense
of humor. I handed him a cd to sign and we both noticed the prevailing
color scheme was black leaving almost no place to sign; he grinned at
me and said "Who would make such a shoddy product?...I signed it in
Hieroglyphics for you!". Got a picture of us too...sorry i'm still
gushing..I feel like a school girl and i'm male..(please don't read
into that)..

      I do not have a problem with anyone hearing the album before me
by using the computer, its not a method I would choose but hey to each
his own.  I don't think its unethical just not much fun. I have a
personal taboo against that sort of thing, but whatever gets you
through the night...

      and please be careful with this Sacred Cow thread. Just because
something is sacred doesn't mean its perfect,nothings perfect, it just
means that somebody holds that particular band or album personally
sacred. Its only when someone starts to say their personal preference
out weighs another's that we have a problem (so maybe public domain
Sacred cows are open for interpretation not fixed judgements)...but it
is fun to slag some of them lightly..especially the Stones. Someone
once told me that you could either be a fan of the Stones or the
WHO. For me its the WHO, hands down.  That my friends is the sound of
a rock band..theres a reason why the Rolling Stones Rock&Roll Circus
wasn't released for almost thirty years. Its because the Stones felt
their performance wasn't as good as the who' wasn't.  but
generally I don't have anything against the Stones anymore...I should
go before I contradict myself some more....but I can't help it....

      If you want the king of sacred cows you need look no further
than Eric Clapton, heck they even call him god.  Richard Thompson
deserves as much respect (as do countless others) Richard is an
amazing guitarist AND songwriter yet the writer of Change the world
eclipses him!?...Eric was great in the Bluesbreaker, Cream, and good
in Derek& the Dominoes,but it seems the great bug of laziness has
captured his muse since the mid to late seventies. But no one's
noticed. He's done great work, but not in my lifetime...if you like
him that's cool, there are reasons. If you don't I happen to
agree. Well I better go...

My humble recommendations for the week: Listen to AV1 more, its
beautiful and still surprising. Track down Gorky's Spanish Dance Troop
album, its gorgeous, strange, catchy, and more that a little
charming. Oh, and be good everybody...later.

Seth "my foot tastes better than it looks" Frisby


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 18:37:33 EDT
From: "Paul Fitzgerald" <>
Subject: Wasp Star, Now Playing
Message-ID: <>

Lots of good music out there recently. (SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT THIS SENTENCE)
Heard Wasp Star on Napster and am in agreement that the tracks sound very
similiar to the demos, almost unfortunately so and not the electric bombast
we were so promised....I'm having way too much fun now with Trey Garitty,
Heavy Blinkers, Minster Hill, Lambchop, and some others to sit on the end of
my barstool drooling over the release XTC.  There's so much exciting new and
fresh stuff out there amongst us all be patient! (my medication is
working I think?!!).


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